The COVID Stimulus Deal

If this is the best the ridiculous “deficit hawks” can do with control of the Senate, why should they remain in control of it? $600 for Americans and another $500 million for Israel?

Note: Unless I am mistaken, this is on top of the United States-Israel Security Authorization Act which was passed last week in the 2021 NDAA.

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  1. AS I said on another thread, the 500,000,000 is added to the monies they’re already are getting. It’s in the fine print. Charlie Cuck conveniently left Israel of the list of countries getting stimulus money.

    • @John,

      I too saw that the terrorists occupying Palestine are indeed receiving 500 million dollars of American taxpayer money.

      I wonder how senators Paul and Johnson feel about sending “free money” to beef up the arsenal of zionism? Forget that. We know America can never give enough blood and treasure for Israel.

  2. The $700 million to Sudan can be added to the $500 million given to Israel as the pound of flesh the Israel lobby demanded and got from the American taxpayer.

  3. What a ridiculous slap in the face. $600. And the R’s whine about it, though every non-white in the nation and many outside of it have been getting thousands a year since the 1960s.

    We need to be rid of these parasites. Imagine the world we could live in, not funding these jews and jungle people.

  4. International pork barrel under the guise of “emergency relief”. Our corrupt, traitorous overlords couldn’t have been handed a better “crisis” than Covid-19. Enjoy your crumbs, suckers.

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