Antifa: The Anti-White Terrorists the System Loves

Antifa (“Anti-fascist”) was founded from its very beginning to be a pro-Jewish, anti-White terrorist organization. Despite the overwhelming evidence there has always been against Antifa which proves they are a terrorist organization, the anti-White system allows them to operate with impunity because they have chosen an approved target–namely White people who oppose ZOG. In the video below, Project Veritas has sent someone to infiltrate Antifa’s training as a prospective member. It shows the inner workings of the Rose City (Portland, Oregon) branch of these pathetic miscreants.

The list of degenerate scum featured in the video:

Why would avowed communists support the same ideology as capitalist HR departments and dirty anti-White corporations like Ben & Jerry’s?

The reason is they are two sides of the same spear aimed directly at the heart of White civilization. The powers that be want you to believe that Antifa is evil because they are communist agitators, however, they support the same anti-White system as capitalists do, and it’s not a cohencidence. They may be avowed communists in name only, but they are still the foot soldiers of this anti-White capitalist system meant to make White people come to heel and embrace our erasure.

The Trump administration and the Republican pundits can no longer publicly ignore Antifa after everyone in the USA saw how violent and criminal they really are when they were being livestreamed on every computer across the country. Since the Republicans now need a convenient scapegoat for the millions of feral Blacks who have essentially destroyed every major American city along with Antifa, a few of the non-Jewish members of Antifa may be arrested and prosecuted as sacrificial lambs to appease the GOP Boomers.

Antifa is worldwide, well-organized, well-funded, and has many ZOG puppets who support and run cover for them.

They also have many media propagandists on either the payroll, as orbiters, or ideological supporters. Some of them include: Jared Holt at Right Wing Watch, Michael Edison Hayden and Hannah Gais at The Southern Poverty Law Center, and Christopher Mathias and Luke O’Brien at HuffPo. If one does a cursory examination of these clowns’ Twitter followers and the profiles these rats are following, you’ll see an extremely large amount of protected accounts. This is how the Antifa network communicates on Twitter. They create various honeypots and schemes in order to dox or set up pro-Whites who take the bait.

No normal person can pretend that Antifa is not a dangerous anti-White hate group any longer. Their job is to strike fear and violently attack our people simply for their pro-White opinions. Antifa are fake communists who do the bidding of ZOG’s neoliberal capitalist system in order to completely eradicate Whites as a collective racial group. They deserve to be tried and convicted for any number of their extremely long list of felonies which they have committed over the years. The problem is this anti-White system does not have any desire to protect us and will likely do very little to these terrorists because they both serve the same master for the ultimate goal of replacing us; although, I do genuinely hope I am proven wrong in this instance.

I encourage our people reading this to talk about Antifa to everyone you know since they are currently an approved mainstream talking point which can be exploited for our gain. They are an evil group of radical anti-Whites and deserve any punishment that befalls them.


  1. @Trey..

    Sir, I’ve said this for years : ——- Antifa IS The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government.

    That’s all you have to know.

  2. Antifa are real communists. The people pulling their strings may not be, but the rank-and-file Antifa are true believers.

    • No, antifa are radlibs, No matter what you call yourself you are not a real communist if your goal is to be a vigilante enforcer of liberalism.

      • That’s not their goal. They’re being used. Liberals and communists share a common enemy…white racial consciousness.

        • The various Trotskyite groups make up the largest groups of radicals in the US. Followed by the Maoists. Both of these organized political forces are the major components of the “antifa”. Next there are lots of anarchist grouplets who have no ideology, which makes them the hardest to pin down.

          The old time Communist Stalinists, and Democratic Socialists sit back and watch the fun on TV.

          Unless you are involved in Big City politics, or Union politics or both you don’t get what’s going on.

        • Every existing communist country in history has been nationalist. Anti-whiteness is a liberal disease, not a communist one. The self-proclaimed “communists” in America are products of the anti-soviet left that was cultivated by the American national security state during the cold war. The anti-soviet left was premised on criticism of the USSR as a form of crypto-fascism. This anti-soviet left is actually a form of radical jacobin liberalism, that focuses almost entirely on social libertinism and anti-authoritarianism rather than on any economic issues that are the purview of communism. This is why most antifa today will actually side with the American empire against socialist states. An example is when antifa recently trained with American special forces and neocon tools YPG to fight against Arab socialist Assad in Syria.

          Germany is a good case study because it was a single state split in two between the “free world” and communism.

