Coronavirus: 6/4

George Floyd had COVID-19.

That’s why he couldn’t breathe. He might have had lingering respiratory issues after testing positive in April. He was also on drugs.

The South: 6/4:

MS: 16,560 cases, 794 deaths

AL: 19,072 cases, 653 deaths

SC: 13,005 cases, 525 deaths

GA: 49,847 cases, 2,147 deaths

TX: 71,206 cases, 1,800 deaths

FL: 60,183 cases, 2,610 deaths

LA: 41,562 cases, 2,883 deaths

AR: 8,425 cases, 151 deaths

KY: 10,705 cases, 458 deaths

OK: 6,907 cases, 344 deaths

WV: 2,102 cases, 79 deaths

VA: 47,856 cases, 1,445 deaths

MO: 14,522 cases, 810 deaths

NC: 32,074 cases, 1,006 deaths

TN: 25,120 cases, 401 deaths

U.S. cases:

6/1: 1,859,323

6/2: 1,881,205 

6/3: 1,901,783 

6/4: 1,924,051 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

6/1: 730

6/2: 1,134

6/3: 1,083

6/4: 1,031 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 110,171 dead

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  1. People are saying: “Did you hear the news? The virus has changed! The virus has weakened, and we don’t have to worry anymore.” Public complacency is flourishing thanks to government and media disinfo. Exponentially-growing infection and death rates are coming soon.

  2. I am super curious to see where these numbers go over the next few weeks. I think it will offer a lot of insight into this overall disease depending on whether the cases and deaths massively spike or if they do not. People beating each other, looting like animals, defecating on police cars. If there isnt a spike something is up

  3. Right on track to exceed American deaths in WWI next week. In July we should see a new spike from all the fools who got it while “protesting “.

  4. Incredible Disappearing Coronavirus: the narrative has failed

    by Ron Paul (25 minute video)

  5. SARS CoV2 is moving, faster and faster. Sweden, Brazil, Britain, and the U.S. show the world what to do about it:

    The Sweden section is especially good, and how about the multi-billion-dollar college football industry dictating re-opening of colleges in the U.S.? Football rules the south and most of the rest of the country. Then comes lucrative college basketball and no pandemic can stop it they think.

  6. “A postmortem nasal swab found that Floyd had COVID-19 when he died, according to the autopsy report, which was released publicly with permission from Floyd’s family.”

    Floyd died of Coronavirus! PROOF! Brad is right. Hail the all-knowing One from Eufala…

    • Heart and lung damage resulting from a mild, asymptomatic case of Covid might have been a contributing cause, but (1) his health and (2) the brutal Israeli-style police method used to kill him are two entirely different issues that must not be conflated.

  7. Apparently there were no transmissions of Covid19 at the Ozarks lake resort party.

    Meanwhile we will see a spike of cases in Minnesota after the rioting and other hotspots. THX nigs.

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