Woke July the 4th

I’m the extremist!

These demons are the mainstream!

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  1. It is over my friends. QUICK SYNOPSIS OF MY HOLIDAY. Went to my great great Aunts home which has been in our family for 160 years, to do some late night woodworking. The same group of Pakistani teens, differing from the rest of the block which is also Pakistani or Indian, smoking weed all hours of the night and blasting their ethnic music were now firing mortars 5 feet over my car and home. Words were exchanged only to have my family scold me the next day when they found out saying “its only hookah. They are good guys excited about the 4th.”.

    The other area i grew up in closed down the block to film a 4th of July Rap music video with tons of twerking, Hennessy, fireworks and a scene you wouldn’t be used to outside of Chicago or Baltimore. At least they are friendly or at worst do their own thing.

    Coming back to the other old property just now and not seeing a white face on the block along with the arrogant and dismissive glances of the Pakistani teens and the “new Americans” (this neighborhood became all Middle Eastern within the past decade. Out of nowhere) And they think whites are scum. They will tell you to leave their area despite it being named after one of my ancestors.

    I have been driving around my east coast area for hours and going into stores or the neighboring areas, it isnt America anymore. It is violence, instance gratification and capitalism without a soul

  2. And as usual reading the Tweet threads above is maddening. People refuse to take up for their own, just lots of “Washington freed his slaves” “America fought for all men to be equal” “The Democrats are the real racists”…… While also shifting on Lee and the Confederacy willing to concede any and all historical sites if they leave Washington and Lincoln alone for a few more years.

    If these people haven’t realized citing MLK and Harriet Tubman will not suddenly wake the Marxists and Progressives up, what will it take. The only thing we share with these people at this point is a dismissal of violence and not wanting to see people get hurt in mass. Beyond that their pride and sense of identity is just gone . it no longer exists

  3. What a piece of shit Kaepernick is.

    His mother is WHITE.

    He was raised by WHITE parents.

    Yet , he wants to play like he’s been suffering with da brothers all of his life.

    This guy has lived a better life than a lot of white people with his net worth supposedly around 20 million. All while getting his half breed ass kissed. What has he suffered as a half breed black man?

    I am sick of hearing celebrity blacks, who live in the lap of luxury, complain about YT.

    He wants to talk about suffering blacks. How many white people have been robbed, raped, murdered, beaten, and had to flee once decent neighborhoods because of blacks? I am not saying that things were perfect for blacks all the time, but lets deal with the present. The problem in modern America is not white people. And of course the cops can be an issue, but when they abuse white people, which happens plenty, nobody gives a shit. White lives don’t matter.

    Apparently that’s all white supremacy.

    • Half-breeds can often be the worst. They reject whatever white ancestry they possess(partially because the white parent did as well) and have serious identity issues. Kaepernick most likely wouldn’t have amounted to anything had it not been for the white virtue-signalers who adopted him.

  4. Keapernik isn’t wrong. 4th July is white supremacy.

    Let thesd nogs have a new country away from whitey.

  5. The problem with the right is that it constantly seeks peace and understanding with those who live for violence and destruction and who has no other motive than it feels good to punch others.

  6. Here’s what I fail to understand. Ghana has offered free land and automatic citizenship to any African American or African Caribbean who wants to come on home. Black people in America can go to a place where there is no systemic racism because everything is run by black people, there are no white supremacist out to get them, there are no white cops waiting to shoot them down for no reason whatsoever besides the color of their skin, there are no white cops looking to lock them up for no reason whatsoever besides the color of their skin. There are no white people anywhere to oppress them.

    And yet, black people in America choose to stay here and be oppressed. People who live in oppressive lands like North Korea or the old Soviet Union risked their lives trying to get out of those oppressive lands. How many people were killed trying to cross the wall to get into West Berlin?

    Black people can literally get an Uber and go to the nearest airport and get a one way ticket to Ghana where they can be completely liberated. And no one will try to stop them from leaving!! They don’t have to evade sniper fire or outrun vicious German shepherds or run through a landmine field or hop over electric fences.

    So the million dollar question is, why won’t black people leave to Ghana? Why do they stay here and be “enslaved and oppressed”?

    • I think it’s called “will to power”. They want power, to dominate. Its payback time Whitey; you now grovel at our feet, you meet our every demand and you say what we tell you to say. You jump through our hoops now. Henceforth we control America’s narratives and history. Politicians and media are going along with it. Why, is the question!

    • I do hope this is a rhetorical question Mr. Kelly. If not, I pray you don’t have to find the answer from the barrel of gun, or crowd of haters.

