Lady G Is Outed By Gay Escorts



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    • For anyone who wants to understand how the US was destroyed from within, you can do so by listening to this Norman Dodd interview which is outstanding. I recommend listening to the whole thing from start to finish but starting at 21:40 should peak your interest. During the interview, Dodd talks about how he sent a staff member by the name of Catherine Casey to NY to see the Minutes (from inception) of the Carnegie Endowment. She was an attorney who believed foundations only served good deeds. She was so traumatized on what she found out that she eventually resigned because, as Dodd stated in some form, her findings profoundly impacted her ability to function normally.

      If you don’t understand we are controlled by conspiracy, this should leave no doubt:

      • Some people worry about being associated with the word “conspiracy” (thanks, CIA). So use the old term used for organized groups seeking to control civilization: Affinity groups. To further make it easier to handle and understand, think of those groups on an organizational chart. The families and individuals funding and running groups like the Bilderbergers, then those participating in those groups, after that that the foundations, trusts, NGOs, political parties, business associations, etc., they all give money to and participate in on some level. The Panama Papers provides an example of how interconnected elites really are, and how they use the same methods to disguise their true wealth and power from public scrutiny. You’ll see that they’re not especially bright, but they are cunning and crave more resources. They hire and use the credentialed professionals that are highly intelligent and capable to actually get them what they want. The professionals they use see themselves as being part of the upper class as well, but they are really just another set of puppets used to distract from those with the actual money and power that are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

      • I listened to the whole thing, excellent find. There would be a wealth tax against these so called “non-profits” that would ruin them if this country were properly governed. These foundations constitute a shadow government with much of the power of true government but none of the responsibility, an excellent arrangement for them. For the rest of us, not so much.

  1. I do not care about Senator Graham’s sexual delights.

    As to all these Yankee fags – they do not appreciate that Senator Graham is Southern, and, that so, he tries not to air his dirty laundry in publick.

    Wow, think of that – discretion.

    As to his support for Senator McCain’s fetishes of making war on anyone and everybody, that is a very different matter, something to which I most definitely take exception, and as well, to the fact that Senator Graham supports surveillance on us.

    What these LGBTer’s don’t seem to get is that, if they ruin Senator Graham, our brothers in South Carolina will just elect Adolf Hitler to take his place.

    The South ain’t going away…

    • Graham is living proof that there were gay Confederates.

      Also, Graham has ruined a good name.

      • @Krafty…

        There most certainly were gay Confederate soldiers, because gays have always been in every town and venture in The South – even in the 20th century Klaverns of Ter Southern Klans

        I saw all this growing all as a boy at the end of The Jim Crow Period – Gays were everywhere, but, as Straight Southerners did not wish to see it, and Gays did not wish to force who they were upon those who did not wish to see it, most straight Southerners actually thought that they knew no Gays – which, of course, was absolutely ludicrous!

        And speaking of Gays unrecognized – James Buchanan occupied The White House for 4 years, 1857-1861, with his ‘male companion’ and nobody said a dadburn thing!!!

          • @Krafty…

            Some people choose to be homosexual or bi-, though, many others are made by God that way.

            I do not care if they have found a gene for it yet, or not – I grew up in the old days and realized, as a boy, that some boys are just girls stuck in the bodyies of boys and vice-versa.

            Though I am anti- transgender industry, anti-transgender in girls sports or pottying with our ladies, and though I am against gay marriage, I understand that one box does not fit all, and that, if people do not throw their peculiarities in my face, I am happy to live and let live.

            Though it may not be popular at this site, I really do try to live and let live.

            In any case, thanks for the comment!

    • Yeah, my first hand observations of South Carolina were not very positive – New England transplants and rich Jews taking over Charleston South Carolina – Christian Zionists and cucks virtue signaling to elect the first ever Female Indian governor and affirmative action Black Senator who follows dictates from the NAACP and ADL on federal judge confirmations.

      What’s the matter with South Carolina by J Ryan

    • It’s about destroying the United States government. All governments as we know them will go out the window. The US must be destroyed. Have they not shown everyone – no matter your side – that existing government is useless? The old model has served its purpose. Time for Communitarianism!

      Despite all the contradictions, Sherman’s March to the Sea 2.0 is right on track. This whole show is organized on a global basis. Don’t you ever wonder what happened to prior civilizations and how little remnants remain for us to know what happened? We’ve been on this planet a lot longer than what we’ve been told.

      I hate to break it to blacks but the “legacy of slavery” is also being removed.

      But the “c” word is off limits in your foolishly programmed brain.

      There’s no way out of it. Enjoy the parts you like.

