Live Thread: 2020 Presidential Election

We are closely monitoring the 2020 election.

Will our Favorite President be reelected? Will we even know the result tonight? Will the country spiral into an abyss of violence after crossing the point of no return? The only thing we know for certain is that one side is going to lose their shit after losing a traumatic, existential election.

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      • Why for that matter, is anyone taking seriously this unknown “Fr” who is probably as much of a mishling as Howl Turdner posting from the synagogue basement, is an unpleasant fraud, plays See-Eye Dentist while pretending to be of the Church of Rome or of Byzantium — which it is has never been made clear — and has plenty of time to troll the Whigger Nutsionalist boards & forums pretending to be an irascable wierd Holey Mamzer.

        All the pagans & Christian Identity think itz a ZOGbot Tard, “F*ck*r Jewn” itz got Bryan Reo eyes.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin “Mad-Dog Half Beard” Lindstedt
        The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
        Write-In White Supremacist Governor of Missouri

        Last Campaign Video “Signs of the Times in Granby Missery”

        • Ah, the slime monster engages in his usual ad hominem attacks, because his spirit is accursed, and full of venom and hatred for the true Christians in the world, JUST LIKE THE JEWS, THE LIBERALS, and the GODLESS WHO VOTED FOR JOE AND THE HOE!

          Martin, your record of disgusting verbiage, your ridiculous stances on a whole host of issues, and your mere presence here is unwanted, simply because you are of the Evil one. HW has seen fit to allow me to comment on his forum, over the DECADE I have been reading his posts, and yet you only NOW challenge me? Merely because you see that I pose a threat to your Impastor status, just like the Pharisees of old, who crucified the Lord Jesus Christ?

          Let the dead bury the dead. You are no more a Clergyman, than I am an N-word. Anathema.

          • Jesus Christ said, “My sheep hear My Voice.” Thus Christ said forthrightly that He has only come to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Matt 6:10

            I came onto Brad’s Blog in order to gain a few write-ins for my candidacy for Governor. I have my own purposes for doing this, but I’ve been at odds with Brad since 2015 when Bradifer chickenshitted out over Dylann Roof gunning down nine niggers. I stand for more than mere yap-yap and when some White Man goes out and kills them which have no part within YHWH’s Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel it is fine by me. I’ve come close to shooting some regime criminals several times during my life and I am certainly not going to apologise whenever some other White Man has enough and needs to do what needs to be done. I’ve NEVER denounced White Necessary Righteous Violence and don’t intend to go all chickenshit now. I am also at odds because Brad’s ZOGbot friends from the Charlottesville False-Flag operation have been coonducting “lawfare” against myself and my Aryan Nations Church in Ohio, Missouri and South Dakota. So I don’t usually come on here except when I want something, i.e. in this case, political exposure on Brad’s Blog.

            I’ve been in the White Supremacist and aboveground Christian Identity Movements for 30 years. I corresponded with Louis Beam and David Lane. A video of myself from last night got posted later on this blog. Everyone knows who I am and what I stand for: The Second Civil War, for White Supremacy, the elimination of the jew and non-white from Aryan Christian Israel, the liquidation of ZOG/Babylon and anyone that supports it and bringing about the Great Tribulation.

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            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin “Mad-Dog Half Beard” Lindstedt
            The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
            Write-In White Supremacist Governor of Missouri

  1. “The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill

  2. It cannot be denied that the singing at the Trump rally at Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the snow and high wind yesterday, definitely pulls on the heart strings:

    Local polling places have very long lines standing outside in the cold wind.

  3. Though the Corona Virus was correctly loosed upon us to make President Trump look bad, which it achieved in the minds of many, the presidential campaign of 2020 waged by the Democrat Party is the most likely to fail that this born and raised Democrat has ever seen.

    For that reason, and others, I do not see anything but a reelection for President Trump.

    The majority of Americans, of all regions, races and classes, do not with to spend the next 4 years being lectured to by Senator Kamala Harris, nor do they wish to have their towns raided by the irregular militias of International Jewry (BLM & Antifa) burning their towns, all the while being pressed to turn in their guns and adopt new forms of speech.

    Nor do a majority of Americans hanker to turn back to the globalist trade-policies and lackluster economic practices of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama years, or the no-holds barred Neo-Con wars, either.

    The last time I felt so sure about the reelection of a president was when Walter Mondale ran against President Reagan in 1984.

    Biden will do better than Mondale did, but, he will not win.

    The Modern Democrat Party is despicable, so much so that they make a feckless, fraudulent, and corrupt Republican Party look good by comparision.

    In the wee hours of this morning Trump will be ahead, and no amount of lawsuits, CIA cheating, corrupt state governors and AGs (mine included in that mix) and dead people voting with their dead pets will change it.

    Trump is not not the longterm answer, but the poison the Democrats are peddling is something far worse.

    America does not want the Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con Corporate Deep State Swampy Democrat Party.

    By the wee hours of this day, that much will be abundantly clear.

    • “the Corona Virus was correctly loosed upon us to make President Trump look bad”:

      You really believe in that conspiracy theory.

      • I reckon the Chinese made it look like Spanish Flu 2.0 knowing that it only really kills the very very old. Then made sure it slipped out of Wuhan…after they had figured out that steroids work okay on it. The gerontocratic west then committed economic suicide. Gotta hand it to the Chinks. They play a good boardgame. The various factions of the left then realized they could coordinate a message and legal framework that screwed up the cohesion of the rightwing. Several governors deliberately murdered nursing care residents by sending infected people in. Several governors shut down boutique businesses and enriched Amazon. At the same time media and social media erased and edited away sane rightwing racially aware sites accounts and promoted nutty cranks obsessed with masks either Anti or Pro.

        Lots of elements in play realozing they could jam up a coherent rightwing take. Ffs a viral pandemic should have turned into mass deportations of nigs and spics. How the fuck did that opportunity get fumbled!?

        • @Captain John…

          What the Chinese have done is not only ‘election interference’, Sir, it is an act of war.

          That said, they are not alone in this, but, joined by scores of American oligarchs who are supporting Biden, not to mention the renegade beaurocrats of the United States’ Government which, lawless to their core, seek to get rid of President Trump, or anyone or thing that calls into question the notion that they have no legal basis to rule over us.

          Worse, they are joined by a bevy of Blue State politicians who set fit to open all borders, release every violent criminal, all whilst imprisoning you for walking out of your home without a mask!

          • “What the Chinese have done is (…) an act of war”:

            Ridiculous. There is absolutely NO evidence and no absolutely reason why the Chinese would do such a thing.

