Senate Republicans Vote To Rename Military Bases That Honor Confederate Generals

If the GOP fails to hold the Senate in the 2020 election, well, I am afraid we are doomed.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON — The Senate overwhelmingly passed a massive defense bill Thursday afternoon that includes the removal of Confederate names from army bases and creates a possible showdown between Congress and President Donald Trump, who opposes renaming the bases. 

The bill passed by a lopsided count of 86 to 14, well over the number required to override a presidential veto. 

The bill, which authorizes $736.9 billion in military spending, includes a provision to form a commission on the names of military bases and rename bases over the next three years. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the bill on the Senate floor earlier this week, calling it the “product of exhaustive, bipartisan effort.” …”

Who will we have in Congress to fight for cutting corporate taxes, criminal justice reform, police reform, renaming Confederate military bases and replacing Columbus Day with Juneteenth?

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  1. It’s why my wife and I are studying Hungarian – because we more and more feel like foreigners, here, in our own country.

    We’d rather be foreigners in a land that feels more like home, than be natives in a land that feels very very foreign.

    Sorry that it has come to this, but, too many of our fellow Southerners, and, indeed, Whites, as a whole, believe that, so long as shopping is good, microwave dinners are abundant in the freezer, and ESPN is on the tube, life is okay – so what if our souls and communities are remade, from head to toe.

    Unfortunately, we don’t feel that way.

    • Ivan, are you of Hungarian descent? Is it possible for anyone to apply for citizenship in Hungary? I’m sure there are some requirements. Just curious. Thanks.

      • @Sursumcorda…

        Yes, Sir – every side of my father’s family were Hungarians.

        That said, you don’t have to change citizenship, or apply for citizenship, to buy a second house in Hungary and spend a lot of your time there.

        A U.S. visa is more than enough.

        Generally speaking, Hungary is very open and welcoming to visitors and immigrants, so long as they are of European descent.

        Poland, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, and the Baltic Republics, in general, are all excellent choices, too.

        It was just a long process of evaluation that made me opt for Hungary, The deciding factor being the strength of their political leadership and how well dug in they are, because of the keen awareness of The Hungarian people as to what is going on, who’s doing it, and why, and their resolution not to give in to it.

        There, I hope this helps some.

        • I am an American and my wife is a Hungarian who lived in the Chicago area for 25 years. We moved to Hungary in 2011 as even then I thought there was no hope for the US. The last year proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we made the right decision. The people are very polite and friendly. I feel totally safe here. There is a race problem called the Gypsies but they are nothing like American blacks. We feel totally safe here. Also things are quite cheap. I miss America but it doesn’t really exist any more. Warning, however. They say the Hungarian language is difficult. That is not true. Hungarian is impossible. I don’t think I could survive here without my wife.

          • @Jud…

            Thank you so very much for your confirmation on our judgement that Hungary will b e a good place for us.

            Though I could say a thousand things about things, suffice it to say this : —-Hungary 202 feels very similar to Dixie 1950.

            We can testify that, though the Hungarian language is not easy, it is nowhere so hard as Russia or Polish or Czech, for an English-Speaker to learn.

            Thank you, again!

          • @Jud…

            As someone who holds a degree in German language, has serviceable Russian, Spanish, and Italian, plus, has studied Polish, Czech, and French, and is now making progress at Hungarian, and as someone who has watched many people succeed and fail at foreign languages,and who helped his wife over her enormous linguistic block, I can give you the keys to turn things around for you in Hungarian, so that, if you choose, your abilities in that language will be in a totally different place a year from now.

            It’s up to you. Ready? Okay, let’s do it…

            #1. Never believe in never or impossible, because your brain actually believes whatever you tell it to.

            #2. Make up a 25 word vocabulary list for every week, date it, study it briefly several times a day, and review it briefly once or twice a week.

            #3. Find an English word association for every Hungarian word.

            Example? Let’s take the Hungarian word for, ‘Thursday’, which is, ‘Csütörtök” Phonetically, in English, this sounds like Choot-er-Turk.

