Today’s Absurdities


Sleep is systemically racist and White people are complicit.

E. Michael Jones books:

For thought crime.

Ellen DeGeneres:

For racism, fear and intimidation of Black people.

Classical Music:

For being White which is systematically racist.

Adrianna San Marco:

For expressing an opinion contrary to the narrative.

Politically Incorrect Mathematicians:

Unworthy of being honored by their theorems.

Decolonizing Dance Lessons:

“Doing the work” takes up so much time.

Decolonizing Science:

The truth about science from an African perspective.

Nick Cannon:

Criticizing Jews is where your cross the line.

Now for a small white pill:

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  1. The older Miss Ellen gets, the more she reminds me of that guy who used to ‘adorn’ the covers of the Mad Magazines I love so as a teen.

  2. Oh, no – classical music is ‘racist’!

    Amazing how, in all those years, I never recognized that, in practicing those suites for cello, lute, harpsichord, or violin, by Johann Sebastian Bach, I was really just playing different renditions of The Horst Wessel Lied.

    I supposed that, in being a virtuoso classical guitarist, I ought be the recipient of the honourary collar diamonds of an SS-Sturmbannführer, along with the Knight’s Cross to the Iron Cross.

    Will wonders ever cease…

    • A picker myself, that’s an easy one to deduce, albeit, any study of such be rassis and sheeit, true?

      I was explaining this to a young woman who teaches music, as to why we crackas tend to prefer sounds that follow a structure (Bach, Mussorgsky, Sabbath, et al…) versus that some of us refer to as annoyance. The clowns with their “theory” wish to refer to this as “naive” versus “sentimental”. Such, they attempt, is to explain why sonic bullshit like Captain Beefheart, to my ears, sounds like another Saturday at the music store, versus the smooth qualities of Paul Hardcastle……right?

      Add in, as I needle, the genetic factors. Blacks, whether they wish to accept such or not, still go back to those heady days of Africa, where what passed for music was as simplistic as possible. Yes, you don’t exactly need lessons on how to tune your instrument, let alone, the cycle of fifths, scales, harmonic theory and all that, correct?

      Ergo, that crap coming out that passing car that sounds like someone barking the afterburner on an F-16, replete with “eff this” and whatever….is about as “naive” as one can get, and, if we strip away any technology to produce same, it’s still that tribal stuff they did some 150,000 back, see?

      Wellsir, as I go on, as our kind departed Africa for Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific rim, we kinda invented….structure. Oh, yeah, for reasons as still unknown, we Aryans, etc….ah! We invent stuff, see? Breaking an octave down to 12 notes? Harmony? Melody? Style?

      And I can hear it. A young woman performing on an old Japanese instrument? The droning of the sitar? The crying growl from a 100-watt Marshall? The complexity of Pictures At An Exhibition!

      But, yeah, the sad stuff now, such owes to a mind capable of comprehending such. The dumb kid driving around with that racket pumping out the back seat? Hey, kid? Did you know your genetic history is on full display to the rest of us? That you didn’t exactly…..oh, horror……EVOLVE??

      Yes. Blacks hate us crackas for just that. We moved up the ladder, they stalled out. And their “music” is a dead giveaway, see?

      Test on Monday!

      • @Doc…

        Thank you, Sir, for your kind and interesting comment.

        I guess that, after reflection, Bach, Black Sabbath, Mussorgsky, Debussy, and Beethoven are ‘White Supremacy’, because they demonstrate the fecundity and capaciousness of The White Mind that has no equal, and I say that as an enthusiast of different musics from all around the world.

        If one wants to see proof of the superiority of the White Mind, just look to our ‘Classical Music’, for it is the ONLY music that every race and culture in the world aspires to play, even, in many cases, beyond their own national style.

        Be well!

    • “I supposed that, in being a virtuoso classical guitarist, I ought be the recipient of the honourary collar diamonds of an SS-Sturmbannführer, along with the Knight’s Cross to the Iron Cross.”

      Ivan- Let’s get together and I’ll sing Dowland Lute songs, (if you’ll have me) and we can both goose-step on stage, to ‘Come again, sweet love’… and then break into a chorus of “Springtime for Hitler and Germany.” LOL

  3. Of all the places to have books removed an Irish library is one of the last ones I expected.

    In the Dark Ages Catholic Irish monks meticulously maintained books that would be re-circulated back into Europe when civilization returned years later.

    They even wrote down oral Nordic Sagas and maintained a record of a neighboring people! (Scandinavian Barbarians still had not developed a system of writing at this time)

    Now in a tragic twist a descendant of these Dark Ages Monks is being censored by secular tyrants!

  4. What about Moshiach? Is he an extremist? Is he a racist? Is he a racist extremist? Hellyeah. The biggest.

    What you are seeing before your very eyes, it is gods will. The Jews want more than anything to rule over us and God almighty has curse the Jews as unfit to rule. And when ever the Jews come to power everything goes to hell. It is Gods will, Gods punishment. And it is eternal damnation for the Jews, forever trying but never succeeding. until the end of time.

    A just punishment from God? To eternally torment those who torment us? God loves us.

  5. Ellen degenerate is getting cancelled? thank god couldn’t come soon enough. I can’t stand this unfunny lesbo and her bad dancing
    Remember years ago coming home from school and arguing with my sister because she would be watching this shit and I would wanna watch something else surprised its still on honestly

  6. Until I lost my hearing, my musical taste, such as it was, was “classical,” i.e.: Highly organized orchestral, from the Bachs on forward. “Pop,” so-called, was a matter of the remotest neutral-valence indifference. But now, it almost makes me glad to have gone deaf.

  7. @Brad The most famous West Virginian, Thomas Stonewall Jackson has had his name removed from a Charleston, WV middle school.

    I never thought I would see the day…

    • But hey! The Governor (Justice) now has all his minions masked, and the capitol has a new, shiny dome. Bastard.

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