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  1. I can only say that if i were Mr. Carlson, with his money, I would repay Mr. Carpenter the favour, and, as well, the entire editorial staff of the Times, by repeatedly publicizing their addresses, their habits, and their favourite haunts, as far askew as Mars.

    I’d set aside a couple of million dollars a year to the purpose and then hound them unto the very gates of hell.

    But, that’s just me.

    • Hello Ivan;

      Mr. Carpenter lives in Belfast, Maine. It’s a small, all White, sleepy town so it would not be difficult to find him there. People like Mr. Murray move to small town Maine to escape the diversity somewhere else but still work to bring more diversity to other people. He would be appalled to see diversity come to the town he chose to settle in though, that’s why he moved there.

      • @12…

        Thank you, Sir.

        I’m sure your comment is already making the rounds and will reach Mr. Carpenter’s e-mail box sometime this afternoon, at which point the town elders of Belfast, Maine will have to go out to the town sign and change the number from 302 to 301 folks living there!

        • Hello Ivan;

          Good comment there. One thing about all rural New England that many people don’t know, everyone there has firearms and loves to hunt and fish, especially in Maine. In the Autumn, during deer season many employers just grant employees time off, else they just call in sick because . . . it’s deer season! There are vast areas of rural New England that don’t have much money, don’t have many people and lack cultural vibrancy. Lack of vibrants correlates highly with lack of crime of course.

          Further south in Massachusetts the fishing is either on the shore or deep sea fishing which has no license requirement. In western Massachusetts and Connecticut as well as upstate NY hunting season is also a busy time, everyone is armed. There is also very little crime in those areas in spite of the fact that those areas tend to be relatively poor. Places like Belfast, Maine just don’t have enough diversity to support crime waves. No doubt that damn fool Mr. Murray would like to change that.

          Where the Hell does he expect to move to if his type screws up all White, peaceful, rural New England? How many places are left in the U.S. with that kind of racial profile? The reason he moved to small town New England is so he could enjoy nature and avoid the vibrants. The vibrants aren’t known for their desire to explore the woods and mountains where they can enjoy nature up close.


          • @12AX7…

            Thank you for your kind words and well articulated and informative thoughts.

            Though I am a dyed-in-the-wool Southerner, I am very familiar with rural New England, I having been stationed at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, as a soldier, a long time ago, PLUS – my wife and I lived 12 years on the New York/Vermont border.

            Though you would never know it from my commentary, (being critical of how New England has constantly sought to impose it’s will on The South fro 200 years) I am a big fan of Rural New England.


            Because it’s beautiful as all get-out, almost entirely unspoiled, great diversely variegated seasons, a fascinating long-storied history that equals, and or surpasses that of my own country.

            Moreover, I am a big fan of New England writers, from the poetry of Robert Frost to the short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

            Too, I like that fact that Rural New England is so laid back, which is why Vermont is absolutely my favourite non-Southern state – and, yes, I’ve toured this whole country as a musician and have lived in 13 states, all in all.

            And, yes, I like the fact that New England is White, and all the privileges that go with being around that, or, at least, that is how I see it.

            Oddly enough, for a Southern guy, I am a winter guy, and nothing excites me more than sitting by the window and watching a New England blizzard come down, this while the hearth crackles.

            And now we come to the less pleasant part of my comment to you : —- and it concerns misters Murray and Carpenter, that likes of which have played an active part in dismantling my country, Dixie, my whole dang life.

            You may not understand this, but, after watching being Dixie taken down, I have no patience left for these kinds of Whites – none, whatsoever.

            No, Sir, to my thinking this country, as big as it is, ain’t big enough for the likes of you and me and them.

            Somebody is going to have to go.

            If my Southern Brethren and fellow Smalltown and Rural Whites will take up the fight, then I will stay here and see that through to either a victory or my last breath.

            If they don’t, I am my wife are going to be spending progressively more and more time in Hungary – a Traditional White Christian Nation that understands who it is, what it is, understands how precious that is, understands who is attacking it – and why – and is neither going to look the other way or keep radio silence on what is going on.

            It’s up to y’all, My Fellow Countrymen, whether we stay here or not, because one thing we will not do is live under the Murrays and Carpenters of this world.

            Will not do it – no way, no how.

            We’ve already given up way too much to these people, as it is.

            Do what you can to make your brethren understand that we, down in Dixie, are NOT the ones who need be changed, suspected, or proscribed.

            God bless you and yours!

          • @12AX7…

            Just letting you know that I read your last response, and that I very much appreciate it and the exchange.

            As to the Carpenters and Murrays of this country : —— I cannot really wish them on Africa, because I think that would be very very UNfair to Africans!

