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  1. The Conservatives, Republicans, and so forth are 1,000% stuck on the economy. It’s all about the economy as I said one time in an interview. Sure the economy and jobs are great. That’s what a White Society should be about. However the days of having Freedom, Liberty, and Safety for White People is pretty much over. That’s especially true in big cities, small towns, and other places run by Liberals. I think the majority of Whites now agree on racial awareness. The goal should be push our system and make them do the right thing. However that’s getting harder and harder for our elected officials and the police. I think we’re 1 step away from the National Guard taking over the streets and this country will finally progress forward and become Nationalist in style like Russia and things will be much different. Deo Vindice !

    • @BTI

      Yes! This is the first step. Stop giving money to the people that actively hate you. Cancel shitty subscription services like Netflix and Amazon. Don’t watch their sports. Think before you spend anything – “Do. I need this? Is the company selling it actively belligerent to my people?”

      Buy used, buy store brands. Necessities not frivolities.

      • Don’t think canceling my netflix will do much to stop white genocide, yes I know there is some pretty gay programs on there but for what I get out of it its worth it. Tho I agree sportsball is a absolute cancer, I’m puzzled why my dad liked football and baseball so much he grew up in pre boomer era and grew up without a father his died early. I guess I cant be too hard on him sports gave him a release from lifes stresses but its not for me

        I was brought up to believe sports was just a manly thing guys did but its the most boring passtime I can think of. I much rather go fishing watch the birds and just chill out

        • If enough people cancelled netflix it certainly would have some positive effect. What would you be missing that really affects your life? There are lots of ways and plenty of things to watch for free. Go do more hiking, fishing, bird-watching. Whites are too attached to the poisons of our jew-led culture.

          • True I need to be more active outdoors in general but canceling netflix at this post corona nightmare we are living in now I need it when life gets too crazy

            I agree with all of Slats other points buying used, spending less and etc. and I kept a tab on all big global homo corporations who donated to bail out looters and rioters. I’m definitely boycotting chick fil-a after their pathetically cucky sad display I only ate from them maybe 2-4 times a year but now no more! Need to start eating healthier anyway to fend off the wuflu virus

  2. I think most of us Europeans aren’t going to organize en masse, at least not in the US. We’ve become atomized economic units pretending our individuality is of primary importance. Don’t forget the multigenerational CivNat programming that keeps most normies believing in the current governmental system. We’ll only come together when there aren’t any other options.

      • For most, yes. Not all of us will be waiting in the cities and suburbs hoping to go on consuming without inconvenience, however.

        Does anyone see the likelihood of a dictator rising up when things get more out of control?

  3. “Whitestrike” is just another waste of time. White cucks, I mean nationalists are playing checkers while our enemies are playing chess. No wonder we always lose.

    • Events will be in the saddle driving things not laws, Supreme Court decisions or tweets from useless presidents. One example of this which got almost no coverage in the MSM was truck drivers spontaneously refusing to drive into cities where there were riots and no police protection. Cities are exceptionally vulnerable to this sort of spontaneous, white, non-violent reaction. The Left has no skills, no talents beyond destruction, no creativity beyond disruption. They cannot change either, they couldn’t run a two car funeral.

      As things deteriorate even worse the colored people, the stupid shock troops of the Usual Suspects, will be the ones most acutely affected by the withdrawal of everyday white people from places like Atlanta. Things will run down quickly with the loss of utilities, amenities and then necessities. Daily life for the EBT crowd will become very difficult as time goes by. At least they won’t be bothered by those hated white gentrifiers anymore.

      Cities like Detroit, Trenton, Camden and Newark NJ, Birmingham and Selma (in HW’s neighborhood) and now Atlanta are ultimately kept running by a massive infusion of tax dollars from whites. The everyday things like skilled maintenance tasks are also done by whites. As whites flee both the tax dollars flee and the white skills which keep MARTA and everything else working. The remaining coloreds do not throw off the tax money needed nor do they have any useful skills.