      • Even certain aspects of the military (National Guard) are getting in line with the NWO.

        I can certainly understanding people’s confusion as to what is going on. You’ve been warned this was the goal. Destroying from within is a rather brilliant strategy.

        It is so much bigger than blacks and Jews. Plenty of useful idiot whites.

        We think in years, they think in centuries.

        That proverbial pyramid is going nowhere.

        • The American government is the NWO. They aren’t trying to destroy it. They are trying to solidify it’s power further, as has been done since WWII. Nothing going on right now threatens the American government in the least. It only empowers them, which is why all of the elites support it.

      • Present forms of government will be replaced by corporations and NGOs. Social scores will be everything.

        The useful idiots will be euthanized. Trust me, they’re a threat to the new system as much as the old. Not all weapons stay in the arsenal. Give it time.

        I have an uneasy feeling that a massive culling is just ’round the corner.

        Take Covid seriously. It’s not over til it’s over.

    • South Carolina is going to elect Jamie Harrison to the Senate. Graham has alienated enough of the republican leaders in SC that they are starting to turn on him. Even the ex-CEO of one of our largest manufacturing companies has endorsed Jaimie.

    • Notice the mix of sour grapes types sentiment with passive-aggressiveness and false bravado. Could a Southerner analyze this bizarre rant for us?

    • That attitude of discretion is the reason we have a lot of the problems we do. Closeted homosexuals operate as a nepotistic secret society, and eventually they work their way up and dominate institutions. That is what happened with the Vatican and it’s why the Catholic Church is run by a cabal of pederasts. It’s actually better for them to be open because then at least you know what they’re all about.

      The ideal solution would be to have homo cities where sodomy would be permitted, while making it punishable by execution elsewhere. Homos would flock to the gaytowns and the problems would be contained there while also alleviating the problem of secret homo mafia and wider spread of sodomite culture to normal people. In organic gardening there’s a technique of pest control that intersperses “bait plants” among the normal plants. The bait plants have pesticide applied that kills the pests for the entire crop, so then the other plants are safe from pesticides and pests. Gay cities would serve a similar purpose.

      Of course, none of that would ever happen in the USA because the USA is allergic to implementing practical solutions to problems. Or even acknowledging problems that conflict with the liberal political theology of the country.

  2. The only people this would be news to would be Conservatives. All you have to do is listen to Miss Lindsey’s speaking voice, and notice his mannerisms.

    Roger Stone is another one. There is a picture of him on the Internet, wearing nothing but studded leather underpants, getting his face licked by a tranny at a gay pride parade event in San Francisco. He also dresses like Liberace in every day life.

    Mitch McConnell could be another one. He may have married his cleaning lady (a Chinese lady), but he has weak and effeminate mannerisms.

      • Passive aggression is a very gay trait, Ruby. (Waves hanky!)

        For the straight folks out there who were actually surprised by the outing of “Miss Lindsey”, spotting gays is not voodoo or rocket science. All you have to do is try to imagine how a woman might behave, if she was born with a penis.

        GOP (code for Gay Old Party) has many such politicians. They are parading on your TV every night.

        • Apologies for my my comment about passive agression. I thought you were angry and calling me gay. No I am not gay, and no I don’t have gay freinds because I am a germophobe. However I have been able to sense their oddness since I was in highschool. Hence my description of them as women with male sexual organs.

    • @Batman…

      You know, speaking of your comment – I’ve always thought that Speaker McConnell is a gay turtle.

      His wife, on the other hand, has a forceful personality, that combination making me think they must have quite an unusual relationship in bed.

    • The late Bob Chapman of International Forecaster fame said DC was loaded with them. LOADED wth the.

      Could Mad Dog Mattis be one?

  3. I don’t see why that’s “homophobic.” Just because he is gay doesn’t mean he necessarily will be down with the gay political agenda. Why would they assume that? It’s his personal proclivity/vice. Oh, and he’s a douche also.

    • @Wango…

      Exactly – Graham is considered ‘homophobic’ by Yankee LGBTQers, because he does not advocate for Transgenders pottying with your daughters.

      It’s a nuance that eludes their vast comprehensive range.

      • @Ivan

        You nailed it dude. Straight libtards don’t like nuance, they like for their ‘pets’ to all think the exact same thing. I used t smoke (cigarettes) once upon a time; I did not advocate it to anyone nor did I make it a political agenda.

      • Gay, southern and selling out the south for his jewish bosses makes you a great southern American. What a fool.

        • @Mike…

          Unfortunately, Senator Graham is a nearly perfect analogy for the Whole South since Brown vs. The Board of Education 70 some years back.

