Redneck Revolt: The Anti-White Militia Who Caused Heather Heyer’s Death

When we were in Charlottesville at the Unite the Right rally in 2017, a group of degenerate anti-White militia members called the Redneck Revolt set up an armed perimeter around Justice Park, a park near Lee Park that was en route to it via the now infamous ‘gauntlet,’ and Redneck Revolt platooned there and guarded it with military grade weapons even after the state of emergency was declared. I recorded them as you can see on my The Alt-Right Band video ~1:32.

The motto of Redneck Revolt is: “If working class people want a reality of political, social, and economic freedom, we must directly fight against oppression, especially white supremacy.”

This group was led at the time of Unite the Right by a man named Dwayne Dixon, who last I knew was a college professor at the University of North Carolina.

Dwayne Dixon also admitted to chasing after James Fields with a rifle that same day before the car crash which resulted in the death of Heather Heyer and the imprisonment of James Fields for over 400 years.

“I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism.”

The reason all this is relevant now is because James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are exposing these degenerate scum for all the world to see.

Redneck Revolt can only be described as an anti-White militia that trains with, openly carries, and brandishes military grade weapons with the eventual intent of attacking White people for the crime of existing. They are evil to the core and regularly coordinate with other anti-White groups like Antifa. Similarly to Antifa, there is a mountain of evidence that could be used to put most of the members of Redneck Revolt in prison, but the U.S. Government refuses to act. They are another anti-White group who the system supports, however, thanks to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, those days may be soon be over.


  1. I warned the blightwing about Redneck Revolt and The John Brown Gun Club, before and after Chump’s election, and was completely ignored. Related chapters are extent throughout the country and they don’t operate openly.

    These fucktards are all about killing you. Go ahead and laugh at the tats, ear plugs, and sunken chests. Take a swig of your favorite drink, rub that pot-belly, and stroke your favorite door stop.

    Very little training is required to run a gun, block streets, fire a home, cover front and rear, and kill your family as they exit the house.

    And in blue/purple/pink areas the cops are on their side.

  2. I still cannot process this level of confusion. There are people that are self loathing. There are people that sadly are so self loathing they become suicidal. This is a large group of people whom not only hate themselves but their parents, siblings, family, people and culture so much they not only want to take themselves out but everyone. It is so damn bizarre and cannot think of another group in history that was self hating and self destructive in mass.

    Do they call themselves rednecks or are they revolting against rednecks. Im assuming the latter as these people look as much like good ol boys with confederate ancestry as the cast of the musical Hamilton looks like Founding Fathers

    • Well, Schill, these people are not self-loathing. Take note of Dwayne Dixon. As tools of the regime these fucktards are privileged, confident, pro-active, patient, view themselves as leaders of non-whites, and operate in informal cells. Their objective is to eliminate you, for they see you as competition for power. Like the Terminator you’ll not reason or persuade them, and they will never, ever stop.

      Most will fit in with your good ole boys undetected, because good ole boys and blightwingers don’t know how to vet people.

      • @Old them wanting to eliminate me out of a base desire for power is fine. It makes them like countless other violent thug regimes. But they hate you and I because we are white. And as much as they would like to renounce it, they are also white. So what “team” do they play on? Team colored? But they aren’t colored and would never be accepted and probably get the Haiti treatment afterwards.

        Their core mantra is they hate whites.
        But their biological identity is white
        Kind of cyclical but that equates to hating themselves where i come from.
        For people who view themselves as the good guys they sure do seem to be hateful. I couldn’t imagine carrying around that type of spite and hatred against total strangers based solely off their race. Its almost as if these bugmen are……. Racist

        • White antifa don’t hate us for being white, Schill. They hate us because we’re impediments to the power they seek and look down upon them as human beings. For many it began in grade school due to their looks, weakness, sexuality, beliefs, or defective personality. That is why they accentuate the strangeness in their appearance. It’s supposed to surprise and shock you. And that is why some having a normal appearance before antifa, transform themselves once they are accepted as legitimate.

          These bastards are very conscious of street-level differences between black and white. This is not to say that some of them don’t come to believe the equalitarian nonsense. They certainly do. With enough repetition the dumbest liars come to believe their own bullshit. But the smart ones don’t. Like jews they are cynical, reflexive liars who think highly of themselves for having outwitted you. Nothing gives them greater pleasure.

          Although my impressions are dated and anecdotal, I think they generally hold true.

  3. She went out there thinking she was some kind of independent woman soldier because tv told her she had resist “oppression”. If she weighed less than 300 lbs, wasn’t a smoker, or many other things, she’d still be alive today. I blame the She-Ra cartoons from the 80s.

  4. Don’t worry boys, Antifa is done/ scared (LMAO) because Trump labeled them a terrorist organization. The days will be sunny again thanks to Trump and the DOJ.. Rejoice!

  5. This Redneck Revolt group may have spooked Fields, but, of all the video and photos taken that day, there is no video or photo of Fields car striking Heyer. Or of Heyer even being within 10′ of Fields car.

    If the Virginia State Police or the FBI have videos or photos of Fields car striking Heyer they should publish them.

    I’m pretty sure the estimable Keith Alexander Esq. is of the same opinion?

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