Today’s Absurdities

Major League Baseball:

The pitch is symbolic of America’s decline in 2020.

Statue of Liberty:

The lightning striking around the Statue of Liberty is also representative of America’s decline in 2020. Something awful is coming this way.

U.S. Military Bases:

Only four Republican senators voted against the NDAA that includes language which renames U.S. military bases which honor Confederate generals. Mike Lee and Rand Paul voted against it for libertarian reasons.

DNC Platform:

It repeatedly damns White people.

The Promised Land:

The removal of this monument also symbolizes America’s decline in 2020.

White Allyship:

Just … LOL.

More proof of America’s national decline in 2020.

F**k the Police:

Yet another illustration of America’s national decline and the anti-racism crisis in 2020.

The Washington Football Team:

Indians are no longer honored either in America in 2020.

Isaiah Jackson:

Black Lives Matter.

White Parents:

White parents who turned over the public schools their tax dollars pay for to blacks and who have to pay private school tuition for their own kid are the reason that blacks have failed in public schools.

Seattle Whole Foods Virtue Signal:

For not doing enough to fight white supremacy.

Black Lives Matter London:

The White man is the enemy.

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  1. The only Indians who wanted to change the name of the Redskins were White-adjacent Indians that had gone to white college and had been taught Anti-White Studies by White and Jewish professors.

    No one on “The Rez” were offended and some were fans of the image of various Indian tribes as fierce warriors.

  2. New name for the Redskins should be the Washington Bloodsuckers, with a picture of a bloated black tick.

    • Not woke enough. Needs to be named the Washington Harriet Tubmans. At least until Washington is eventually renamed after Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr, after which it will be the Kingsville Harriet Tubmans.

    • My vote is Anacostia Slough, named for the nearby Anacostia River, which is really a tidal creek or slough. It rhymes with Seattle Slew, and Anacostia might be an Indian name. I’m not trying to insult them or be snarky, I mean it.

  3. Well that was a totally depressing roundup of news. Love the shot of the whole foods with their broken windows under their support sign. Bet the hypocrites still don’t get it!
    MLB will go the way of the NFL. Screw ’em & good riddance. Better off playing a pick up game & getting your own cardio. Hope they lose billions. The girlfriend of the guy in Ohio should lose parental rights for allowing her child to be abused. The guy is a obviously a druggie & loser. What will tomorrow bring? Oh it’s Friday, tbat means more bob fatalities and er visits in Chicongo – wonder if the feds will be out in their unmarked vans doing reconnaisance? Wouldn’t it be ‘great’ if they were & the numbers shot/killed are like small digits?! Be fun to see beetlejuices eyes bug out even more than they are.

  4. Isaiah Jackson looks like a race mixed heeb half black probably. What a evil piece of a shit to do this to a 2 yr old Liberals Dont try to tell me blm is peaceful with scum doing this shit to children

  5. Is hilary going to Dnc conventions now? I thought she retired from poltics? Pictured along side the usual gang of evil dnc shitheads Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and Warren Buffet I think

    I use to be gullible when I was younger that Warren Buffet was some old billionaire who wanted what was best for America yet hes some uber douchebag from hell fuelling antiwhite politics with this lot

  6. Something awful has already come our way. What we are witnessing are the latter day stages of enforced equality with extreme Anti-White prejudice.

  7. Tried watching some of that dodgers game last night. The absurdities of cardboard cutouts in the stands and everyone wearing face diapers was enough to make any man puke.

    Fuck it. Let the whole thing burn down.

  8. Who is kidding who? Esper says, no Confederate Flags on US bases. McConnell strikes the names of Confederates from US bases, and Congress eliminates Confederate statues from the Halls of Congress. Has President Trump lost touch with reality? He’s denying any of this is happening.

  9. Historical article on how, with the loss of religion Western judges and courts have become corrupted by the Marxist angle that Lenin, Trotsky & Stalin all shared, now inspiring the Left Woke insanity:

    “Mediaeval London Chamberlain Andrew Horne (c.1270-1328) wrote a legal guidebook, the ‘Mirror of Justices’, saying that late 800s Anglo-Saxon King Alfred the Great truly deserved his title, because he reviewed the conduct of judges, and hanged dozens of those judges who had betrayed the people.

    Ancient India, Persia and Greece all saw a higher divine law, a ‘natural law’ known in people’s hearts, which human laws should emulate.

    Biblical prophets railed against injustice. Christian sages Augustine and Aquinas boldly declared that, ‘Lex injusta non est lex’ – ‘An unjust law is no law at all’.

    As the West lost the sense of a higher law, the temptations of satanic power were swift. The temptation of Marxists to bend law and change society, has proved irresistible to judges across the Western world, and to the oligarchy behind the scenes

    The 1789 French revolution fascinates Marxists. It proved that literally everything in society can be overthrown: The 1793 ‘revolutionary tribunals’ meted out death essentially at whim.

    In Russia’s 1917 revolution, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin, shared the same Marxist philosophy of twisting everything to serve end goals.

    In a famous phrase of October 1921, often highlighted by Unz’s Steve Sailer, Lenin said everything was a question of, ‘Who will win over Whom?’ shortened to ‘Who? Whom?’ Trotsky repeated this in a 1925 essay, and Stalin also in a speech in 1929.

    Judges everywhere in the West increasingly follow a cultural Marxist, George-Soros-linked programme as if they were chosen for that tendency.

    Occasionally, judges turn up suspiciously dead. US Federal Judge John Roll was shot and killed in the street in 2011 after ruling against Obama. In 2016 US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead – with a pillow over his face! – also after ruling against Obama. Is that how they keep the judges in line?

  10. Christ is the enemy. Whites are nothing more than the children of Christ and just as (((they))) the Jews hate the father, (((they))) hate the son and (((they))) hate the children. You and all whites are hated because you are the blood of Christ and it is the Jews who hate you as they do your father, Christ. For what reason do the Jews hate an innocent man who did no wrong? And for what reason do they hate his blood, his innocent children? What reason?

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