Today’s Absurdities

Trader Joe’s:

For perpetuating racist stereotypes.

Amazon Go:

Uh … racism?

Michelle Malkin:

Maybe white supremacy?

Anti-racism calendar:

Now you can organize your entire life around anti-racism.

Lena Dunham Radiates Conference:

Challenges the systemic oppression of lookism and fatphobia in American society which marginalizes middle aged obese Jewish women.

Classical Music:

The inequity of the underepresentation of Black classical musicians is proof of systemic racism.

Kanye West 2020:

Ye is running for president.

BLM Mural:

It has become a window into a national mental breakdown.

Nantes Cathedral:

No doubt the Rwandan migrant felt alienated by white supremacy.

White Wealth:

Because of systemic racism.

Cisco Workers:

Because of systemic racism.



Not enough Black people which is proof if white supremacy and systemic racism.

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  1. The Trader Joe’s action described here seems to be the opposite of what the antiwhites really want. Joe is a white name. Wouldn’t they want it changed to a mestizo name? I don’t get it. Shouldn’t they want the company name changed to a non-English one, instead of having it drop nonwhite brand names?

  2. Their use to many black musicians interested in classical trained western music theory; however, mostly applied to jazz Improvisation.

    Rap music becoming (((popular))) since the late 70s killed black musicianship, it’s has gotten only steadily worse concerning the (((Music Industry))) not promoting black musicianship 40 years latter since rap took ((off ))).

    It has also weekend white musicianship as a result.

    Thankfully northeastern Asians have filled in to help the lack of white conductors musicians and composers.

    Music appreciation is more accepting for classical music In Japan than in the west.

    • Exactly I agree Rap is the most toxic form of music not only for whites because its anti white imagery of cop killing and constant use of the n-word (a word we can’t say) but because its gang culture promotes the glorification of drugs,sex and murder. Rap has destroyed the black community more as a result of its ghetto fabulous bullshit, at least jazz has a skilled musicanship to play and had a healthier image of respectability

      Yep rock n roll isn’t promoted by the music industry that much anymore because its white supremacy now I guess or something

    • Forced integration was supposed to elevate the black man. It actually lowered the White man but our enemies knew it would all along.

  3. Trader Joe’s says it is in the process of phasing out names like “Trader Ming’s” and “Trader José” that have appeared on its international food products.

    A pity. The former is a warning to the buyer that you can possibly become infected by some exotic disease while the latter tells you that that there is a high probability that the food you are about to eat was fertilizes with human feces.

  4. That bikini clad tatooed jewish whale is an abomination..her look is as digusting as her mind, she’s the closest thing to a walking, talking fart that hollyweird has produced.

    • Will blumpf tweet law and order again following his supporters are getting attacked at malkins rally? One can only hope Its been almost 2 days since we need another law and order caps lock tweet. Guess it doesn’t really matter its Joe biden’s america afterall…

      • My previous comment didn’t mean to reply to this but Lena is looking horrible nowadays she has always been a insufferable anti white shitlib heeb bitch but at least she was decent looking when she was skinny and had the dyke haircut. She didn’t take Hilarys loss so well and ate herself into this blob disgusting tats on her too

  5. There have been black opera stars, like Leontyne Price. But that’s not enough, of course. Whitey’s music, like all of his cultural achievements, must be perverted. Should we look forward to Ice Cube’s version of “Madame Butterfly” dropping soon, like a steaming turd from a dog’s behind?

    • Boomer- the point is, Classical Music (and Bel Canto in particular) is so clearly WHITE MAN’S MUSIC, that ANY non-White, ‘aping’ singers like Callas, Tebaldi, Sutherland (and even Jewish Beverly Sills) is nothing more than cultural appropriation of OUR Music, OUR culture, OUR history, OUR systems of education (Bel Canto is a 400 year old study of the human voice that came out of Christendom, and Italy, in particular).

      Price is still live, I think. She (and Jessye Norman) after her, had/have incomplete techniques, faulty techniques, and even BAD techniques- but they get careers, recording contracts, adulation from the JEWISH scum of NYC, (that have taken over the management of institutions like the MET for decades, and have pushed this homosxualization/negrification/bastardization of the WHITE MAN’S ART FORM) for one reason- the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. As if that mattered, when it came to the human voice!

      At the same time, the Gay Mafia, and Jews like Levine, sought to use their position to ‘Me Too’ their sexual perversions to make the entire genre disgusting, both here and abroad. And they did this, while denying it to many, many White Americans, who could have had much better careers, and reputations, had they been allowed to compete fairly.

      Frankly, N-lips and fat cow bodies on stage pretending to be beautiful women of history, is disgusting.
      Even Aida was meant to be visualized as an European in blackface… because nobody ain’t gonna love a darkie in real life… especially a White Egyptian noble. Especially when women like Schwarzkopf, Anna Moffo, Katia Riciarelli, Mirella Freni, and Elina Garan?a are around. (The recent Cenerentola broadcast, with midget ape Brownlee and she as the love interests, was GROSS!)