            I think Captain John was joking (“I reckon the Chinese made it look like Spanish Flu 2.0 knowing that it only really kills the very very old”) but YOU are SERIOUS! Or maybe you are a hired agent spreading propaganda to increase public support for the ongoing “hybrid” war on China and other imperialist agendas.

          • @CD…

            No, in the 1910s Humanity did not have the technology to either splice viruses or the means of delivering them.

            We do have it now, however.

            Moreover, we have entered a new era of Color Revolutions, where every means of subversion is utilized, and destroying an economy is usually the target of choice.

            The Chinese leadership will do anything to continue the economic policies of the the previous 25 years, and all the political arrangements they have in place to achieve that, and getting rid of Trump is step #1.

          • This corona virus could easily be a designer weapon. It’s certainly been turned into a weapon politically.

          • Ivan Turgenev: “we have entered a new era of Color Revolutions, where every means of subversion is utilized, and destroying an economy is usually the target of choice. The Chinese leadership will do anything”:

            But it is the U.S./Israel, NOT CHINA, that is carrying out the color “revolutions” and “hybrid” wars against all would-be independent or semi-independent nations around the world – “where every means of subversion is utilized, and destroying an economy is usually the target of choice.” You are repeating anti-Chinese U.S. hybrid war propaganda probably fed you by Faux News and perhaps also “Epoch Times.”

        • @Captain John…

          “This corona virus could easily be a designer weapon. It’s certainly been turned into a weapon politically.”

          It is a designer virus from the Cold Family that has genes spliced into it bats.

          Moreover, as you say – it’s been a political weapon, right from the start.

          Having watched the Globalist Elite try to take down Trump via any method save public assassination, I find it not coincidental that a pandemic occurs in election year; that the media acts as do CIA bought media organs in foreign countries, to create an unreasoning panic, while Blue State officials conspire to shutdown the economy.

          If it smells like a Colour Revolution, that is what it is.

          My greatest hope would be for President Trump to be reelected and then to persecute the conspirators to the letter of the law.

          If he does not establish law and order his time in office will have been for naught, for, no matter how many parts we remain, or split into, it all starts from law and order.

          Even more so than Christianity, we, Westerners, believe in self-restraint and law and order.

          Be well, My friend!

      • @Anonymous…

        For you everything you do not wish to think is an unfounded conspiracy, everyone with a different point of view either a front or an ignorant dupe.

        One day you will grasp that you are not so fragile as you think.

        Until then, the walls will have to remain up…

        • And the insult to the elders in one’s family, town, city, state, and nation.
          It is the apostasy of the illiterate and the hubris of the young. And the godless have ENCOURAGED such, because it goes against the Divine Order.

          “HONOR your father and mother” is the commandment, I believe.
          ‘But you said, ‘we will not follow it.”

          And, if anything is an indication, THAT is why this nation is being damned.
          Besides the Abortions, the Feminazis, letting faggots live, immigration of the Xenoi, etc. etc. etc.

    • @Stephen…

      If there were any justice in this country, Biden would be put on trial with most other members of the Obama Cabinet and then sent to jail for the rest of his life.

      Biden’s crimes are in such excess that it is hard to contemplate it all.

        • James Bongstreet,

          Smella Kamella will appoint AOC as her VP. Whitey needs that in the White House. It’s the only thing to wake up boomercons clinging to the US constitution to use the second amendment in the way that the Founders intended. This death by a million cuts is the exact same thing as “boiling of the frog.”

          • “Word Magic” and “Dirt Magic” are central Dogmas of our state imposed Anti-White religion called Political Correctness.

    • I think they need Slow Joe to put his feeble hand on the Bible, mumble some oath, get sworn in then allow a decent interval, say two months before being shocked! shocked! at Slow Joe’s decline and invoke the 25th amendment. Camel Toe Harris will be all excited at the prospect of being President Camel Toe Harris but TPTB would leave her as a figurehead, the intelligence (sic) agencies would run things behind the scenes. The first thing they would do is show President Camel Toe the film of JFK getting shot, tell President Camel Toe how concerned they are for her personal safety, and “recommend” that she do X, Y, Z – and nothing else.

      She may be dumb but she isn’t that stupid, she would “do the right thing” as they say in Washington.

      If Slow Joe gets elected, a big if.

      • Re: “do the right thing” as they say in Washington:

        The right-WING thing.

        Which is whatever the elites want done. Both “parties” (both right Wings of the same system) serve the same masters. Kamala, Wall Street’s favorite, is not one bit socialist.

    • “Biden will probably be taken directly to a memory care center.”

      Mr. Dalton, that is one prayer we BOTH can agree on!
      Even if we pray to different gods.

  4. One vote legitimizes the ZOG system. Honestly Trump winning will be the best thing because it will further accelerate the downfall. With that, either a Christian revival will happen in our life times or Christ will descend in our life times and this is the end times. Either way the outcome is good because God reigns over all!

    • There are commenters on this site called “anon,” “Anonymous,” “anonymous,” and now, “anon for Christ,” and at least two more variations that I have noticed so far.

      • @anonymous…

        But only if they regard all viewpoints but theirs as absurd will we know that it is you – the true anonymous…

    • Anon for XC- There is no such thing as the Rapture, and the ‘End Times’ happened in AD 70, by and large. Christ has ALREADY sat down at the right hand of power, and it is ALREADY His Kingdom, for He HAS WON the battle. We do not need to ‘wait’ or have an ‘Armageddon’ – Emperor Titus and Vespasian already destroyed Jerusalem. ANYONE who thinks that the [sic] ‘Jews’ have a ‘right’ to live in that town that was utterly destroyed, is AN AIDE TO HERESY, and is none of Christ’s.

      Jews are an imposter race, Dispensationalism is a heresy condemned by Church and Council- centuries ago, and the entire Edifice of CZ, is the REASON for our nation’s precipitous decline- Falwell is in HELL, as are all the other HERETICS who worshiped the Jew, instead of the King of Judea.

      Am I clear enough?

  5. Hunter, I know this thread is probably the last one before election but can you please make an article about a rapper named “Lil Pump” endorsing Trump at his rally? Look up this guy. This is officially clown world, where we have “conservatives” cheering on a degenerate candy hair faggot because he likes Trump.

    • I thought that was Sasha Baron Cohen’s best alter ego when I saw it. And I think Trump was thinking, “who the fuck is this imposter?” if you look at that expression he has. I liked Lil Pimp’s RAF/USAAF lamb leather jacket fleece though. Those thing are expensive. That was a funny interlude of wierd shit. The kid must like his tax breaks I’d guess.

