Congressional Democrats Engage In Bizarre, Cultlike Religious Ritual To Honor George Floyd

Is this the United States of America?

If so, I don’t recognize it anymore. What the hell is this?

The scene looks like a cross between Eddie Murphy in Coming to America, the Black Panther Party of the late 1960s and a Billy Graham evangelical religious revival set in Wakanda.

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  1. Maybe it’s Canaanite Baal worship.

    Jews are Antifa but they are also Canaanites and not Israelites.

    Identity Christians have been shouting this from the rooftops for years but the Churches and White Nationalists fought the truth and upheld the big lie that the Jews were the ancient Israelites.


    Jews and Arabs Share Genetic Link to Ancient Canaanites, Study Finds.

  2. For years the author of Cambria Will Not Yield ( has been saying that Negro worship is the real religion of America. Can anyone now deny it?

  3. “Congressional Democrats Engage In Bizarre, Cultlike Religious Ritual To Honor George Floyd”

    It’s not bizarre if you understand what they do behind closed doors.

    If you want to understand how our history was destroyed, understand how they do it. And, the anti-Semitism card, too:

    I dare you to watch it and then tell me you don’t believe conspirators were/are involved.

    • About 11 or 12 years ago, I encountered a video on YouTube which encompassed only about the first 20 minutes of this Dodd interview. It aggravated me to no end that I was left with such a cliffhanger and no means of getting the rest of the video. Very fortuitous that you posted the full thing here, Snowhitey. The full video was very intriguing. I love G. Edward Griffin.

      • I’m glad someone is aware of how things work. Just an FYI and I don’t expect anyone to believe me but this is what I have been told. We are going into Communitarianism which is self-governing, collective communities. Sort of like how medical practices and other institutions operate these days. They forced doctors into this model (through unaffordable malpractice insurance for individual practices, etc.). You follow the rules or….. I guess you go elsewhere. The same with these planned communities that started popping up a few decades ago (guidelines currently issued by each state, ask your HOA). The fiat system is being replaced with digital currencies (cryptos). You must take possession of all cryptocurrencies where you hold the keys. Banks will offer custodial services and those assets will also be seized. Some already have – do an Internet search. Both financial systems will run side-by-side and then fiat is out. Any investments or bank accounts will not be covered over $100,000 (or whatever the terms state) and there will be a point all assets will be difficult or impossible to withdraw if you’re late to act. Read the terms of service on all your accounts, it is in there. The institution can seize your assets over $100,000 (bail-ins). If you have a safety deposit box (read terms of service), clean it out. Any debt you have in fiat will be transferred over to the new system. I suspect student loans may be….. may be cancelled through Leftist demands and to reinforce their belief they are in control. The markets are expected to go to zero or close to it. What we’re seeing is wealth re-distribution where everyone will be set to zero (metaphorically). Western Civilization is being lowered to Third World levels. This is why pretty much every part of the old system is being destroyed. They changed our history, made us the bad guys, and some of our own people are fools and have betrayed us as a distinct people and are committing financial ruin (the positive side of it). Both sides are controlled as I am sure you are aware. I was also informed to be self sufficient for a minimum of 2 years and learn a useful skill for your self and for bartering (the supply chains will freeze). Population reduction will be quite massive. A perfect plan to cover all the bases.

        Think about it. If they’re going to crush us financially and your mortgage will not be forgiven, a huge amount of people will have to walk away from their houses. I sold mine last year and this being the main reason but not the only one in all honesty (cost and effort to maintain).

        Stay safe and keep paying attention. I love my people but most don’t see it coming and will never see it coming until it is 100% too late.

      • Yeah, Griffin is definitely a good guy. Eustace Mullins stated he plagiarized a lot of his work but he didn’t care as long as the message got out. Early on, Mullins was self-publishing with the help of Ezra Pound.

  4. They’ll do anything to stem the hemorrhaging of Blacks from The Democrat Party to Trump, so long as it is cosmetic and does not really involve systemic economic change that might positively affect The Black Community.

    At this point, the only real chance President Trump has to win reelection is to have a record Black Turnout in his favour, and, with polls showing Blacks are as high as 40% approval on him, that’s entirely possible.

