Live Thread: Final 2020 Presidential Debate

In my opinion, Trump won the debate.

Joe Biden certainly didn’t win it. He talked about the Poor Boys, shutting down the oil industry and how Abraham Lincoln was a racist. He wants mass amnesty within his first 100 days. Biden also compared North Korea to Hitler’s Germany which made Trump look reasonable on foreign policy.

As for COVID, Trump won that segment. He performed much better on that issue than in the first debate. Joe Biden wouldn’t have closed the border to stop the virus because it was “xenophobic.” There will also be a vaccine by the end of the year, which old and sick people will get first, which means the virus won’t be a problem for much longer. Biden’s solution to dealing with the virus is “more testing” and maybe even lockdowns which is pretty funny in light of having a vaccine and effective therapeutics.

The funniest part of the debate was when Trump went after Biden over the 1994 crime bill and criminal justice reform. YOU HAD EIGHT YEARS TO LET THE SUPERPREDATORS OUT OF PRISON, JOE. YOU’RE ALL TALK, NO ACTION! The GOP has coached him on these Dems R Real Racists talking points. He hit all the notes on opportunity zones and funding for HBCUs. Trump said he was the “least racist person” on the stage. We’ve heard it all before and it is a major focus of the 2020 campaign.

Did we learn anything new in this debate? Not really. Will it change anything? Unlikely. Immigration came up which worked in Trump’s favor a bit and highlighted the difference with Biden. If anyone gained anything from this debate, it was Trump who improved on his prior performance.

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    • I’m drinking it tonight with ginger ale mixed in

      Got to self medicate in these times the Bible and Jesus only help so much!

    • Muting rather helped Trump. Biden was on the backfoot the entire time. He was also allowed to ramble. Hilarious.

  1. Why didn’t Biden then veep run for president in 2015 which is customary to defend their presidency,didn’t make sense with Hillary her political career was over.Re-election Trump in a landslide.

  2. Trump started strong saying that Biden called him “xenophobic” for stopping flights from China.

    But then Trump forgot that Biden wasn’t the President, talking about how Biden was “behind” Trump on Covid-19.

  3. I have no idea who will win the election. I don’t like either Trump or Biden. But I have to say, Trump would come across far worse if he were going up against anyone other than Biden.

    It’s like the Democrats chose the only candidate that could possibly make Trump seem good by comparison. Biden just said “malarky” and is talking about bald tires.

  4. Iran should be of no concerned to us,the fact that they seek nuclear weapons because they are surrounded by nuclear power in that region.Israel is the trouble makers.

  5. Yes, I am disappointed in Trump’s presidency, but I keep thinking that his defeat rewards all the scumbags in the Democratic Party like Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff; the Clinton and Biden crime syndicates; the gangsters at the FBI; the CIA; the Rosenstein-Mueller-Weissman thugs; the news media from the jewish publication The Atlantic, to CNN, to the New York Times; social media like Zuckerberg’s Facebook and search engines like Schmidt’s Google; and so forth who have plotted against him and lied about him (e.g. “Russian collusion”) and spied upon and censored and libeled him for 5 years. They all get away with it. This might prompt me to vote on November 3rd.

    • Things would be a lot worse for people on the right if fingers and kneepads get in, a hell of a lot worse.

      • That fact really shouldn’t be hard to comprehend. Instead, you’ve got people here sounding like ghetto blacks….”what’s Trump gonna do for me tho?”

  6. I voted for Trump in 2016 based on 1) Get out of foreign wars, 2) Stop illegal immigration and 3) Stop bad trade deals. I’m not surprised that he turned out to be a huge disappointment. I voted for him this time with far more modest goals 1) Don ‘t raise my taxes and 2) Keep Section 8s out of my neghborhood.

    • Well, there hasn’t been a new war. The opponent just called Kim Jong a Hitler, so you know that Biden is insane. The border did essentially close. It is impossible to enter the US unless you have extenuating circumstances at the moment. A happy accident. Trade has effectively ceased. Good and Bad.

  7. The main takeaway was Biden saying a pathway to citizenship.

    He wins and the borders are open again and mass migration on steroids.

    • I will be voting for Trump and a straight GOP ticket not because I support them but because I oppose literally everything the democrats and Joe Biden stand for.

      I don’t want another lockdown. I don’t want amnesty and open borders. I don’t want section 8 in every neighborhood. I don’t want war.

      It would be a disaster if Joe Biden-Kamala Harris becomes president.

      • Gryphon,

        Just wait until Harris make AOC her VP, after senile Joe resigns, dues, or is removed by the 25th Amendment.

