Jack Corbin Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

This is one of the top reasons why I am not voting for the GOP in the 2020 election.

The Washington Post:

“When he learned Don Gathers, a Black Lives Matter activist in Charlottesville, planned to run for a seat on the city council last year, a Florida man who called himself “the antifa hunter” organized a racist social media campaign that eventually led Gathers to quit the race over fears for his safety.

In a hearing over video conference on Monday, Gathers told the man that he hopes one day he might be able to forgive him for his actions, the Associated Press reported.

“But today is not that day,” Gathers said. “I despise all that you and others like you represent.”

Daniel McMahon, 32, of Brandon, Fla., was sentenced Monday to three years and five months in federal prison for cyberstalking and bias-motivated intimidation and interference with a candidate for elected office. McMahon pleaded guilty in April to attacking Gathers online and to threatening to sexually assault the daughter of another activist who protested white supremacists. …”

“Americans have the right to run for office in this country without facing racially-bigoted threats of violence,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the civil rights division of the Department of Justice in a news release. “Furthermore, no American should have to live with hateful threats of sexual violence for opposing white nationalism.”

Jack Corbin wasn’t in Charlottesville. He never left his house.

He was prosecuted by Donald Trump’s Justice Department for unmasking Antifa who showed up at rallies including Unite the Right and engaged in violence. In doing so, he created a headache for U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen who was prosecuting the Rise Above Movement. For drawing attention to Don Gathers who attacked Unite the Right protesters with a stick, Thomas Cullen charged him with cyberstalking. Donald Trump rewarded Cullen by nominating him to serve on a federal court.

The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department has been busy putting Jack Corbin in prison for ironically using the phase “a diversity of tactics” while sitting behind a computer screen in his house. Trump’s Department of Justice has prosecuted the Rise Above Movement, James Fields, Atomwaffen and dozens of White Nationalists. Christopher Cantwell is behind bars and will be going to trial soon on federal charges. In the case of Atomwaffen, they were prosecuted for fliers and crank phone calls. Even though the FBI found out they weren’t really doing anything, they were charged anyway.

What about Antifa who have rioted for 95 straight days in Portland, laid siege to a federal courthouse and assassinated a Trump supporter last weekend? Donald Trump was in Kenosha this afternoon for a photo op in that burned out wreck of a city. He is laughably running on “law and order.” Meanwhile, the FBI and Justice Department which he controls allowed law and order to collapse in Berkeley, Portland and Charlottesville in 2017 and this year they have allowed it to collapse in half the country. They have no problem though putting Jack Corbin or the Rise Above Movement behind bars.

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  1. The Democrats and Republicans are in agreement with the Jewish New World Order of no ethno-state and no identity politics for people of White European descent.

    Every other ethnic group can have identity politics and protection status except White Christian Europeans.

    Christ said he would shorten the days or else there would be no flesh left alive; aka. White Genocide.

    • Mark- your misquoting of Christ’s words, (as if they were meant for today, rather than AD 66-70 Judea) help no one. Those words were intended ONLY for the Israelites living in occupied Israel by the Edomite ruling class (who are the direct ancestors of TODAY’s Jews) i.e., the “Scribes and Pharisees’ and Herodians, and NOT the faithful Israelites who were racially pure and believed in Christ’s Messiahship.

      Which is just like today’s ‘fellow white people’ destroying the nation from within… So, if you are using that Scripture as a ‘metaphorical illustration’- then fine. But not as a ‘prediction’ that we are in the “Last Days”- THAT HAPPENED WITH THE FALL OF JERUSALEM, 2000 years ago. Christ already reigns, Christ is already King – What are we going to do about THAT? When are we going to TAKE REIGN AND RULE, and ABOLISH GODLESSNESS and the (((RACE))) THAT ENGENDERS IT?

      Thus, following your logic, Brad… Trump’s appointees are doing evil in the sight of the Lord (and in your eyes). What do WE do? If you aren’t voting, YOU’RE STILL VOTING. What is that LUTHERAN, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s quote?