    Trump will do anything cosmetic, to court The Black Vote, so long as it does not really damage his efforts to import slave labour and improve the positions of corporations here.

    Hmm … there seems to be a connection here.

  5. Where were all the protests and riots over the innocent men, women and children killed at Waco ? …….. None were criminals !

  6. It’s dead. They’re rallying on the corpse of a great White nation, or was it just a freemason experiment? Amerika RIP 2020….

        • @SC REBEL…

          It is sad, very sad – but, the forces exerting pressure to destroy a good thing have been continual and enormous!

          In spite of that : ———– Enjoy your Balkan wife and be well!

      • @12…

        No, Sir – it ain’t over – not by a long shot.

        What it is, however, is being currently subjugated and drowned by a vast array of things, all of which you are perfectly aware.

        In time the spirit that was America will grow stronger and be dominant again – because this is the spirit undergirding this land.

        Nothing can keep that spirit down forever.

        But, yes, for now, it is in a damaged state and badly in need of reorganization.

        The soil needs to be burnt, tilled, and resown with the exact same ideas that began all this – they, all in all, the greatest collection of formally expressed political ideas this world has ever seen.

  7. Every day I say, “Now I’ve seen it all.” And then, in 24 to 48 hours there is something so alien, so outside of the American tradition and history, that you say, WTF?

    Of course, people in Taiwan and Ukraine are ones really saying, “WTF?”

    They were born and raised to believe that if push came to shove with China or Russia, the mighty US military would come to their rescue. If you were watching this from Taiwan or Ukraine; would you be feeling more secure about the future? Or would you be thinking that the party’s over for American power and might. Are we a serious nation anymore? Could we fend off an attack from a foreign power where we are de-funding the police and having open borders? Do we and our allies now make for a tempting target after broadcasting our weakness and diversity sickness?

    Yes, this is a cult. A death-cult that worships convicted felons and black criminals with long criminal histories. Once upon a time our heroes were men of courage and virtue: today there is nothing courageous about a drug-addled Negro resisting arrest.

    • @Geir…

      White Southerners have long lived in this nation with the feeling that no one represents us or our interests.

      It’s new, however, for y’all up North.

      It’s a painful feeling, I know – to realize that you are not welcome in your land, and that you own elected officials either have no abiding interest in you or are actually out to get you.

      In one form or another, over one issue or another, we’ve been continually dealing with this feeling since the 1960s.

      Now it’s y’all’s turn to join us.

    • If the U.S. Government gets in a war with China over Taiwan, 7,000 miles away from the U.S. west coast and 120 miles away from China the U.S. military is in serious trouble. In 2017 two destroyers were involved in deadly collisions at sea because of diversity in the crews and reliance on high tech systems. This showed fundamental weaknesses in the diversity/multicultural attitude permeating the entire U.S. military from the highest to the lowest ranks.

      Good, competent, white officers and enlisted men leave the military while incompetent minorities and women get promoted like on the USS Fitzgerald, one of the destroyers wrecked in a collision in 2017. How much effect this has on the fighting ability of U.S. forces can only be known in a war and then it’s too late to fix things. The Chinese don’t suffer from any delusions about equality, diversity or multiculturalism, they just want the most effective combat forces possible.

      China has its problems too but at least they are ethnically homogeneous and are also a serious country unlike the U.S. There haven’t been a lot of BLM protests in Peking, Shanghai or Canton nor serious public unrest there since Tienanmen Square in 1989. In the event of conflict over Taiwan the government in Peking can count on universal public support and a competent military.

      In the event of conflict over Taiwan the government in Washington will quickly find that China is a serious opponent and that there are drastic shortfalls in the U.S. military especially because of ‘diversity’. No doubt the U.S. Government would turn to conscription to fill the gaps relying on white conscripts.

      There would be a massive propaganda campaign relying on white, patriotic, WWII imagery backed by legal threats to get whites to comply with conscription laws, the wealthy exempted, of course. Whites should just tell the Government they have shin splints like DJT did in the 1960’s or a pimple on their ass like Rush did to avoid military service during Vietnam.