      The Federal Government is pressed now to keep all the shithole, third world cities in the U.S. afloat along with all the other tasks of empire required. As more cities like Atlanta sink beneath the black waves this increases the burden on the U.S. Government and destroys a taxable, wealth producing area at the same time.

      Couple this with white disengagement from diversity (like the white truck drivers) and the “Liberal” state will crash and burn. Another black swan event like a major war and the U.S. Government trying to conscript whites would meet massive resistance from both the right and the left. An event like that will finally put and end to the liberal state and wake up white people, nothing else.

    • We are seeing a white strike right now with the police in Atlanta.

      Right on cue come the D&C shills to counter signal.

  4. ““Whitestrike” is just another waste of time”

    Not really.

    Gumming up the works can really cripple the system. Ask any military commander who has had ‘problem’ troops, especially anonymous ones.

  5. Since I pretty much agree with Boomer X’s points I won’t repeat them. My own objection is saltier. Consider the source; the TRS paypigs. You’d have to be pretty stupid to toss a job away in a Depression.
    Much less putting your families in peril. The paypigs don’t have jobs to lose. Remember they’re just entertainers. Would you toss your job in the shitter cuz’ Rush or the ‘Tuck told you to? Just to stick it to The Man?? Let’s see kike enoch and eric striver get the Pool Party Goys to join the “Strike”…ain’t gonna’ happen.

  6. Pepe the Communist just penned another great one, just published on Moon of Alabama and elsewhere: https://thesaker.is/nixon-trump-vs-the-strategy-of-tension/ “When we look at who’s supporting Black Lives Matter – and Antifa – we find, among others, Adidas, Amazon, Airbnb, American Express, Bank of America, BMW, Burger King, Citigroup, Coca Cola, DHL, Disney, eBay, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Netflix, Nike, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Sony, Starbucks, Twitter, Verizon, WalMart, Warner Brothers and YouTube (…) then we have to look at what really matters; the class war dynamics in what is in fact a caste system (…) Black Lives Matter, the organization and its ramifications, is essentially being instrumentalized by selected corporate interests to accelerate their own priority: to crush the U.S. working classes into a state of perpetual anomie, as a new automated economy rises (…) What’s fascinating is how this current strategy of tension scenario is being developed as a classic CIA/NED playbook color revolution. An undisputed, genuine grievance – over police brutality and systemic racism – has been completely manipulated, showered with lavish funds, infiltrated, and even weaponized (…) One must never lose track of the fundamental objectives of those who firmly control that assembly of bought and paid for patsies in Capitol Hill: to always privilege Divide and Rule – on class, race, identity politics. After all, the majority of the population is considered expendable. It helps that the instrumentalized are playing their part to perfection, totally legitimized by mainstream media. No one will hear lavishly funded Black Lives Matter addressing the real heart of the matter: the reset of the predatory Restored Neoliberalism project, barely purged of its veneer of Hybrid Neofascism. The blueprint is the Great Reset to be launched by the World Economic Forum in January 2021. It will be fascinating to watch how Trump deals with this “Summer of Love” remake of Maidan transposed to the Seattle commune. The hint from Team Trump circles is that he will do nothing: a coalition of white supremacists and motorcycle gangs might take care of the “problem” on the Fourth of July. None of this sweetens the fact that Trump is at the heart of a crossfire hurricane: his disastrous response to Covid-19; the upcoming, devastating effects of the New Great Depression; and his intimations pointing to what could turn into martial law…” Again, I do not believe that there is any actual conspiracy to do this, but it is just how the system of greed and power based on money naturally works.

  7. The Roman Catholic Church is good for sex perverts, anti-Whites, and the mentally ill. How about that infallible Pope? Makes a lot of sense to Roman Catholics.

    • Christianity in general is for the mentally ill. These BLM’ers are not the heathen or the infidel. They are your brothers in Christ. You must turn the other cheek. Resist not evil. Love your enemy.

  8. What about small 3 X 5 inch third national flags with the word RESIST! in the white portion of the flag spread along the side of roadways.

  9. This is a good video. Whites are clearly the most discriminated against, quietly suffer, forced to pay more money to escape diversity, and have been reduced to 9 to 5 keep in up with the Jones’ with leased cars in 200 to 500 thousand dollar homes sending average kids to do average things at obscenely expensive colleges so half of them can graduate and become anti white Marxists.