      “Silence in the face of evil it itself evil:
      God will not hold us guiltless.
      Not to speak is to speak; not to act, is to act.”
      – D. Bonhoeffer

      And, if your stance is followed, what if Biden wins?
      What then? How is NOT voting for Trump, (which may ensure a victory for Biden) going to help:
      – stop the Jewish hegemony
      -stop the BLM/Antifa evil
      -stop a Jewish/Hindoo SLUT from becoming the next Whore of Babylon (Mark, see? You can use Scriptural metaphors to insult/inform the modern day properly…)
      -stop the further destruction of this Miscegenated/Mixed-up nation
      – show up people like RINOS (Romney, etc.) as the FAUX ‘Conservatives’ that they are
      – TELL the Trumpers that you are on their side!?!?

      In short, do you wish to ENFLAME this nation into civil war on BOTH fronts? As it is, we now see how utterly EVIL the J-LEFT is, as Anglin noted: https://dailystormer.su/video-montage-shows-democrats-inciting-violence/

      And, if the Saxon is going to awaken, we do not need an “uncertain trump” [ I Cor. 14:8] – double entendre intended- to confuse the issue!
      You say in your sidebar, “This website does not support violence.”

      But I say, your stance- to opt to give the impression that you do NOT care about your nation, IS supporting violence! in short, you are as blind as the Iowans in Music Man, who were told: “There’s a burglar in the bedroom, while you’re fiddling in the parlor!”- Meredith Willson

      Either stand with the more godly of the ‘pagan emperors,’ and pray for the Restoration-
      Or come out and say, ‘Burn this godless POS down, and death to all Enemies of Christ!

      You’d have much better associates with that stance above- cf. St. Philaret of Moscow stated:
      “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      -than your current ‘lukewarm spit stance’ [Rev. 3:16]

      As Miles Mathis noted in his paper on Mussolini and the Jews: “All I can say is what I have said before: you guys need a plan for people like me, and just dumping us on the side of the road because we won’t do what we are told isn’t a good plan. How about leaving us a few real scraps of opportunity in a few fields? Art, for instance? Or science? Or poetry? ANYTHING. Instead, you bastards have vacuumed every possible action into your corner, turning it into a money- making scheme. Not only is that offensive to the gods of the Earth—who do exist, I assure you—it is impolitic. It is impractical, from a business standpoint. Why? Because people like me will always exist, and if you don’t give us something we can do with a reasonably clean conscience, we will just make trouble for you. In other words, I am why. “

  2. Powerful and important material, Hunter

    The USA legal system is a politically-bent horror, and apparently long has been … and the helplessness of the Right is marked above all, by its inability to marshal lawyers and media about this kind of injustice

    An acquaintance of mine in Benelux here in Europe, is a former US Justice Dept employee now consulting to EU and governments on USA issues, including its wretched legal system … He has helped stop extraditions to the USA

    A dual EU-USA citizen, my friend was forced into exile more than 15 years ago when lawyers and a federal judge tied to a Clinton-Bush donor apparently threatened to murder him. He’s had Virginia federal judges harass him here in Europe with e-mails from USA courthouses.

    He has been in touch with thousands of USA legal system victims, and created this for them –

    “FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on US Judicial and Legal Corruption

    A Guide for the Perplexed victims of US legal corruption, particularly common working people, minorities, and the vulnerable, when mauled by sadistic lying judges and gangster lawyers.

    Legal injustice victims are often in agony, mystified by how no one seems willing to help, after betrayal and abuse by courts, counsel, prosecutors, politicians, media, and bent ‘bar ethics’ and ‘civil liberties’ groups.

    Victims here find truth on what is happening, and the comfort of knowing they are not alone.”


  3. I think is the most convincing argument for refusing to support Donald Trump in 2020, that he literally prosecutes us for fake “crimes.” Even so, it’s highly likely that it would go to another level under a Biden/Harris administration.

    • Trump is both incompetent and has feet of clay. Ultimately he is an entertaining carnival barker, nothing more. He has stayed true to his boss, Jared Kushner who has delivered everything (and then some) for Israel. The U.S. is Israel’s poodle, the only ones who don’t know this are most of the U.S. population.

    • A Joy Division link!

      Brilliant, I must sAy?

      This band (Joy Division) named after Nazis prostitution (Division)

      Say’s a lot about white anxiety!

    • Captain- Well, we won’t see that resolved prior to the Election… if it’s still held in November, that is.

  4. antifa and Trumpchumps killing each other. More,

    please! I have to admit that Drumpf

    has proven to be a better accelerator than I thought.