      • BLM protesting has only occurred in countries that allow the American intelligence community linked NGOs to organize and agitate within their borders. Because it’s an astroturf op. Countries that don’t allow American agents to just go around fomenting rebellions, such as China, don’t have these kinds of problems. That’s why China has taken the opportunity to take control of Hong Kong’s national security, so they can kick out all if the American NGOs that have been organizing and agitating terrorists in Hong Kong.

      • “China has its problems too but at least they are ethnically homogeneous and are also a serious country unlike the U.S.”


      • @12…

        “If the U.S. Government gets in a war with China over Taiwan, 7,000 miles away from the U.S. west coast and 120 miles away from China the U.S. military is in serious trouble. ”

        They are perfectly well aware of this and will avoid any scenario that promises to be embarassing.

        If there is one thing you notice with The United States’ Government, they pick their enemies carefully – those whom they feel they can squash and keep down.

    • Check out the video of the Capitol Visitors’ Center worship service. Fast forward to 8:26 on Butt Naked’s link and watch for about 20 seconds and you’ll see the nappy-headed congressional granny-love in the dress on her knees as she plays with her ass with her left hand. Hilarious.

  8. That Kool-Aid is some good shit.

    I really never thought I’d witness Western society implode in my lifetime. I only joked about it. Joke’s on me, now.

  9. Is this real life or has reality been subverted to a gay demonic clown world dimension?! The demoncrat party is a good title for these liberal zog clowns, I expect republicucks to do this too soon if they haven’t all ready

    • @Michael…

      For Southern Whites it’s been this way a very long time. Now we have company.

  10. By focusing the crowds’ attention on Floyd and stirring up their emotions about Floyd, instead of focusing on the police, universal surveillance and mass incarceration industry itself, the protest movement becomes ridiculous and ineffective, and the police, universal surveillance and mass incarceration industry is protected and will come back and grow stronger.

  11. country of wiggers, niggers. and imbeciles, ruled by their ((betters))
    a shock to someone who thought that American whites were at least smart

    • @Nemo…

      Our real master was not listed by you – that being our overweening desire to live our lives for our own pleasures, and to sacrifice for nobody and nothing else.

      This is The Inner Weakness undergirding all the other weakness, corruptions, and usurpations.

      It would take a revival of the collective national spirit to overcome it.

      I don’t see that on the horizon.

      The only ones left who have the desire to sacrifice are the anarchists.

    • Nemo—This is the fruit of the Jews, the rioting, the looting, the mayhem. Christ said you will know them by their fruit, by what they produce. And the curse of the Jews put on the head of the Jews by God almighty is becoming very clear. The Jews want to rule over human kind, think they should, think they know better than every one else, but god dictates where ever Jews rule their is chaos and mayhem and never ever any peace among the ruled.

  12. There were Evangelicals marching with Mitt Romney in a previous article.
    Christianity is long gone in White countries, save for Russia, it appears.
    And Muslims are that in name only. They crave what the West has, pornography, whores, welfare, and all the rest of the vomit one can name.

    There are some Muslims, however, who are true Muslims, who defend Christians, who defend their nation and their people against a military funded by the USA.

    Trillions upon Trillions of dollars have been taken from the American white people, the true heirs of America, and given to Israel. Not to mention all the trillions the Federal Reserve has handed to them.

    The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion, June 2003

    Why are Americans, i.e. White people, so cowardly, or NUTS? Could it be the Freudian and his nephew Edwards Bernays mind game? I think so.

    What American Christian would put his life on the line to save a Muslim?
    What American Christian would put his life on the line to save a fellow white?

    What is it that has men such as the Iranian general, who was murdered by Trump in January, devoting their lives to fighting evil, defending their people, and helping others?

    Why do Hezbollah fight and DIE to defend Christians?

    Why to these men NOT permit their wives and daughters and sisters to be turned into whores?
    Why do these men have a code of HONOR?

    I think a thoughtful white should ponder these questions.

    The Evangelicals bow before the Israeli flag, a foreign flag, while the men of Hezbollah rip it off a flag pole and step on top of it.
    They teach a lesson in manliness.
    I think white men should emulate Hezbollah.
    Whether they will or not the fate of the race and the nation rests upon it.