    The ridiculous John Cornyn of Texas pushes for a federal holiday of Juneteenth which is today, right? Lol. I don’t want to hear from southerners how great your Republicans are. They are not. They are simply like West and East Coast Republicans from the 90s. The Republican Party in general is very similar to 1990s Democrats. A ton of hot air with a couple of C plus students.

    Trump in comical mode now says he will pick Supreme Court Justices..lmao. Obviously Don was picking them from some goofy federalist list or something. Gee, Roberts sides with the three Jews and the Latina on the court? Shocked I tell ya!..not!.

    Not a peep from pathetic Republicans how jews are 33% of the court with rumors the Hispanic is Jewish, too. And remember Obama was going to put yet another jew on the court, Merrick Garland, before Republicans held it up. I guarantee you if Biden gets in Jews will be calling for Garland again.

    Cucked Defense Secretary Esper, who always seems like a deer in the headlights, is now pushing even more diversity in the military. Those riots and blm constantly pushing has truly paid off.

    But yes, White strike it. No to NFL, nascar, diversity companies and all the rest as much as possible.

    I am sure the police slowdown is quietly nationwide now. Orc- Americans will love it. More crime without being arrested is a dream come true to them.

    The plan is obvious- get creepy Biden in for a very shaky one term and then his female black will take over. The scumbag is totally for the daca invaders. You know you are a bad person when you are pushing 80 and devil spawn Planned Parenthood loves you.

    But I will go with the decaying Trump due to the left viewing him as Hitler’s brother. That will quicken the end of America faster than a tyrannical senile man in Biden who will suck black azzz like all white Democrats do. Now what yall gonna do for Juneteenth? Lol. Will it be regular or extra crispy?

  10. Social Atomization is the Genius of contemporary amerikwan “society”. That goes double for us “White Nationalists”. We have been cut out of the national conversation since 2018. Moreover we have diced ourselves into smaller pieces thru constant infighting. I confess that I’m guilty of that myself…I do the Purity Spiral. To put it bluntly, we are SO VERY FUCKING DISORGANIZED. Oh, wait…NOW some guys on Twitter want us to go on Strike. Well then…STRIKE TWITTER FAGS! Good luck with that…I’m so fucking sick of this shit. Any of you who gotta’ problem with that…you’re welcome to look me up…Fuck Around & Find Out.

  11. It may be time to look deeper into the history of the Spanish Civil War. Nationalist response to Communist atrocities.

    • The success of the “nationalist” reactionaries in pulling off the coup was mostly the result of Roman Catholic propaganda (see: Asociación Católica de Propagandistas) that disinformed and confused the Spanish people, who had overwhelmingly chosen the Republic over monarchy and military dictatorship. The Spanish people had suffered for centuries under the latifundial, monarchial and Roman Catholic system and yes, some of them did burn down one hundred Roman Catholic churches in one day.

    • Powell,

      Best to avoid Wikipedia. It reads like a left wing editorial on any important subject. Hard to find good sources in mainstream United States. You might have to go to a library or have Spanish sources.

      Suffice it to say that even with American sources they will admit that the leftists killed thousands of priests and nuns and the destruction of thousands of churches.

      Even George Orwell the communist who fought for the Reds in the war said in his book Homage to Catalonia that the leftists pillaged and destroyed churches as a matter of course.

      Pope Pius XI compared the Republicans to the Soviets and the Mexican Marxists and said the whole Spanish Republican government represented hatred toward the Lord and his Christ.

      British historian Michael Burleigh said that more priests were murdered by the Leftists than were murdered in the whole French Revolution.

      I could go on but I am sure if you search hard enough you will find what you are looking for.

  12. Anonymous,

    The republicans were literal communists getting support from Joe Stalin, Anglo elites, international financiers, leftist pseudo intellectuals, et cetera.

    The nationalists were aligned with the forces of good.

