The Impending Crisis

They’re in open rebellion, sir.


“How bad will things get? Some degree of really, really, really really, really fucking bad. This will not be like the Civil War, where at least you had a neat geographical dividing line.

Geographically, it’s going to be mostly urban versus rural. A county-by-county red-and-blue map of the 2016 presidential election would be a good way to understand how this particular balloon is going to pop. The red has a lot more land and a lot more whites and a lot more guns. The blue has a lot more institutional and financial power and a lot more nonwhites.

And I hate to break this to you, but this is a race war. It’s not Republicans versus Democrats, East versus West, individualism versus collectivism, Christians versus atheists, or any of the things they’re trying to say it’s about. It’s a race war.

Why? Because the war’s official rallying cry starts with the word “Black.” This isn’t Blue versus Grey. This is White versus Everyone Else.

I didn’t want a race war. No one I know did. But one has obviously been declared.

I didn’t want to be right about all this.

Just as everyone knows they’re going to die but kind of has to pretend they aren’t just so they can get out of bed in the morning, I knew this was coming but I tried to pretend it would happen after I died.

And now it’s here. So what do you do?

Do you shut up? Doesn’t work anymore. Even “white silence is violence” now. First, they made it so that every word out of your mouth is “hate speech.” Now it’s “hate speech” even if you don’t say anything.

They aren’t making it easy, are they? …”

If you are silent, you are violent.

You’re going to be forced to choose sides.

Suppose a miracle happens and Trump wins the 2020 election. The violence in the streets will only worse. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

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  1. They must have a race war to avoid class war. They might need to start a big new foreign war too, but must be sure that the enemies (victims) are weak enough.

    • I don’t think our pink-haired Woke Battalion will be a match for Spetznaz or the Chinese. We’re hiding behind our machines. Blobbies directing drones.

    • It looks like the next big war is India/China along their shared 2,100 mile border at altitudes of 10,000 feet above sea level, too. Last time both countries fought a full fledged war was October, 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and China won, seizing about 800 square miles. Hopefully the U.S. Government would stay out of such a war but with the U.S. Government plagued by domestic problems, incompetent people in charge and the normal desire of the U.S. Government to always be at war somewhere intervention is not out of the question.

      This time both countries possess nuclear weapons and may use them. If that happens it will the biggest human tragedy in a long time. A nuclear war between India and China would certainly get the attention of elites and would panic people in the U.S. who are always nervous anyway. Look out below for the stock market if that happens while gold climbs, too.

  2. Re: “You’re going to be forced to choose sides”:

    Yes we “must.” That’s a strict rule in the race-war-instead-of-class-war “divide et impera” imperial playbook.

  3. Our cause is without support among the elites, which is why withdrawing to areas where elite rule doesn’t matter as much will help us. Small towns and rural areas are seen as hinterlands unworthy of attention, so we can build our own alternative versions of society without much interference. “Alternative,” in this case, means how we Europeans lived in our own nation, before the cancer of White Guilt riddled and then killed the body politic.

    • If you think the marxists are going to leave you alone, you are sadly mistaken. What is coming is going to be more real than most merkans can handle.

      • You are mistaken if you believe I assume anyone, anywhere, will be left alone. As I wrote, we won’t get “much interference.” I’ve also written before about building alternative systems of education, interlocked small businesses, culture, etc. That will take a base, and small towns will get less attention than urban areas. Unlike you, I’m not just pointing out how dark the future will be. You don’t need psychic powers to know that anyway, just know a little history. Not all of us are just going to bitch and whine.

  4. “It’s socialism vs capitalism” and “The Democrats are the REAL ‘racists'” ain’t gonna work no more.

    Your race, not your ideology, is your uniform.

  5. BLM gets its funding through NYC. The Jew Berman would not investigate the sources of BLM funding. The Jew Berman was muy simpatico to the insurrection. The Jew Berman got fired. Let us hope Audrey Strauss has more sense than the stupid Jew Berman.

  6. There are many down sides of war and one of them that in the war, best people get killed. You know, when you are intelligent with leadership skills, you taking most dangerous tasks, commanding others while running or standing under fire, shaking hands, shouting commands and do other things, what is described in most marksman or sniper target selection books.