  13. St. Dindu looks down from his perch in heaven and sneers at the Whites debasing themselves to the saint’s fellow negroes that hate them.

  14. The constant refrain from leaders and opinion makers of “Oh look what they did now. Things are getting worse. Our people’s future is bleak.” Is becoming tiresome. Now is the time for constructive discussion on what should be done to prepare, organize, form parallel institutions, and disengage from this corrupt system. Real, pragmatic ideas.

  15. Real cynical bastards, inciting a race war to get their political ends, they remind me of Wasco in the movie Fast Walking they used to run on Cable a lot 20 years ago. Too bad the idiot suburban females don’t see that these rats burned the cities on purpose and this wasn’t spontaneous.

    Are people getting really sick of this crap yet? Why are these bums still protesting? They arrested the cops, why don’t they go home unless they want to aid and abet all this disorder? I knew this was going to happen when I saw them try to spark it with that burglar they claimed was “jogging.” I hope it backfires on them but don’t have any faith in female voters. They might just well vote for Biden regardless of what they think to try to make all this go away.

  16. Those Democrats taking the geriatric knee, could be future Wakanda farmers in Zimbabwe!

    I’m a hopeless romantic optimist ! Or more down to earth?

    They could run the cash registers in chain stores owned by (((big businesses))) in South Africa!

  17. I’ve been listening to Mike Enoch’s Revisionathon. Is he going to be prosecuted for Charlottesville related stuff or sued? He is obviously going to turn trials into a Hitler Trial/Landsberg prison moment.

  18. Jews don’t really like the blacks but they have something in common. A strong inclination towards devil worship. The police, as foolish and simple-minded as they are, remain an obstacle towards the sort of things they wish to do for their master Satan.

  19. Normal people would view this kind of thing as condescending, but I guess it goes over well with the black community.

  20. The Democrats are truly a satanic bunch. These pathetic, old white politicians like Pelosi, Hoyer, and the vile yid Schumer and Nadler among others. Nadler sums up a total mess. He was a huge jowled bowling ball for years until get got the stomach surgery done. Him not taking a knee cracked me up. He literally can’t do it because his formerly round body is still so unhealthy. He stands there like a duck with the feet apart pointing in opposite directions. Just a summary of the mess of a man he is. Another ( yawn) jewish politician raised in hatred of white people. Well. the blaxxx will really treat him

    These pathetic old white skeezers in their 70s and 80s near death relatively soon still fighting it out for power and slobbering to blacks who would kill them in a second. I do think the Bible verse of GOD giving them up to depraved minds plays out here. No other logical reason. Just old white pricks taking final stabs at a nation that treated them so well before they die and leave forever. The black ones? No shock. There are very few decent ones.

    No way Trump has 30 or 40% black approval. Consider 10% a victory at the ballot box. Mittens does the blm walk yet blaxxx showed their true colors when he only got four percent of their vote.

    America is not blessed. Those who believe should ask GOD for such a blessing. But we have demons who run the entire Democrat Party.

    It’s simply time to end the failed experiment called America. As Hw stated, the nation is basically consumerists who can’t stand each other. Lol. Maybe GOD is saying: Time to end the charade, folks, and start anew.. Time for the divorce.

  21. @Jeff…

    “The black ones? No shock. There are very few decent ones. ”

    The wife and I took a day off and drove our of the Northeastern NC boonies to the big city of Virginia beach-Chesapeake.

    All day long we were surrounded by, and waited on, by myriad White and Black folks, each of whom was helpful, courteous, and downright friendly.

    The last thing we did, as we made way to drive out of the city was drive by a Negro who was getting out of his expensive sportscar. His licence plate? ‘The Gadsden Don’t Tread on Me flag’- which is the courteous modern equivalent of The Confederate flag licence plate in Ole Virginney.

    Anyway, I complimented him on his being on the right side of history and modernity and he replied with a great big smile and a thanks.

    So, while I respect your right to think and say whatever you want, I just want you to know that nothing of the reality we experienced in Chesapeake and Virginia City confirmed the racial reality of which you spake today- which, by the way, is the same reality we always experience, there, and in our small town.

    In The Olde Confederacy, most folks are nice and will go out of their way to help you.

    I hope this is not something sad for you to hear…

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