2020 Autopsy: Sunbelt Upper Middle Class

In the Sunbelt, the upper middle class and the wealthy shifted toward the Democrats in Georgia and North Carolina, remained static in South Carolina and flipped in favor of Trump in Virginia.


+$100,000 Voters (32% of electorate) – 53% Biden, 46% Trump

+$100,000 Voters (32% of electorate) – 56% Trump, 42% Hillary

In Georgia, the upper middle class size of the electorate was static. It swung dramatically to Joe Biden. Trump won it by 14 points in 2016. He lost it by 7 points in 2020.

Conservatives (40% of electorate) – 86% Trump, 14% Biden

Conservatives (42% of electorate) – 85% Trump, 15% Hillary

In Georgia, the conservative share of the electorate shrank. Trump won about the same amount of conservatives.

Republicans (38% of electorate) – 94% Trump, 6% Biden

Republicans (36% of electorate) – 94% Trump, 4% Hillary

In Georgia, the Republican swath of the electorate slightly expanded. Joe Biden did 2 points better though with Republicans. The focus here was on Based Blacks and Hispanics. Trump’s Team won more of them but were killed in the Atlanta suburbs with college educated White men, Moderates and Independents.

Georgia was an unmitigated disaster for the GOP. It was the White vote.

South Carolina

+$100,000 Voters (27% of electorate) – 64% Trump, 34% Biden

+$100,000 Voters (30% of electorate) – 64% Trump, 32% Hillary

Interestingly enough, the upper middle class share of the electorate in South Carolina shrank and stuck with Trump. Is this because of fewer transplants?

Conservatives (47% of electorate) – 85% Trump, 14% Biden

Conservatives (44% of electorate) – 83% Trump, 12% Hillary

In South Carolina, Trump did better with conservatives. Biden did 2 points better than Hillary with them.

Republicans (41% of electorate) – 95% Trump, 4% Biden

Republicans (46% of electorate) – 92% Trump, 4% Hillary

In South Carolina, the Republican share of the electorate shrank by 5 points and Trump picked up 3% of their vote. Whatever happened in Georgia didn’t happen in South Carolina.

North Carolina

+$100,000 Voters (27% of electorate) – 52% Trump, 47% Biden

+$100,000 Voters (30% of electorate) – 60% Trump, 38% Hillary

In North Carolina, the upper middle class size of the electorate shrank by 3 points while moving 9 points toward Joe Biden.

Conservatives (43% of electorate) – 90% Trump, 9% Biden

Conservatives (44% of electorate) – 83% Trump, 12% Hillary

In North Carolina, the conservative electorate remained about the same size, but Trump picked up 7% more of their vote.

Republicans (37% of electorate) – 96% Trump, 4% Biden

Republicans (31% of electorate) – 92% Trump, 4% Hillary

In North Carolina, Trump drove up the Republican share of the electorate by 6 points and won 4% more of the Republican vote. The upper middle class swung toward Biden, but Trump found a solution in more conservatives, more Republicans and higher White working class turnout.


+$100,000 Voters (41% of electorate) – 53% Trump, 46% Biden

+$100,000 Voters (40% of electorate) – 51% Hillary, 44% Trump

In Virginia, the upper middle class electorate remained the same, but Trump flipped it and won it by 7 points. Apparently, there was something to my drunken memory of election night with “OMG, Trump is going to win Virginia” takes from conservatives on Twitter.

Conservatives (36% of electorate) – 83% Trump, 16% Biden

Conservatives (33% of electorate) – 83% Trump, 12% Hillary

In Virginia, conservatives increased their share of the electorate by 3% while moving 4 points toward Joe Biden.

Republicans (34% of electorate) – 90% Trump, 9% Biden

Republicans (33% of electorate) – 88% Trump, 6% Hillary

Trump won 2% more Republicans and Biden won 3% more Republicans. Pretty pathetic.


  1. Yes another great post. I’ve really been enjoying you writing about the 2020 election. Of course I’m also pretty happy about the election results. LOL 🙂 I’m not for Joe Biden or Trump. However I’ll say that Joe Biden holding a mask shows he’s much more of a political leader / President than Trump ever was. Yahweh Bless !