          West Germany, American puppet state and liberal-capitalist member of the “free world”, brought in millions of Turks as workers under the orders of America. They are still in Germany today and have all along been used as a hammer against Germans (and now are used as a political tool by neo-ottoman Erdogan).

          Compare this to communist East Germany. They also brought in guest workers, but unlike west Germany, they made their guest workers live in special dormatories separate from Germans. They forbid romantic relationships between Germans and guest workers, and any guest workers found to be in relationship with a German were immediately expelled from the country. Any pregnancies that resulted from sexual relations between Germans and guest workers were involuntarily aborted. Once their term was over, the guest workers were immediately deported.

          • I think we need to distinguish here between the actual ideology of communism and Stalinism or state socialism or whatever.

  3. Is Antifa just the vilest group composed of upper middle class and wealthy ingrates as well as a small clique of those seeking to destroy the West? Who could argue that. But this media Right Wing and Boomer take that they are at the center of all this is a lie. Bill Barr, Fox hosts, Republican senators all speaking about these “white” anarchists.

    Yet every video I have watched. Every person I saw looting in my parts. Every neighbor who i spoke to and viewed the security footage of those who ransacked their shops and property. Exclusively black or brown. There is a group of older black people I speak to often not that far away whom not only said how disgusted they were but asked if I would stay with them or if they could come to my parents.

    What I have seen is mostly mixed race or lighter black and brown people leading and acting the most outraged. Alot of real dark guys, some who I know and to be honest have never bothered me…… But when there are “free” TV’s, laptops and drones… They are going to partake.

    So no I think the media narrative of peaceful black people protesting and whites as the problem is a bad take. I have never committed a violent act and obey the law. My neighbors actually make me look bad with as upstanding as they are. Yet outside of my block and a few shops we helped out around, everything is emptied and torched

    • Sure, most of the rioters are spooks, despite the blither about Whites being the driving force behind the riots.

      • Then why does it seem like everyone is claiming it is whites. It is as if the world revolves around black people and to place any blame on them is forbidden. They are showing videos where you dont see a white face out of hundreds gathered, but its white agitators. Tucker makes a point of saying how people of color are effected and highlighted black businesses that were also destroyed. WTF is this insanity? No one is claiming every black person is burning and looting, I was checking in on a few people on the other side of the neighborhood that have always been nice to me. They are old black people, they are locked down with their daughters, you have to be an idiot to think otherwise. And “Not all” bullshit is just as bad as lying. Just tell the truth people. Hurting innocent people is bad. Rioting is bad. Throwing bricks at people is bad. And the vast majority of the crowd looting is black. What is so wrong with that, it is what is going on.

        I guarantee if you talk to someone who is black they would be alot more honest about this insanity than the media and our politicians. Total insanity

  4. Antifa, to the extent that it really exists, is fake leftism, fake communism and fake anti-fascism.

  5. Antifa is the ONLY group in the US that can blockade and assault federal ICE officers and the Portland police with not assist the federal officers.

    Name another person or group that can assault federal officers and get away with it?

    Can you picture what would happen if any group of WN blockaded a federal office?

  6. Keith Ellison is a Muslim woman beater and domestic terrorist sympathizer. Holds highest law enforcement position in Minnesota. I hope come November he is ousted as AG.

    • @basedbemidji Guy, you really think it makes a difference if Keith Ellison goes or stays? This deck is stacked so strong that one card being removed makes zero difference. If Ellison goes odds are its a progressive transgender “woman” of color. Make you happy?

  7. Any acts of terrorism against European Americans gets a free pass from the Talmudic Leftist system if they can get away with it.

    It has been said over and over that the Jewish New World Order wants Europeans mongrelized or extinct.

    That’s why Identity politics can be for:

    African Americans

    Asian Americans

    Hispanic Americans

    Jewish Americans

    But Not European Americans.

    But the good news is that all who harm the White European Sheep will be destroyed forever in the end.

    Psalm 95:7 For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. O that today you would listen to his voice!

    Psalm 94:1 O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongeth; O God, to whom vengeance belongeth, shew thyself.

    Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Judeans, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    Revelation:21:8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, the murderers, the fornicators, the sorcerers, the idolaters, and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

    • Sorry to break it to you, but the jew-god is not going to save whites. We will have to save ourselves if it is going to be done.

      • @Jijcf,

        There was such a fbi/mossad op by that name.

        Striker is referring to the anarchist cooperative where antifa and other marxist domestic terrorists meet. It is a building in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn run by a LatinX community college professor.

        According to Striker, The Base has a Faceberg page.

