Coronavirus Deaths: Who Was Right?

This is a follow up post.

“Am I missing something here?

In the United States, there are currently 739,932 cases and 39,015 deaths. There are 107,300 closed cases and 631,623 active cases. Of those 107,300 closed cases, there were 68,285 recoveries (64%) and 39,015 deaths (36%). Let’s assume for the sake of argument that no one else gets infected with coronavirus in the United States. How will the remaining 5/6ths of current active cases resolve?”

On April 19th, I wrote a post about the first 107,000 cases of COVID-19 that had resolved in the United States. I noted at the time that there were 39,015 deaths with 631,623 active cases. I asked a question on that day: how will the remaining 5/6th of active cases resolve?

This was at the height of “just the flu, bro” coronavirus denialism in April. Greg Johnson and Andrew Anglin debated the issue a little over a week later on April 28th. The death toll on that day had grown to 59,266 which Anglin told us was around the same as the 2017/2018 flu season. Actually, it wasn’t because that was only a CDC estimate, not confirmed deaths which were significantly lower.

We now know the answer to the question that I asked on April 19th. Today, there are now 822,768 closed cases, which means all of those 631,623 active cases and then some have finally resolved. The death toll of COVID-19 in the United States is now 110,331. It is nearly twice what it was when Greg Johnson debated Andrew Anglin on April 28th. There are also still 1,101,626 active cases.

In other words, COVID-19 has surpassed all previous normal flu seasons, the 1968 influenza pandemic and shortly it will surpass the death toll of the 1957 influenza pandemic. By the end of this month, COVID-19 will become the second deadliest epidemic in American history. COVID-19 deaths will surpass WW1 to become the fourth deadliest event in American history with only the Spanish Flu, Civil War and WW2 having killed more Americans. This is with over a million unresolved cases and long before we get to the fall and winter of 2020/2021. History suggests the worst of the pandemic is still to come. Of the last 7 out of 8 pandemics since 1700, a second deadlier peak has arrived six months after the first peak.

Nothing that I have seen has caused me to reassess my views on this subject. You are watching one of the biggest events in American history playing out right now. I believe this will be crystal clear a year from now. Future historians will look back on this spring as only the beginning of it. If the riots are any indication of what the future has in store for us, COVID-19 might be the least our worries by then.

Note: COVID-19 will likely prove to be the end of the third great epoch of American history. The Revolution to the Civil War was the first period. The Civil War to the Great Depression and WW2 was the second. World War II to COVID-19 was the third. No one knows what the fourth will be.

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  1. As odd as this sounds, the riots and COVID-19 have much in common.

    Neither one are taken seriously by either our ruling class or the ethnic mobs, specifically “the Black community.” The right to riot and burn down a city is the same right to hold block parties all night in the ghetto with no masks or social distancing.

    And whites take the blame for all of it.

    White privilege makes black people want to rape and murder. And white privilege means that “communities of color” are hit harder in the COVID-19 epidemic.

    Black people bear no responsibility for their own actions in anything.

    By the way, not only was China much more successful at containing this virus, (because they are a serious nation and we obviously are not) but just picture what would happen to a Black person in China who burns down a building or police station. Probation? Counseling? I think not.

  2. I saw an interesting theory that the riots were allowed to go on so that herd immunity could be enforced without the state taking the blame for it.

    Now the narrative will be that further covid-19 deaths were caused by racism, when the oppressed blacks had no other option than to break social distancing and gather in public to combat injustice. Combined with the fact that primarily Whites were protesting for reopening, this entire pandemic in hindsight will end up being blamed on Whites and White supremacy, while the negligent state and malicious plutocrats that are truly responsible will walk away clean. It will end up being a huge blood libel against Whites after all is said and done.

  3. There’s no way of predicting what the fourth epoch will entail. Who wins the election? How hard do we get slammed with this virus in the Autumn? Do we have another round of riots? What happens with Iran, China, North Korea, and Russia on the foreign policy side of things? The evil of this era totally clouds the future. But as I’ve said before, accelerationism is going to get its trial and we better be ready.

