Politicians Rush To Get COVID Vaccine

I personally don’t care about the COVID vaccine. I think that it is great that there is a vaccine for old and sick people who need it. At the same time, I don’t have any plans to take the vaccine myself. I understand why people are creeped out by it. It creeps me out just posting this!

Note: Steve Sailer has a good article on the vaccines at Takimag.

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  1. These people aren’t taking the vaccine, it’s all show with either saline or fancy camera work or trick syringes. It’s all a shoah

    • @John, Agreed.

      Call me a “kook” or imply (forcefully) that i am “insane,” i think this covid hysteria is bulls*it.

      Go onto any search engine, type in “hospitals overflowing ” and you will get TONS of results for every year.

      I tried posting a comment with just a small sample of links of hysterical “da world is ending hospitals cannot cope” about a week ago here but I don’t think it got published.

      They (the Jewish media) strongly implied “Swine Flu” was breaking down the medical system a few years ago. For the last 20 years, every year has had stories very similar to this covid nonsense. Hysterically framed articles/videos blabbering about how hospitals wherever were having to set up tents & blah blah blah. It’s a boy who cried wolf scenario.

      Anthony Fauci himself wrote in 2008 that masks are counter-productive and dangerous. He had a theory that many of the supposed victims of the 1918 Flu actually suffered from pneumonia they might have contracted by wearing masks nonstop. Theoretically, if you inhale a low threshold of virions you might not contract whatever virus is in question; you might (basically) exhale it before it reaches a critica mass wherein you become fully infected. But, the masks might paradoxically cause you to become infected because theoretically your exhalations infect your mask and when you inhale breath by breath you could be inhaling virus particles.

      Basically, at very least, you have to ensure your virtue signalling mouth cover is sterile. I come from a medical family, not that that makes me some sort of “expert” myself, and i just haven’t personally seen a damn thing to make me think a higher than average rate of people are dying from some “deadly” disease/s. I live in a sin city urban area full of the nastiest noggers in America. My medical professional parents had forced me to take the stupid flu vaccines my entire life; but, about 4 years ago i started thinking critically about it & decided i’ll risk penultimate doom. I seem to have gotten less infections since then. No way to prove anything, but I am taking it as being more than a coincidence. They can keep shooting up mercury and whatever else are in the juices.

      It’s really quite sick to me, the way that doctor’s try to keep us alive forever. Most of my old bastard’s (father) patients are elderly people who’s entire social existence revolves around going to see doctors like him. Otherwise, they sit around watching television nonstop. All of my grandparents lived well into their 80’s, and by that time all but one of them had basically been incapacitated for over a decade.

      They still had had some sort of self-sufficient and “meaningful” existence (ie – able to go on outings besides doctor visits) into their mid 70’s, but by the time they surmounted that mid 70’s hump, they no longer really had any “life.” My last living grandparent almost reached 90, and her quality of life sucked for her last decade. The only thing she did besides having sat at home (which she couldnt afford) having had Jewish television programming beaming into her mind constantly was her medical trips to visit doctors including her son.

      She was like a literal Livia (or is it Lydia?) Soprano. Tony’s mother. She constantly talked about dying especially for that last decade & a half of her existence.

      I don’t want to wind up like that.

      To veer off & perhaps “out there,” back in the day, the ancient Greeks & Romans admired a man “who knew how to die.”

      Ever hear of the story of the (anti-Jewish, btw) Roman emperor Nero commanding one of his generals to commit suicide? The general was said to have merely saluted, exclaimed “Axios!” before falling on his sword. Death before “dishonor.”

      There was also a popular saying that basically went along the lines of, “how wonderful for ‘the Gods’ to have given us one way into this world, but also provide so many ways out of this world as well.”

      Do i want to return to the “blind obedience” wherein i am expected to just commit suicide upon command? Uhh, not exactly, but i do think our race would be much much better off if things were more like that than (((what))) we have today. What’s the point in keeping people breathing if they’re not actually alive? How does such a mentality/culture not inevitably screw over the healthy?

