CNN Announces New Significant and Sustained Commitment To Racial Coverage

Welcome to Rwanda.

I suppose this is all they got now because no one else is watching.

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  1. How does humanity end racism? It’s the real deal existential philosophical question?

    Three solutions:

    1: Mix all the races by equal DNA testing and forced breeding to make this an equality by means to and end vs means?

    2: Genocide all races, however ( The chosen ones who mix and genocide all the goyim ) live at the top of food chain with no mixed race slave to build sky scrapers in NYC and Tel Aviv to make a profit renting Asian robots to occupy sky scrapers in those modern soulless hell holes?

    3: Its up to the white few who will fight back!
    White squatting camps in South Africa our the future with lower class whites no sell out rich traitorous whites.
    They are the down trotted, however are having children who will avail the working class/poor forgot whites.

    It’s similar to a Mad Max Movie!

    Grab your popcorn, it’s a Greek tragedy or a jew flick playing on repeat on some local community board casting channel on your cable antenna and internet (((media))).

    The reality is Existential and where living it!

    The Truth will set you free; however you need a bank to secure your future.

    Get the PICTURE???????

  2. Pro-Whites, unlike respectable conservatives who never will, need to destroy the word “racist” once and for all. It’s nothing more than an Anti-White hate slur meaning any White person who doesn’t want their race abolished.

    “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

  3. When is Jeff Zuckenheimer going to be replaced by a black guy? Don’t hold your breath. The racial antagonism is a Jew orchestrated affair and if blacks ran television and media as Jew do now, their would be less racial instigation than now. So when is Jeffy Zucky going to step aside and allow a competent capable black person lead? When Jeff?

  4. I am expecting to see raids on TV stations and printing presses. Not by Antifa and BLM though.

  5. The reason kosher Zucker can do this madness has to do with cable tv and the way it’s packaged. Cnn just moved into new expensive digs in New York despite generally average to crappy ratings. This is due to the fact they are like a pilot fish who latches on to the big fish. Cnn charges around a buck per cable subscriber. The fact they are allowed to be part of packaged subscriptions causes this. It’s why Chris Cuomo can make big bucks despite coming across as a demented loser. Sure, they would like better ratings. But in the end it’s about being that pilot fish hanging on the big fish.

    Thus , cnn can do expanded coverage of black lunacy. All it basically means is they will push even more anti Trump and anti White things. This is what happens when so called news is allowed to distort and ruin. News is at least 85% responsible for the anti White, anti American and anti police views blacks have. Look at the obsession with George Floyd and Charlottesville. All by plan to destroy.

    A normal country would shut down cnn and arrest Zucker for sedition. But our lazy founders gave an extremely short homework report on the press. I really don’t see how America returns back to some normalcy outside of arresting and suing many news media companies out of existence. That Nick Covington kid beat cnn. Why can’t others?

    • The Founders never dreamed a hostile, alien group would be allowed to come in and take control of the press.

  6. On a side note, I keep saying Nick Covington. Sorry, it’s Nick Sandmann who went to Covington High School.Lol. Either way I am proud of the kid for going after cnn and winning! Should be happening on a regular basis!

  7. Could cnn possibly get worse? I guess if everyone working there was some nigger loving faggot, it would be worse.

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