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  1. @Trey…

    I appreciate your service and efforts. I really do.

    Just one thing, though – I really wish you would not refer to Whites, who do not wish to bend to tyranny as, ‘Radicalized’, because the truth is that we are neither ‘fringe’ nor ‘radical’, but, just everyday, normal, and commonplace humans who decent and reality based, do not wish to be made slaves or orphan waifs in our own lands.

    Also, by using a words such as ‘radical’, you do all the work for our enemies for them, this because their entire argumentation is centered around one notion – that European Blood standing up for itself is not normal, but, aberrant and diabolical behavior, and, therefore specious & craven.

    Do you believe that we are ‘specious’ and ‘craven’?

    • Pro-Whites, White positive, and ethno-centric Whites (whatever you want to call the term) aren’t “radicalized” at all. We’re normalized. Deprogrammed. Our perspectives and way of viewing the world was 100% normal and mainstream less than 100 years ago. It’s the anti-whites, the anti-racists, the ones pushing diversity in White/European countries, that have been radicalized into hating themselves and their people by the (((media))) and (((academia))).

      • “Pro-Whites, White positive”

        I also like Free Whites. Free Whites, because we’ve broken free of the anti-White conditioning.

      • @Thon…

        Absolutely – Pro-Whites are NOT the radicals here, but, as you say – mainstream.

        Nothing The U.S. Government, or it’s proxy media and academick institutions, can do about that.

        They paint us a fringe so that they can justify their craven acts, values, and solutions to imaginary problems that they live in because they are deeply conflicted people who cannot accept basic realities of human life, and, thus, of this country.

  2. A lot of the stores and corporations have stated they will donate to black causes to stomp out racism. More and more are joining the bandwagon.

    Shop local has never meant more.

    Publix has been lost, too. Winn Dixie is holding for now.

    • Buy generic, buy used, buy in bulk, and spend as little as possible. Don’t contribute anything you don’t have to to the system that hates you. For meats, I recommend contacting a local processor and buying whole or partial animals – much cheaper.

      • For the most part, buying store-brand products from grocery and drug stores are also a decent way to keep your money out of the hands of anti-white woke capitalist giants like Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Tyson, etc.

      • The financial system is creaking, it’s pushed to its limits now, it could last a while longer or crash and burn tomorrow. Plan now with the ability to be self supporting through food storage, physical safety, backup electrical power etc. Right now food, spare parts for autos, trucks, machinery etc. are available. Stock up on spares as much as money will allow and develop the skills, real skills to be productive such as cooking, growing food, carpentry, plumbing, electrical etc.

        Survival skills will be coming to the forefront after the election, at the latest. Get ready now fellow whites, time is short.

        • @12…

          “The financial system is creaking…”

          Yes, but, everything is ‘creaking’, many aspects of this country creaking more than the financial which, as of this very moment, is, at it always does, showing signs of yet another recovery.

          As to the coming election – if Biden wins there will be no rioting. If Trump wins there will be, just as there is now, but, in the end it will peter out.

          Maintaining riots, even with a lot of financing and professional anarchist help is too exhausting for anyone to maintain, and the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want to go to war against each other.

          I lived through the 60s, and, despite the fact that all this was going on, the apocalypse never came.


          Because Americans didn’t want it.

          The overwhelming majority of Americans want to be pleasant and do pleasant things.

          This is how this country is – devoted to pleasantries.

          You can denounce it or praise it, but, this is who we are.

          Soros, Obama, Anti, and renegade elements of Western Intelligence Services cannot change that, no matter what they do.

          The American People are pleasant group of folks, who value law and order and moderate things.

          It was that way when I was a child, and it is that way now.

          We do not want to bushwhack each other over ideas.

          • “It was that way when I was a child, and it is that way now.

            We do not want to bushwhack each other over ideas.”

            You have obviously never been on Twitter. You are in for a rude awakening.

          • @Kel…

            Fair enough, Good Sir – but cyber-bushwhackin’ is a far cry from the real thing.

    • When the corona virus hit my area, I started going to smaller stores that were more open to the elements. I was surprised to find the quality was higher, and my weekly grocery bill was cut almost in half.

      The big chain stores have an enourmous buying power advantage, but they do not pass the savings on to their customers. They price gouge their cutomers and give the profits to their shareholders instead.

  3. Just returned from Highstreet in Oxford. Met Peter Hitchens. The blacks are gonna tear down every statue of a white man. Get thee automatic firepower, They are coming for everything.

  4. I cannot think of a black face that better signifies the purebred African male than George Floyd. In fact, some of the Leftist drawings of him appeared highly cartoonish. The Left’s deep-seated inner racism created extremes of extremes. But, let’s face it, if “true” conservatives had drawn them, their self-absorption would have created a virtual black Adonis. Always remember that in a world of diversity 2 + 2 = 5.

  5. We all know that blacks are the Jews’ shock troops which only requires loyalties by stating a shared interest and little to no capital investment. But to borrow a variation of a great Eustace Mullins’ quote, Jews always have it both ways. In this situation, they’re used to protect Jewish interests but become a capital return when borrowed by gentile “anti-racism” liberals. I guarantee you that most of those corporate millions for Floyd will end up in Jewish hands.

  6. Yeah, there are Whites who are getting very frustrated by all this virtue-signaling, breast-beating and non-stop demands for justice (which, if you believe the entire library being thrown at the cops involved in his arrest is justice, has been served.

    I think this lady’s reaction is just the beginning of the backlash. They are acting like she is a monster, but she has all my sympathies. I can’t see this woman kneeling to anyone.


  7. Maybe if we just all vote republican, we can save Murica!… Wait, we tried that. Um…maybe if we just try to hide in our own little sections of our, or what used to be our, countries…. Wait, it seems like we tried that too…. No where left to run. Seems one of our men who did stand up, asked the question: How long will you run, White man, how long will you run?

    Western Civilization, especially the United States, has now entered Phase 2, of the 3 phases of bolshevik revolution.

    If the White race bothered to have our own “Doomsday Clock”, it would be about 1 minute to midnight. But, that’s OK, no need for concern, it will all get better.

    • Whites are too afraid to fight back for fear of being called racist, so most will bow to the alter of the sainted negro in order to feel satisfied. I have said it many times,if whites only used the tactics the negro and Antifa is using, it might be us airing our grievances. But we will never know because whites are only good at talking the talk. Our enemies walk the walk.

  8. “During every revolution, the previously experienced intellect-creator will be replaced by the new rough force of the destroyer. He will place and hold in the first rank the lower instincts and desires. Man will be farther removed from the divine and the spiritual…The Great Spirit put at the threshold of our lives Karma, who knows neither anger nor pardon. He will reckon the account, whose total will be famine, destruction of culture, the death of states and people’s. I see already this horror, this dark, mad destruction of humanity.”

    Baron Roman Ungern von Sternberg
    “The Bloody White Baron”

  9. Damn! Who knew Mason would be right in all this with a Helter-Skelter black uprising that would destroy civilization and wipe out all the white people! I jest but GLR wanted us of this too.

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