            So, I remember it by thinking, ‘Thursday is the day when we, ‘shoot a Turk.’ Likewise, ‘Monday in Hungarian is, ‘Hétf?’, which, as you probably know, is pronounced in English like, ‘Hay-t-fer. As my wife said that reminded her of our word, ‘hateful’, we remember Monday as a ‘hateful’ day, which, when I was a kid and had to go to school indeed it was!

            #4. Memorize one short idiomatic expression every day. Example – ‘Mit csinaltal az utobbi napokban?’ being’ What have you been doing lately?’

            Now, to make good on this, start in the morning with your chosen idiom and say it out loud, listening very carefully to yourself, 10 times.
            Stick the paper with this in your pocket, and, throughout the day, repeat that procedure, again, listening to yourself very carefully.

            What I do, is start by saying the last word, then, upon the repeat, I add the next word before it, until i can comfortably pronounce the entire phrase well, or as good as possible, because, in some cases, it make take several months to get your brain and your tongue fully linked up.

            #5. Take 30 minutes a day to study Hungarian grammar, learning it’s peculiar system of suffixes, it’s relatively easy verbal system, prepositional system, and it’s particularities.

            At this rate, within one year, you ought have a complete understanding of the entire system of Hungarian grammar, whether you can put it all into action or not. in the end, many people never get good at a foreign language because they never bother themselves to gain a proper analytical understanding of it.

            #6. Go to YouTube and make a playlist of Hungarian videos,, of a vast plethora of subjects, that happen to have subtitles, of, if failing that, are things as elementary as cartoons for kids. Watch one several times a day, and, just like the idiom and vocabulary lists, continue to review these videos, as you add more videos to your watch list. Watch these videos hundreds of times, until you reach the point where you can say the Hungarian phrases in sequence, as if you were an entire paid acting ensemble.

            #7. Take note of your progress, because, if you see that you could not understand a video in April, but, can understand some of it in August, and then most of it by December, you can see the concrete progress and feel cheered.

            #8. Assign every other day of the week when you will only speak in Hungarian to your wife. If you must construct part Hungarian sentences, and then complete them with English words, do so, until the English words gradually phase out.

            I really cannot stress enough that putting yourself regularly into a must speak situation, without a google translator, sends an important message to your brain that it must get crackin’!

            Lastly, never forget that the way every brain learns a foreign language vocabulary is by learning, then forgetting, then learning, then forgetting, words, until, finally, those words are stamped in to your heart.

            Most people get psyched out by the fact that they keep forgetting words and think that they will never learn, but, it is not true. We all forget words. Personally speaking, I not that i must forget a word 5 or 6 times until I finally really do remember it, and it becomes a part of my vocabulary family.

            Take it from me that your brain has no storage limits, and it does not separate languages in one compartment of another. no, when you lean several words for Thursday, when you enter a search for that in your mind, all the words for Thursday that you know, will flash up on your analog cerebellum screen.

            Because forgetting is a process of language learning, we accelerate the forgetting/retention process by doing numerous short sessions every day, and reviewing our previous sheets, so that process is accelerated.

            One long session a day, in foreign language, is not nearly so good as numerous short sessions.

            When you start to feel dizzy from study, do not believe your brain. it is a faker and a liar, and you can always push it past it’s being dizzy and only good things will happen. Eventually, your brain will not get dizzy learning foreign language, because, like a child with it’s parent, it learns that this kind of manipulative tactic is not going to work!

            Okay, good luck!

      • Sursumcorda: he’s not of Hungarian descent. “He'”s a troll, probably a robot. Just read its pompous, fake style, and the inaccuracies sprinkled throughout its “musings,” to make it seem “homey.” Note that it comments in many places all the time. This bot does not live anywhere and has no heritage or language. Deny its claims to be human, don’t respond to it!

  2. Cowards…. Yet social media is awash with white people screaming “you must vote Red if we have any hope”. I hear your friend Anglin has been going hard on the MAGA train. Makes one think

    • @Captain Schill…

      More conflicted than I have ever been, I turned to The Good Lord to ask how I ought cast my vote, in the presidential election of November.