  7. The silver lining if the US gets destroyed is that all the legislated shackles against ordinary white men goes with it.

  8. A lot of people talk about Camp of the Saints but few have read it.

    There’s a set of white characters in it that really are fantastic archetypes.

    Ballan, the activist in India, he’s a classic.

    The French leftwing pundit, forget the name now but he reminded me of several do gooding angels on MSNBC like Lawrence Odonnell. The blood curdling cynicism that seeps out of every pore.

    I liked the Consul in India who deals with the first wave of the Turd Eater as he berates the Brotherhood of Man assembly in his office.

    The Professor’s encounter with the Antifa on the beach. Gold.

  9. I know people are pissed at Trump here. To me he meets the threshold to be voted for again. If it were Lindsey Graham, Romney, Rubio, Kasich, Grassley, Lee and on and on I would sit it out. The fact evil Biden wants to destroy the suburbs before he dies should give pause to anti Trump fever. Biden is looking to expand Obama’s chase every last white person down policy of bringing even more blacks into the suburbs. They hide their wicked agenda in diversitard and ” the power is in the burbs” song and dance act. Gee, they ruined the cities with that excuse so the burbs is the next one up. For that alone Trump should be voted for.

    Folks have the luxury of dunking on Trump. I agree he messed up some things. I agree he has not been totally what I hoped for. At the same time I never expected as much from him as others did. He was never super political. At times yes. But he was never like Tucker Carlson who is basically a policy wonk who hit the lottery working for Fox news.

    What Trump has done is move the ball. There have been no touchdowns. This is true. He is a very self absorbed dude and no doubt his waking moments are on reelection. That is forcing him to pick his game up of late. He cannot win without the nationalist vote. President Kushner has forced him into a corner and in the 12th round of the fight, Trump knows he cannot win without nationalists.

    Trump reminds me of a doctor my dad had who helped save my dad’s life. The doctor refused to let my dad leave the hospital and recommended a very good surgeon not associated with the hospital. We went with it and things turned out well. We then would see the doctor who did the recommendation for a few years. He was wacky, could be surly, a bit controlling and some folks hated him. In the end the doc made a point of keeping my dad’s numbers good despite his drama. This reminds me of Trump.

    There is no way Republicans can go back to conservative Inc. and win. Sure you may say they are that now but the truth is Trump is pushing the Republicans to nominate Tucker. That is a step forward. No way would that talk happen if Graham or Kasich or Romney were president. And for that I thank him.

    Nationalists can learn a lot from Sanders supporters and Blm. Those groups have become the driving force behind the Democrat party. Look at how not one Democrat mayor or governor is stopping their terrorist acts. Baltimore terrorists just tore down Columbus and dumped him into water. The Democrat mayor won’t do a thing. In part due to probably supporting it but the bigger fear is political loss. We shall see how the cucked Republitard governor of Maryland, Hogan, responds.

    As is said on this site often, normies are being forced into thinking and believing things they normally would not want to deal with. This is very true. Hw is a great political mind. The articles are stellar. Many of the people who comment are very intelligent as well.

    My hope is to have just one politician break that egg and mention break up. Since most Republicans are nutless, I expect it to come from the left.

    After seeing Biden pushing more non whites into the burbs which is strictly meant to weaken Republican votes, yeah that should make you pull the lever for Trump. A Biden administration is going to be the most anti white administration ever. Daca on day one. Expansion of the ghetto into the burbs. Massive increase in refugees who will be placed in purple and red states. Reparations will be reality. Anything deemed white will come down. Again, if it were a President Graham or Romney I would just sit. But Trump can and is leading to a President Carlson or maybe a quiet Republican who votes correctly on most things would step up. Give Trump one more shot because a President Biden and his female black are going to turn America into one giant ghetto nationwide. Yeah it can get worse. Radically so.

    • No one could be worse for Whites than Trump. Not only did he fail on all of the promises he made, I have never felt more unsafe. And I live in a White town armed to the teeth. We reopened too early & non-Whites are all over the place. These protests are really about Trump, who tweets a good game but has done nothing. He has to go. I’m sick of this.

      • “No one could be worse for Whites than Trump.”

        Untrue. It can always be worse. And it will be.

    • @Jeff…

      “I know people are pissed at Trump here. To me he meets the threshold to be voted for again. If it were Lindsey Graham, Romney, Rubio, Kasich, Grassley, Lee and on and on I would sit it out… Give Trump one more shot because a President Biden and his female black are going to turn America into one giant ghetto nationwide. Yeah it can get worse. Radically so.”

      I agree, Jeff, that it is, in some ways, a difficult call to make.

      My wife is leaning towards voting for Trump again, for all the reasons you state.