  6. Well, Hunter was disastrously wrong about Corona. And he is equally confused about the choices given to us in this election. Could be at some point in the next five to ten years that Hunter takes the correct side on one issue or another. But I would not bet on that outcome.

      • Re: “+240,000 dead”:

        Not 400,000 yet, because increased death toll lags behind a jump in infections about four weeks, and because high infections among children and younger workers are just beginning to spread to the older generations.

        Re: “he is equally confused about the choices given to us in this election”:

        JAS, you are confusing his early prediction of the outcome of the election, which could very well prove to be wrong, with the his analysis of the two “choices” that is extremely accurate and indisputable.

        • Anonymous Zwei- YES, YOU are confusing facts with PROPAGANDA, as has HW, over the entire COVID scam.

          I just read this missive from Tom Woods. And I quote:

          “Alex Berenson shared this graph today. The orange line is “cases.” [up] The blue lines are deaths. [down] See why “cases” are a ridiculous metric to worry about?
          You may come back with, “Woods, you have to wait two weeks! Deaths lag behind cases!”
          You’re right. That’s why a two-week lag is built into the graph.”

          Read that LAST SENTENCE, Zwei- then watch this vid.

      • @Hunter…

        You weren’t wrong to be alarmed about Covid, Sir, and people ought stop giving you grief over that.

        That said, the government, if you believe them, has released a report stating that over 130,000 deaths have been misattributed to Covid, such as flu deaths, from other things.

        An earlier government report said that only 10,290 deaths had occurred in this country solely due to Covid.

        So, yes, Covid is an issue, Sir, but only for those in declining health.

        The biggest problem caused by Covid is not the deaths, it’s the panic fanned by the media and the shutdowns which have not only seriously affected the economy, they have very negatively impacted peoples lives, not the least of which is the suicide rate.

        I had Covid in late February and it cause me some difficulty but I did get over it with Elderberry and Rose Hip tea, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Garlic capsules.

      • The Covid stats are a fraud. Influenza deaths down 98%. Deaths are being recorded as Covid in cases that are not related to the virus.

        Look, you panicked and jumped on the Corona hysteria. Admit it. You weren’t the only one confused by the fraud. I recall those TRS morons that do Fash The Nation doing the same Covid hysteria. They are very dumb.

        • “You (Hunter) weren’t the only one confused by the fraud”:

          The real fraud is the corporate/capitalist indirect-propaganda psychological operation that has succeeded in making YOU believe the pandemic is a fraud, and making you do what you want to do: which is to not wear a mask, not social distance and not take any other precautions during the world-wide deadly epidemic.

          Alt-right bloggers and other alternative news sources are the main channel for this subtle propaganda, which if you believe it, makes whatever happens to you your own fault because you believe it, and wanted it. The “herd” must WANT the policy of herd immunity, so it is the herd’s fault.

          I’ll bet your trusted (you should not trust them) Alt-right sources are not telling you hyper-capitalist Sweden is being forced to reverse course, temporarily, on herd immunity that it officially denies it is pursuing:

      • There is evidence to suggest the Covid-19 death numbers are exaggerated, just like the numbers of a certain historical event which we’re not allowed to talk about.

  7. How many blightwingers are able to discipline their well known tendency to spew verbal diarrhea when talking to normies – that is, the ability to forgo the usual rants or insinuations about kikes, niggers, a new confederacy, and christian aryanism when conversating about political topics?

    How many blightwingers have organized/conducted/led a community/school/church/police/training event offline – in the real world?

    How many blightwingers have real world skills – things they are good at – like cooking and baking, graphics and design, research and intelligence gathering, health and fitness, gardening/animal husbandry, electronics/mechanics, or welding, to name a few?

    How many blightwingers have actually *volunteered to labor* under the direction of others?

    Why do I ask?

    If Biden and Kamal Toe are installed as President, your online hobby will come to an end. People like Hunter are going to be banned at some point or forced to communicate in such a way that you will need a magic decoder ring to understand them.

    Most will return to the real world as participants or hermits. Participants will join politically benign groups in which they will come to know others. Like-minded others may be informally organized.

    One purpose of informal organization is survival. There are other purposes as well. Question is, will the natural blightwing tendency toward indolence, cowardice, and looking to a “savior” for earthly or supernatural salvation defeat any attempt to informally organize?

    • The pattern is that the incoming leftwing admin needs to clampdown on the fundamental wing of its own group. Anarchists are more likely to be crushed by Harris. The rightwing is elermnal. Around 10% of any population, at minimum will be aggressively nativist, Nationalist etc. It’ll be fine one way or another.

      • “the incoming leftwing admin needs to clampdown on the fundamental wing of its own group. Anarchists are more likely to be crushed by Harris”:

        Yes. The fake left is controlled by the real right which includes Harris.

        By “elermnal” I assume you meant eternal. Greed is eternal, and class struggle (elitism) is the central theme of human history. But it doesn’t have to be.

    • “the ability to forgo the usual rants or insinuations about kikes, niggers, a new confederacy, and christian aryanism when conversating about political topics?”

      Your bigotry is showing, KAREN.

  8. Just remember as you enter the voting booth – White man – that your vote counts exactly the same as a landscaper that doesn’t speak English or some welfare Dindu with 5 illegitimate kids.

    • Precisely. Democracy is ANATHEMA to ANY White Man, or ANY Christian (concentric circles) because it presumes that the DAMNED are equal to the ELECT. Moreover, any White Man who believes that the Xenoi ARE your equal, ALREADY has practically forfeited their salvation, because they believe Satan’s accursed seed is the equal to the ‘sperma tou Theou.’ YHWH God is a jealous lover, who will not share his Bride (the Church) with any other suitors!

      “I will betroth you to me forever; I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion.” Hos. 2:19

    • One of the two was going to win. One gives a slight, short term advantage to Whites. Don’t worry, it’s not a renewal of wedding vows.

      • Actually, covenantally…. it is!

        “There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.” – CS Lewis

        “To see and not to speak would be the great betrayal,” said Enoch Powell

  9. I remember 2018 with all those close races seemingly won by Republicans but one or two weeks or longer afterwards suddenly flipped to the Democrat. A repeat this time?

    • Yes. You refer to the AZ senate race and the four (of six) Orange County, CA Congressional seats that went from Red to Blue a week later. And the GOP mumbled and grumbled about it, but did nothing.