    • You have got it – here below, is a now-infamous photo of ‘London Mayor Sadiq Khan getting his covid vaccination’, which in close-up shows that the plastic cap is still on the needle and thus that the ‘jab’ is fake … as in the Pelosi ‘jab’ noted in another comment here

      After the fakery in the Khan photo was highlighted, the spin became that Mayor Khan ‘got the real vaccine jab right afterwards’ LOL … so the ‘conspiracy talk’ should be regarded as ‘debunked’ HA

      Elites clearly join the 30-40% of health care professionals in many places who say they won’t get the jab either

      Consider –
      – UK rules for vaccine jabbing now requiring a ‘resuscitation centre’ on site for when people collapse
      – a few people dead during testing
      – vaccine recipients coming down with face-disfiguring Bell’s Palsy, as well as fainting, getting hugely ill in many ways afterwards etc
      – unknown ‘genetic engineering’ consequences of the first mass mRNA vaccine
      – previous WHO & Gates etc ‘vaccines’ having been used to covertly induce abortions and infertility in as many as 130 million women, as Larry Romanoff has documented on Unz, infertility via vaccine a WHO project since 1978, women not being told the fake ‘tetatus vaccines’ etc would make their bodies destroy their own babies in the womb, the vaccines given only to women of child-bearing age in these criminal WHO-oligarch ‘projects’

      So not surprising London’s Muslim mayor Khan opted for the ‘showtime’ version of being ‘injected’

  2. I agree with your view on not being vaccinated personally. People who have recovered and all young people without comorbidities, and all young women who are pregnant or could ever become pregnant certainly should not be vaccinated. I am not against vaccination as such. I love science. But there is definitely some polyethylene glycol in the Pfizer shot, which is worse than the mercury (thimersol) in multi-dose regular vaccines. It is deadly if you react to it. Products containing it should be used with chemical resistant gloves, as I generally do, because it is a senstitizer on skin contac. It should certainly not be injected into the bloodstream. The Russian “Sputnik” vaccine is probably safe, if we could get it, and very cheap at only a dollar or two for a shot, whereas I’ve seen much higher figures for Pfizer and Moderna, being subsidized by the U.K. at more than ten times that price. The Oxford and Johnson and Johnson conventional vaccines may be safe also. I haven’t researched them because I don’t plan to be vaccinated.

    • Real science or Politically Correct “science”? “Doctors” used to bleed patients that were already bleeding to death in order to let out the “bad humors”.

    • thimerosal. I noticed the missing o after posting. It is used now only in multi-dose flu vaccines, although it was formerly used in other multi-dose vaccines. It is still used as an antiseptic. When I was young we often painted our wounds and brush burns with mercurochrome or merthiolate (aka thimerosal) available OTC.

      There is discussion in the FDA and CDC over whether the trace amount of polyethylene glycol in the BioNTech/Pfizer product could cause a life-threatening reaction unless one were previously highly sensitized to it. I was not aware that pg was being used in larger quantities as a laxative. When I work with it, the MSDS says it requires chemical resistant gloves.

    • Sputnik is the Oxford. The Russians did actually hack the notes. Which did speed up approval.

      • I hadn’t heard that “the Russians” hacked the Oxford vaccine project, but we are told that Russia, and China, “the two greatest enemies of freedom and democracy,” are hacking everything now. But the Russian shots (a series of two different shots, as I understand it) use two different human adenoviruses, whereas the British uses a chimpanzee virus for delivery.

        • The Oxford team wanted to get it out there quick so they asked FSB to hack the notes. It’s a well documented event. It allowed the process to speed up as an end run around regulators and cynical pen pushers.

          The Soviets got the bomb via lab academics at King’s College, Cambridge and KCL, University of London for example. Someone had to bakance out the assymetrical power relations.

  3. I noticed in newspaper headlines today that a medical facility in Pennsylvania is offering its employees a HUGE bonus for being vaccinated with one of the mRNA products, which indicates they expect some resistance. The money will change some minds.

  4. The photographs of pelosi ‘receiving’ her covid-19 inoculation has been making the rounds due to the fact that the safety cap on that needle’s syringe is still in place.

  5. If these politicians wish to make themselves guinea pigs for a vaccine wholly inadequately researched, then I have to respect that.

    It does not, however, have an ounce of influence on me or my family.