      I am leaning against voting for him precisely for the reason you state – that it can get ‘radically worse’.

      My view is, let us get right to the radically worse period, so that we can get onto the next period of making a new country.

      There is no benefit to continue on delaying the funeral of The United States.

      It will not be reanimated, as is.

      Call it what you want : we have to reconfederate, and the sooner the better, no matter what the travail is to passing over that is.

      • What bothers me, Ivan, is whites are upset and all but are still the majority in the country. A Biden and the black chick administration will leap frog to make whites a minority. Whites speak of being deluged often. To literally be it is a whole different story. Sort of like a White in Detroit, Newark or Baltimore. Imagine that nationwide or darn close.

        I understand the urge to “get it over with.” But we want to have some ko power on our side and not just a dwindling minority with little power. We don’t just want to hope the other side treats us well and then get steamrolled.

        There is no doubt a Trump victory will make the other side go ape%÷=. That will drive even more friction. In fact I don’t see how another four years of Trump does not lead to a massive push for breakup.

        Again, you don’t want to be negotiating from a point of weakness which is the goal of a decaying Biden and the devils behind him. Their goal is to pummel whites into submission the way a White kid would be if his or her insane parents sent him to a black school. That is the goal the Democrats have for whitey. I feel wacky Trump gives far more leverage for Whites compared to a scenario of Democrats winning the White House and Senate. That includes negotiating a breakup.

        Biden is so evil and sold out that he is mumbling something about systemic racism now. This is the same guy in the Senate who sent dog whistles about black crime. He is a complete dirtbag. Nearly 80 and blood cult Planned Parenthood loves him. To think of him and hordes of communist blacks and browns in the blackhouse if he won truly would bother the crap out of me and countless whites. It’s a gamble to think whites would ” step up” coming from a point of weakness and defeat if Biden won. The left would do the breakup push if Trump won. I see more chance and hope in that one.

        • @Jeff…

          Thank you for your thoughtful and forthcoming reply.

          I agree, Biden is godawful.

          Yes, if Trump wins you are right, The Left will go looney cubed, and, yes, there are positive possibilities in that, along with plenty of pain.

          But, we are going to have pain no matter what we do, so the question is what kind of pain is the right pain?

          The thing is that I do not see that we have any power ‘on our side’, as you say.

          To me it looks like we have lost our politicians, our institutions, our culture, our collegiate system, our media, our culture, and, yes, our collective soul as a nation – as we are a remarkably ungodly lot.

          I think carrying on in way like this is not a beneficial pain, but, merely putting off the inevitable.

          That said, I could be wrong and you could be right.

          To that end, I will continue to think about this and continue to evaluate it, as, in North Carolina it could come down to a few hundred votes.

          If the president would give me any confidence that he is more than words I would be fore him, but, I don’t see it.

          Yesterday’s speech at Rushmore is case in point : —- he said we won’t let our statues be taken down, then what happened to day, in Baltimore, no less, right near the White House.

          it’s like there is a recording left on in The Oval Office, yet , just like the move, ‘Home Alone’, no one is really at home.

    • This belief is why America has fallen, to begin with. At best, Trump buys you 4 more years to try and die in materialistic peace, 4 more years for cucked Whites to refute reality. Perhaps you refuse to see that the deck is stacked against you, even if Trump is re-selected. Trump is owned, has always been, which is why he has done nothing to save America; he cannot. Go ahead, “vote” for Trump, it will not save you.

      What is happening now, is the product of a century-long effort to infiltrate, destablize, and usurp America. Even if Trump sits in the White House 4 more years, the bolshevik revolution will continue. The idea that if we just hold out a little longer, we can “vote” someone into office who can save America, is delusional. America’s days are numbered, either way.

      • @Rob…

        I respectfullg disdagree – Trump is not owned.

        What he is is a Madison Avenue Huckster – he wanted to run for president to heighten the visibility of his endeavours, at the least, and, at the most, to become president to renegotiate trade deals and improve the economy.

        The rest of the stuff he said just to tweak peoples’ sensibilities to make for publicity and, on the outside chance, to get elected.

        My wife called it a few days after the election, when she said that he never thought he was going to win.

        That was confirmed by a conversation he had had with Roger Ailes, a few months after the latter’s death in 2018.

    • Trump has never failed to fail on every significant promise he made. He is either incapable or unwilling to do anything useful either of which amounts to the same thing.

      You will not be voting your way out of this.

      • @Sharrukin…

        I agree he has been ineffective, bit, he has kept some promises, from not starting a new war to appointing justices from a list given to him by The Federalist Society.