  4. People are definitely not taking the virus seriously in my city. Hardly anyone is wearing a mask like I do.

  5. You were wrong. Infection fatality rate is around .26%. You invested your ego in this thing being the black death, for some reason, and now your ego won’t let you walk it back. Just stop while you have any credibility remaining.

      • Flu truthers never bother to fact check themselves so no wonder they feel no shame strawmaning others. No wonder it is so easy for the GOPe to manipulate them.

  6. When proper adjustments are figured proportionately,taking into account the total population of the US at the times/events that the American population has catastrophically declined, you mitigate considerably the comparative magnitude of Covid19. But the proverbial fat lady still hasn’t sung yet.

  7. The Lockdown was to terrorize whitey. The riots were to terrorize whitey. Snap.

  8. Problem is few believe anything said by the anti-American US govt or lying MSM. I have no reason to believe their infection/death covid numbers. I know of no one that died from covid. Neither do I know anyone that got sick from it. I have read of doctors saying people dying with the virus are being counted as dying from the virus.

    • It’s entirely understandable why nobody takes experts seriously anymore when we have the epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins now saying that huge gatherings in the name of black lives are good because racism is the real epidemic. Skepticism of expert claims is a natural consequence of this politicization of science.

      The “post-truth” era began not with Trump, but with the first “noble lies” that the western elites adopted, starting of course with race denial.

  9. Elites are saying that the virus is getting less lethal as it replicates. The Spanish Flu did as well after the initial peak, only to become more lethal in the fall of 2018. Viruses do get less lethal sometimes in order to facilitate their spread, because killing the host stops the spread, only to become more lethal later on. We are possibly in the phase where it becomes more widely spread. There’s also the fact that Vitamin D is protective against the virus, so even if it spreads, during the summer it will be much less lethal. Indiana only has about 2.5% of the population with antibodies, which is probably very average for flyover America. That percentage may go up steadily over the summer and we won’t know it because people are protected with higher Vitamin D levels, and we may see the hospitals fill up this fall and winter when those levels fall off.
    The spread doesn’t slow at all until over 30% have antibodies for the virus, and we won’t achieve herd immunity until over 2/3 of the population is infected, so obviously we have a long way to go. And that’s with a public health sector who has lost all credibility among the population after their condoning of the BLM riots over the summer.

  10. Yeah, you were proven wrong. Health professionals are calling “racism” a large health crisis than corona, so it looks like someone got psyopped, at least admit it.

      • Obviously it wasn’t a big deal to begin with, 1200 Health Professionals called “racism” a far more serious public health hazard than Corona. Health Care scumbags cheering on protesters when last week you were evil for going to the park. The media dropping any pretense about Corona. What we have is the Corona psyop backfired and was DOA, now the Zionist Oligarchy and media are rolling out the racial hoax riots. Which shows Corona was no big deal to begin with. You’ve chained your wagon to this horse, but its plainly clear to the layman that it was a psyop to begin with. The Davos Group was encouraging using this hoax to do a global reset, Too many people saw through it, knew Gill Bates was up to no good. He is on media complaining about how people hate him, they hate him because the Corona psyop was PROVEN TO BE A SCAM! Why did Gov. Whitmer order 20 year old black criminal Jadon Hayden to live in the same room as a 75 year old vet, Cuomo same thing, ordered nursing homes to take corona patients. They wanted to kill grandma so you would go along. The fact is it wasn’t even getting a high enough kill rate when they stuck 85 years old with compromised immune systems with a new room mate. The hoax is dead and gone after these staged protests and riots, except you are still going on about it, even the media dropped any pretense of caring about COVID.

        • By what standard is 112,000 deaths not a “big deal”?

          After three months, it is on the verge of eclipsing WW1 and the 1957 pandemic. A flu season lasts an entire year.

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