    • @ daryl b. I disagree sir, too the learned mind , biden came across as boringly repetitive disingenous., distractively deceptive especially anytime hunter b’s name and activities were mentioned. Anytime biden starts feeling the heat, i notice he gets loud and starts making his loud grandiose comic book 6th grader talking points, well olde. Dirty joe does serve a purpose, stupid people need somebody to vote for also.

  8. Honestly you should accept the fact that white nationalists and alt right are always going to be universally condemned. It’s like expecting people to praise crips and bloods. you gotta be realistic.

    • @ daryl b we are not mainstream, those that control the mainstream fear us , for one reason we can provide the mainstream an alternative narrative.another reason we are truth tellers , we talk to each other about what ” they” are doing. And doing to us, thank you for your thoughts sir.

  9. Before the debate, I predicted to myself that even if Trump overwhelmed Biden, the media,using phony polls, would proclaim Biden the winner and that is what they are doing. Right now the media and the pollsters have as much credibility as Dr. Goebbels standing in the rubble of Berlin and proclaiming victory for the German army is at hand.

  10. Three of my Trump yard signs were stolen – probably by the Yankee commie transplants who live across the road. My first one only lasted 2.5 hours. I voted for Trump last time to do something about immigration, keep us out of wars and piss off the Left. He has actually delivered more than I anticipated. It’s clear that Trump is well to the Right of the GOP and even the average GOP voter. His vocal support for Confederate statues and limiting immigration as well as his reluctance to attack Right-wing groups speak to this. His attacks on Antifa and BLM street thugs were also very positive.

    If Covid-19 had not happened I think he would have been reelected on the strength of the economy (my 401k earned over 25% returns last year, which is remarkable). At this point I don’t think he will win enough Yankee White votes in North Carolina (Northern scum have totally transformed that state), Pennsylvania and Michigan to pull it out. But I’m hopeful. Not because he is “buying us time,” as many Right-wingers had claimed. We have squandered all the time given to us thus far and I don’t see that changing any time soon. But because he is doing things that benefit me and my people. And because I think he is much better than we actually deserve. I’m even hopeful that he will somehow directly or indirectly bring about the end of democracy. It has been ruinous to us. All I know at this point is that I voted for Trump and I encourage y’all to as well, despite the fact that he is not perfect.

    • @ rbg’s robotic ghost if i may share an observation sir, how ironic the yankee commies are wrecking north caralina but here in michigan over the years there has been such.a large influx of highland whites from appalachia that has settled here. Our customs , culture and beliefs have filtered out into the rural areas that i believe is reason #1. You will find a more fervent defiance. Here. Than probaly anywhere else in the country right now, our cause has a lot of good fighting men and women in indiana also.

  11. I heard the same crap from Trump last night and the Hunter thing is getting old because per your previous article, they’re all degenerates, cheats and liars, including him. Repealing the ACA will be devastating to poor rural White communities, not to mention the impact Covid is having right here, right now. Didn’t move us either way.

  12. Re: “Biden certainly didn’t win it. He talked about the Poor Boys (…) also compared North Korea to Hitler’s Germany”:

    He also emphasized “systemic racism.” Those remarks would definitely make him the loser of the debate from a WN point of view. But polls indicate most people who watched believe Biden won the debate. He only needs to not show clear signs of dementia to be considered to win by many non-WN viewers, and he didn’t seem senile, just his old self. Hillary was said to be sick and incompetent during some of her campaign, yet she still manages to rise to the occasion and sound normal. Based on Biden’s winning performance in these two debates, I think he will remain sufficiently competent-appearing to remain President up to four years if he is elected.

    My view is that both candidates are terrible and were terriible in the debate. Biden sounded worse than Trump when he made even bigger war-threats against Russia, Iran, China, and Korea. But Biden’s “kitchen table” fake populist rhetoric was better than Trump’s stock market bragging. Trump’s repeated injections of the breaking Hunter and Biden brothers corruption scandal into the debate may have begun to sound petty to some viewers, who probably accepted Biden’s repeated firm denials.

    Both candidates are terrible because they could not be any more capitalist or any less socialist. Biden speaks of a so-called “public option” in healthcare while preserving the private health insurance “industry.” Both candidates work for the same Western global elites and Zionism, though there are slight divisions among the elites.(some of oil and coal industry likes Trump) and Zionism still seems to prefer Biden’s party though Trump, Kushner, Pompeo, Bolton, et al have done a very good job for them, except that Syria, Iran and Russia have not been destroyed yet.

    I think both of them (and Kamala and Pence) as Chief Puppet would be EQUALLY likely to authorize “limited” nuclear war and every other kind of war whenever their puppet strings are pulled.