    • November,

      anonymous does not care. The war against the Reds in the Civil War was considered a Crusade until after Vatican 2 in the mid 1960’s. Infiltration by freemasons, liberals, Jews, communists etc. changed the Church Hierarchy.

      Dealing with anonymous on this issue would be a waste of time, I have been told to ignore such people. As you know there are a wide variety of people on this website.

    • Re: “republicans were literal communists”:

      Not many of them were literal communists. Many were not even social democrats. Study the history of the struggle of the people for Spain for basic human rights – against the latifundia, the monarchy, wealthy financiers, and especially, against the “moral” force (propaganda) of Roman Catholicism that undergirded the system,, throughout the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The so-called “nationalists,” Carlists, monarchists and all their “revolutions” (reactions) against the beginnings of social democracy in Spain were not forces of good by my definition of “good.”

    • November,

      A quick survey of the Civil War in an article can be found in Our Sunday Visitor –Catholic Persecution during the Spanish Civil War, July 20,2011 by Russell Shaw. A little shallow and primarily just an outline but a reasonable start. I am sure a man of your drive can find plenty of information on the War. It sounds like you already have.

      On May 5,1938 the Pope recognized Franco’s regime and forbade Catholics on pain of sin to support the Republicans. Personally, I thought they should have executed more Republicans than they did.

      Spain has a liberal/social democracy now with abortion/homosexual marriages etc. as well as other pleasantries. Jesus did say that by their fruit you shall know them. So even without being forbidden by father on not engaging enemies directly it is usually a waste of time when they show they are steeped in their beliefs rather real or feigned.

      • Cristina & November,

        The “Spanish civil war” was hardly ‘Spanish’, or even ‘civil’, but it certainly was an utterly evil, genocidal war … not only the history of Spain, or Europe even, but one of the most odious, macabre episodes in all recorded history.

        The unspeakable atrocities by the monstrous Reds & Republicans, that were systematically committed against the clergy, and especially nuns, was one of the most horrific persecutions of Christians ever witnessed (…even beating out the Soviet Union in this regard – if you could imagine that is even possible).

        *Cristina, and all who are interested in learning and knowing the truth of that time, just search Google images for what the Red/Leftist vermin did to the corpses of an untold amount of priests and nuns in Republican-controlled territory (especially Red Barcelona)

        **Dios bendiga a Francisco Franco, Italia y Alemania! Los salvadores de Europa!!

          • The atrocities of the so-called “nationalists,” including the RC Killer Priests, were far more brutal than the defense of the Republic.

            Plenty of bloodthirsty RC clergy were also involved in the concurrent genocide of Orthodox Serbia, something else that the ubiquitous RC hasbara works constantly to cover up.

            The Spanish people had struggled for more than a century to overthrow monarchy, oligarchs and the violent false religion that undergirded the system. Their short-lived republics were overthrown again and again by the involvement of malevolent outside forces – monarchial, religious (the Vatican) and finally fascist. The Scandinavian peoples were struggling in the same way through the nineteenth century against their Lutheran-undergirded monarchies and oligarchies but they finally did succeed in establishing some degree of stable social democracy, especially in Sweden.

        • Virtus,

          I may have forgotten to mention that in 1929 Pope Pius XI said that ” Fascism is Catholicism and that whoever is against Fascism is a Bolshevik”.

          He was later a little bit disappointed with Mussolini for not being as pro-Catholic as he wished. I wonder if you know who is going to butt into our private conversation.

          But then you know how Reds, Jews, and their supporters are. Either way we have made our point and I will now concentrate on current affairs since the USA is a boiling pot.

          • “I will now concentrate on current affairs since the USA is a boiling pot”:

            Let’s see what recipe ingredients are added by hasbara to the boiling pot.

      • Fascist Pope Pius XI’s successor Pope Pius XII was also supportive of fascism, and also of the genocide of Orthodox Christians in the Balkans, carried out by Roman Catholic Croats. RC priests, monks and at least one archbishop led or were fully involved in the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, with the aim of forcing them to acknowledge the Pope and convert to Roman Catholicism, or at least taking their land and other property. The Papacy is a tremendous force for evil.

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