Modern Women

Meanwhile in 2020, 100 years after women’s suffrage and 100 years after modern liberalism emerged in the period we are exploring … the election just keeps getting crazier.

I look at clips like this and I am just like … I want to know when, why, where and how everything went so horribly wrong. How did we end up living in this dystopia? How do we escape?

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  1. Spoiled, immature white liberals are upset because they and their endless demands for attention are no longer being taken seriously.


    American Women got the message in the 1960s that they did not need to be responsive to men, or traditional mediums through which ages of women metriculated.

    The result?

    They are, as a group in 2020, very selfish, unrealistic, and a godawful imitation of men.

    It was an act of God that I found one of the last good ole-timey Southern ladies left – or, perhaps, better said- that she found me.

    Fortunately, her parents abandoned her (my wife) which meant that she was raised by those Southern dirt-farmers born in the 1890s.

    I thank my lucky stars every day that I have a beautiful, brainy, and quirky, real Southern lady who is skillful in many things, most of all being faithful and godly.

    I have yet to meet a lady fully of this sort born after the year of 1970.

    The best I have found were semi-Southern ladies, but, were missing certain components.

    I take my wife as evidence that The Good Lord loves me, this in spite of my failings.

  3. I suggest you avail yourself of this opportunity to redeem yourself, HW. It may be the only one you have.

  4. Women are “the weaker vessel” indeed, morally even more than physically weaker. If allowed to rule the world by themselves, they would destroy it. Among other harmful mistakes, they often prefer animal pets to having real children: The first purpose of Christian marriage is procreation, the second being a remedy for sin (fornication) but women (not only modern women but all women throughout history) without discipline will fornicate, and not procreate but pursue lucrative careers and wasteful “pleasures” including keeping many useless and often grotesquely unnatural pet animals.

    • By a girl, by a young woman, or even by an aged one, nothing must be done independently, even in her own house.

      In childhood, a woman must be subject to her father; in youth, to her husband; and when her lord is dead, to her sons. A woman is never fit for independence.

      – The Laws of Manu

    • Almosy every country that gives women political and economic equality drops below replacement reproduction. When given the option between having children and having money and freedom to consume, most women choose the latter. This is true across the entire world.

  5. We have to accept that this is just the nature of women in general. There are exceptions but most are easily controlled by feelings and those feelings are manipulated by popular culture. They are subject to believing the popular narrative and will act in kind. The popular sentiment is Sex and the City independence as well as fighting for “justice” and equality. They also lack in group loyalty unlike men who are born tribal wanting to be part of something bigger

    • Captain Shill, part of a woman’s psychology is that she is extremely vulnerable to becoming attached to someone when she is in her teens or early twenties, at the latest. During these years, she is biologically programmed to bond to a male, when conditions are normal. In Henry V, by Shakespeare, Falstaff mentions a young wife hanging on her husband’s neck, and this really happens, I can remember doing it myself. What has happened is that our favorite tribe and their fellow travelers figured this out and directed young women away from their normal proclivities so that they would attach themselves to a cause or a career. They become fervent believers in whatever societal fad is popular at the moment, but also why they switch them around so much, too, these ‘fake attachments’ are no substitute for the real thing.This is probably why you see so many angry young females now, at some level, they understand that their normal inclinations have been warped and their lives are meaningless. I can see now why previously in history, a young woman was considered to be an Old Maid if she wasn’t married by 25.

  6. Are those silly red sheets they’re wearing color fast? If they were hit with a water canon would they wash out?

    In a few years those silly girls will grow up and graduate to dressing like vaginas, like their mothers and grandmothers.

  7. Some of the bizarre behavior can be attributed to long term SSRI use. Those drugs cause hypofrontality which can result in a flattening of emotion at baseline along with bursts of anger. The brain changes resemble someone with ADHD. Clearly when you combine drug use with an unhealthy society you get awful results.

  8. I’ve been waiting for HW to finally get around to this topic for years. Hopefully the start of more to come.

  9. The reason they fear The Handmaid’s Tale so much, is because the first episode shows how quickly they will be defeated by the facists.