    Trump did sound better on immigration, and Biden sounded better on incarceration, but I think there would be no significant difference in actual performance.

    It was truly a waste of time to watch it, and probably also to bother writing this comment about it.

  13. Re: “As for COVID, Trump won that segment (…) There will also be a vaccine by the end of the year, which old and sick people will get first, which means the virus won’t be a problem for much longer”:

    What makes you sure there will be a vaccine available by the end of the year and the virus won’t be a problem much longer?

    Trump was telling most viewers exactly what they want to hear, so I agree he won that segment, for that reason. Nevertheless it is he not Biden who presided over one of the world’s worst national responses to the pandemic, which was and is still real and is not nearly over. Biden’s party mostly went along with the Trump policy and would have done the same if they were in charge, because both serve the elites not the people.

  14. I thought both the president and vice-president looked very good, strong, confident, and articulate..

    I thought that it would not change anyone’s mind, though, when I watched pollster Frank Luntz’s group of 15 folks after, I was surprised to find 10 thought Trump won and were planning on voting for him, while only 2 thought Biden had won, and were planning on voting for him, whilst several seemed undecided.

    If that is demonstrative of what is to occur, Trump is going to paste Biden in the electoral college.

    As to the scandal of Biden’s graft, when that issue came up one voter said that it had definitely changed his mind and another seemed on the verge of saying so.

    1.5 in 15 is a 10 point swing which, in the Swing States will be deadly for Biden.

    I notice there are many in The Biden camp, or those who are miffed with Trump who are confident that Biden will win.

    Looking at the polls, (including early Democrat voting in Swing States) watching that, and just feeling the vibe, I am surprised by that.

    Of course, in the short term, who win the election may never really be known, because of systemic cheating in states like mine, though, in the short term, what will be most interesting to watch are the coming months and how the country, and the U.S. Government process another 4 years of Trump.

  15. I just voted for Trump and a straight GOP ticket just now for early voting.

    I’m doing it mostly out of fear of the democrats and Biden/Harris potentially becoming in charge. These people are fucking crazy, we can’t let them gain control.

      • @Gryphon & Captain John…

        Something that more than a few at this site fail to comprehend – sometimes in life there is not the opportunity for real progress, and, during those times, the best thing available is to minimize damage, so that when those opportunities arise, later down the road, there is just that much less to overcome.

  16. HI everyone.

    I’m trying to stay sane in an insane world in and just out side of Chicago – left behind in BLM, anarchy tyranny Chicago and state of Illinois where everything is run by the worst Blacks (BLM), LGBT homosexual extremists and ZOG rich and connected Jew boys like our governor JB Pritzker and IDF son of Irgun terrorist Rahm Emanuel. Our Chicago mayor Lorrie Lightfoot is both a BLM and Lesbian LGBT extremist, our top law enforcement DA is Kim Foxx – massively funded by history’s worst international Child of the Devil cult marxist money changer George Soros, who’s changed countries as much as Leon Trotsky/Lev Bronstein; Soros has changed countries more often then our regular White Gentile people change their clothes! Mass looting is apparently legal in Chicago. All statues of Christopher Columbus, Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas are being torn down by Antifa; Chicago is sanctuary city, non enforcement of laws against illegal immigration, human trafficking (slavery) heroin and other opioid trafficking like… Yeah George Floyd!. The traditional sane University of Chicago (too many J Austrian school of Economics folks there, but at least the U of C used to teach the Great Books) apparently turned over their PHD English Literature program to BlackLIESmatter and the University of Chicago Maroon newspaper is writing editorials calling for the dismantling of the University of Chicago Police and the Chicago Police. This in 2020 where we’re on pace to have ~ 4,000 shootings and 750 murders. 95% of murder victims in Chicago are POC (People of Color) with > 75% of murder victims being Black African Americans. Hey but (sarcasm coming) all these shootings and murders are not important when say compared to Kenosha WI police trying to enforce a court restraining order against one Jacob Blake a felon convicted of raping a Black African American 14 year old. One of his ex girlfriend/baby mommas apparently phoned Kenosha police to ask for help as this Jacob Blake was trying to steal her car and three of her/their children.


    Anyway back to the Presidential Debate.

    I tried to watch it for about ten minutes – President Trump was saying some sensible things about border control, catch and release of rapists and MS13 gang terrorists then somehow he switched gears and tried to say that Joe Biden and all Democrats were/are the real anti Black Racists because Joe Biden once said the worst Black criminals in 1994 (worst Black crime wave in our nation’s history) were “predatory on our streets, beyond the pale”. I lived in New York City late 80s, early 90s – HELL FU#*$&# yes our cities had large numbers of predatory Black criminals – who the F#*$ does team Trump think racked up 2,000 plus murders in one year in New York City – were they White English Gentlemen, Danes, Finns or attractive White Russian tennis players like Anna Kournikova?


