Supreme Court Upholds DACA

“I have counselled but one policy to the South; yield not one inch, but meet the question here and elsewhere with firm, uncompromising, and unflinching resistance.”

“The spirit which yields one position will yield another, until at length, self-respect and self-confidence is gone, and a conscious degradation prepares the people to be the victims of corrupt and traitorous demagogues.”

“The Union must be dissolved under its present course of administration. It requires no conspiracy to destroy – no exertion on our part to drag it to its dissolution. It goes down with the inevitable weight of its own gravitation, into that dark abyss of anarchy and ruin, where all tyrannies have fallen.”

Robert Barnwell Rhett

What is the point of voting in American elections?

Barack Obama used a pen and a phone to pass the DREAM Act. The Supreme Court just agreed with him. Democrats tried and failed to pass the Equality Act. They just got that too thanks to the Supreme Court because the conservatives on it were afraid of ruling against the mob.

As for the people burning down police stations, looting businesses and tearing down monuments, they didn’t get any of that by voting for it. They tried to elect Bernie Sanders twice and failed miserably. These people are being lionized by the media as heroes and showered with over a billion dollars by Corporate America for engaging in violence against innocent people.

If you obeyed the law and voted for conservative politicians for decades to get the policies you wanted, then the last three weeks have shown that you were a fool. If you unilaterally upheld liberal norms while the other side broke those liberal norms, you have also been shown to be a fool.

Just to be crystal clear: I am not endorsing violence, ritual shaming, intimidation or mob rule, which are not the ways of our people, but those are the tactics which are getting results, not voting. I have watched the collapse of the liberal mainstream consensus on television and on the internet from home. I have believed it was destined to collapse for 20 years now and now it has happened.

If you are anachronistic, un-American and hateful enough to stay at home, obey the law and vote in elections while violent leftwing mobs burn down your country to get what they want, well, you are being denounced and discarded here. You are an obstacle to vitally important progress. Unfortunately, the people who share these liberal values haven’t been elected yet because of your opposition.

Make of that what you will.

Note: You know my longstanding opinion on this subject.

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  1. John Roberts is a homosexual. I heard this directly from a former Army intelligence officer. Look at his history working pro bono for queers. If they haven’t erased it yet.

    Now does it all make sense?

    It’s going to get a lot worse for whites. A LOT!

  2. The “conservative” supreme court is not afraid of the mob. They are just liberals, so they will make liberal rulings. They were picked by the heritage foundation because they could be counted on to favor libertarian economic policies, not because they are social conservatives.

  3. Everything is against us.
    Everything is anti white.
    Everything our ZOG does is to destroy.
    Its unreal that anyone can be okay with any of this crap.
    Can the white man catch one break ever when it comes to this shit?
    They want us dead.
    Amazing that most of our people just cannot see it.
    When the political spectrum on both sides are openly calling for the darkies to kill us, our people will still deny that its happening.

    Yeah yeah white man…bow to blacks…let in millions of people who hate you and have grievances and demands before they even get here and don’t forget to cherish and embrace sodomy and pederasty above all other values.

  4. Celebrating Juneteenth!

    Please add to the list as you come across other companies:

    Fifth Third Bank
    J.C. Penney
    Lending Tree
    New York Time
    Quicken Loans
    U.S. Bank
    Vox Media

  5. How can the SCOTUS nullify Blompf’s cancelling of an executive order, something over which judges are supposed to have no say? Our spineless dolt-in-chief will just go along with it, of course. But vote Recuck, because law and order, peasants! We’ve got to be able to appoint the SC justices that will betray us!

  6. Case in point: Pastor J. D. Greear, who is president of the Southern Baptist Convention said this,

    ““Southern Baptists, we need to say it clearly as a gospel issue: Black lives matter…. “And, oh by the way, let’s not respond by saying ‘all lives matter.’”

    When the Christian internet exploded, and thousands of Christians posted this from BLM website, pointing out the obscenity of Pastor’s alignment with BLM,

    “We …(BLM) do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege. We build a space that … is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered. We dismantle patriarchal practices … We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure … We foster a queer-affirming network … with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking …”

    The Pastor responded by saying on Facebook that the BLM statement on their website had been “hacked” and “hijacked” and his statement of support was, “taken out of context.” Judge for yourself.

    The sorry state of “Conservative” Christianity in America in 2020.

  7. The thing about that is the Supreme Court is majority Republican. However the same things happen over and over and over and liberal policies are approved by the Supreme Court. I think that’s the very definition of a Cuckservative. Many / all Conservatives are really stuck in the past thinking the Constitution will save them. However it’s not. It should be advanced in a pro White direction. Deo Vindice !

  8. Voting is for cucks, and cucks gonna cuck. Don’t expect any change from the typical petty bourgeois conservative voter. All they care about is appearing morally superior in their adherence to liberal democratic standards. Even if a civil war broke out, few would become revolutionary. Most would only feel passionate about defending Israel, the one value that they would truly die and kill for.

    The problem is that people who can think outside the box are not large enough as a group, and certainly not politically powerful enough, to change things for the better. So America just needs to burn down for good at this point. I’ll concern myself with what happens after America.

    • Most people aren’t going to do a damn thing until their property and lives are immediately threatened.

  9. Mein Gott! Had been previously planning to vote for Trump based on Judges and Tariffs.

    Now with this Judges is out.

    Why would one care about higher tariffs for a Clown World?

    Time to prepare for the post-Trump era. Dust off some Pat Buchanan books and get into Populism 101. The future? Josh Hawley? Rand Paul? Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang?

    • I don’t agree with him on everything, but at least Yang’s UBI helps every American and will eventually lead to a reduction in immigration and entitlement program spending. What has Trump done to benefit the average American citizen? All he’s done is tweet, lower taxes for the rich, reverse course on Nixon and Reagan’s law and order policies, and give Israel everything it’s wanted.

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