Minneapolis Prepares To Disband The Police

If you are in Minneapolis, you better get out now. It has been abandoned to the criminals and is about to become the next Detroit. The weak and likely the last White mayor of Minneapolis who blamed all the violence on “white supremacists” is now down on his knees crying.

Note: Tucker Carlson had a monologue last night about it. While I agree with the monologue, it doesn’t change the fact that yet another American city has been abandoned to black mobs which is going to make refugees out of its White population. See also Birmingham.

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    • We are entering PEAK JUNGLE.

      Stock up on long term food, water, meds, toilet paper, and underwear. We all know the priorities don’t require even an honorable mention.

    • Bring the Phoenix Program to America. Seriously. I’ll chip in, or join the team myself. Anyone else? This country is garbage. Time to destroy it once and for all, then start over.

  1. A few years back there was an elegant and very articulate Black Progressive candidate for our town council, who, having been raised in a large city in Northern New Jersey, stood outside our polls and solicited me to hear his plank.

    Of course, he was all about change, and, when he got to the part about the police backing off how they police, and, to my way of thinking, doing a whole lot less of that, I said the following…

    ‘Sir, I appreciate that for you the idea of no-policing is a choice, but, for me and mine, there are only two choices – this town will either be policed by the police or by a White Militia. Which would you prefer?’

    Though he spoke about a variety of other matters, some of which I did agree with, I do not think he ever gave me an answer to the aforegoing question.

    • Waste of words. Might as well had a discourse on philosophy wi your dog.
      At least your dog likes you.

      • @Arian…

        Maybe so, though, smalltown Southerners do not give each other the cold shoulder, unless there is personal grudge.

        But, yes, at least my dog likes me – LOL!

  2. I predict that the police state will not be killed, and will become even stronger through this.

  3. “If you are in Minneapolis, you better get out now. ”

    That’s the gospel truth………it may also apply to the entire nation.

    Something is wrong with the Nordic mind. Those Swedes seem to think jgrs are just dark Vikings.

    • I don’t think this is due to Swedish traits. After all, ethnic Swedes aren’t even the largest group among Minnesota’s White population. The largest single White ethnic group in Minnesota are German-Americans. There’s also large numbers of Irish Americans in MSP & I don’t see anyone blaming them for this.

      I think this is mostly the result of the cultural malaise that exists across the entire West. You can see the same thing in Glasgow, Stockholm, London, etc.

  4. Can Elon Musk step on it with those rockets?

    Everyone can now see what the hell is going on. A lot of the kneelers are going to perish anyway. The country is intentionally being destroyed.

    Anyone want to admit there’s a conspiracy behind all the mayhem? Probably many.

  5. 2 things Hunter.

    1. All of this violence and crime for the past 10 days was caused by an unfortunate death of a convicted felon with enough drugs in his system to kill a horse. What kind of person burns down buildings and loots stores to protest the death of a stranger with a long criminal record?

    2. The graphic, tell-it-like-it-is Minneapolis Fox News 9 report I have linked below, was made 8 months ago, when Minneapolis had a more or less function police department.

    With what you are about to see, ask yourself what it will be like when the police are “re-structured.”

    By the way, I lived in downtown Minneapolis for many years (see my blog) and I also lived in Highland Park (part of St. Paul) and in a condo on the Mississippi river in downtown St. Paul. I took the light rail every day that you see in this news report, and I can attest that everything you see in this video is real and I experienced it first hand.

  6. Is that the Star Wars guy from England on the bullhorn? There isnt enough problems without importing the million diversity hires from Hollywood now? What a joke. Makes you miss the days when atleast you got a Billy Dee or Carl Weathers, instead now going for the most ethnic people they can find. I wonder what his complaint and violent protest reaction is based upon? Not enough trailer space or gourmet food on the set of The Farce Awakens? The entitlement is baffling and the fault of our elites

  7. The POS was still excusing POC for their sure-to-come savagery in a cop-free zone, because they’ve been “traumatized.” No doubt by those White supremacists that have total power over society, but somehow are still prosecuted and persecuted by those with power over society.

    This is the final call for the flight to leave Crazytown-on-Fire. Too many people are aiding and abetting the gruesome death of a formerly great city. I’m going to have a chat with the people that have previously talked me out of leaving the Twin Cities, and tell them I won’t watch my native town commit suicide. To live here as a member of a hated and scapegoated group of people — heinously evil Europeans — is to invite further marginalization and violence. I’m gone. I’m done.