          And, sad to say, Southerners don’t just sell themselves to Jews, but, to Corporations, and New England Yankees all the time.

  4. If Lindsey had been born in the North or California, he would have grown up to be a typical liberal gay guy.

    Southern and Mormon conservative circles have a bunch of really strange effeminate and deviant types because of the social pressures to conform.

    There are less northern conservatives, but the ones up there who are drawn to that philosophy tend to be more masculine.

  5. Ann Coulter has called him/her “Miss Lindsey” for years. This news is as surprising as finding out Friday follows Thursday. It’s also no shock that queers will eat their own (from the butthole in, of course) over the crime of holding the wrong ideology.

  6. I wouldn’t put it past ‘down low ‘ Dixie dame Graham to be a ‘felcher’ with his pay to play boi toys.

  7. Now, will this finally get Graham (listen to his voice, c’mon) ousted from office in the great State of South Carolina? One would think. I’m not so sure.

    • He won two primaries against credible opponents and two general elections to Senate after becoming one of the main leaders of the pro-amnesty movement in Congress.

  8. Lindsay Graham has been outed as Lady G. Jeff Sessions is still licking Trump’s ass after getting repeatedly humiliated by him. Why are southern politicians so gay and unmanly these days?

    • That’s true but it’s country wide. Actually, it’s global. The feminization of men has been going on for decades, It’s their entertainment.

      • “feminization of men has been going on for decades,”


        But if they are interested in breeding a slave caste, what better way ?

    • @Georges…

      Because we are occupied by The Jew England Yankee United States of America, that’s why.

  9. Sodomy is widespread in the South, it’s just very well covered up. They are “catchers” rather than “pitchers” from what I’ve heard,

    • @Ron…

      ‘Sodomy’ is ‘widespread everywhere. Doubt it? —– just be a fly on the wall inside the bedrooms of most straight married couples.

      Over time, you’ll get the picture.

        • Cristina,

          Either Ivan has been “a fly on the wall” inside lots of bedrooms or he is a practitioner himself.

          • @Rodion…

            You can sure bet that my wife and I enjoy each other, without any regards to prudery.

            All The Good Lord asks of us is to be monogomous, and that we have always done!

        • Dear Christina,

          Talk to me about these things after you have been married twenty years.

          Until then, be circumspect.

          God bless you, as usual.

          • Ivan,

            If my future husband ever sodomizes me I am cutting off his twinky while he sleeps.

          • @Christina…

            Some couples like bloodletting, it’s true, and, yes, some wives quite enjoy dominating their men, as well:)

            My wife used to threaten to castrate me, in half gest, though, over time, she began to realize it would not be in her interest, and, nowadays, only threatens to beat me, whenever she thinks I’ve been bad…

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            Okay that was funny. My comment was made because I was equating that type of sex with rape and I wrote out of emotion which I try to avoid.

            I naturally would do no such thing.

    • Now that we’ve cleared up that confusion, on to separately the sinkers from the floaters.

  10. Homos trying to stay relevant as their disease infested, shit stained life didn’t get validation from their ass eating parades this year. All hail the Corona Virus!

  11. How long have the Jews had kompromat on the flamer? I am telling you Israel and the Jews have no friends all they have is people who they have been blackmailed and forced to comply.

    • I believe it. Israeli telecom companies operated the long distance billing system for AT&T after the break up of the Bell System until the early 2000’s. Think of the treasure trove that was.

  12. Champion of the U.S. military and Southern Zio-evangelical “Christianity”, and promoter of Indian Zio-evangelical Nimrata (“Nikki”) Haley from pancake house waitress to governor, etc.

  13. That’s pretty much common knowledge about him. That’s the problem with Republicans is the absolute tolerance for Blacks, Gays, Mexicans, Jews, and others. Stuck on the social melting pop deal. I think everybody that’s watched the news in the last 10 days knows Multiculturalism is over. It’s time for White Christian Nationalism! Deo Vindice !

  14. Not that shocked. He was either gay or one of those sexually repressed, potted plant types who were dissed by girls in high school and college and never recovered. I know dudes like that. They simply got older and used to it.

    Graham is awful overall. He gives you a dog biscuit here and there but on major issues like immigration, war and kissing up to black people he is awful. South Carolina puts in horrible politicians like Graham, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. Hopefully with the fact America is in the beginning stages of civil war that will change. I will believe it when I see it. South Carolina votes like New Jersey from 30 or 40 years ago. A big meh.