        He did renegotiate NAFTA and the China trade deals, push back again st transgenderism, refund the military, advance the cause of school choice, defund Planned Parenthood, both here and abroad, and did pass a large tax break.

        He did not come through on immigration, manufacturing, Silicon Tech busting, pharmaceutical drugs price reduction, draining the swamp, and medical care.

        In my view, it is nowhere near enough, but, he has done something.

  10. It’s all so awkward. Because the US observes a revolutionary Liberal moment, that in reality was a cynical coup by landowners who drove slaves, it’s stuck with the contradictions.

    Founding of Jamestown would have been a more solid basis for continuity and celebration.

    John Smith et Al were infinitely more interesting than Washington anyway.

    • @Captain John…

      “It’s all so awkward. Because the US observes a revolutionary Liberal moment, that in reality was a cynical coup by landowners who drove slaves, it’s stuck with the contradictions.”

      That’s a fantastically insightful comment that, in a 360 degree circumference, strikes to the heart of the matter.

      Thank you!!!

  11. I can’t wait to separate from people like this. And Colin Kaepernick is your typical anti-white bigot.

    • @Stefania…

      “I can’t wait to separate from people like this. And Colin Kaepernick is your typical anti-white bigot.”

      I totally agree, and have for years.

      We have a lot of land in this country, most of it unoccupied, and we need to divide up into at least two countries, if not numerous more.

      I have no desire to live in a country of Colin Kaepernicks and I have little doubt that they do not want to live in a country of Ivan Turgenevs.

      • Nobody is keeping you here, Ivan. I may not agree with Colin, but I sure as hell support his freedom to speak his mind (or lack of). His real father’s reportedly a fair skinned Afro-American and his appearance shows he isn’t half black, but he’s probably a fraud just like fellow multiracial agitator Louis Farrakhan. Louis and Colin’s fame and fortune depend on blaming the man and they know the black community looks up to the lighter skinned out of internalized insecurity. But they’ll never move to a black run country because they know what a living hell it is.

  12. When is the faggot we have in the White House going to do anything to stop this insurrection? We have armed black militias showing up now, stopping cars and threatening White drivers. I seriously wonder if Trump is actually part of this shitshow.

    • I wonder about the same thing. Trump is in fact, a con artist. I voted for him knowing this, but I could never have imagined things getting this bad. All of the dm stories about gun sales going through the roof? Well guess who’s buying them? They already have more semi automatic weapons in Chicago than every White enclave put together. Calling us out. This is just dumb. Whoever is voting for “liberal tears”, who’s crying now?

      • Who are you going to vote for who will improve the situation? Our political system is broken, just like everything else in this country.

        • I’m voting for Biden and the Black. We have never been more despised. Do you all have families? I do & I’m not willing to be further humiliated for Trump. We are being canceled everywhere, and I have a grandchild on the way. At least with Democrats, we can righteously blame them for this foolishness. These last 2 years have been hell.

      • It’s going to be up to ordinary people to defend themselves. The Republican Party is just as shitty now as it always was, if it isn’t a capital gains tax cut or an overseas war for other people’s kids to fight in, they aren’t interested.

    • I seriously wonder if Trump is actually part of this shitshow.


      Gee, ya think his CONSTANT use of the Masonic hand gestures…

      —\       /—
           \    /

      …might be a sign of this?!?

  13. “July 4th is theirs not ours” says it all. They don’t want “unity”, fair and reasonable political and social alternatives or compromise. They want the total destruction of everything White, including us. They are the battering ram of our Anti-White overlords. That’s why nothing is being done to stop them and Whites are being arrested for trying to defend themselves against it.

    And White Genocide is just a “conspiracy theory”.

  14. Re: “These demons are the mainstream”:

    I think it would be heartening, not frightening, to see knowledge of historic (from its very beginning) U.S. imperialism, colonialism and plutocracy becoming mainstream and issuing in nationwide and worldwide protests and general strikes. However the current “frightening” (or “demonic”) protest behavior in the U.S. is mostly not based on knowledge. It is mostly a fad or mass hysteria “led” by orchestrated, controlled opposition, that will disappear suddenly when its political purpose has been fulfilled, because it is not based on knowledge and firm moral conviction. It is like the seed of the Gospel when it is sown on rocks, that has no root, that germinates and dies. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” U.S.-centered Capitalism IS the world’s ministry of “truth”; it still “controls the discourse” and “educates” the masses in most countries.

    Don’t worry, these “demonic” protests are failing, and they are like an immunization against future opposition to the system, which is emerging from this challenge stronger than ever. For proof of this optimism, just look at rise of the stock market throughout the protests and rapidly worsening pandemic.

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