  5. Thats what you get for saying a bad word commies use! and potato blumpf DOJoo will let lefty justice system lawyers and judge give you the harshest sentence possible just like James Fields

    You defended yourself against a raging mob of hundreds of communists and mostly peaceful joggers by running away?! Jail this nazi for life!

      • Even Stalin was forced to appoint Beria. Who later fired even Stalin own bodyguards so in the night of death Stalin was alone with his arch enemy men. Draining swamp is not an easy job.

        There are lot of powerful clans around the power and trying to get rid from them is extremely difficult. I hope that Donald has more power than Stalin so at least he can freely choose few guys next to his bedroom.

        It is very wrong to presume that world most powerful people are like recruits in the army boot camp. Just scream and they obey.

        Putin needed 2 decades to move Medvediev to little lower post and can`t get still rid of US dollar and make most basic reforms.

        This 400 years old power structure is very clever and very strong. It is almost impossible to attack them directly. One good method is to leave them like generals without army. Attack low rank genetic white liberals to collapse this power structure from below. At least in the Eastern Europe and Russia this some way works.

  6. Where is all of this nigger worship going to get us. Renaming Washington and Jefferson Memorials, millions of non qualified niggers teaching white kids at school how great niggers are, Catholic priest telling the mass to pray to saint George ( who has been drug free since May). I mean enough is enough.
    Hey Hunter I heard Eufaula got a little safer this weekend. Dothan is still quiet for now.

  7. I used to follow Corbin on Gab back when he was hyper-posting Antifa info. He was the go to guy and did great work in exposing Antifa’s crimes and the truth about Charlottesville. What the FBI, DOJ, and Jewish controlled Moon did to Corbin is pure evil. And yes, it’s yet another reason not to vote for Zlormpf.

    I will say that Corbin was a very unsympathetic character and had a repellent online persona. Not that I’m one to preach and I followed him to glean info, but, it does matter when the full power of the Federal government comes crashing down on you to erase the little mosquito that is annoying them.

    The same can be said for Christopher Cantwell who ruined himself most likely due to meth abuse. He used to post hours of troll calling into some race mixing telephone dating service before the sociopath losers of the Bowl Gang helped to destroy him.

    Now, we thankfully can rely on the gay Asian Andy Ngo……..


  8. I hate the Irish, but a man should only be punished for his actions not for expressing this thoughts and opinions even in a threatening way. Christ is the example that needs defending. NO harm, NO crime. We are on a slippery slope towards punishing the innocent, which is the goal of the Christ killers. The Jews want the power to punish all who say anything they do not like. They have not learned a damned thing in 2,000 years.

  9. Antifa just released a handbook called “40 ways to fight fascists” by Spencer Sunshine. It literally says the manual is going to teach you “a diversity of tactics” on page 5.

    Of course the Feds aren’t going to do anything about that, because they are on the exact same team as Antifa.

    My condolences for Jack.

  10. Donald Trump, Thomas Cullen, Terry McAuliffe, Judge Richard Moore, Judge Norman Moon, Gov. Bill Lee, Gov. Ralph Northam – The greatest threat to White men are Traitorous White men.

    • Depends. When you reject fact based situation analysis then…yes.

      Was witch hunt in Salem based on.

      1. Public education
      3 TV
      4 Jews, especially in those places where we can confirm by historical documents that there were not
      Jews at this moment.

      5, Science approved fact that some white people are mad and they have different brain structure.

      6. Never mind, Lets tell just stupid stories like Jared Taylor in Unz or Zman in his blog today. Upside down
      liberalism. Madness is caused by poverty, hopeless and whatever. Just let us know, how smart you
      are. After all, Jews and communists tell us that we are all equal. They can`t be wrong. So just
      rationalize the evil with whatever BS you like. With a lot of quotes of dead white males who`s stupidity
      got us here in the first place

      My education based opinion is that witch hunt in Salem was caused by 5G internet what somehow worked back 350 years because Plato told this, Socrates told that and beavers have smaller balls than neanderthals what is somehow connected with Pythagoras theorem despite triangular has sharp edges but both beavers and neanderthals balls are round and soft so they are even not remotely similar but this can be explained in my debilic dysfunctional PhD what connect car crash in the Sudan with the most irrelevant Governor election in the US last 400 years like Pat Buchanan does in every last piece he writes.
      Generally speaking, I am so over educated that I can`t see and understand even basic truth.

      2-4% white people are mad. Deal with them or they deal with you like we had back in the 1917. .