      • There was also a congressional seat in Michigan north of Detroit which was “won” by a Repub incumbent but a couple of weeks later (iirc) went to a jewish woman ex-CIA agent Democrat (Slotkin).

    • Yep, the democrats see who didn’t show up to vote and then make it look like they did show up and “find” their ballots that coincidentally are all democratic. They did this in Washington State 15 years ago and screwed the Republican who won the Governorship out of his victory. Over the last 4 years tons of Silent Generation have died off and been replaced by the new non-white majority demographics. Generation Bastard has been propagandized out to the polls in larger numbers than usual, and women are siding with power which is the media and deep state Trump has appeared powerless against.

      I’ll tell you how bad the brainwashing in the school system is, my mom sent me this “wonderful poem” my 15 year old niece wrote who my sister pays $9K to send to a Catholic Grade School. I read it and was aghast, it’s all about transgenderism. How the hell is “transgenderism” on the mind of an 8th grader? Why is that even important to someone that age. When I was 15 my exposure to “transgenderism” was the transvestite in Crocodile Dundee and a few comic relief scenes on NBC’s cop drama Hunter and that was all I really needed to know about the subject, and pretty much all anyone today needs to know about it as well.

      • Which is why, if you are a RC, and you actually GIVE A DAMN about your soul, YOU WILL FLEE from that Whore of Babylon, Nightowl. Your sister is DAMNING YOUR NIECE TO HELL.

        Flee from Rome. And the machinations of Franky the Heretic.

  10. Whexit and Moral Revolution ( … Dixie came close but she was stomped down by external and internal forces, and as for the “moral revolution” ever occurring in the America’s? I don’t see it in our future…

    Why? The deep subconscious false dichotomy built into the so called left/right paradigm:

    democrats: associating identitarianism with degeneracy equating “identity” as being immoral

    republicans: associating racial multiculturalist “civic nationalist meritocracy” with “social conservatism” equating “social conservatism” with immoral political economy (ie. oligarchical usury communism).

  11. See, what people like Hunter, throwing tantrums and hissy-fits over Trump and refusing to vote don’t realize, is that it’s not about Trump himself any more.

    Sure, he’s basically a cipher who gives lip service to Israel and Africans like any other politicians.

    But the left and (((left))) haven’t been in a deranged rage for nothing over the past 4 years. THEY understand, like YOU DON’T, that the election of Trump was an act of defiance by White people to the System, the first one since World War II, really.

    They’re not mad at him. They’re mad at US, and at the man we TRIED to elect.

    If they win this election, it will be a major propaganda victory for them, and a major demoralization blow to Whites. They’ll be able to say for four years that Trump was “too racist,” “too against immigration,” “too out of touch with America’s new values,” etc. etc. And the normies will soak it up. The work of waking them up will be undone because a lot of them will believe this crap, that Trump was too “extreme” and “white supremacist.”

    So, your refusing to vote because you’re in a juvenile snit and acting “like a girl who got felt up in a drive-in” as Fast Eddie Felson put it in aren’t doing a damn thing to Trump. He already got to be President and laid the groundwork for an Ivanka win.

    No, you’re helping to potentially hand a massive symbolic defeat to White people and White identity, solidarity, and right to exist as a people. You’re trying to give the anti-White left a huge propaganda victory and to make White people feel powerless and helpless, to make them despair and give up rather than keeping the spirit of defiance alive and growing.

    Trump doesn’t matter. Whites do.


    You’re like soldiers turning on their army because they don’t like a specific officer. You, of all people, should know the tribal collective and future matters more than atomized individual snits and selfish posturing.


    The symbolism and mass psychological effect is crucial; Trump is trivial except that he’s the vehicle for that symbolism and mass psychology.

    Get out there and vote for Trump, or be a traitor to your race.

    • @Kekist…

      “THEY understand, like YOU DON’T, that the election of Trump was an act of defiance by White people to the System, the first one since World War II, really.”

      Surely not the first act of voting defiance, as maybe you are too young to remember how many Whites did that in voting for George Wallace – he who addled our enemies even more than Trump.

      But, yes, you certainly are right that the symbolism and psychological effect of this election is great – historical, in fact.

      It may or may not change the ultimate course of the nation, reconfederation, but, in the meantime, it will change how uncomfortable we feel living in it.

      Yes, President Trump, having campaigned in 2016 like George Wallace and Jesse Helms, has been a disappointment, for he has governed far too close to a Jeb Bush, BUT, you are right – President Trump is a vehicle for Wites, especially Smalltown and rural Whites who have been continually savaged, as have our communities, by what Vice-president Biden and Senator Harris represent.

      • Nice try, Kekist, but I’m not voting for Trump a second time just because he’s the better White candidate.

        A traitor to my race for not voting? Voting isn’t about White empowerment, it’s about if you support the overall corrupt system or not.

        Laying the groundwork for an Ivanka win? Pathetic. You destroyed your whole post with that line.

        • Sounds smart, helping a couple of communists take over America. I guess you’ll have your overnight packed for your little trip to the gulag.

          • To the contrary, the real not mythical gulags are those being operated by the U.S./Israel, and there are NO communist/socialist real peoples’ candidates on any ballot (that I know of) in the U.S.’s “elections.”

    • @Kekist Monk

      “gives lip service to Israel ”

      A blatant lie, and an opposite of reality. Trump gives lip service to Americans.

      Trump DELIVERS for Israel, consistently, on time, and on a regular basis. Just last week, in fact. While Americans were being told “vote for Trump and maybe in his second term he’ll do something for you” – Trump was delivering for Israel.

      • @Banned…

        I agree with what you imply : that President Trump has been a far better president for minorities than he has been for White,s particularly Smalltown and Rural Whites.

        That said, he’s a world better than Senator Harris would be.

        • @Ivan Turgenev

          “a far better president for minorities”

          That’s not what I said. I said Trump delivers for Israel.

          @Kekist Monk implied that Trump was only giving “lip service” to Israel while delivering for Whites – this is false and a complete reversal of reality that anyone who paid attention in the last four years can see.

          • I never said he delivered anything for Whites.

            Did you even read my post? I said that Trump in himself is useless. But his victory or defeat is symbolically enormous.

    • Symbols don’t cut it no moe, Homedawg. I wanna see results. No more sales pitch. Deportations. Rioters smashed. Manufacturing jobs back from Asia. “Cuties” and Clintons prosecuted. Assange freed. Clapper clapped in irons and Snowden snowed with honors.