  10. Feminism is one idea that can be blamed on Victorians more than moderns (first wave began with victorians). Victorians introduced ideas of “female purity,” which went beyond simply defending chastity and morphed into the belief that women are morally superior to men. This inverted the traditional Christian viewpoint that men are the more morally grounded of the sexes and that women need men to provide moral guidance. It wouldn’t be unfair to call Victorians the original simps, in that they idealized women in a lot of ways and it clouded their understanding of female nature. Though they were patriarchal, the distorted view they had of women’s morality undermined the patriarchal position and created a contradiction. In the end, the view that women are moral superiors won out over patriarchy.

    • This is 100% true.

      The Puritans also started it earlier with their central concept of women as “guardians of moral virtue,” with the power to socially shame men who didn’t conform. It worked for a while the wenches didn’t realize what had been handed to them, but eventually the more ambitious among the women realized that sexual power had been transferred to them, and men were now socially subordinate to them.

      Hence why today’s feminist culture simultaneously exalts female promiscuity and treats ALL male sexuality as inferior, shameful, odious, and disgusting. It’s simply Puritanism/Victorianism’s standards carried to their logical conclusion: female sexual and thus social power, male sexual and thus social pariah status.

      In most older cultures, and in the Catholic and Orthodox cultures until recently, there was no stigma to being the “Lothario” (other than the inevitable risk of being beaten up or killed). A married man’s “honor” consisted in successfully guarding his mate from other males; it wasn’t submission her moral judgment but imposition of his aggression and vigilance in mate-guarding that gave him honor.

      Sexual power was male, meaning social power was male. A “virtuous” woman wasn’t one who could elevate or ruin men who obeyed her sexual dictum, but one who obeyed her husband, and helped maintain the honor of her husband, by reserving herself for him. Women were secondary in the social power structure, and it worked.

      There’s a reason why modern feminism took hold in the formerly Puritan areas of the USA first.

      From an Occidental Dissent article, in fact:


      ““There is a type of East Coast American woman, neither young nor old, with golden spectacles, I will particularly remember, as I met several examples. She has thin lips, any icy gaze, an impassive face. We can easily see in this New England gorgon the Frenchman’s classic nightmare”


      “The American girl’s excessively liberated attitude rekindled blame and censure: she still embodied the “type’s perfection,” but now she was tyrannical, egotistical, arrogant, and all the more pernicious because she was desirable and cynically deployed her flagrant sexual freedom.”

      And much more. The Puritans (and later the Victorians) gave us female social authority, and female social authority gave us “no-fault divorce,” massive promiscuity combined with stunning reproductive failure, “Pussy Marches,” and the rest of this feminist catastrophe.

      There’s a direct line from Puritanism, Victorianism, and Protestantism in general to feminism, just like there’s a direct line from 19th century American abolitionism and evangelical-type sin-obsessed Bible-thumping fire-and-brimstone-pulpiting social-reforming Protestant Christianity to the Negrolatry, sweaty violent pietism, and anti-White zeal of the “social justice warriors.”

  11. Those red shrouds from The Handmaid’s Tale. I remember when the book came out in the 80’s, written by Margaret Atwood, and it bothered me then. It was clear Atwood was attacking Reagan and his ‘return to values’, and it always made me think that Atwood and her kind were so opposed to Christianity (as in the book) oppressing women, but she and her train never, never, never have said a damned word about Muslim societies and how they keep women down, nor most other third world views on women.

    It is always attack America, the West, and Christianity. Especially when this Rotherham scandal came up in Britain, where Muslims were raping and molesting women left and right…not a word from our feminists.

    There was an 80’s movie the handmaid’s Tale, and I was surprised a TV series was put on cable, and is getting ‘rave reviews’ and ‘must-see’, but like 90 percent of all cable shows, I’ve never heard of them.

    Atwood made it very clear she was attacking Reagan, so Trump gave this junk a second lease on life.

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