GOP Announces Bold New Initiatives

Told you so.

GOP Senate:

The Hill:

“The Republican-led Senate Armed Services Committee has approved an amendment to the annual defense policy bill that would require the Pentagon to rename bases and other assets that are named after Confederate military leaders, a source confirmed to The Hill.

The amendment, offered by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), was approved by voice vote Wednesday during the committee’s closed-door markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the source familiar with the situation said. The amendment would give the Pentagon three years to remove the Confederate names. …”

GOP Senate:

The Hill:

“The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved an amendment aimed at blocking President Trump from deploying active-duty troops against protesters.

The amendment, from Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), was approved in a voice vote during the committee’s closed-door markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Wednesday, the senator’s office said Thursday.

“My other priority was something I would never have thought I needed to do until last week: prevent the use of military force against peaceful protesters,” Kaine said in a statement Thursday. “I was pleased my colleagues voted to include my amendment in the defense bill. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

Donald Trump’s new reform proposals:


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  1. As a Traditional White Southerner, it is not new to me that everything of my people, our culture, history, and our lands is grist for the United States’ Government, and or the Popular Culture of America, to reappropriate, redefine, sell, or just plain give-away.

    I’ve been through this drill for decades now, only, now I am no longer upset by it, because…

    A. It is no surprise.

    B. The Popular Culture of America has no respect for anything than what’s up ahead – we a country of those who pride themselves on being unmoored, untethered, and unhinged to anything but their current whims.

    C. This country is very unlikely to continue long in it’s current form.

  2. For 4 years now, it has been, Talk, talk, talk, tweet, tweet, tweet.
    “We are working on something. We will take action. We will act.”

    Two things:

    1. He made a joke out of the burning of a police station. WTF?

    2. He mentioned calling 911 during a break in: Isn’t that what George Floyd did? He broke into a woman’s home, held a gun on her and robbed her house. If crime and burglary are “Bad, Bad things” in Trump’s lexicon; then why honor a criminal who did those things?

    I can’t remember the last time I despised a POTUS like this one.

  3. The KKK were all Demonrats and here is my token black homosexual in a MAGA hat to say he loves Trump. Just ignore the cash hanging out of his pocket and the ring of semen around my oddly shaped face. After reading Kirks anti-white “love me blacks” and listening to all the Republicans citing our beloved demigogue, Michael Luther King, I am certain that I loathe these people a lot more than Demonrats.

    And the responses under Kirks tweet are even more depressing. These MAGApedes so desperately want the love of black people. I don’t see why every black doesn’t pull the Candace Owens grift getting paid a million dollars a year to chant “MAGA” on social media

  4. I’ve read that the United Daughters of the Confederacy were told not to talk about what was stolen or destroyed when their Museum/Headquarters was trashed and burned in Richmond, VA. Or it maybe the UDC is worried about being physically attacked now, or in the future.

  5. Some libertarians have been talking about this being an opportunity to get away from “single-payer security.” The gov’t can’t be counted to on protect you, or to not persecute you for daring to think for yourself. So arm and organize yourselves, they say, and let the market develop competing security services for community-wide protection. It’s a way to fully implement the 2nd Amendment, according to them, and to start destroying gov’t monopolies in general.

  6. GOP response to what their voters want: thinking about it, considering maybe doing something at some point after the election, monitoring the situation

    GOP response to what violent black rioters want: legislation drafted and passed within a week

  7. These are not “new” initiatives. They’re more of the same old anti-White initiatives.

  8. They should be renamed. It is an insult to Confederate generals to have ZOG military installations named after them. The ZOG military is the most genocidal anti-White, Zionist entity that has ever existed. It would be fitting that all military institutions be named after Israeli and Jewish figures, because that is who they really serve.

  9. A few years ago I wrote to the Museum of the Confederacy warning them of the future danger to the collections and urging them to move out of Virginia. They ignored me. I hope they are secure in their current location, that the UDC materials are intact and that the White House of the Confederacy and Battle Abbey are– for the time being– safe.

    I think that the cops would not stand by and watch if mobs decided to attack holocaust memorials and black museums, statues and sites.

    F*** this sick place.

  10. It seems that every four years these Republican bastards start yelling how this is the “most important election of our lifetimes.” I am now immune to their exhortations and will definitely not vote this year. It will be the first presidential election I will skip. The GOP does not represent me. Its only achievements are tax cuts, cheap immigrant labor for business donors, and killing people and destroying countries for Israel. Screw the Republicans.

    I feel sorry for Trump being subjected to attacks from even worse bastards in the last 5 years but that is not enough to earn my vote. His actions in Syria, Bolivia and Venezuela especially piss me off. I fear that he will promote annexation of the West Bank and wage war on Iran. I am unhappy about his new sanctions on Syria and Lebanon and his burning of crops in the former which are designed to starve these people. Screw Trump, too. It’s one thing not to fulfill campaign promises, but quite another to pursue vigorously the opposite.

    • I’m old enough to remember the 1980 election as “the mostest impotent election evah!” because the reelection of Jimmy Carter would spell doom and Reagan was going to be our savior. Reagan won easily, even liberal states in the NE voted for Reagan. Georgia and a few other states went for President Carter.

      Reagan then put Wall Street in charge of the Government and increased the deficit enormously, the exact opposite of what he campaigned on. I guess deficits don’t matter when a Republican is in charge. Reagan also passed the 1986 amnesty law to fix the southern border, another betrayal.

      It was also in the early 1980’s that outsourcing began with crooks like Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Dennis Levine and the rest of the Usual Suspects picking the country clean leading to the 1987 October stock market crash. Fast forward to today and the only change is things have gotten worse when both the Republicans and the Democrats are in charge. Once again it’s “the mostest impotent election evah!” so get out there and vote Republican.

      The Republicans’ last campaign slogan before election day will be their usual one: “the other guy is worse”. It may work this cycle because Joe Biden’s mind (what little he had) is rapidly fading. If he picks angry, 400 Lb., blackety, blackety, black gap toothed Stacy Abrams for VP Joe might just get Trump another term.

      That’s when Trump will pass an amnesty bill and attack Iran. In a second term, he will have nothing left to lose. “Thanks suckers!” will be his parting shot to his supporters as he gives them the finger while getting on his helicopter to go golfing.

  11. This smoldering garbage dump, this impossible shit-show of a country…no…not a country…this broken, looted, burned out wreck of a masonic strip mall is done. Finished…stick-a-fork-in-it-done…time to move on. I have never felt so sick and tired of it all. Nothing fucking works. This clown-show government hasn’t gotta’ clue. It just wants to surrender…give up. I’m burned out on rage. I have no more words.

  12. Are they going to rename all of our “badass military” equipment that we named after Savages in their honor???

  13. This whole “The Democrats are the Real Racists” schtick is really ingenuous. Lame conservative talk show hosts like Chris Plante and Joe Paggs run this theme constantly. Everybody sees through this crap because we all know that the left is actually attacking White Southerners and they are no longer in the democratic party. The GOP was a poor choice for whites abandoning the democrats 50 years ago because the liaise faire Paul Ryan type capitalism it espouses will turn off a significant portion of whites that it’s hard to build a white super majority to stop the left. Whites in white majority states in the rust belt are not going to vote for a party that lets robber barons export their jobs to Texas, Mexico, and China or sees no problem with a $5 minimum wage. There were a lot of points where the country was lost 50 years back already and people didn’t know it, but by not fighting the takeover of the democratic party was a significant one.

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