  12. Spanish Flu was nature’s way of stopping ww1. All the generals were still keen on butchering every last white man. Covid might have inadvertently reversed certain demographic trends, if we can manipulate the situation correctly.

  13. Big votes today in rural Pennsylvania and Ohio favor Trump. Biden made a big mistake knocking oil, natural gas, and coal. Then lying about it.

    • The postal votes (which favor Biden) are counted after the in-person votes in many places. This will produce big swings towards Trump early on.

  14. Hopefully this is the end of the giant Jewish grift that is the MAGA movement. Yes Biden is no better but at least he is honest about what he stands for. Trump and his team of Jews cynically preach implicit white nationalism while delivering Zionism.

    Time to flush the orange turd once and for all.

    • The “peace agreements” are really the foundation of a “coalition of the willing” for an attack on Iran. Biden will also attack Iran. At least under Trump, there will be more unrest in the streets over such an attack.

  15. Besides childish infighting:

    Richard Spencer is doubling down on his prediction that Biden will win in a landslide, democrats will take the senate, and expand on the house.

    He released a podcast talking with himself called “the blue period”, He also wrote a lengthy article about how Trump is going to lose in a landslide.

    It seems more like wishful thinking rather than reality on the ground. I think Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is ignoring the factor of turnout from voter enthusiasm. It’s hard to turnout voters if you’re struggling to get 200 people to come to a rally like Joe Biden / Kamala Harris.

    But we will see what happens.

  16. I’m calling Wisconsin and Pennsylvania for Joe Biden. He is projected to win Florida too, given the massive turnout in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

    • Turnout in Broward and Miami-Dade won’t matter if Biden can’t beat Clinton’s 66.5% of the 2016 vote.
      Anything less than that, Trump wins FL with ease.

    • @Rigel…

      The massive turnout in Blue Counties in Florida is true, though, judging from what I’ve seen, it is not a juggernaut for Biden.

      Another reason why I tell Trump will win Florida – he has done little campaigning there.

      That should tell you something.

      As to Biden winning in the Upper Midwest – he’s likely to win Minnesota and Wisconsin, but, Michigan not, and, without Michigan, Biden is in trouble – EVEN if he wins Pennsylvania.

  17. Around HERE it looks like a Trump landslide, but we already knew that. Lines at the local polling places have never been this long, and with somewhat younger voters than usual. I saw only one non-White. Many people in line are wearing red clothing and Trump campaign attire, from their limited perspective expecting a landslide. Some are bragging that the pandemic and masking and social distancing “will be all over tomorrow (when Trump wins).”

  18. Just because Hunter was completely wrong about the Rona doesn’t mean he is wrong about the election.

    President Ho Harris might be good for us. Separation is our only choice, if we wish to survive as a people.

    But I voted for Trump, over a month ago. I can imagine the vote counters back there in Virginia, counting my vote right now: Another one for Biden!!

  19. I will give you some examples of the differences of living in a red state and living in a deep blue state : A very large percentage of White Southerners and also a large percentage of Whites from the Mid-West are right wing , pro first and second amendment supporters , southern / confederate nationalists , or white nationalists or just “racially aware / racially conscious”. The South and the Mid-West have not yet been conquered and controlled by radical leftists yet. The only big city that I can think of that has a very large population of radical leftists is Chicago. In the South Atlanta and Austin have a large percentage of argumentative liberals and yankees.

    I live in Leftist Controlled Western Washington , just across the county border to the north of Seattle. Radical leftists have completely ruined and destroyed Seattle and Portland this year. I voted for Donald Trump and Loren Culp for Governor of Washington. I still blame the leftist jew commie Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders for Western Washington being turned into a haven for Cultural Marxism. The Winter of 2014-2015 is when Western Washington went from being left wing liberal to becoming a haven for Cultural Marxism , Socialism , Communism , Stalinists , Leninists , Noam Chomsky fans have always been large in numbers up here. Harold A. Covington passed away on July 21 , 2018. The North-West Front doesn’t exist anymore. They accomplished nothing of significance , they were unable to make any “gains” and they were unable to “win over” the White population of the Pacific North-West. In the Pacific North-West Bernie Sanders is considered to be a “cool old dude with great idea’s”.

    Robert Jay Mathews who perished in flames in a shootout with the F.B.I. & B.A.T.F. on December 8 , 1984 on Whidbey Island , Washington is considered to be an “evil nazi bigoted xenophobic loser”. White Revolutionaries like Robert Jay Mathews have not been popular or thought of in high regard in the Pacific North-West ever since the live in boyfriend of Robert Mathews widow Buford Furrow decided to shoot up a jewish daycare center and an unarmed Filipino mail man in California , and then drive over to Las Vegas to have a threesome with 2 Asian Prostitutes , snort coke , and play poker and gamble , and also get arrested too! Buford Furrow went on his day of retribution on : August 10 , 1999. That was the icing on the cake for White Nationalism every having a snowballs chance in hell of ever becoming popular or thought of as being “cool”. Buford Furrow was from the Pacific North-West. Pierce County if I can remember correctly. He did not want to associate with the W.C.O.T.C. Chapter that at the time was very active and had some success in recruiting racially aware whites at the time. Buford Furrow thought that Creators were hellbound and damned souls because they did not believe that Christianity was awesome and should be the supreme law of the land.

    From the time Matt Hale was named the Pontifex Maximus of the W.C.O.T.C. in the spring of 1996 to the time that he was framed , jailed , had a kangaroo court circus side show , and thrown into the ADX in Florence , Colorado in January of 2003 , the W.C.O.T.C. and also the National Alliance and NOFEAR ( David Duke’s group at the time ) had much better luck and success with spreading the word , recruitment and activism than whatever group Buford Furrow had a membership in. When a racially aware white man lives in a deep blue state like Washington State , he spends most of his life getting into pointless arguments that accomplish nothing with argumentative leftists , you will also meet lot’s of whiggers and mudsharks up here also. The Pacific North-West is highly over-rated for being as expensive as it is. I live in a leftist controlled state that has no realistic chance of ever becoming a red state.

    Be thankful that a lot of you guys live in red states , because when you live in a deep blue state , you spend your whole life arguing with leftists , watching sexually attractive white women making out / french kissing black guys in public , and watching whiggers making fools of themselves. It is very dreary up here , you would be miserable! I had a Doctor who was one of the best Doctors that I ever had in 41 years of life , who was born and raised and lived the first 30 years of his life in Alabama. He told me that if spending 3 weeks in July in the very hot & humid July of 1998 weather of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee caused me to have heat stroke and heat exhaustion and daily sunburns , then he said that Alabama would be just as bad. I don’t do well in hot & humid weather that lasts for 5 to 6 months a year. It is what it is.