      As clearly as I have ever heard and answer in my prayer life, and almost instantaneously, I heard, ‘Vote for Trump.’

      When I asked why, the answer I quickly got was, ‘Because I said so.’

      Apparently God is an authoritarian!

      Surprise, surprise!

      Be well, my Friend!

      • @Ivan
        This was incredibly funny. You gave me a real chuckle.

        It is so beyond frustrating because you know these people are most likely well intentioned, confused and terrified, but the moment you criticize the Republicans or Trump they become frothing animals. If only they had that amount of backbone towards everyone trying to destroy our people, culture and countries, maybe we would have never ended up in this position.

        Hanging in their bud, hope you and yours are doing the same. Stay well and remember tomorrow is another day

        • @Captain Schill…

          Thank you so much for your heartwarming comments!

          As to your disheartening political analysis, i wish I could debunk it, yet, I can only confirm it. People are purposefully deaf, dumb, and blind so that they do not really have to do something.

          Happy I could give you a chuckle. The wife says I am a specialist at the finer arts of ridiculous!

          Yes, tomorrow is another day. We are not the first people to have to deal with a country first being stolen from them and then used against them.

          The very best to you and yours, Sir!

      • @Gunther…

        Not in it’s current form the area presently known as The United States will not make it, but, in some other kind of form (s), yes, it will be there.

    • WTF? Who is kidding who? Esper says, no Confederate Flags on US bases. McConnell strikes the names of Confederates from US bases, and Congress eliminates Confederate statues from the Halls of Congress. WTF has President Trump lost touch with reality? He’s denying any of this is happening.

      • @Krafty…

        President Trump, unlike too many Northerners, understands that if Northern Society is to survive, he has to defend Southern Society.

        Moreover, he wants to win reelection bad, and having a bunch of pissed-off Southern Rednecks, who are unenthusiastic to go to the polls for him, would be a very fatal thing.

        So, he is championing us and our causes, again – Trump against all of The Swamp in Washington, something which only serves to underline how he portrays himself – as a defender of the People.

        It sounds like a strategy cooked up by Stephen Miller, though, whoever cooked it up, it’s the right one.

        • All the pros say that Trump is blustering, and it will be next to impossible for him turn the Esper decision on the Confederate flag around, the McConnell decision on the names of the bases, or stop the removal of the Confederate memorials in the capitol building!

  3. message to Confederates: nexttime,

    Win. That way

    stuff named after your dead generals will

    stay named after your dead generals.

      is for sale
      $2 billion
      (includes and

      In the imminent epic struggle for final mastery of Planet Earth the control of will be the decisive point, the moral high ground, the hinge of fate, the ultimate schwerpunkt in this titanic engagement that will decide the fate of political careers, vast business empires, countries big and small and billions of people. A new Homer yet unborn will sing of in stanzas that will be repeated for ten thousand years whenever and where ever heroes gather to feast and hoist their flagons of mead in tribute and salute . . .

      Jimmy Giles
      173 PEAR LN, PEARL, MS 39208-8749 US
      Phone: 601-613-1290
      Email: [email protected]

    • That’s beginning to include Washington, Columbus, Rhodes etc… Because we are losing now

    • @Lt.-Col. Boomer Lardass, RN, DFC

      Don’t know if there will be a next time, Colonel, Sir – my Southern Brethren are very far gone in the head and have nearly completely lost their nuts – sad to think, see, or say.

      In any case, be well!

  4. The genius GOP is trying to sneak Social Security cuts into the next stimulus bill. Giving trillions to the donors and their corporations is fine, but helping vulnerable peasants is a bridge too far. Smooth move, Ex-lax!

    The galaxy-brain Recucks also want to end or drastically reduce the extra unemployment stipend. It’s being done to punish lazy peasants that need to get back to work. The kings of Mensa in Congress seem to not understand that they made this happen. By not nationalizing payrolls like most of Europe did, they allowed businesses to let go of their employees, so naturally the workers ended up on unemployment. The bump in benefits is what has kept the severely-damaged economy to limp along. Getting rid of it will completely wreck the economy.

