Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Care About Equal Protection of the Law

Are you kidding me?

When the Democrat governor of Virginia and the City of Charlottesville colluded to have the police stand down at the Unite the Right rally in August 2017, Mitch McConnell and the GOP blamed us exclusively for what happened in Charlottesville even though we had won in federal court.

The GOP Senate unanimously condemned us while exempting Black Lives Matter and Antifa and Terry McAuliffe and the City of Charlottesville from any blame for what happened that day. Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio celebrated Antifa as heroes. Then Trump’s Justice Department and the FBI systematically arrested and imprisoned White Nationalists including people who never even left their house for defending Trump supporters while doing nothing about Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Berkeley and Portland have been lawless zones for years. Charlottesville was another step in the trend of Democratic cities refusing to enforce the law against leftwing mobs. Then came the Proud Boys who were attacked and imprisoned in New York City. The GOP has sat back and done nothing while a mob has taken over part of Seattle and launched an insurrection all over the country. The same federal law enforcement agencies which KILLED PEOPLE at Ruby Ridge and Waco have ignored CHAZ/CHOP.

The GOP doesn’t care about equal protection under the law. It doesn’t care about defending our borders. It doesn’t care about violent anarchist mobs attacking American citizens and Democratic cities becoming modern day sundown towns. It certainly doesn’t care about our monuments. It doesn’t care about social media censorship. All it cares about is catering to the interests of wealthy donors.

Note: If you live in Kentucky, DO NOT vote to reelect Mitch McConnell in November. The only thing worse than having no representation in Congress is the illusion of being represented by Mitch McConnell.

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    • Mitch’s title should be changed to Chief Scumbag of the United States Senate. Since they’re changing names all over the place Washington, D.C. should be changed to Scumbag City, too.

  1. Bitch McConnell the back stabbing turtle looking piece of shit. Blm protesters said they were gonna visit his home after toppling the Lincoln statue Its one promise of threats I hope they keep and I hope it is “mostly peaceful” protest visit

  2. “Mitch” is Alabama born and bred, of English and Scot-Irish racial stock, and he interned with the late Senator Cooper of Kentucky who was also of British and Deep South (South Carolinian) descent and a Baptist. He is a LAWYER.

    • Most politicians are lawyers which explains their despicable behavior. There’s a special type of hell waiting for all of them.

    • McConnell is just another Irish queer. He would be a perfect Irish queer if he was a Roman Catholic.

  3. No chin McConnell is a traitor. Most, if not all, have skeletons in their closets. Very small skeletons and they are numerous. Just ask Dr. Dave Janda what Lee Atwater told him (obviously, before he died).

  4. Hey, turtleneck, when are you and orangeman going to approve the second round of stimulus checks for ordinary Americans?

  5. Mitch is mad because Trump called Covid Wuhan flu & his wife is Chinese and also steals for him via steering cash to Kentucky. As the 5th poorest state in the country, his constituents never see a dime of that money.

  6. Charlottesville was a field test for what has now happened across the country. G. K. Chesterton wrote that when Englishmen are bent upon a reign of terror, they first remove the protection of the law from their victims. That has happened in one city after another. A question to ask is this a stage in the consummation of cultural genocide or the transition point to physical genocide?

    Russell Kirk often quoted a statement made by John Randolph of Roanoke that is apt in this context. From memory, it runs something along the lines of “To force only force can be successfully opposed. Wrap yourself in parchment and the sword will still find it’s way to your vitals.” In other words, “muh principles” and the Constitution will not save us; they are only a pretext for being passive. And that is why they appeal to Conservative Inc.and risk averse Republicans.

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