    I’m sure I’ll be told I’m exaggerating, that life will largely go on as before. But when I can see POS POC destroying, beating, murdering and pillaging at will, while those in positions of civil power blame White supremacist infiltrators that only exist where unicorns fly free, I know it’s only a matter of time before attacks on and murders of Whites will be looked upon as well-deserved reparations for past crimes. I will not be anyone’s f^cking scapegoat. To help ensure that from happening, I’ve got to find (excuse me for saying this for the umpteenth time) an island of sanity in an ocean of lunacy. Metropolitan areas everywhere are lost, and certain southern MN rural areas are becoming multicultural through importing beaners and ragheads, so I’m heading north.

    • ANTIFA has plans for rural weimerikwa. No more whitey-flighty…just roving bands of marauders.

      • Small towns don’t have security cameras everywhere. Imagine the possibilities for dealing with soy-filled invaders.

  8. I answered my own question. Apparently all of the sports, political and rap world along with Hollywood has flown into Minnesota to honor Mr Floyd and his kinglike golden coffin. Jay Z, Beyonce, Puffy, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart, John Legend, his big mouth wife, Reverend Al… This guy is getting a better send off than any person since a monarch. Dont expect this to slow down. They have the strong hand and they will keep playing it

  9. The police will be back in some form fairly soon. You can’t run a community on chaos. People will want it back soon, or everybody sane will leave. You have a choice,law and order, or Detroit. No police for the community is fantasy. Even the small town and mostly rural, white county I live in has a sheriff and deputies. Like I said, police will be back, or the community will go the way of Detroit. Every time I hear” no police, I think “slipping off to Eden, yeah brother” ….

  10. We’ve witnessed the new Bolsheviks, and White Gentiles are the new White Christian Russians.

    The exact tribe and their fellow traveler useful idiots are at the helm of this marxist revolution a century later.

    • @November…

      Unfortunately, your analogy is eerily shaping up as so, something about which I have more and more thought starting in the late years of the Obama Administration.

      • Speaking of Russians, why would a Proud Rebel (title of a great Alan Ladd movie, btw) give himself a Russkie nom de plume? Why not Nathaniel Beverley Tucker?

  11. They are deliberately inviting anarchy. This will be the pilot program for the rest of the country. Watch other cities come on board within the next 6 months to a year. Anyone behind this isn’t just wrong. Anyone behind this is pure evil.

  12. Israeli Consul Confirms Over 100 Minneapolis Police Officers Received Israeli ‘Anti-Terror’ Training in 2012

    At least 100 Minnesota police officers attended a 2012 conference hosted by the Israeli consulate in Chicago, the second time such an event had been held.

    There they learned the violent techniques used by Israeli forces as they terrorise the occupied Palestinian territories under the guise of security operations.

    The so-called counterterrorism training conference in Minneapolis was jointly hosted by the FBI.

    Israeli deputy consul Shahar Arieli claimed that the half-day session brought “top-notch professionals from the Israeli police” to share knowledge with their US counterparts.

    It is unclear whether any of the officers involved in the incident in which Mr Floyd was killed attended the conference.

    But in a chilling testimony, a Palestinian rights activist said that when she saw the image of Derek Chauvin kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck, she was reminded of the Israeli forces’ policing of the occupied territories.

    Neta Golan, the co-founder of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) said: “When I saw the picture of killer cop Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd by leaning in on his neck with his knee as he cried for help and other cops watched, I remembered noticing when many Israeli soldiers began using this technique of leaning in on our chest and necks when we were protesting in the West Bank sometime in 2006.

    “They started twisting and breaking fingers in a particular way around the same time. It was clear they had undergone training for this. They continue to use these tactics — two of my friends have had their necks broken but luckily survived — and it is clear that they [Israel] share these methods when they train police forces abroad in ‘crowd control’ in the US and other countries including Sudan and Brazil.”

    The training of US police officials by Israeli forces is widespread.

    Even Amnesty was compelled to report that hundreds of police from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state and Washington DC had been flown to Israeli for training.

    Thousands more have been trained by Israeli forces who have come to the US to host similar events to the one held in Minneapolis. According to the somewhat selective rights organisation, many of these trips are taxpayer-funded, while others are privately funded.

    Since 2002 the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), it said.

    The Minneapolis Police Department was contacted for comment.

    Jewish news sites are already running stories denying any Israeli connection to the events in Minneapolis, predictably smearing these reports as “fake news” and age-old antisemitism™.

    Perhaps this Deputy Consul at the Israeli consulate in Chicago is going to issue a “correction” or “retraction” of his previous comments — or he’ll be recalled to Israel and won’t be available for further comment.

    Anyone with eyes to see knows that police forces in America have become progressively militarized in the last 20 years since the Israeli-orchestrated 9-11 attacks.

  13. When I read Harold Covington’s North West novels on the future of the European in the US I thought he was being overly pessimistic. Now I realise he was Nostradamus.

  14. Minneapolis mayor sobs uncontrollably at gold coffin of George Floyd “It’s like burying my Presidential ambitions!”

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