Today’s Absurdities

Portland Pig’s Head:

Surely, this means that Antifa are only opposed to Trump’s occupation of Portland, not the local and state police which are scheduled to takeover defending the federal courthouse?

White Flight:

Even though wypipo are a race of villains who are to blame for every single dysfunction or inequity in the world suffered by BIPOC people, they are resource which cannot be allowed to leave.

Wesleyan Race Hoax:

Even in Georgia, students are being expelled from university for expressing politically incorrect opinions on social media. Chapel is mandatory under the new orthodoxy of woke supremacy.

Individuals With a Cervix:

As Douglas Murray is fond of correctly pointing out, wokeness is a game where we pretend not to know anything about things we know a great deal about like the natural differences between the sexes while knowing with absolute certainty that the hundreds of different genders which were literally made up a few years ago and spread through social contagion on social media are real.

Seattle Moves To Abolish Police:

After shutting down CHAZ earlier this month, the Seattle City Council has decided that the entire city should become CHAZ which was a great success story.

Buck Breaking:

Nick Cannon is being broken after making anti-Semitic remarks. You’re not supposed to notice who holds the whip now. You can’t notice that Jews are now at the apex of the social hierarchy. Critical Theory doesn’t apply to them. At the rate he is going, he will start calling himself Toby. This is what happens to melanated people who get too uppity and forget their place.

Internalized Racial Superiority for White People:

As I noted yesterday, you as a White person are being invited to confess your sins to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Woke people and People of Color will consider in this Moment whether you should be granted amnesty and forgiveness. After reconciliation which is defined as total submission to this racial hierarchy, you will be invited to celebrate this remarkable new era of human progress we have arrived it and to subject your own children and grandchildren to it.

Dr. David Duke:

OG is nowhere near as “racist” as some of the people you see on Twitter.

Space Force:

China is going to Mars.

NBA Kneeling:

Progressives are bringing back the feudal custom of bowing and kneeling. The American Republic is something to be ashamed of now.

Heather MacDonald:

Contradicting the sacred narrative is blasphemy. It may be inappropriate for some users who will collapse on their fainting courch.

New Zealand:

White people aren’t trying to escape from the virus.

Demographic Change:

It is “racist” to notice changing demographics unless you are celebrating it in the mainstream media.


Say goodbye to Western science.


Is the filibuster structural racism, systemic racism or institutional racism?

The Racist Past of Birds:

The reckoning has arrived.


Ending a positive note. All Journalists Are Bastards.

Finally, a Farce:

A public monument that is fitting end for the self loathing of the post-World War II era.

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  1. The funniest part of the “white privilege” narrative is this framing that things like comfort are “privilege.” In the 90s or before, the framing was that blacks were “disadvantaged” and the goal was to elevate them so they could enjoy things like comfort, which was not considered a privilege but just normal treatment that should apply to everyone. The consequence of this framing and the goal to “eliminate privilege” is ultimately the elimination of what was previously considered normal treatment to be applied to everyone, so that all people can be equally as destitute and dysfunctional as blacks are. The fact that corporations are the ones pushing this framing ought to be alarming to anyone on the “left” who claims to care about worker rights. They are openly stating that being treated well is a privilege and that they intend to eliminate these privileges.

  2. This rehash of the Cultural Revolution is speeding up our collapse. Dmitry Orlov doesn’t see DC as hanging on as our moneyprinter once the central gov’t implodes. I was hoping the currency printing press would stay open and its output still be accepted as legitimate, no matter what happens to the imperial power structure, as society will quickly become feral without it. We’re dependent on the many gov’t programs kept afloat by never-ending piles of Fedbucks, after all. I definitely don’t want to see a repeat of the fall of Rome and its aftermath, but it’s most likely coming. People tend not to learn historical lessons, sadly.

  3. And those corporations backing BLM/Antifa? Any of those bother to study how stuff worked inside the USSR? Castro’s Cuba? Yeah, baby! Your socialist regime? They call the shots, idiot!

    Might want to think that one over, eh?

  4. If Shakespeare were writing “Henry VI” today I’m certain he would have Dick say, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the journalists” instead of lawyers.

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