            If I were like my wife, a plain-spoken Alabama, I might make some half-serious crack about them being put against walls and, well… but, being a Christian and a North Carolinian, we do not speak those things.

            Thanks again – we’ll be in touch!

        • @Powell…

          Is that comment yours? ‘Cuz’, if it is, let me compliment you on how dang witty that is!

          • Hello Ivan;

            Very interesting response. Messrs Carpenter, Murray and their friends are the ones who should be going away, not you and yours, preferably thousands of miles away to a paradise like the Central African Republic. There they could create Utopia, unmolested by the evil patriarchy, bad cops or white fragility. They could write home about it to their pals on the NYT staff.

            There they can toil away in the vineyards of Enlightenment educating the savages on the manifold joys of globohomo capitalism, the importance of the Constitution and that “All Men are created Equal”. Applying the latest pedagogical methods, with an army of sociologists, psychologists, consultants and ‘data driven’ research I’m sure they will make spectacular progress. Within a short time the locals would be reading Ayn Rand, the WSJ and NYT and watching Fox TV. No doubt they would want to form their own Republican Party called “Scumbags Unlimited” or something like that. Lady Maga and Ben Shapiro can be their spokesmen proving that diversity is really our greatest strength.

            They better steer clear of the cannibal’s pot when over there though else they will be that other white meat someday.

    • Tucker talked about that during this segment- the continued harassment and death threats forced him to move.

    • If you watch the video, he moved to get away from them but now his new home address is being doxxed.

    • Dart, Tucker Carlson and his family moved after being harassed by the antifa. Now, The New York Times wants to reveal his new address.

  2. Two or 3 years ago hope not hate/aka antifa lite sent a mob to tuckers house to scare his family and now the nyt are flat out doxxing his house location to the lefty terrorist mob.

    We need another law and order caps lock tweet from blumpf to protect tucker but seriously maybe tucker can sue them idunno tho the juicidal system is pretty one handed nowadays especially concerning Judaic publications like the nyt and zoghington post

  3. Anyone who doesn’t understand that we are already in the early stages of civil war, or at the very least, a violent far-left insurrection, is a fool.

      • @Captain John…

        I agree. it is a war. The siege on The Federal building in Portland is just like Fort Sumter, and the doxxing is 4th Generation war.

        It’s a war, anyway you wish to cut it.

          • @Anonymous…

            Thank you for your thoughts. I’m not sure I agree, yet, at the same time, I can see how you could see it that way.

            Blessings to you and yours!

    • War presupposes that both sides are fighting each other. In this case only one side is fighting.

      • Post of the day right here.

        Whites first have to realize that war has been declared before they can join in.

        At this point. I don’t know what else the “normies” need to see in order to come to that realization. It’s blatant now.

  4. Lot of people claim that Donald is useless. Could anybody explain, why the Swamp waging this all out war ? They could sit him out and then reverse every last Donald accomplishment.

    The only logical explanation is that Donald is actually winning, Swamp is draining and they have no time left to sit him out or fight more traditional measures .

    • @Juri…

      I’d like to think the way you do on this issue, though I am not sure.

      Against your point is the obvious fact that President Trump, as far as the governing structure of the country is concerned, has made few significant and lasting adjustments.

      For your point is something I believe that a commenter here, by the handle of 12A7, said to me a month ago – Trump dominates the narrative, and, because of that, Trump eggs (Nationalist ideas) are being planted all over the country and the Western World, and, as well, Globalist trade has been, to a certain extent, dinged, and the Leftist Judiciary is being transformed.

      Trump’s presence also is a boon to the Visegrad Countries, because he provides them some protective cover.

      So, maybe you are right. I would be interested to see what other savvy commenters have to say on this score.

      Be well!

      • @Juri/Ivan: Drumpf spent the last 4 years sucking Jewish dick, kissing black ass, massaging spics,

        and shitting on the Whites who voted for him. Even HW understands this.

        now, he’s in re-election mode and spouting the same populist shtick he did did during 2015-16.

        how many times will U fall for the same con job? And

        it makes little dif which ZOG-stooge wins the Zionist uniparty election. Both Biden and Drumpf work for the same sanhedrin of Jew York, Las Vegas, and Hollywood-Silicon Valley billionaires.

        “the leftist judiciary is being transformed”. By whom? Drumpf? With appointments of scum like Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and that raging faggot he put on the Ninth Circuit?

        s’truth: I come to this site – like Anglin’s – for comic relief. And

        I am never disappointed. And BTW, cucks like Tucker Carlson –

        who dare not say the J-word –

        deserve whatever comes to them.

        • @Lt.-Col. Boomer Lardass, RN, DFC

          Yes, Colonel, like you, I am painfully painfully aware of all this.