  15. Just shocked, SHOCKED to learn lisping Lindsey Graham is a homosexual – it’s like whenI found out Freddy Mercury the lead singer for Queen was “Gay”, or when I found out Bob Marley smoked MJ, or when I learned that the Tawana Brawley racist rape was a Hoax or when I learned that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton weren’t really respectable “Reverends” or Jussie Smolet wasn’t really attacked by White racist Trump supporters in Chicago at 2 in the morning with an air temperature of -15F. Shocking just shocking! I have to say I told you so – I Jack Ryan noted here on Occidental Dissent a few years back that the once proud White Southern state of South Carolina didn’t have a heterosexual Southern guy in the offices of Governor or US Senate.

    “What’s the Matter with South Carolina”
    J Ryan

    • @JAYE…

      Hey now – you forgot to list the Gay that almost all Southerners miss – Rob Halford, lead singer for the heavy metal band, ‘Judas Priest’.

      In fact, most Southerners of my generation still have no idea that Jim Nabors, aka Gomer Pyle, was gay as a 3 dollar bill.

        • @Snowhitey…

          If you knew about Gomer in the 1960s & 70s, you were unusually perceptive!

      • When my brother visited Hawaii many years ago, he met Nabors. I forget where. They got along, so Nabors invited him to his huge “ranch” there. The idiot went there (despite being warned), and after a few drinks Gomer tried to get in his pants. My moronic bro excused himself, and then got the heck outta there tout suite.

  16. Also, I think we should defend our rights of free speech but also appropriate manners. Just because saying something negative isn’t illegal, it doesn’t mean it’s always right particularly not right to say vulgar or yes, hateful words and comments in front of ladies and children> Hillary Clinton ain’t a lady.

    That said.

    Lisping Lindsey Graham is a….. faggot.

    So is Mittens Romney and practically the whole US GOP Cuckservative House of Representatives.

    Not all homosexuals are faggots and not all faggots are homosexuals. But there is a very large overlap.

    Feel free to get in the face of any of these “look the other way, take the knee” BlackliesMatter Cuckservative faggots or faggots in the US Military hugging the rioters and taking the knee.

    Just get in their faces and call them

    “Pussy, Cowards, Faggots”.

    There were some brave folks contesting the streets against these Soros funded Black/Antifa rioters.

    Curtis Sleewell founder of the Guardian Angels apparently got his jaw broken by BLM/Antifa rioters weilding hammers. He’s still in the fight. So far I haven’t seen one single instance of a White Conservative with a gun fighting these rioters in the streets – not one.

  17. “I hope this secret it isn’t being used as leverage over Senator Graham, so today I think Senator Graham, you need to come forward and tell people about your alternative lifestyle and your homosexuality. Barney Frank is more honest and brave than you” — William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, *April 2010*

    South Carolina’s elections are decided by “electronic voting machines” with no paper trail and no way to audit them, which means they are 100% rigged.

    People like Graham, who has always been barely closeted, are put into office because he knows if he ever gets out of line the Jewish media will make a big deal about it.

    Even thought he was outed in front of a huge crowd of Tea Partiers over a decade ago, the media doesn’t talk about it so no one knows. The second Graham does something Israel doesn’t like, his penchant for rent boys becomes national news.

    That’s how it works. It’s not particularly complicated. No one would have known about George Floyd if the TV didn’t run the video over and over and over again.

    He who controls the media controls the world.

  18. It’s great how social media works, quick and deadly…you get buried deep. Maybe some LGBTXYZ types that carry a grudge!?

  19. Lindsey Graham stood by like a whipped puppy as that Indian princess Nimrata Randhawa (Nikki Haley) ripped down the Confederate Flag at the state capital in SC trying to appease the Left over Dylann Roof’s murders. What a joke of a man. If he had stood up to this dingbat this whole take down Confederate stuff would probably have never gotten started. This is what effeminate men do to your society. Even if he is totally innocent of these homosexual charges he still deserves to be shamed to this degree and even worse.

  20. Homosexuality is more prevalent in the South than anywhere else in the nation. If you ever go to San Francisco most of the sodomites are from the South.

  21. I never could wrap my head around homosexual male behavior. Everything they do with another man they’d be able to do with a willing female, plus have the bonus of the ‘vee’ and ‘tee.’

    Geneticists haven’t isolated genes that are responsible for homosexuality yet. I am aware that children sexually molested by a same-sex predator are more likely to become homosexuals and sexually molest children themselves.

    Lady G has sucked as a US Senator. Now we all know that not the only thing he blows.

  22. White people in SC will vote for Lady G again, even if videos of him being gay come out. Anything to beat the DemonRats.

