COVID Relief Deal Approved By Congress


We can expect more of this with the “deficit hawks” in charge of the Senate. Massive tax cuts for the wealthy, investors and corporations. Hundreds of billions of dollars spent on Israel and the military. Nothing for people who actually needed help during the pandemic.

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  1. The recent moves by the ATF are also troubling. $600 for working people but unelected bureaucrats with a chip on their shoulder have plenty in their budget for no-knock warrants to come after the completely innocent folks made criminals overnight by anti-constitutional gun rulings from a runaway federal agency that Trump refuses to do anything about and Biden will actively use as a cudgel against white Americans.

  2. Re ‘screwed for 45 years’ quoted above …

    Seems to relate to Jimmy Carter promising ‘national health insurance’ in 1976, and then failing his base

    Historically it can seem like it is merely time for Democrats to have another disappointing-presidency cycle of their own

    But the big question is whether they are just going to totally blow up the USA and the dollar in the next four years

    With 50 million new migrants to pour over the border – and not even a shred of Democratic political grounds to stop them –

    It is hard to see how the USA doesn’t blow up

  3. Remember – you don’t have to vote for a Republican. You can vote for the “least worst” Democrat, or you can vote third party. Or you can just stay home and do something useful.

    The next time they trot out some Republican candidate, you don’t have to shill for him. You don’t have to do unpaid labor for the Republican party by talking up the new Republican candidate.

    In fact, let’s say you read a blogger and all of a sudden there’s a new Republican candidate, and that blogger starts talking about how great this Republican is, or at least he’s not the Democrat, or whatever.

    You can count on one of two things: a) that blogger is being paid or b) that blogger is stupid and is doing it for free.

    Either way, you don’t HAVE to vote for a Republican. You can vote against them. GOP Delena Est.

  4. Lil’ Rand falling all over himself on his Tweeter account explaining Muh Deficits Bad to the goyim – this curly-haired crypto-hebe was noticeably silent on the topic while Don the Con was in office.

  5. How prophet was the statue on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square.

    An Icecream a fly and a drone.

  6. The dwindling White majority can rest assured that they got screwed again. If UBI ever goes thru Whites won’t benefit from it any more than they benefit from “Covid relief”.

  7. How about a $600.00 bounty on the head of all illegals? Stimulate the economy (more jobs available) and cut down on welfare if they are all gone.

    Then shell out $900B (since printing money is so easy) to build a 60’+ wall across out Southern borders complete with sniper towers and electronic surveillance to keep the illegals out for a while.

  8. Federal Reserve Mafia counterfeit money,two huge spending for the military which protects International corporations.NS Germany barter which cut off the international shyster middle man that profited on trade and labor.Wall Street billionairs.

  9. The COVID-19 Pathology: Class and Information Warfare, Algorithms and the Role of Artificial Intelligence

    “COVID-19 is a cultural and institutional virus that eats away at the foundations of organized human action.

    The COVID19 campaign is best seen as a horrific coupling of two linked, but distinct, phenomena: the emergence of full-scale class warfare as a result of the rapid concentration of wealth over the past ten years and the transformation of artificial intelligence (which lurks behind automation, drones, media and the internet) into the primary weapon in the ruthless battle of the super-rich against the vast majority of humanity.

    A critical factor in the effectiveness of this combination of class warfare and information warfare has been the willingness of the vast majority of public intellectuals and other authority figures to go along with the current false narrative, actively misleading and distracting the general public.

    As a result, few people understand what is going on in the United States behind the fear-mongering false reports in the news, with the exception of those at a high level who handle the classified planning, promulgation and enforcement of the COVID19 “great reset.”

    An increasing number of people, however, are aware that something is profoundly wrong with the United States. Abandoned by a decadent establishment, they are forced to search for the truth in the trash produced by the corporate media, limited in their understanding by the primitive schemata for understanding economics and politics produced by consulting firms whose primary task is to frustrate understanding.

    Class Warfare

    A shift has taken place in American society over the last two years. The manipulation of digital currencies, bonds, derivatives and other financial products, combined with the radical privatization of the banking system has made it possible for a tiny handful of the super-rich, and the swarms of CEOs who buzz around them like flies, to create money out of nothing and to use that money to bribe everyone in a position of authority—or to threaten them.

    This radical class fragmentation in American society has been festering for years, but it was only when the COVID19 crisis was hyped up as a means of calling attention away from the destruction of the economy resulting from the theft by super-rich of between 5 and 12 trillion dollars from the United States government through a series of loans to buy up stock, refinance and to transfer cash was successful. The rich decided that the time had come to implement their plan. .

    The operation included a series of classified directives that forced all government officials, and many in media and academia, to lay all blame for the economic and political disruption on COVID19 and that prohibited the mention of this massive theft. This theft was the most important event of 2020 but was never mentioned in the US election.”

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