  2. As I’ve previously stated, 88% of America’s population growth until 2030 is slated to occur in the Sun Belt. You can expect most of that to be muds. Put plainly, the Sun Belt, and with it the Deep South, is well and truly demographically fucked.

    We must create our White ethnostate in the north of America; stretching from the Pacific coast of the Northwest to the western border of Pennsylvania.

    We start by stampeding the Trumptarded rubes into a movement for Red State secession. That is The Plan, and I don’t want to hear any retarded bullshit to the contrary.

    PS. Southern nationalism is gay.

    • “stampeding the Trumptarded rubes into a movement for Red State secession. That is The Plan, and I don’t want to hear any retarded bullshit to the contrary.”

      That isn’t a bad strategic goal. I favor stampeding rubes.

      So, what’s the plan? Let me guess – crafting clever rhetoric and pasting it into the comment boxes of fringe websites?

      If so – count me in! Free Pacifica!

      • Are you saying we don’t secretly have influence in the corridors of power? How DARE you, sir! You act as if we are merely fringe figures at a website barely on the radar. Hmph! Good day, sir! I said, Good DAY, sir!!

        • You underestimate the power of memes. I’ve come here like a Blitzkrieg and am already making headway. Join me. Do your part.

          • This isn’t even your blog. Do you believe you’re taking it over? What memes are you talking about? Adjust your meds, you poor man.

          • I know this Crapandchaos guy. He and I go back a long way. His heart’s in the right place, but he’s long suffered from delusions of grandeur.

            At least he’s more attuned to demographic reality nowadays. He’d never have countenanced ceding an inch of territory in the past. He and his “five million man army” were going to “take it all back.”

            What a curse it is that the most impassioned pro-whites are so often abject lunatics who succeed only in driving away more serious people.

            The blog owners themselves are to blame though. How simple it is to keep the goons out, yet they refuse. The only exception is Greg Johnson, whose moderating standards I’ve yet to see topped. (He blocks me too, not for “goonish” reasons, but not entirely unfairly either.)

          • Silver, I appreciate your kindness towards and understanding of the cap’n. We all suffer from delusions about ourselves, to some extent.

            I’ve told HW/BG my concerns about comment moderation. It is the one large blight on this otherwise excellent website. Going after trolls can be fun, but they shouldn’t be allowed to stay for long. Don’t we have enough division in our little corps?

        • “Don’t we have enough division in our little corps?”

          NO – the opposite. There isn’t ENOUGH division.

          First of all, there is no “infighting” because we’re not on the same team.

          If this forum exists just to stroke each other, it will be 100% Ivan pretending to be a Southern gentleman (poorly) and the one pretending to be a Mexican teenage girl and his five beta orbiters.

          It’s the internet. There is no “movement.” It’s all fake.

          • If that’s what you believe, why are you here? If we’re all just totally atomized gameplayers, our views on any subject don’t matter. We can be anything in any guise, for any reason. We might as well be Antifa cultists encouraging 72 flavors of gender fluidity, in that case.

            Encouraging division never aids any cause. Endless splintering just ensures feebleness and ineffectiveness. I don’t understand why you’re even on the internet, if you see everything as fake. Get yourself out of the matrix, and live your awakened life. Leave us in our delusions, while you get to be enlightened and above it all.

            But I’m not merely playing a character in an electric dream, BH. This site is a place where I test and refine my ideas, when I’m not bashing trolls or joking around. Not that my thoughts stay in stasis, but that’s the life process, isn’t it? You evolve, you grow, because you learn.

            I’m agnostic about info. I treat any situation like it could very well not be what I assume it to be, and I see people in the same way. Appearances can be, and often are, deceiving. But I express myself in a direct fashion here, and it’s plain to me that many others do the same. I think many here exaggerate certain aspects of themselves, or perhaps play a role. So what? Eventually, we all reveal who we are, even if we write a part for ourselves in a performance art piece on a website. Can’t you tell something about my character (or lack thereof), or many of the commenters here? I’m able to do that. If I can see through electronic disguises, so can anyone else.

            I’ve been connecting with some here, because we share principles. That’s a rare and important thing, or at least it is in my life. Principles are a reflection of deeply-held beliefs. If some here are acting like they believe some things they actually don’t (I’m not counting the obvious, witless trolls infesting this site), they’re extremely able deceivers. I’ll take my chances. If I get hurt, I’ll step back, learn my lessons, and be more aware the next time. I’ve taken quite a few falls on the emotional obstacle course we all run. It’s part of life. Let it happen, brother.