    • Why is this anti-white troll allowed to post here? Does Hunter want these kinds of comments here to repel normal people?

  11. The irony is some of the responding posters at the Washington Post article have posted racial insults and online threats little different than those of Jack Corbin. As the President walks in ruins of burnt out churches and half the country burns the US Dept of Justice allocates it’s resources towards online post in the dissident right.

  12. Fellow Europeans in the injustice system are weaponizing shame against ethnic pride, through hunting their own. Gaining status through loudly proclaiming self-hatred, and punishing others for not hating themselves, is a strategy taken from the Cultural Revolution playbook.

    The CivNat programming of the past few decades has eaten away the natural identity of Huwhites, and left in its place an empty vessel that will be filled with whatever narrative the education and media propagandists deem correct. Which is why you should disconnect from the woke entertainment matrix, and get your kids out of the day prisons that indoctrinate them to hate everything related to the ebil cracka.

  13. Yes I just wrote a long post on Facebook about why I’m not supporting Trump 2020. I didn’t vote for him in 2016 either for the same reasons. So many people here in Mississippi post about the Mississippi Flag of 1894 and how we gotta get the signatures and get it on the ballot in the future. All while being all about Trump 2020. President Trump has said nothing about the Mississippi Flag. However he made it known when he was first running for President that he agree with Governor Nikki Haley and her removal of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina. That was reason enough why I didn’t vote for him and I’m sure not voting for him in 2020. He’s just not for us. He’s done nothing about American and Confederate Monuments being removed because the Republican Party cares nothing about any of that stuff because o the “Slavery” thing might pop up in the news or somebody might call them a Racist or a White Supremacist. So the Republicans are doing nothing because they actually agree with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Democrats about all these great symbols being removed. So I’m not voting for anything that’s not on our Team. I agree that President Trump is only interested in putting Nationalists in jail especially those who fought back at Unite The Right. However he looks the other way on Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and White Liberals that have burned cities, looted stores, burned police cars, hit the UDC HQ, vandalized / destroyed our Monuments, gone on a constant Race Riot, and are nothing but Violent against all Americans who disagree with them. It’s time we stop voting for the D or the R. If anything protest vote…Vote Third Party or support those Third Parties who also agree the 2 Party System is bad for America. Deo Vindice !

  14. Weird how blumpf protected rittenhouse recently saying he was trying to run away from blm/antifa but wouldn’t do the same for James Fields and instead said he deserves the harshiest punishment possible because hes a evil monster who killed heyer. Not that I’m surprised of course blumpf is a shabbos butt goy who bends over at every whim

  15. If you don’t like Trump, wait until Biden’s group runs things in DC. What do you think will happen to political dissidents then? Things will not magically ease up. We will most likely see political repression on the Soviet scale. Get ready to do some real time just for running a politically incorrect blog.

  16. This man was put in prison for 3 1/2 years for internet activism while street that thugs rioted, looted, burned, destroyed, assaulted and murdered are not even looked at by law enforcement. Law and order? Gimme a GD break!!! Niggers and spics continue to rob, rape and murder Whites at an accelerated pace while cities burn. Kyle Rittenhouse capped two antifa vermin and wounded another in self-defense while an antifa punk that murdered a Patriot Prayer member runs free in the street after a week, no arrests. I am voting Trump because Biden would actually slow down the violence. Trump will speed up the destruction of this nation, good point there.That role has reversed nowadays. Sorry for the rant.

  17. “Meanwhile, the FBI and Justice Department which he controls allowed law and order to collapse in Berkeley, Portland and Charlottesville in 2017 and this year they have allowed it to collapse in half the country. ”

    Putting blame on Trump for what is clearly the fault of democrat mayors and democrat governors is not helpful. Yes, we all know Trump can invoke the insurrection act and clean this all up, however he was accused of being a dictator and fascist when he merely sent federal officers to surge up in Portland. Remember how the media ran with that? “Unidentified officers putting people into unmarked vans”, Nancy Pelosi got away with referring to federal law enforcement as literal Nazis.

    Trump is merely waiting until after the election until he can invoke the insurrection act and clean this all up. Please don’t blame the victim for being the perpetrator. Saying Trump is responsible for these criminals is equivalent to Joe Biden saying the Patriot Prayer Trump supporter who was killed in Portland incited his own murder and therefore brought it upon himself.

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