    I almost tossed my dinner!

    Well that was my take on the ten minutes I tried to watch of this debate. What was it like for folks in Alabama, Tennessee? I bet most of our folks there were just waiting for this sh#*$ to end (does it ever end, or are our BLM/Antifa/ZOG/Neo Con job Presidential elections like Leon Trotsky’s permanent revolution… THEY NEVER END!) so they can go back to watching 5 days a week of Black felon SEC football and Negro Felon League football. Oh my Prod Boys and Team Trump Paler account is receiving lots of Neo Con war mongering against Iran:

    Got to Get that Axis of Evil Boys – Iran, Iraq (no that’s not Assad’ Syria) and North Korea… maybe Putin’s Russia or racists in Hungary and Poland will be substituted for North Korea. Let’s ask dumb ask Jethro Bodine George Dubya Bush’s speech writer David Frum who’s in the Axis of Evil enemies “Over There” now.


    It wasn’t an enjoyable night watching the debate.

    • Biden lost oil, natural gas, coal and chemicals last night. The feedstock for the chemical industry is based on oil, natural gas and coal!

      Do you want to pay $6 dollars a gallon at the pump?

      • Not to mention massive increase in prices for all of the food that you eat, with higher production costs and decreased production amounts.

    • @jack ryan – Well done summation of the state of your city. I lived there briefly back in the early 1980’s. It was a rough and tough city, but still White enough. Absolutely cannot imagine it now — Why oh why do you stay in that sh#thole??
      Get outta there!

    • @Brian…

      Yes, Dear Brian, President Trump carries on like Lester Maddox and George Wallace, yet, governs largely as would Jeb Bush.

  17. One reason i voted for president trump in 2016 is because the democratic canidate in 2016 is a satanist , who called us deplorable. I am sorry but those are fightin words. Anyway i digress, biden came across as being even more whiny, than he usually is, trump this , trump that blah, blah , blah! The president seemed much more comfortable and at ease as compared to last time. I would assume that kabbalah harris was sitting on pins and needles, chewing on her fake fingernails, hoping this ole cracka dont mess this shit up for me, olde dirty peckawood.

  18. You can tell Biden has been fed a bunch of woke talking points by his younger staffers, but he doesn’t care about any of it himself and can’t keep the talking points straight. That’s how you get weird stuff like racist Abraham Lincoln and the Poor Boys. Biden’s most likely antifa-adjacent staffers have given him the antifa approved list of fascist boogeymen. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Biden stared ranting about Andy Ngo.

    Biden failed on the oil stuff, though. Seems like bad strategy to risk turning away swing state labor voters just to court the hardcore environmentalists, who are already a secure democrat voting block. This election is mostly a referendum on Trump, though, so Biden running one of the worst campaigns of all time isn’t as damaging as it would normally be.

  19. You, too, may be on the antifa/blm shit list. Check this site to see if your name appears as a donor to Donald Trump: Our son was doxxed on the site, and people drove past his apartment at night shouting out ‘F88k you, honky!’ So all of you delicate flowers so disappointed by Trump, just imagine how things would be with open communists running things.

  20. Biden will win by a landslide. There isn’t a a third party candidate this time like Jill Stein that will bleed votes away in swing states.

    Biden-Harris are a reckoning that normies will have to bend the knee to. It’s their fault for not waking up sooner to the judaic maelstrom that’s been building up for the last several decades. Unfortunately, they are going to take us down with them.

    Trump deserves to lose. The whole kosherative, Inc needs to be swept aside for a real nationalist right to emerge that doesn’t play ‘footsie’ under the table with billionaire jewish oligarchs.

    • @november ” biden will win by a landslide” lol!! Wrong sir! All the pinkhoes, can hope to do is get thee election results caught up in the courts and drag it out for as long as they can. They got squat.

      • @ november but you never know sir, there is more going on in this world beside thee election and covid 19, other things can happen also , we must prepare and be prepared for whatever.

      • @Terry…

        Yes, I do not see Biden winning in a landslide, either.

        Frankly, I do not see Biden winning the Electoral College, but, if he does, it will be by a margin (after weeks and weeks of lawsuits forcing officials to count unaddressed ‘mail ballots’) that will set the country off into it’s next chapter.

  21. @ ivan turgenev uncharterd waters sir, i have enjoyed this calm we have had of late, but thee ante is being upped for sure, nice to hear from uou sir.

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