    We do not need a vaccine for something that can be successfully, cheaply, and readily cured by Elderberry, Garlick, or, if herbal medicines vex you, hydroxychloroquine and Ivormectin.

    The whole CCP-virus is a globalist scam – from its invention, to it’s proliferation, and now the vicious chaos and totalitarian lunacy that has been kindled aroun, and in response, to it.

    The upside in all this unpleasantry, however, is that The American People, both Left and Right, are quickly coming to the end of their tether with all this and are ready to evince a rebellious and politically active spirit not seen in decades.

  6. I think we need to all relax with the super far out conspiracy theories and reign it in a bit. Do I trust a government mandated vaccine and will I take one? No chance, there is no need but my aunts and uncles seem to want them. My fear isnt whether the cap is on or not but what is the differences in batches and most importantly WHY is the country shut down for a “disease” which has a 99.9 survival rate and seems to be hitting almost solely people with prior medical conditions or the elderly. Around 2/3rds of the country is obese or in less than prime health which says all you need to know.

    I dont know how i feel but that NY Times article my dad forwarded to me really was nuts. ” we must prioritize people of color and essential workers who aide communities of color to pursue equity”. The premise is so sick and i hate saying it, racist, that even my totally apathetic father took offense to it. I volunteer to give my dose to a person of color if they want it. One of my many Indian, Pakistank or Salvadoran neighbors preferably because I care that much about them

  7. I find it odd that a vaccine could be created so quickly. It’s as if it were already in the works before the COVID-19 existed. Usually, it takes a long time to test these medications.

    • I’d guess a vaccine was sitting on a shelf in Israel last year. Basic plot to the third Dan Brown novel about Felicity Jones releasing a plague at a classical music concert in Constantinople. What was that movie called? Inferno?

      • According to the Jerusalem Post April 13, 2020 edition Israel was “. . . on the cusp” of creating the world’s first vaccine with regulatory approval 90 days away.


        I assumed this was just another fraud to get more money out of the U.S. Government.

        Today Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020 Israel started its mass vaccination program by vaccinating top government people on TV. They are using the Pfizer vaccine with a total of 8 million doses, half now and the rest in March, 2021 to vaccinate a little less than half the population. The Pfizer vaccine requires two separate injections with at least one month between injections.


        No word about their “. . . on the cusp” vaccine being used although they are supposedly working on a one dose regimen similar to Moderna’s. No word on how many doses are allotted to the Palestinians, probably zero.

        • Israel is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful country any human being has ever known in his life. No one should ever be skeptical about positive news coming out of Israel.

    • As I’ve said before, not only the speed was suspicious, but the fact that several different types all came out at about the same time.

  8. The politicians aren’t rushing to get the vaccine, they’re rushing to get their pictures taken pretending to get the vaccine.

    I know how upset Captain John and CD get when I say this but COVID19 is a fucking
    hoax. You hear me? A fucking HOAX!

    • Yeah that saw knock several people on their ass in spring. Btw I’ve been travelling since then, knowing I’m more or less immune. It’s not interrupted me much. It’s been fun watching the uninfected shit bricks and get panicky this autumn. Apart from the election of course. Didn’t enjoying watching Biden win.

  9. Ursula Von der Leyen is descended from the Wragg and Ladson family in South Carolina. Holyshit. Small fucking world.

  10. Even if these people are getting the real vaccine they are mostly old and non-procreating members of society. Do you think Bernie cares if his future children will have altered DNA?

  11. Without proof, ZOG is saying politicians are getting a vaccine. Zero proof of what is actually being injected, and in Pelosi’s case, clearly it was a fake, similar to the fake in El Paso that vent viral two days ago, with the nurse.

    One thing is for sure, most Americans will get one of these Vaccines. And a second thing, when it all turns into a scandal next year, it is on Trump. This rushed, untested group of vaccines is all his doing. I hope the Camel has him arrested.

  12. Tiffany Dover, head nurse at a hospital in Chattanooga, gets the covid vax, and then, within minutes she passes out on the floor, LIVE ON TV, while speaking to local
    news about the vaccine


    Now the word going around Social Media is that Tiffany Dover is dead, however this has not been confirmed by the pro-vax MSM, and it probably never will be


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