  23. Nimrata spent her entire tenure as ambassador to the UN promoting the interests of another country and no more needs to be said about Lindsey. I’d rather vote for Alvin Greene than for either of those two.

  24. I am gay and I have always found Miss LIndsey despicable He desperately tries to butch it up by warmongering for Israel. And don’t get me started on Nimrata Haley. SHE is on my shit list for starting the “tear down the monument” movement. I will do whatever I can to make sure this evil whore never makes it to the White House.

    I have never understood how SC could keep voting for such an obvious Deep State effeminate hack in Miss Lindsey.

    • @Daniel…

      Well said. That said, the good people of South Carolina are hardly alone in being stuck with despicable politicians serve them.

      As a bible-thumping straight Southern Man, I don’t give a good flyin’ damn about the personal lives of our public servants – do the damn job you campaigned with an eye to being faithful, beneficial, and constructive to those whom you serve.

      • If you actually believe in what the Bible says, you’re supposed to care a great deal about someone’s personal morality, hypocrite.

        • @Boomer…

          You sound just like another unChristian Leftist lecturing a practicing Christian on what his faith is about.

          So, to refresh your memory, I’ll give you a quote and leave it to you to figure out who said it…


          • It’s strange that you proclaim yourself to be Christian, yet use the one quote leftists reflexively and condescendingly use to try to shut up Christians. And then you try to reverse label me with that quote. Pathetic. Instead of condescending, I’ll remind you of what Jesus said to the adulteress afterwards, which is, “Now go and sin no more.” He didn’t tell her the sin was alright, He told her to stop doing it altogether. Get it now, hypocrite?

    • ” I don’t give a good flyin’ damn about the personal lives of our public servants”

      You should.
      Behaviors don’t exist in isolation.
      They spill over into other character flaws.

      • @Arian…

        Yes, I take your point, but, if we start searching fro supermen to have as politicians, we’ll never have anything but a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites – which, by the way, is pretty much what we have.

        A thought : ———- when our Southern ancestors fought the wars with Indians, The Brits, and The Federals, I doubt any of them queried each other as to each other’s sexual pecadilloes, or, indeed, any or each others’ moral stances – beyond the fact that each knew that the other was willing to stand with him and face death to protect the community.

        I recommend we, on The Modern Right, try to be a little less damning and judgemental of each other, and a little more sympathetic and understanding.

        Where Lindsay Graham’s dick has gone is of no matter to me.

        His votes & policy advocations, however, are quite another matter.

        I remind you that Alexander and Frederick The Great were both gay, yet their peoples, both populaces overwhelmingly heterosexual in their ways, worship them today.

  25. It’s not just Graham, the system of US and UK runs on blackmail and extortion; pedophilia is rampant. Hookers are passe as is “offshore drilling” but the real control is when you have a photo of them in bed with a young boy. There have been rumors Lindsey Graham ran a rent boy operation for years and not all of them legal age; running a stable is how it’s phrased.

    This is the kind of rot and corruption which aided in the fall of the Greek and Roman empires. It’s now an open secret Washington elites with the help of the CIA are engaged in child sex trafficking – Franklin scandal anyone, how about the Finders or Epstein. This is across the political spectrum (a charade anyway) but Trump had a long relationship with Epstein and multiple accusations of underage rape from boys and girls; he wouldn’t be in office if they couldn’t control him. Just off the top of one’s head there’s Hastert, Bush, Biden, Frank, Trump, Lindsey, Craig of the “wide stance”.

    DC is a Pedocracy, disgusting and rotten from top to bottom.

  26. LOL.
    No, not that he’s gay or bi or whatever he will eventually admit to – pretty much everybody saw that coming.
    But it turns out, that not only is Miss Lindsey crappy as a Republican Senator, he’s crappy as a representative for closeted homosexuals and the “sex workers” who serve them too.
    A perfect example of a “Deep State” operative/slave.

  27. Not that Lindsey isn’t a f*g, but these particular rumors seem unbelievable. Having his paramours sign an NDA? Seems like creating a piece of evidence where none existed. Interesting how Trump and Graham became best buds after Graham basically called out Trump as sub-human during the campaign. The common goal of Making Israel Great has brought together the two shallow charlatans. Touching!

  28. I am not gay nor am I a sympathizer. Homosexuals are disgusting and an abomination (as the Bible calls them). I am not totally surprised and upset over any revelation concerning Graham being gay.I always thought he had a good chance of being a homosexual from his speech and his actions. When one considers that most of the politicians in Washington are pedophiles, queers, communists, America haters, and Devil Worshipers……what is one more homosexual going to do to hurt anything?

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