  3. Trump IS all the things you’re saying, but 1. God’s in control and nothing huge turns on a dime. Fixing 100 years of swamp doesn’t happen overnight. 2. He’ll do much better in term 2. 3. You’ll have to toss all the statistics you’re presenting after the massive fraud is proved and Trump enters term 2.

    Picture a very malnourished body.

    That’s what a soul looks like without Gods Spirit.

    Repent, get saved, enter your new life and it will seriously effect your body and mind in perfect ways.

    • You are sadly deluded if you are pinning your Christian hopes on Trump. He is a money-grubbing, Jew-loving buffoon from NYC who probably never turned down a whore or a line of cocaine if presented with the opportunity. Trump’s way is the death way for our race.

      And what will be left of Christianity once the White man goes extinct? A fallen faith, dragged down into the mud and shit, as practiced only by Third World savages; bearing no resemblance to its former self and therefore completely destroyed.

      Do you want a White ethnostate or not? Wake up.

      • @Captainchaos,

        Trump had most definitely darkened more doorways of synagogues than churches by a factor of 20 easy.

        • And yet he’s married to a Christian woman…. Somehow, Past-date Nov., you miss the point.
          Every. Single. Time. It’s almost as if you were a self-hating Jew…

          • Father John +,

            Being married to a White Christian woman is a low hurdle to clear.

            Shame on all the anti-abortion Christians of all ethnicities and races for not putting their so-called deeply held beliefs into action like Eric Rudolph did. It makes me wonder, if you all have some conscious and unconscious doubts about being soldiers in Christ. Heck, I don’t blame y’all, if without any, and I mean any empirical evidence of an afterlife as promised in the bible that I too would have a crisis of faith.

  4. “88% of America’s population growth until 2030 is slated to occur in the Sun Belt.” -CaptainChaos

    A lot of that growth is White Northerners fleeing the strangling economic policies of the North.

    We had enough of spending our entire disposable incomes on rent / mortgage + property taxes. Not to mention the tolls and unaffordable cities.

    You want Western / Midwestern nationalism? Midwestern cities are shitholes. The best cities are in the South. They are just as Black as Midwestern cities but safer, cleaner, more segregated.

    Want to live out in Butthole, Nebraska or Butthole, Montana. Good luck, you’ll be bored to tears. You’ll feel like you’re in the move Wind River where you get so bored you yell:

    “There’s nothing here but wind, snow and SILENCE!” (like in the movie)

    Want to move out further west to Washington or Oregon? Have you spoken to people who have lived in Spokane, Washington? I’ve spoken to quite a few people who used to live there and they all said the people there are cucks and completely unbearable. They also said there’s a lot of Jews there too.

    Portland is an Antifa liberal shithole. In Seattle it rains once every three days, the Asian population is exploding, the Whites there are also cucks just like Spokane and Portland.

    How about Colorado or Nevada? You’ll be up to your eyeballs with Hispanics. Denver is filled with Hipsters and poor air quality.

    You would be better off in Orange county, California than the West or Midwest. At least the Whites will be based and you won’t be bored to tears. Not suggesting anyone should move there, just saying.

  5. All these decades of allowing in hordes of Hispanics has basically led to a Republican president getting about 36% of their vote. Didn’t Bush 2 get similar? It’s still a minority of the vote. Better than with blacks? More hope than with blacks? Sure. But still a drubbing when running against a Democrat with the exception of Cubans in Florida, many of whom are clearly of European descent.

    Look at the mess Georgia has become. Blacks are pouring into that place. Years of both political parties doing nothing about the illegal alien invasion has created even more problems. Stupid White people doing nothing about cutting off welfare people from having more kids. So now we have Laquasha and Tyrone deciding elections. We have literal low Iq mutants like rapper Cardi. B having influence with Democrats for president. Meanwhile she is a multi millionaire. Lol. How does that make you feel, 9 to 5 Whitey? The dumb and the brazen are very much rewarded in this country. Yes, tax the rich!

