Coronavirus: 6/5

Here are the latest numbers:

The South: 6/5

MS: 16,769 cases, 803 deaths

AL: 19,387 cases, 676 deaths

SC: 13,453 cases, 538 deaths

GA: 50,621 cases, 2,174 deaths

TX: 73,286 cases, 1,828 deaths

FL: 61,488 cases, 2,660 deaths

LA: 42,016 cases, 2,918 deaths

AR: 8,651 cases, 152 deaths

KY: 10,977 cases, 466 deaths

OK: 7,003 cases, 345 deaths

WV: 2,119 cases, 84 deaths

VA: 48,532 cases, 1,453 deaths

MO: 14,691 cases, 817 deaths

NC: 33,294 cases, 1,015 deaths

TN: 25,520 cases, 408 deaths

U.S. cases:

6/1: 1,859,323

6/2: 1,881,205 

6/3: 1,901,783 

6/4: 1,924,051 

6/5: 1,965,708<— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

6/1: 730

6/2: 1,134

6/3: 1,083

6/4: 1,031

6/5: 975 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 111,390 dead

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  1. Did I read that right? A 41,000 increase in cases, when the average for some time has been around 20,000? Could the “protest spike” already be showing up?

  2. For those of you with Apple devices, ask Siri if White Lives Matter, and then ask Siri if black lives matter.

    Really. Do it.

    Enlightening, eh?

  3. Out of 325,000,000 people, that is not a large number at all. It has a high survival rate anyway. The riots are far more real than corunka.

  4. is anyone going to say something about that photo? I am too much of a gentleman to comment on Melissa McCarthy packing heat

  5. What if it morphs to become more lethal this fall, after a summer of 750 to 1500 deaths each day? And a country that will refuse to shut down because public healthy officials have been utterly discredited by supporting the BLM riots. It’s a recipe for Spanish Flu death proportions.

    • Not kidding here… The ghettos must be liquidated now before the plague spreads again. We’ve been far too lenient.

  6. What if you can’t kneel for medical reasons? I already have a letter from an ENT doctor saying I can’t wear a mask because I have a sensitive nose that can’t be touched or compressed because it will cause nosebleeds. I will show this letter when my nonessential employer reopens soon. I can’t kneel because it’s hard on my arthritis. I will have to try to get a note for that too, now.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen you have a fine photograph of the “great” people at the FBI. Soy boys and fat chicks lol. Keyboards Killas.

  8. Well no longer considers covid19 an issue. They removed the count from theor website. Just as America hits 2 million cases.

  9. What’s much more ominous than the thronging liberal Floyd protesters are all the Alt-right racialist White women who should know better but are convincing each other (online) that the pandemic is a hoax. They are ditching their masks (those who ever wore one) and taking no more precautions, because they choose to believe the “meme” that “there is no virus.” They are utterly undisciplined, emotional, and determined to go pleasure shopping for nonessentials, dine inside restaurants, and go to parties again, no matter how many White people they kill in the process, including themselves.

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