    The eviction moratorium currently in place doesn’t mean that rent isn’t in arrears and needs to paid at some point. Doing away with benefits in a crisis (made worse through their incompetence) will lead to massive homelessness. But “Muh debt” is all those short-sighted Scrooges can think of. The Recucks are becoming the second coming of the Whigs they replaced. If this keeps up, the Dims will win Congress back in a landslide.

    • The republicunts also refused any payroll tax cut. They are scum. The rich get richer and the peasants get to pay for all this, I guess.

  5. 1 Maccabees:2:51 Remember the deeds of the ancestors, which they did in their generations; and you will receive great honor and an everlasting name.

    2 Esdras:3:12 When those who lived on earth began to multiply, they produced children and peoples and many nations, and again they began to be more ungodly than were their ancestors.

  6. Honestly?


    These Confederates would have wanted their names on The Woke ZOG Empire’s Military Bases?


    • @Dissente
      This is a really good way of looking at it and actually made me feel a little better. This current nation doesn’t deserve to be associated with men of the caliber of Lee and Jackson. Let them rename everything FORT HARVEY MILK as short squat non women dressed up like soldiers train to be our defenders.

      • i was thinking the Army should rename Ft Bragg Ft Strom Thurmond. Senator Thurmond was a hero of D=Day and helped kill Nazis.

    • Exactly. I find that the quickest way to piss off any SJWs out there is to point out that the whole purpose of these honorable men fighting against the Union during the War Between The States was to escape its rancid embrace.

      The LAST place they would want their names to grace is ANY base that is part of ZOG’s LBGTQ military. When I point this out, it infuriates the to the point of being speechless with rage.

      I also encourage them to take Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill, suggesting that they replace him on the funny munny with Barack Obama. When they figure out that such a development would please Old Hickory, they unfortunately drop that idea.

  7. Those bases were named after Confederate generals as a gesture of reconciliation, to try and put the war behind them, to honor their abilities on the battlefield. The spirit of reconciliation is long dead, as is the Republic.

    • There are many who served at bases like Fort Bragg who came from the North and even had ancestors who fought for the Union who don’t want the names changed. What do the Republicans have for us? A big middle finger. The Republicans should have gone the way of the Whigs at least a century ago, they are a bigger threat to the country than the Left.

  8. This doesn’t go far enough. The republicans need to denounce White nationalism and White supremacy once again. I would also think about naming at least one base after Saint MLK or W.E.B. Du Bois.

    You absolutely cannot name any of these bases after White men.

    It’s good to know that republicans will no longer tolerate the rayshism of the past.

  9. Perhaps the GOPers could rename these camps after famous Israeli commanders – Fort Dayan, Fort Netanyahu, Fort Begin, Fort Stern etc.

    • Absolutely. I think we should write our GOP representatives with this awesome idea, suggesting that, when it comes to wealthy Jewish donors, the Democrats will never beat the Republicans in kissing kosher keister.

  10. As Robert W Whitaker put it: Generals surrender. Nations never surrender.

    Trump will sign the bill and praise it too. He knows cucked out Southerners are going to vote for him anyway because they have “no were else to turn”.

  11. As long as the Left continues to exist, life will continue to get worse.

    They’re a demonic cancer.

  12. If we’re relying on the Republicucks to save America from the communist Democrats… you’d better bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, because we’re fucked.

  13. As far as I’m concerned post modern Judeo-Plutocratic America is not worthy of these great men and that includes those who fought against them.

  14. As recently as mid-May I thought it was great that these bases were named after Confederates. Today, however, I think it is a DISGRACE to the memory of our ancestors to have the empire’s military bases named afer them. I feel the same way about monuments in nigger-infested cities, non-White majority schools and even the group formerly known as the Dixie Chicks. What a disgrace to the Confederacy it was to have them named Dixie. No talent, nigger-loving sluts. This is an all-out marxist purge we are in the middle of. The only thing White people can do now is arm themselves and wait until enough of us are mad enough to fight back. I believe this will happen when this purge comes to the White suburbs and rural areas. We will see then if White people will keep taking it or if they want to take it back.

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