    Even now , we have luck of pro white leaders. What will happen, when we lose the last ones ? When white liberals manage o get us into another major war, this will be the end of white race.

    • It looks like Russia is going to easily outlast the West, so at least you’ve got that going for you.

  7. The problem with the race war theory is that the vast majority of whites side against their own race. It’s not Whites vs. Everyone Else when most whites vehemently support the destruction of whites. There may be different degrees but most whites support BLM and those who don’t will do everything possible to prove they aren’t racist, say Democrats are the real racists and they are just fighting “socialism”, and similar cuck bullshit.

    How do I know this? I am a young White man just out of high school. I live in an area of Pennsylvania that voted 70% for Trump, yet even here it seems like all that most whites can talk about is how privileged they are, how niggers are the superior race and how sorry they that there ancestors were “racist pieces of shit”. Many whites have been openly expressing solidarity with Antifa, which they hadn’t even hear of a month ago, and I am constantly hearing comments from white locals about beating the shit out of racists and Nazis. My family is pro-white and I was raised to be pro-white, but my little sister has been “cancelled” by most of her former friends for sticking up for the white race, and some of them even told her they hope she is raped by niggers to “cure” her of racism. She is only 16 years old and her life is basically over now and she is utterly terrified since she was “exposed” as a “racist”. Even the people who aren’t going along with this openly, are terrified to say anything even remotely politically incorrect about niggers, and acknowledge the “sin” of “systemic racism”.

    It is clear at this point that if there were a race war, most whites would either actively side against their own race, or they would bend over and take a big black cock in their ass in order to not be called racist. What is even the point of fighting for the 14 words when only a tiny remnant of whites are willing to stand up for their race, and most whites are more pro-nigger than the niggers themselves? Are whites in Europe or Russia this hopelessly cucked like they are in this shithole? And what am I supposed to do? It’s clear that if there is a civil war, whites who are not traitors will be a tiny beleaguered minority, and will certainly lose.

    • Young man, I hate to say it, but you are absolutely correct. Most White people are not worth bleeding for. You might want to consider a “Plan B”.

    • I respectfully disagree.

      Jobs were scarce before Trump’s “big economic miracle” and they are even scarcer now.

      Many people are hanging on by their fingernails waiting for the economy to make a comeback, but are trying to defend their very shaky positions.

      So, what you have are very anxious White families with children who are probably aware that if they themselves don’t get with the program and get “woke,” their parents will lose their jobs. Case in point, the stepmother of the cop who shot the Black DWI driver in Atlanta when he grabbed his taser and fired it at the arresting officers.

      What we have are paycheck liberals. Once those paychecks all evaporate and most of them WILL, you willl be surprised how radicalized and reactionary and yes, downright “RAYCISSS” they will all end up being. And the more they played along with BLM and Antifa even to the point of canceling their friends and family and kneeling and all that other demeaning shit, the angrier they will be at themselves and that rage will need an outlet. I wouldn’t want to be a so-called person of color or any of the Usual Suspects when that happens.

  8. The last time it was North vs South. This time it’s White America vs the Left Wing Marxists funded by the Liberal Donors, the New World Order, and World Government. Deo Vindice !

  9. I am beginning to think this is the Bernie supporters telling the Establishment Democrats the time to stop pretending is now. They are understandably mad Bernie was robbed again (or let himself be robbed again. He had no will to win, so he lost. Twice). They had threatened to burn down the Democratic Party Convention this summer. I think they took advantage of racism as the secular religion to coerce all their demands onto elected Democrats. The originators of Black Lives Matter are all communists. They are using black lives for other purposes, as does everyone else. That is what is going on. The second communist revolution, with AOC and young dead enders with no material future under the regime. They might win. Capital can adjust to any system.

  10. “You’re going to be forced to choose sides.”

    There are some White Americans who are descended from French cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    But most Whites are descended from Germans and the Libs may get a little shock at how many of us are to side with ADOLF HITLER and start Crystal Night 2 electric jew-baa-loo! Hail Victory!

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