    Hopefully Trump will do something to cause Cultural Marxism and the Vermont Visionaries and the leftist jew commie Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders , who is so damn popular , actually too popular here , to become unpopular. Afterall ,there is nothing cool at all about Communism. The Siberian Death Camps was the systematic elimination and murder of several million innocent White Russians who opposed or spoke negatively about Communism.

    Rest In Peace Eric Hagen Watts. He was the owner of the Aryan Book Center , and an activist and an extremely loyal racially aware white man who was a true believer in 14/88 from the summer of 1988 to when he died on September 23 , 2020. He was 46 years old. If you ever associated or had business dealings with him , you would’ve been saddened to hear of his untimely death just 46 years old. He was born on : July 6 , 1974. He died of unknown causes on : September 23 , 2020. He dedicated 32 years of his 46 year life to 14/88 , he was a great white man! Rest In Peace.

    • I lived in South Carolina for several years. I never heard one White guy speak badly of the jew or negro even in private conversation. They are completely cucked over college football. I would see more Clemson and USC flags than US flags which is really saying something since they worship the US military which is also cucked. Two words sum it up: Lindsey Graham.

      • This is why conservative Republicans have been a failure,they never made the issue of Hollywood and sports for 60 years,the cabal took over while the Republicans thought they were above the fray.

  20. If President Trump loses I am not going to go into a personal political crisis because he just got ACB on The Court as a consolation prize.

    Frankly I am more worried about the Pope Francis revealing himself to be The Anti-Christ after he went mega-gay recently and ejected 2,000 years of Roman Catholic Tradition. Pope Francis = Emperor Palpatine?

    Also Rand Paul will be around to vote for in 4 years and I voted for Papa Paul twice so 2020 just may a lil speed bump on the way to Galts Gulch.

    • Trump’s has proven himself to have a poor ability to select reliable people. Several of his judicial appointments have voted against him. I doubt ACB will be any different. Adopting Haitian kids and the retention of her maiden name do not augur well. Blacks do the combined surname thing because the parents don’t get married. Whites do it to strike a blow against the patriarchy.

      • I wasn’t thrilled by that choice either. Too many troubling things about Barrett. At the time I wrote here that Dems torpedoing her would be okay with me.

    • “I am more worried about the Pope Francis revealing himself to be The Anti-Christ after he went mega-gay recently and ejected 2,000 years of Roman Catholic Tradition”:

      Bergoglio is not different than other figureheads of Papism, He is only doing what needs to be done at this time to advance toward the eternal goal of the Rome-centered cult: world domination, which is the real “RC Tradition.”

  21. Biden has promised amnesty and citizenship– as well as FREE health care— to ALL illegal aliens, not just so-called dreamers.

    This suggests maybe 10 million new Democrat voters in 2024.

    Trump is the last Republican president whether he’s out now or in four years.

    • @Mestigoit…

      People have been predicting the end of Republicans as a political force for years now, and it is yet to come to pass.

      Remember – Democrats have to win the Electoral College to rule, which means they have to win White States.

      They are not good at doing that, and will remain so, if they continue touting the policies you cite.

      Moreover, you are assuming we will be together in 4 years.

  22. Hey all,
    I have been trying to follow things on GAB this afternoon. They seem to be having tach issues, maybe too many people on the site at once. Sometimes the hole site refuses to load, sometimes more minor issues. This is at 5:40 PM EST.

  23. I don’t have a dog in this fight because both dogs are gay and antiwhite. I’m really holding out hope Joe Biden is the ceo shithead of racism and him and his cool crack smoking son will btfo republicucks. I’m so sick of the virtue signaling blumpf family already

    So those are the two controlled zog options vote 4 blumpf to troll the shit out of libtards one more time while blumpf fills his cabinet with more swamp creatures and have democrat elites firebomb and riot trump voting cities while the gop inc disavows us or vote for Hiden Biden and we maybe get you know the thing man, has cool hairy legs and will kill that mofo Cornpop for good lol I don’t care anymore man whatever

  24. Enjoy the decline no matter who wins. Trump only buys us a little time.

    If you haven’t prepared for a breakdown of civilization including rural areas, you’ll be among the first casualties.

    Television is your enemy, as are public schools.

    Similar to a Hurricane, you’ve had plenty of warning and time to get ready.

    No one is coming to save you.

    My white children will have a future because of my sacrifice, leadership and preparations.

  25. If Trump wins the election will the accelerationists on this site have a meltdown? Which is the majority of readers on this site.

    Will they be forced to get out of their basement and get a job?

    I don’t think I know any accelerationists voting for Trump even though I’ve heard the argument that Trump is supposedly the real accelerationist candidate.

    If Trump wins, Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is going to look like a dumb shit and jackass for quadrupling down on predicting and even cheering on a Biden landslide.

  26. Republican voters in line at polling places are bragging that “after Trump wins, all this (pandemic) nonsense,” mask wearing and social distancing will be over. I reply: “What rules?” They’re not wearing masks and they’re crowding together, almost shoulder to shoulder, even inside the polls, no sign of any rules being enforced. More on the so-called “fake” pandemic: what’s happening in Europe now is our future, coming in just a few weeks:

    “With France’s ventilator beds already half full with COVID-19 patients, Spain’s a quarter full, and the rest of Europe only a few weeks behind, a breakdown of the health system is looming. European governments’ pretensions to have handled the pandemic more intelligently than the Trump administration have been exposed as a cynical and deadly fraud. European heads of state did not, perhaps, act with quite the same crass arrogance of America’s billionaire real estate speculator president. They did not refuse to wear masks, compare COVID-19 to the flu, or boast after catching the virus of the exceptional quality of the medical care they received compared to that available to the overwhelming majority of workers in their countries. Behind the appearance of competence, however, there was lying on a massive scale. Sweden’s “herd immunity” policy—letting the virus rip through the country, hoping the population would eventually become immune—has led to a death rate nine times higher than neighboring Finland. Yet this policy was was adopted by all the European governments. Like officials across Europe, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell denied that he was pursuing a herd immunity policy. Yet in a subsequently declassified Mar 14 email he sent to Finnish officials, Tegnell argued for “keeping schools open to reach herd immunity more quickly.” That is, like the Macron government today, he was advocating keeping schools open so that the virus would spread among teachers and students and then the broader working population. While Britain’s chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance said: ‘It’s not possible to stop everyone getting it, and it’s also not desirable.’ Angela Merkel’s Interior Ministry secretly reported that the unchecked spread of the virus could cost 1m German lives in 2020. Yet ‘Mommy Merkel,’ as the press markets her to the German people, went before the public and blandly predicted that 70% of the German population would become infected. The crisis of the pandemic cannot be resolved simply by removing Trump or another individual capitalist politician from office. The European governments all pursued essentially the same policy as Trump, but paid somewhat more attention to skillful political deceit. And today, around 2.5k people across Europe die of COVID-19 each day, 1k more than in North America. What compelled the adoption of lockdowns in Europe was the intervention of the working class. In March, a wave of wildcat strikes demanding a shelter-at-home policy in auto, steel and engineering plants across Italy, initially the worst-hit country, spread to Spain, France, Britain and beyond. Europe’s capitalist governments, on the other hand, tried to encourage as much complacency as possible, pushing for a premature return to work and to school even before the number of new cases had fallen to zero. The disastrous consequences of this policy are now apparent”:

