Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Was a Disaster

We all knew it was a disaster.

Washington Post:

“While Trump won over independents by four points nationally in 2016 against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Biden saw one of his largest pickups among that group — winning a 54 percent majority of independents, a 12-point rise from Clinton’s 42 percent showing in 2016. The pattern was seen across key battleground states, including Wisconsin, where independents flipped from backing Trump by a 10-point margin in 2016 to supporting Biden by a 14-point margin. In Arizona, Biden won independents by 11 points four years after Trump won the group by a narrower three points.

Voters nationally who identified their political views as moderate also swung sharply in Biden’s direction, favoring the Democrat by 30 points this year, compared with Clinton’s 12-point advantage. Across key states, Biden won moderates by 37 points in Arizona, 23 points in Wisconsin, 32 points in Georgia and 17 points in Pennsylvania. Those margins helped overcome the fact that more voters continue to identify as conservative than liberal, by a nationwide margin of 38 percent to 24 percent.

Despite pleas by “Never Trump” voices, the president secured a larger share of Republican voters nationally, 94 percent in 2020, than four years ago, when he won 88 percent and third-party candidates received more support …”

It is clear what happened.

In 2016, Trump won the working class, Independents, more Moderates and a record margin with White men. He ran as a more populist nationalist candidate.

After 2016, Trump moved to the Right on economics. He posted his biggest gains with Republicans and those making over $100,000 a year. He won more conservatives. Brad Parscale spent over $1 billion dollars trying to win women, based black men, Hispanics, Jews and LGBTs.

Note: Did you prefer Trumpism 1.0 (2016) or Trumpism 2.0 (2020)?


  1. Europeans have no representation in this country. To argue over which uniparty candidate would abuse us less is pointless and self-defeating. Might as well chase your own tail like a dog. You’ll accomplish just as much.

    • Politics is downstream from culture anyway. When we take our culture back from the Jews who hate us the politicians will fall in line.

  2. Start promoting secession as a first step. Then follows the Harold Covington plan.

    I know, I know. None of that appeals to naysaying mental mediocrities and pussies. Well fuck them!

      • Oh, I’m sorry. My bad! You are indisputably correct when you sagely advise that merely speaking of secession (my “first step”) in the most bland and generalistic terms will automatically punch one’s ticket to federal prison.

        No seriously, you are just too stupid to live, you worthless fucking cunt. Now fuck off!


        • @Captainchaos

          You are a Grade A quality cut of shit. A fine specimen of human garbage.

          Old Enough to be Your Mother was trying to point out to you that you are live action roleplaying.

  3. Alaska and north Carolina now in for President Trump, Pennsylvania will soon be, this because 2,600,000 ballots were filed without verifiable signatures, while over 300,000 votes were cast and counted after 8pm on election night.

    This will be struck down, the total of these 3 states giving President Trump 38 electoral votes.

    With Trump leading the hand recount in Georgia and his lawyers having filed suits in Michigan with over a 100 affadavits asserting over a thousand cases of fraud.

    One Democrat party insider, who was working the polls in Detroit, has come forward with massive evidence of Democrat cheating there.

    President Trump, as it turns out, not only beat Biden in the popular vote by several millions, he is on his way to an electoral victory.

    Meanwhile, the Left continues to celebrate.

    Reminds me of parties being held in Berlin, in April of ’45.

  4. There’s an essay in comparing 2020 Trump to Jonestown Massacre and the Waco Siege. Trump both drank the Koolaid and amplified the Biblebabble of radical inclusion and racial equality. He couldnt just be the white guy leading the whites and live with it. Oh no sir, he had to Blaxit, Jexit and Fuxit.

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