Mitch McConnell’s $2,000 Stimulus Bill Is Designed To Fail

This is what this scumbag thinks of you.

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  1. Because they care nothing about the citizens of this nation. They only care about making themselves wealthy and their friends and cohorts, including those countries that bribe them and take their bribes. They’re criminals, all of them.

    • lol, “write your representatives fellow racialists.” Good one! c d understands.

      Screw (((America))), only the Aryan people matter. The rest can keep rotting.

  2. Huge History person, myself. Remains were recently unearthed in Italy. Romans. They found a food stand in Pompeii relatively intact. Fascinating to actually see a food stand in Rome.

    Romans also had a lot of theft and corruption within their ruling class. What amazes me in the pictures is that food stand is nothing different than what you’d see now in some areas. And that was 2,000 years ago.

    The government is the government, nothing new under the sun. And odds are we are looking at decline. The corruption is not going away until it’s burns itself down. The government was created to protect those that govern.

  3. It is good that these politicians are revealing themselves as the scum that they are… apathy to the Jews’ Political System is a gift to White Nationalists.

  4. Murder rate in many metropolitan American cities jumps 30-70%. Typically cities have seen 50% jumps in murders.

    Milwaukee has a 95% jump in murder.

  5. If Mitch goes down and loses Georgia and his leadership position, the Dems are going to introduce the UBI. But the UBI is a bait and switch. You will get higher taxes and reduced or eliminated government benefits, no Social Security, no SSI, no food stamps, no medicaid and medicare. That is the plan.

  6. “I have to wonder if antifa is recruiting direct from heroin and meth addicted encampments in Portland. “Riot with us and we’ll buy your next fix!””

    I also think they were giving them drugs as reward for rioting, because how else would they have the energy to riot every night for as long as they did?

    Also the governments of the east coast shitlib cities put policy in place to lure America’s junkies to their cities. They offered them free shit, no prosecution for crimes, and promises of free housing which was never delivered. The druggies started calling Seattle Freeattle for this reason. Its in the Seattle is Dying documentary. Because of this I think the Anti-Fa riots were planned years in advance.

    • Ben “I pee at urinals with both my pants and my underwear pulled all the way down” Shapiro is around the same age as Ivanka, O.D.!

  7. thats right goy, how dare these evil men not sabatoge a bill for stealing money out of your childrens pocket to pay your bills for listening to these tyrants when they told you to close the whole country down

    • @Friendly merchant

      “stealing money out of your childrens pocket”

      LOL – you think our children and grandchildren are going to pay this “DEBT?”

      It’s going to be inflated away. There is NO amount of economic growth that can ever “repay” the debt in, I don’t know, 1960’s dollars or whatever loopy economic nonsense you people believe in.

      Guess what? We do not need Boomer savings. Their houses are not really valuable without massive immigration, and we’re going to end the massive immigration. So the Boomers with their million dollar suburban homes will find out their homes are actually worth in the tens of thousands, not the millions.

      And as for the 401ks? They can’t print money fast enough to keep pumping up the stock market. That *IS* the inflation – those stock valuation *IS* the inflation.

      Either inflation will make them meaningless or they will deflate down to prices that match earnings. Either way, a Boomer with a big 401k isn’t nearly as rich as he thinks he is.

      Damn – why are right-wing libertarian conservatives so economically illiterate?

      • >Lol you think your children and grand children are going to pay debt?

        No retard, that’s what makes it debt slavery.

  8. Says the white ni66er who posted a few days ago that he’s voting for whomever gives him the bigger check.

    Parasites, ni66ers and white trash get stimulated.

    • There’s a lot of them. They don’t want the gravy train to stop, because they are on it too. Most of them don’t even work.

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