      • Father John, good to hear from you again. I’m not an opera fan, so I appreciate your insights on it. If I recall, you’re an Orthodox clergyman. I’ve been reading Sopko’s book on John Romanides’ theology. Romanides has helped me understand and deepen my faith. Orthodoxy is the most Eurocentric part of Christianity, so it would help us to focus on that, as opposed to the hopelessly divided and cucked Western side of the faith.

  6. Trader Joe’s cucking hard is no surprise. The place is the food idol of communist Democrats everywhere. I find the place good food wise but not all that. Not outstanding or anything. I think the sheer size of the place, decent prices and its diversity of food choices gets folks over excited. Plus it really is a food shrine for leftist weirdos.

    Once again a corporation is showing not to be a friend to White people or buckles in two seconds when pressure is applied. The truth is Trader Joe’s can tell the entire world to go ” F off” with the huge money they have but it’s simply never enough money for these people. Their whole lives were dedicated to making as much cash as possible and that was pretty much it. Pathetic.

    This kind of goes right into what Aoc and a couple of others introduced the other day. She wants to tax billionaires in New York more. Good. Do it. This is a prime example where nationalists should join with leftists in taxing billionaires.

    Conservatards mumble “no to muh higher taxes” for the obscenely wealthy. Yeah, as if a billionaire will remotely feel a small tax increase. Lol. As if that billionaire did not get that money in part by screwing over workers or avoiding taxes. So sick of seeing people who will never become billionaires or even multimillionaires sticking up for ridiculously wealthy people who promote mass immigration and mass job deportations.

    Governor Cuomo mumbled something about not going after him; that it should be done on a federal level. Ok, how about both? His premise is the super rich will leave the state if taxed more. Maybe. Maybe not. Until it can be done on a federal level where a billionaire would have to leave the country to avoid the tax, you do it state by state. Most billionaires reside in California and New York. The majority will not leave the state if taxed more. They seem to be ok with living in two of the highest taxed states as it is. Why? Because they agree with the politics, it’s where the financial action is and they like the busy nature of those places.

    Personally I think they should tax those with 500 million and up. Not just billionaires. It’s laughable to pretend people with that kind of money feel a small or moderate tax increase.

    Capitalism has bleeped us hard. It has some good to it but like a wild horse was allowed to run with no restrictions. You can bet if capitalism was more fair we would have had less riots. Capitalism has run down White people with its excessive greed, making people work much harder just to make it, has brought in tons of immigration and deported millions of jobs, had astronomically raised housing prices. I can go on. Ridiculous conservatives defend capitalism more than they defend JESUS. Lol.

    So Trader Cucks getting rid of ethnically named foods is no shock. Nearly all corporations are cowards and usually no friend of working people. They are certainly no friend of White people as the billions in welfare payouts to Blm prove. As does the fact hordes of corporations side with homosexuality and illegal aliens.

    So Aoc or any other socialist is not always wrong. I would say they are right 3 out of 10 times. A .300 average. In baseball that average gets you a huge contract, a great place in the batting order and probably a place in the Hall of Fame.

    • Rush Limbaugh has brainwashed his whole crowd into defending predatory millionaires and billionaires.

      • Lol. So true, Powell. As Rush swims in mega cash for years. Look, I hope he recovers from a very serious cancer situation but the fact his supporters are making like 50 k per year defending the uber rich is a comedy act. The uber rich get there by wanting lower pay, bringing in never ending immigrants and deporting jobs. Rush is convincing people barely getting by that dreaming of becoming a multimillionaire or billionaire and having these uber rich not pay a fair amount of taxes percentage wise is the American way. No, limiting immigration, taxing the super rich, importing jobs and lowering housing costs is the American way. Conservatism is a major loser as always. Just look at John Kasich.

  7. The ultimate absurdity: The White race being the only race ever to be driven into extinction for fear of being called a “racist”.

  8. The Trader Joe’s where I live has markers outside – spaced six feet apart – with the names of black rappers (and other blacks artists) that you have to stand on until they allow you into the store. They did this when the George Floyd fiasco started. It’s like all these companies had the material ready and waiting to be used when the situation ignited. This company is a joke anyway. From what I’ve seen, the stores only hire mostly young, very liberal people. Also, some of their items are fairly clean but most are not clean. When you question it, they state the entire store is non-GMO yet no items are marked.

    I fully endorse the stupid accusations that the woke crowd is complaining about.

    Time for a racial divorce white people.

  9. I used to go to Trader Joe’s to get some cheap brie cheese, but I stopped when they went hog wild during C-19. You had to stand outside, wrapping around the corner, because the store was full, and no more bags of your own, then the waiting…in rain storms or 98 degree humidity…you saw people you always see, the natural fibers crowd, tenured women leading their males around, and you can smell the social consciousness like cheap, altrusitic perfume. i went to my own supermarket, paid the extra three bucks I can easily afford, and am happy.

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