  27. Trump appears to be about to take Florida, isn’t that where all those New Yorkers fleeing the shutdown went? So many assumed that they were democrats turning the place blue, but may they were the Republican leaning types fleeing. Looks like the white women in suburban Atlanta are going Biden and Georgia is still not called.

    • November,

      Thanks. We had a mock election in school today and Trump won easily. Most of our school is Latin. I abstained as i loathe both candidates.

          • @November…

            Thank you, Sir.

            Let us pray that White Gentiles pull out of this nosedive so that our civilization, Western Civilization – the greatest ever seen on the face of this earth – does not become a forgotten footnote in history for our grandchildren.

      • @Cristina…

        As of midnight on Election Night it is becoming clear that Trump is going to win.

        That it is so is because we, Smalltown and Rural Whites, were joined by urban Black males and Latins all over this land, as in only one example, Cubans in exile were once again decisive in keeping Florida Red.

        By voting for Trump, and not Biden, Latins have shown their understanding of the greatness of the ideas formed by the Anglo-Whites who founded this nation – the right to free speech, the right to peaceably, but not violently, assemble, the right to privacy, the right to due process, and the untrammeled right to bear arms, not to mention the right to life in the womb and the rights to have borders and form trade policy based on national interests.

        Though President Trump is far from having insured or restored these imperiled rights, he is a far cry from Biden; he who would install the foundations to finish them off.

        They say politics makes for strange bedfellows, and so it does.

        I thank your people for having seen their way through a blistering multi-yeared media attack on President Trump and the false characterizations that he would be some kind of Hitler who hated your people.

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          As of 11:30 where I am it does look good for the President in the key battleground states. Evidently, even polls are untrustworthy when coming from the media.

          • @Cristina…

            Lamentablemente, Mi Querida, la mayor parte de todo lo institucional en mi país está muy plagado de corrupción.

            Un ejemplo son las encuestas, los cuales, en lugar de informar de consenso, mienten persistentemente para formarlo.

            Cuando todo esté dicho y hecho, Trump ganará.

          • @Ironsides…

            If by, ‘repulsive’, you mean, Sir, that I respect Latins, in general, or have regard for other peoples other than my own White Southern Race, then yes, I am most certainly that.

            Indeed, if I were not ‘repulsive’, as you see it, what a sorry person I would be.

            In any case, I wish you the very best of weeks!

        • Ivan,

          Time for me to go to bed but I caught your last comment. I compliment you on your Spanish. I almost wrote a couple hours ago that while Mexico is corrupt I believe the States of the Union are as well but i had thought it might upset some on this site.

          I am referring to the polls of course. I have heard of Pravda from the Soviet Union but in the USA every mainstream news is Pravda.

          • Ivan- I can honor SPANIARDS. See in them my Adamic brethren. Appreciate their music, their literature, even their language. But their Catholi-schism? no creo yo.

            But where I draw the line, is the fallacy that all Iberians were guiltless in fornicating with the non-Whites, and thinking they would not be judged. While I can admire Spaniards, with the Mestizos, and Indics? Nein. Tausendmal, nein.

            If you are a Christian, how does the entire miscegenation of a race of people not fill you with visceral disgust? Or does Holy Writ not matter to you?

            ‘Thou shalt NOT commit ADULTERY.’

          • @Fr. John…

            Thank you for your comment. No, I do not think that race-mixing is a good idea, if for no other reason than it creates unnecessary quandaries for the children.

            That said, both you and I are the results of race-mixing, both you and I a blend of Anglo blood and that of Eastern European.

            Someone high up in the Klan once remarked to me that people are so race-mixed in this country that he rarely gets an all Anglo candidate.

            As to Latins : I have had a great deal of experience with them, and, speaking their language well, I truly do know them.

            Do I want Dixie to become Latin America?

            Hell, no, I don’t.

            Do I mind a Latin minority here?

            Hell, no, I don’t.

            If Indians is what they mostly are, we already have many tens of thousands of those in North Carolina – from the Lumbee, Chowanoke, Catawba, Saponi Sioux, Meherrin, and Cherokee, and many others I fail to recall.

            Dixie is not like New England, but, rather, is extremely multi-cultural.

            That is how things have always been, right from the earliest days when my ancestors came here and made it that way in the early years of the 17th century.

            So, while I support my tribe, The Southern White Race, I wish well for the other tribes in Dixie, as well.

            To me, those pro-White people who are vociferously anti-everyone else, they are a self-determining dead end, for this world requires us to deal with all different sorts of folks.

            But, no, I don’t like race-mixing and I am very discomforted by how this culture pushes and promotes it, which is one reason why the wife and I do not have cable, do not watch network TV, nor have we gone see films at the theatre in many many years.

            All the best to you and yours, Sir!

          • @Cristina…

            Yes, Dear Cristina, we are full of Pravdas and Tasses here.

            They are trying to steal the election from President Trump and that could be the trigger of our 3rd Civil War.

        • Ivan,

          I went to bed thinking Trump had won yet at 7:50 a.m. I see that Biden has 238 votes and will win Nevada giving him 244. Add Wisconsin and Michigan which have 26 votes and that gives him 270 and Biden the election without Pennsylvania. I mention this because according to Yahoo News and their map the gap in Wisconsin and Michigan is close instead of decisive for Trump with more votes being counted.

          If massive fraud has occurred then those who rightly point out fraud in other countries better start examining the USA as well.

          • Ivan,

            If you respond I will catch it after school. I mention this in case you think I am being rude by not responding for awhile.