    Andrew Yang is moving to Georgia so he can vote for yet another fake, black rev run in Warnock. And a vote for the jew Ossoff. Yang is a leftist scumbag who caters to Blm, Al Sharpton and Warnock. Aoc is also getting involved in the Georgia races. Jews, blacks, browns and an Asian looking to turn Georgia into another third world dump. It’s happening. Next will be land grabs from White people and the ultimate welfare check- reparations.

    When the autopsy of America is studied it will be the death of allowing Jews to take over media, from allowing in 30 million illegals; from allowing blacks to plop out welfare criminals from whores knocked up by Rufus with his 10 arrests. It will be from putting so much pressure on the dying middle class that it all explodes. It will be from the absurdity of 600 thousand to 2 million dollar homes in ” middle class” areas. It will be from getting away from GOD and making money our idol.

    Diversity is a cult meant to ruin and cause constant division. America is too diverse now. We have black people pandered to all day long now. What good comes from that? What do you see coming down the pike that is actually good for America now?

  6. “Andrew Yang is moving to Georgia so he can vote for yet another fake, black rev run in Warnock. And a vote for the jew Ossoff. Yang is a leftist scumbag who caters to Blm, Al Sharpton and Warnock.”

    Back when I still thought HW had a brain, ( I admit I was wrong- mea culpa) I was excited at the possibility for a ‘sane’ democrat. I should have known better.

    Clearly, even a CHINK GEEK is still butt-sh*t stupid (like our host) about the reality:

    “I have have come ONLY to call the lost sheep of the House (Gr. ‘oikos’- race, clan, people, household) of Israel to repentance.” – J.C. [ Matt. 15:24]

    Yup. Just like I’ve said, for ten years on this site.. “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.” – H. Belloc

    • Without Europeans, Christianity wouldn’t have become the world force it is. Without Christianity, Europeans wouldn’t have become the world force we are. If there is no moral center, society becomes like it is now: atomized, decaying, sick, easily divided — chaotic and self-destructive.

  7. “Look at the mess Georgia has become. Blacks are pouring into that place.” – Jeff

    North Georgia is actually nice. I work in the Chattanooga metro area which is in Southern Tennessee but is also basically Northern Georgia. Northern Georgia is very White. Towns like Rossville, Ringgold, Fort Oglethorpe are nice, heavily White towns. I actually want to buy a house in Northern Georgia or in the Chattanooga metro area in the near future.

    You should be more concerned about Hispanics in Northern and Western states. Hispanics have the highest birth rates in the world. The Black population isn’t really growing that well.

    • Gryphon, how about concerns about both? Lol. Hispanic populations are massively driven by immigration and kids. Blacks are heavily driven by having too many kids. Sure, they are alleged not to be having as many kids but including mixed race blacks, I would say the black population is about 15 or 16%- not 13%. It’s growing. Just not as fast as Hispanics.

      No doubt about your comments regarding North Georgia. Whitey on the run creating more nice communities. But notice we are talking about North Georgia when years back much more of the state would be spoken of in a positive way.

      I do know the racial demographics have changed a lot in Georgia. Blacks seem to love the place, especially the Atlanta area. No doubt carpetbaggers are also going to Georgia. They have had an illegal alien problem, too. This is why the state is turning blue. It’s because of communist, racist blacks. Stacey Abrams came very close to being the governor. Jewish leftist Jon Ossoff is very close to being elected Senator. He may not get it but he’s close. The fake Rev run Warnock who is basically an Al Sharpton clone is looking to take The other seat. He will probably lose, too, but black and jewish communists are knocking on the door in Georgia. All of this due to demographic changes caused by cowardice and others due to greed.

      Gryphon, Tennessee is a much Whiter state than Georgia. No doubt Georgia still has good areas so the area you are looking to land in sounds good. It’s always good to see what surrounds you. As you say, Northern Ga. has some very nice towns. No doubt.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene was just elected to Congress from northern Ga. despite some Republicucks doing their best to keep her out. Ga. must deal with its changing demographics or it becomes like Detroit. It can be done but hardcore changes must be made dealing with welfare people and kids along with cracking down on illegals. Obviously America simply needs more White people immigrating here as well.

    • NE Georgia is in one of those weather sweet spots that don’t get too hot or cold, with not much snow. Can anyone point out to me any great little towns in the area?

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