Mitch McConnell Blocks $2,000 Stimulus Checks

It is now highly unlikely the Senate will pass $2,000 stimulus checks.


“Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate would consider boosting stimulus payments for most Americans but in conjunction with other demands from President Donald Trump, dimming chances for quick action on an increase.

McConnell said on the Senate floor that Trump wants to re-examine special protections for tech companies and investigate the “sanctity” of elections, as well as raising stimulus payments to $2,000.

“This week the senate will begin a process to bring these three priorities into focus,” McConnell said. …”

McConnell is setting up a failure theater vote on $2,000 stimulus checks.

Instead of holding a stand alone vote on the House bill, the plan appears to be to hold a vote on the issue which ties it to repealing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and addressing Trump’s claims of voter fraud, which are poison pills designed to kill Democratic support for the bill.

Note: Ossoff and Warnock are now in the lead in the Georgia Senate races. If Mitch McConnell loses control of the Senate, you might still get $2,000.

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  1. Dems had better give us a bigger bag after they take the senate. Thinking $2000 and 6 months back pay on top of that. Take it out of Mitch’s family fortune.

    • Imagine if large numbers of disillusioned, disaffected White working and middle class Republicans switched their allegiance to the Democrat party. How would that support be received?

  2. I had the soundbite of Cenk Uyghur saying “OF COURSEEEEEE” playing over and over in my head as I read this article


    Nor is Leader McConnell blocking it.

    What has occurred is a procedural move by the Majority Leader that simply gives a brief delay to it and requires a floor vote, so that each senator is on the record about either supporting it or not.

    With all Democrats in favour of it, and more than a few Republican senators breaking in favour of it, (Graham, Loeffler, Perdue, Rubio etc, etc) it will fly through the senate and checks will be cut within a few weeks.

    Since election day, President Trump has done the best presidenting I’ve ever seen – gutsy, savvy, and firing from both pistols at once.

    Never seen such a thing on The Hill or in The Oval Office.

    This was why I voted for President Trump, and I hope to God we get more of this kind of leadership over the coming weeks, which will lead to him remaining in office.

  4. 2000$ isn’t nearly enough. That is one months rent in many parts of the country. We should be getting retro active amounts in the 100’s of thousands going back to when they started the covid scam and a monthly check of 5000 to start with cost of living adjustments for each month. If Canada can give their citizens 2500 a month the US can double it. If ZOG can print trillions for nonsense they can print it for us.

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