Donald Trump’s Tulsa Rally Flops

I watched part of it last night.

It struck me as low energy compared to his old rallies. I turned it off before he got around to police reform, Juneteenth and the lowest black trans unemployment rate in history. Blompf was hitting Joe Biden for giving a eulogy for segregationist senators. I couldn’t take it anymore.

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  1. I think I have more in common with Clarence Thomas than anyone else in government.

    I’m writing in Steven A. King/Jeff Sessions (JS for Trump’s ire) on my presidential ballot. I will not vote for anyone else.

    No one conmpares to King.

  2. Even if Trump is re-installed, America is done.

    There is a man named John Mark, who, with a few others, are proposing a solution. It seems they really do not understand communism, or what is about to happen to America, but, they are offering a solution. Here is a link to the youtube vid:

  3. If Trump wins there will be nonstop riots from that day forward until he leaves office. If he loses there will be nonstop riots in order to extract revenge for his voters daring to resist the Empire. So the result does not matter. Trump displayed fatal weakness in not punishing the Establishment coup plotters after the Russian hoax and the Ukranian scam and the covid-19 plot to destroy the economy of the 99% and the BLM/Antifa riots. No one respects a coward.
    The thing is that the anti-American know nothings are to be respected because they put in the hard work to take over the communications apparatus and its offshoot institutions like the law and corporate HR departments. It took decades filled with many defeats and some victories, but they actually cared about their goals and fought for those goals tirelessly.
    The normies sat back and did nothing to build on their material and spiritual advantages over the nihilists. You see the end result. Evolution is a fair master. Survival of the fittest is not a catchphrase, it is cold hard reality. The dead-enders now running amok in the streets and their authoritative cheerleaders had a will to win, and so they did.
    The lesson we on the dissident right must learn is that sitting back with critiques, learned or funny, will not reverse the evolution of America to a useless caricature. We must engage, and fight our way back into the citadels of power, and do so no matter how many times we lose initially. Note also that by banning together with other 99% voters we can control Congress. The rich donors may fund campaigns but their votes number in the hundreds, while we number in the millions. Go to Twitter and start a campaign of our own:
    pass the sovereign wealth funded UBI or be voted out of office. And nationalize Twitter and Facebook so they can’t shut us up. But fight, don’t surrender to the mobs or the Oligarchs. Both can be defeated.

    • Band together, obviously, not “banned” together. But the rest of the comment stands. Fight or die. Always has been thus, always will be. The Game of Life is not moot court, a fake competition. It is as real as Democracy is fake. Read about “authority redundance,” ” institutional turgesence,” and “the real/hypocritical loop” in the Epilogue to The Socio-Political Complex: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Political Life by my old political science professor Annoush Khoshkish, located as a link at his website. That will explain in more depth what I have been talking about here as comments ar OD as far as the problems in creating a just society, whether as a traditional or a liberty-based set of rules. Systems don’t make a life worth living, people do. We all must do our part to oppose selfish authorities. Let us start now.

  4. There is no organic populist energy behind Trump this year. It’s just normal Republicans who would vote R regardless of who is on the ballot.

  5. He gives new meaning to the term crash & burn. Good. He betrayed his most loyal of fans who have been vindicated.

  6. Republicans have been doing this for generations:

    1) Run to the right to WIN office.

    2) When in office, ignore their White base in favor of minorities, and then start LOSING bigly.

    In before a dumbass replies, ‘They are doing this (LOSING) not to get blacks votes, but so the surburban White woman voter won’t think they are racist.’

  7. Our nation’s greatest sin wasn’t slavery, not even close.

    Our greatest sin was abandoning God and allowing Satan’s (((minions))) to take over.

  8. Do us a favor and resign, Trump. Let Pence be the public captain of the Republican fagship as it hits the White iceberg.

  9. All President Trump has to do is fly right…

    Issue an executive order for E-verify, withdraw from Syria, Iraq, and or Afghanistan, revoke mass surveillance on American Citizens, use the Justice Department to break up Big Tech, and I would run to the polls to vote for him.

    Oh … and how ’bout bringing home some manufacturing to Smalltown America and, as well, stop issuing those godforsaken H1B work visas?

    But, no – he’d prefer to continue his Madison Avenue Con game on us, and that just will not do.

    He is sinking in his own muck, and this against possibly the weakest opponent in recent memory.

    Is it possible he does not see through himself?; that he campaigned as George Wallace, but, has governed like Jeb Bush?

  10. I suspect our side will just stay home. Donald Trump is living proof you cannot change the system from within no matter who you vote for. It is time to-leave! Come out from among them all ye my people and be thou seperate and apart.

  11. This is obvious hoax from Trump side. Donald may have lost some support, but not 99%.

    Changing general opinion takes time. When people have believed something entire life then it is very difficult to put them think otherwise. -Dramatic events are needed.

    Before taking necessary action, people must understand that there are no political opponents or brainwashed or just gullible good heart snowflakes but old style hardcore communists who are at war against humanity.

    Now the rally. Only person who could arrange empty hall was the Donald himself. Even if Donald have lost 99% of his base, there should be still tens of thousands hardcore Trumpsters around. Maybe not enough for winning but filling one medium size building that is more than enough.

    This event was to lure enemy into trap. Donald has lost all his support, opposition disappeared and now Antifa can do whatever it likes. Media and comment sections suggest that commies took the bait.

    The result is that Antifa violence and madness goes much worse and that was the point of this rally hoax from the beginning. Donald let them loot until average Joe understand why Auschwitz was and still is necessary. And the the great commie hunt begins.

    • I don’t think Donald is that smart, let alone cares about the dwindling White majority that elected him. Donald is just a Northeastern liberal with a huge ego and big mouth.

    • So…he’s still playing 39 dimensional-underwater-zero-gravity-chess… Stick with THE PLAN – Q…

  12. I watched for less than 30 seconds, he was spewing lies about how much he had help the farmers, it made me want to puke I had to turn it off.

  13. You’ll never win by legitimatizing your enemy’s attack words and agenda they use against you. These “conservatives” are either absolute, hopeless morons or on the enemy’s side. I’m inclined to think the latter.

    • They are grifters, on the take. The “conservatives” have been on the take forever, they have conserved nothing but enriched themselves by selling out time after time. The jig is up now (in more ways than one) and their grift has run its natural course.

  14. Low Black unemployment is good for our people, because it means that there is a tight labor market, which in turn means low White unemployment and rising wages.

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