          • Re: “those who rightly point out fraud in other countries better start examining the USA as well”:

            But the U.S. is the primary CAUSE of much of the electoral fraud in other countries. The CIA and other “intelligence services,” U.S.- and other Western-based banks and corporations, and the U.S. State Department work directly sometimes, but mostly indirectly through U.S.- and corporate-funded NGOs and other proxies, to control the elections and other political processes in many countries. And let’s not overlook the role of the Vatican gang in swinging many elections worldwide to its advantage. In your own Latin American countries, one cruel dictator after another has been set up and supported by the U.S. capitalist empire. Right now, something very fishy is going on in Bolivia. The U.S. would never have allowed the second election to take place in which a socialist would again be elected by a landslide, unless it was sure that the candidate would sell out after being elected, like Moreno in Ecuador did, who posed as a socialist like Correa, and turned hyper-capitalist as soon as he took power.

  28. Meet the Candidates: Missouri Governor

    by: Madison Hever

    Posted: Nov 2, 2020 / 09:50 PM CST / Updated: Nov 2, 2020 / 10:28 PM CST
    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The candidates running for Missouri governor are Republican Incumbent Mike Parson and Democratic State Auditor Nicole Galloway.

    Other candidates running for governor are Jerome H. Bauer (Green), Rik Combs (Libertarian), Theo Brown, Sr. (Independent, Write-in), Arnie Dienoff (Independent, Write-in), Martin Lindstedt (Independent, Write-in)


    In other news, Pastor Lindstedt got two confirmed votes in Newton county; StumbleInn former admin Brekenridge Elkins voted for Pastor Lindstedt and made two tweakers vote for Pastor Lindstedt in Barry County.

    Pastor Martin “Mad Dog Half-Beard” Lindstedt 5:30 pm 3 Nov. 2020 Campaign Video @ Granby Missouri

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin “Mad Dog Half-Beard” Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-In White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri

    • @c d…

      I do not know any White Southerners who are ‘turds’, so I’ll take it you are projecting your self-loathings and anti-Southerness onto Senator Tuberville.

      • HW has written extensively on how awful Tuberville is – if you didn’t just show up in the last few months to defend the Orange King Of the Jews here on OD you would know that, Hymie.

  29. Why are our comments being moderated? Do you have Daily Stormer / 4 Chan people who try to troll your site, Hunter?

    Would be nice if we could just post in this live election thread without waiting hours to see new posts pop up because of moderation.

    Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is now arguing that de-platforming will increase because Trump probably won. I think it’s an argument based on desperation, I would argue that if the leftist-Marxists were in control it would embolden them to declare all out war on Whites rather than subdue them.

    I’ve heard this argument before and I don’t buy it that if Biden / Harris would have won that the left would be subdued, I think the exact opposite would occur, they would be drunk with power and clamp down on us more.

    I know the accelerationists on this site find this hard to believe, but yes, Trump and the Republican control Senate is what is getting in the way of the left decimating us even further.

    Contrary to what Spencer claims, if the left were in total control, de-platforming would increase not decrease. If the accelerationists believed what Spencer is saying, they would have voted for Trump but they didn’t. Does anyone here know of any accelerationists that voted for Trump because I don’t. The comments I have read from serious accelerationists indicated they were voting for Biden and straight dem ticket.

  30. Universal surveillance and internet censorship will proceed just as fast under EITHER right wing (“party”) of the plutocratic Empire. Even previously untouched internet archives, including Wayback Machine, are being altered or deleted now: “The Internet Archive’s deep-pocketed backers now control the internet’s shared past, and there’s nothing stopping them from highlighting it all and hitting delete.” When you vote, you give your consent to the System.

  31. It looks like the GOP plan to reach out to “minorities” was successful. Trump did better with every demographic group except White men.

    The anti-white coalition – the “Peoples of Color” – proved to be just that – an anti-white coalition. It really shows the left’s “racism” that they think everyone from south of the Rio Grande hates white people and thinks of themselves as “colored.” They also found out that just because someone’s family came from Central or South American does NOT mean they want more immigration, illegal or legal.

    The “Alt Right,” led by media celebrities such as Richard Spencer, turned against Trump and had zero effect. The rump online “WN” faux-“movement” had zero effect.

    Going forward, if I were a Republican strategist, I’d drop all the crap about “socialism” and instead go full anti-immigration. America is full. Americans are the people that are already here. Save the environment – stop mass immigration. Save American jobs – stop immigration. Save the planet, stop Global Warming – End Immigration.

    Leave the “Alt Right” and “WNs” to a) circle-jerk over religions they don’t even really believe in b) typing “naughty” racial slurs into comment boxes on fringe right-wing websites and c) obsessing over the “breakdown of morality.”

    For normal people, it’s time to take on “Whiteness Studies” and the Zionist Jew anti-white mass media.

    Assuming Trump is still President by January, we really need to organize to STOP Israel’s War Against Iran, which Trump has been planning for since Obama was President.

    No War For Israel, No War For Zionist Jews.

    It’s OK To Be White.

    • “America is full”:

      Europe is also full. Europeans should have stayed in Europe and fixed the problem there, instead of trying to escape it and bringing it here, trying to take over the entire Western hemisphere, because now our old places in Europe, that our ancestors vacated to come here, have been taken by non-European imported cheap labor for capitalism. It is the logic and nature of capitalism to monopolize and enslave the entire world.

    • If Trump does manage to eke out a victory and it appears that he attracted more hispanics and negroes, the GOP will be encouraged to further pander to them. He will probably amnesty tge Dreamers for a start.

    • I think it has to do with BLM. Latinos don’t like black people. The left likes to pretend that all of them are one big “people of color” happy family, but that just isn’t true.

      I have been thinking that American politics will be hitting “peak negro” very soon (probably already happened over the summer) as Latinos become a strong political force. Pandering to blacks is mostly a way of pandering to White libtards, who worship blacks, through the back door. Blacks themselves don’t donate much to parties or turn out to vote in huge numbers, so the only way the disproportionate effort spent on pandering to them makes sense is in appealing to White upper-middle class negro-worshipping White libtards, who donate large sums. But they can’t appeal directly to White libtards because of their ethno-masochism, so black proxies must be used. I dont think that strategy will hold with ascendant Latinos, so blacks will be getting thrown under the bus sooner or later.

    • Not really Joe. The same POTUS remains in power. The REAL President of the Empire, that really sits on the throne, is still the Almighty Dollar, NOT Donald Trump or Kamala Biden. What you do by voting is give explicit consent to the system.

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