          I have prayed recently over whether I ought vote at all, because I despise the Biden candidacy and am so dadgum ticked at President Trump.

          The Lord said to me to vote for President Trump, and he did not make me wait, as He so often does, but, said it immediately.

          When I asked why – he answered, ‘just do what you’re told.’ A few days after the exchange, I had the feeling The Lord was telling me that Trump would do better in his second term.

          From my point of view, I’ll put it like this : —— if I go into combat, my weapon of choice would be a bolt-action rifle like an M-1, because it is very accurate, very deadly, and very mobile, and does not attract a lot of attention.

          That said, if an M-1 is not available, an unreliable and not so accurate M-16 will do, or, even, if push comes to shove, an old shotgun will do.

          At this point, Colonel, I’d like to get off a few shots at our enemies, and The Lord has given me some instruction on how best to do that.

          Sorry for being so supersticious, but, I got that way in the service.

          Thank you for your commentary. If it helps, know that I feel about things pretty much like you do.

          Be well, Sir!

    • I think at the end of the day, the Trump legacy will show that his best achievement was driving these lefties mad beyond belief and how that’s awoken some people.

      • @SC Rebel…

        “I think at the end of the day, the Trump legacy will show that his best achievement was driving these lefties mad beyond belief and how that’s awoken some people.”

        Yes, when all is said and done, the change in national tone he affected is the significant aspect, though, being unquantifiable as such a thing is, I wonder if historians will note it.

        At any rate, be well!

    • “Lot of people claim that Donald is useless. Could anybody explain, why the Swamp waging this all out war ? They could sit him out and then reverse every last Donald accomplishment”

      Its just two swamps fighting over who feasts on the decomposing corpse called USA.

      Swamp vs Swamp is Chabad-Lubavitch Jews vs Cultural Marxist Jews.

      Chabad-Lubavitch Jew Swamp:
      Anti-White, jewish supremacist, right wing, religious zionist, hyper capitalist, banker, money lender.

      Cultural Marxist Jew Swamp:
      Anti-White, jewish supremacist, mentally ill sex pervert, atheist, cultural Marxist, commie.

      We must support (((Donald))) in the Swamp vs Swamp war of 2016-2020. Lesser of two evils!

        • People will pretend Trump didn’t wish ghislaine maxwell all the best. She has something on him, and anyone with eyes and ears knows that. Trump hasn’t done a darned thing to warrant us overlooking what we knew about him in 2016.

      • @Cash For Tweets, yes it is just two sides fighting over the decomposing corpse.. Traveling through what was called the “heartland” of America when I was a child. It is indeed rotting from the very core. In of very White, idyllic town we notice all the under 30’s are degenerate freaks.

  5. “How would they feel if we doxed them?”

    Impotent words. Shaming doesn’t work on the left. They don’t care about your moral high ground, because they don’t share that morality. To them, it’s honorable to dox and harass an enemy.

    Also, they know you won’t doxx anyone. They also know that if you did, right wingers are too fat and selfish to do anything about it. All the right does is take losses.

    • Additionally, nothing will happen to them if doxed.

      They own all the giant corporations. Nobody’s going to fire them for being Antifa or BLM, if anything they’ll get a pay raise.

    • It’s nothing to do with honor or moral high ground. The left doesn’t face any consequences for being doxed because they have system support. They aren’t going to lose their jobs (or trust funds) for being anarchists. They might even get a promotion for it.

  6. I doubt that the NYT is that worried about Carlson. It is more to do with defeating his viewership.

    • @Captain John…

      Yes, Sir, but, think of it this way : —— you are a Confederate soldier whose unit has been just devastated by artillery blasts.

      As you come back to consciousness, you realize that, by the grace of God, you are alright. So then, in the midst of the chaos, you begin to look around until, eventually, as a gap in the smoke clears, you see a flag on the high ridge and realize it is your own good Southern flag, and that many of your brethren are rallying to it.

      Of course, your enemy will try to shoot that banner down, and everyone who would hold it up, so that you and your buddies cannot reconcentrate on the hill and launch a counterattack against them.

      This is what Tucker is, John, certainly for White Southerners, and I think it is no great leap to think that our enemies think that, as well.

      They fear him, fear what he represents, and, thus, think he must be struck down, anyhow or anyway – before we throw them out of Dixie, and, perhaps, The United States, as well, for good.

      They are playing for all the marbles, and because they have the unknowing guilt complex that goes with being the aggressor, they project all that aggression onto us, even though, most of us have no such intents … yet.

      ‘Yet’ is the key word here – it all revolves around whether ‘yet’ comes to be.

      I’m with you, Mr. Griffin, and the rest here, in anticipating ‘yet’.

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