White Populism In The Trump Era


Your very own Hunter Wallace joins Matt ‘Birdman’ Parrott and Trey Knickerbocker for a One Struggle Occidental Dissent reunion focusing on a Trump retrospective which highlights all zero of his political achievements for our people despite our overwhelming support.

**All donations for the show go to fight against the Jewish anti-White tyranny that is Sines v. Kessler.


    • These billionaires really just occupy nodes of critical infrastructure that should be the domain of government. China has state run versions of all of these companies resulting in exactly the same service without parasites at the top.

      • As usual I agree with you. What Red China practices is true socialism, something that most Americans, especially the right wing types, are too god damned dumb to understand.

        • @ spahnranch 1970, if i may offer some correction, red china practises and exemplifies 21st century fascism.at its finest, they practise it so well, thee satanic elites have chosen the chinese model as their own, for world governance after their great big reset , so that being said, liking great big ones, the way they say you.do, you must be tingling inside with anticapation, as you await , the great big reset, sir.

  1. Reminder that Nick is still whiter than Striker, Allsup and Enoch.
    Wignats can’t get over that because they are obese who beat their wives.
    Hey Hunter, come to an America First rally to get your ass kicked.

    • LMAO.

      Why would I go to an America First rally? I’m not a homosexual, an incel, a grifter, a based mixed race 56%er, a conspiracy theorist, a conservative, a Republican, an optics dope or a low IQ Trust Muh Plan personality cultist.

    • “Hey Hunter, come to an America First rally to get your ass kicked.”

      Yeah, I saw that AF rally in Phoenix where a black guy got onstage and right up in Nick’s face.

      Virgin Nick sort of looked down like the 5-foot-tall spaghetti-armed coward he is, while his bold troops didn’t do a fucking thing.

      I’ve never seen a bigger group of pussies in my life—pussies who get no pussy.

      Didn’t Nick assure his retarded followers that Trump would win because it’s God’s will? Then you turn around and act like your biggest public loss was some sort of victory?

    • Checheno,

      OD’s resident Queen Christina’s little five year sister Maria could wipe the floor with anyone in that group photo the MIGAtards took the night of the Million Manlet March.

      Groypers talk a lot of shit, but cannot back it up irl. The Proud Boys can brawl, but the groypers withdrawal.

      • November,

        Ha! And to think I almost did not read this article or the comments. Maria does know how to kick, bite, and scream. That is a good start.

        • Christina,

          Then Maria would be evenly matched against Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey, and Vincent James, except that they might try to scratch little Maria’s eyes out.

    • “Hey Hunter, come to an America First rally to get your ass kicked.”

      This is just so incredibly stupid, it deserves repeated replies.

      As someone who’s been in a TON of fights, it’s easy to tell that the skinny undersized virgin nerd that you worship has never been punched in the face.

      It’s also very clear to almost everyone at this point that he’s gay.

      And after the DC rally, he made sure to livestream himself playing video games in his hotel while people were getting the shit kicked out of them in the streets.

  2. Is there another term that should be used in place of “populism”?

    I understand how you are using it and the history of it but going by the definition the term seems questionable.

    The kind of American “populists” who are intentionally kept unrepresented by the major parties are actually a minority, albeit a significant one.

    It’s not so much that they represent the will of the majority of the people, as that they have the most sane and commonsensical set of policy preferences that would BENEFIT the majority. These are policy preferences that a healthy nation (not the United States) would tend to have, in a saner era (not this era), if it wasn’t being manipulated by the media.

    But they may not be the policy preferences of the actual, existing “American people”. Listening to the ACTUAL will of the “American people” wouldn’t really produce a positive outcome because a lot of “American” “people” actually are under the influence of the media and actually do want bad policies of the kind represented by the major parties.

    IE: You guys have to teach Southerners to develop more “populist” policy preferences.

  3. Due to all the post-election drama, we missed that on November 15th Blompf signed the holohoax education act. Doesn’t this Presbyterian know that the jews celebrate hanankah in December? MIGA!!!

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