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  1. “This story has done more to radicalize normies than all our collective efforts over the course of the last twenty years combined. It also just the capstone of the events of the last two months.”

    Yes, unfortunately, most people need a very unsubtle event in front of their nose to grasp tendencies arising and to fathom the trajectories implied, and, sometimes that inability to react to things that are not grossly apparent is the downfall of all of us *

    Fortunately, we have Mr. Carlson; he who quite rightly has made a very big stink about this.

    Many thanks to Missouri senator Josh Hawley (an excellent future presidential choice) and that state’s governor, as well, for both have promised to put the kaybosh on the George Soros-made Missouri AG who is prosecuting the McCloskeys for refusing to allow their mansion to be burned and sacked

  2. This is all awful. It’s also necessary. I truly hope justice is done for this couple, but it has been evident to me for quite some time that only radical leftist overreach would awaken us from our stupor, and that, given demographic realities, it needed to happen soon. Our chance is quickly approaching. We have to take it.

  3. Hunter? Hit you yet? You may be detailing a war already in progress?

    Again, one of my teachers, now gone, who said that detailing the events of history was best done much later, after the smoke and fire was dissipating.

    I disagreed with that. It wasn’t much later that same year, I was calling him at his home, demanding he drop what he was doing to watch Dean testifying before Congress on what a total creep (political pun intended!) Nixon was all along.

    We may well be at the sidelines, but, for just now. It ain’t got to the nasty part yet.

    • Would have made no difference how they held their guns…They were pointing them at the *wrong* people; the protected class who have more rights than we do.
      As we are now living under anarcho- tyranny, our “rights” are effectively non-existent.

  4. The McCloskey’s deserve this for begging for firegiveness. Why point a gun around then apologise bro?

  5. I’m hoping that the shitlib establishment are making a huge mistake in our favor for allowing their screamer and thug pets to go way too far too fast.

  6. This likely hasn’t radicalized anyone. The people who watch Tucker are all going to vote GOP because “they are our only shield against the left” like Tucker says. Right wingers are selfish individualists, and they won’t lift a finger until something comes for them personally. That’s why no one is helping this rich fool McCloskey, and it’s why he never helped anyone BLM attacked before this happened to him.

    Whites in America are screwed.

    • @Yuri…

      If Whites are screwed in this country, because we screw ourselves with our attitudes, Dear Juri, then we damn well can unscrew ourselves and change that!

      That said, just in case if my fellow Southerners and Whites continue to play sleep-walking zombie, my wife and I are advancing in our Hungarian studies.

      If push comes to shove, we would rather live as proud White Christian People in a proud White Christian Country that is prepared to defend itself, on every level, than shamedly skulk about in a subjugation here with our own kind.

      Neither my wife and I are submissives and we will not continue to take this ever expanding abuse – no way, no how.

      • @Ivan- i agree with your “lets flee this sinking ship” mentality, however, we better be leaving here pretty soon because i predict international travel will soon be at a total and complete halt and once the next election comes and goes and the Minnesota/Georgia Cops both have their charges dropped, all actual hell will break loose in Weimerica.

        • @Jude…

          Thank you for your thoughts.

          We’re not going anytime soon – preparing to go to a foreign country takes at least several years, if it is to be done right, because you have to learn not just another language, but, study the history, culture, and customs of the country and it’s neighbours, so that you do not act like a martian.

          Moreover, we have to figure out where in Hungary is the best place for us – in other words, what pretty small town, not too far away from a small city with a hospital, goods, and services, has the best environment – both in the non-polluted ecological sense and, as well, in the political cultural sense.

          Also, we need access to a good local Orthodox church

          But, yes, we expect a lot of tumult in the country between November and January, though, way out in Rural Dixie, where we live, is still in good enough shape to weather the storm.

          In another 3, 5, or 7 years, however, we don’t know.

          That, Sir, is the one million dollar question.

          Go with God!

  7. I live in St. Louis, and the general opinion is the couple look like klutzes with guns, but they had every right to defend their neighborhood…which is one of the richest, prettiest places in the city, and the rioters tore down the gate locking it from outsiders. Kim Gardiner, the City Attorney, has openly taken Soros money. In St. Louis, we’ve had 94 killings this year and only 23 warrants issued, and really, anyone with any sense needs to get out. The police are nowhere to be seen in most cases, and when you drive into the downtown, you see groups of blacks sacked out on the sidewalk.

    Gardiner was also the lead gun in prosecuting Greitens, the governor who resigned after an affair came public, an ex-SEAL who was going to clean up Missouri, but the state GOP had a hand in helping Gardiner.

    • That street is a very nice street but it is within easy walking distance of the nastiest ghetto in the Midwest. The McCloskey’s were insane to buy it.

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