    • That is only the tip of the iceberg with antifa. They have a lot of different organizations and funding streams. An example of one such organization is “Refuse Fascism,” which was one of the big organizers of counter-protests against the alt-right rallies and the alt-lite “free speech” rallies of 2016 and 2017. There is also BAMN. You may remember the name Yvette Falarca, the UC Berkeley professor who worked for BAMN, that fought against the TWP in the 2016 battle of Sacramento. Tides Foundation funds a lot of the antifa groups.

  8. Correction—-Antifa and the Jews are not anti-white, antifa and the Jews are anti-Christ. But why? Why do the Jews hate and why did they kill an innocent man who did no wrong? And why do they hate innocent whites and why do they want them dead?

    It is part of a plan, a scheme.It is to provoke a confrontation, a violent counter reaction and the killing off of the antifa/Jews in America. Then the Jews will use guilt to destroy Christianity itself. How can you be a Christian, you killed ten billion antifa Jews? These people are a lot sicker than you think.

    • No, they’re anti-White. Jews and antifa both support black Christians, for example. Jews support evangelical Christianity in China, as a tool for undermining the CCP, even though they hate White evangelicals in the USA.

  9. Did you hear about that house that got torched and there was children inside in iowa I think it was? blm and “protesters” blocked it off so firefighters and ambulance couldn’t get through

    How do these pieces of shit sleep at night knowing they roasted little kids to death? Regardless if they knew kids were inside they are still culpable and evil to the core for doing this

  10. Their…or rather (((their))) next target will be law enforcement. A logical step as they already control both the media narrative and the political process. The city of Minneapolis will soon “restructure” it’s Police Department. This will make it more ineffective…as far as the Protected Class goes. For us Whites, not so much. One step closer to the kind of law enforcement the late Dr. Pierce predicted in The Turner Diaries.
    Oh yeah…my state’s next, if our nigger loving governor has his way.

  11. It’s pretty clear now that this was a planned color coded revolution against Trump. The endless Covid Shutdowns by Democratic Governors, the fanning the flames over the “jogger,” they were trying to light a fuse to start this and sick the professional antifa thugs onto the scene. My only question is why now? The election is less than 6 months away and the lying media has done a very good job in Pravda level propaganda against Trump that white middle class females seem like they are going to obey and vote for democrats. Why can’t they wait it out for just a few more months, are they that unconfident of Sleepy Joe? Or is it the sudden threat of ending the treasonous sellout to China? I had always thought that the (((Oligarchs))) hatred of Trump was primarily about his stance on their sacred cow of immigration, but could it be actually about those 40 pieces of Chinese Silver all along?

    • @Nightowl…

      “It’s pretty clear now that this was a planned color coded revolution against Trump. ..”


      Could not agree more. The whole sequence of the last months is like watching a supercharged textbook CIA overthrow of another country – creating crisises, fomenting panicks, and then presenting the populace with ‘the better alternative’.

      It’s just too dang obvious to be coincidental, and, given that Trump was planning to run on the economy and the general law and order flow of things, I think it has entirely knocked the legs out from under his campaign.

      Of course, he could recover, if he will do what is right and issue a presidential directive for E-Verify, break up Silicon Tech, pass a bill to lower the prices on pharmaceutical drugs, and pull out of at least some of the wars.

      Yet, alas, he will not attempt to fulfill most of his big promises, which means that instead of Rural Whites, like the wife and I, sprinting down to the polls to pull the ballot with his name, we will casually walk down and pass over his name.

      • Wall Street is doing its best to ignore real-life economic conditions, as usual. Skyrocketing today.

    • Washington consensus has been turning against China for a while now. The American oligarchs no longer like China because it did not liberalize, as they predicted it would, meaning it never opened itself to Jewish control, and Chinese labor is starting to get too expensive. And they have grown too big for their britches geopolitically, so American imperialists now view them as a threat. They genuinely underestimated China and thought they could maintain it as an impoverished cheap labor pool forever like Mexico. Even Soros has named them enemy number one against open society.

  12. U.S. police are operating EXACTLY like the Israeli professionals who train them:

    “A viewing of the 45-second recording of what followed Howell’s shooting refutes the police chief’s claim. As five of Howell’s fellow protesters carry his limp body to police lines to seek medical care, they are clearly unarmed, and fully visible to the officers that fired upon them at close range. It is clear that the police in Austin made a deliberate decision to use wanton violence on unarmed protesters, in order to terrorize the crowds into submission and deter further opposition to police brutality. This strategy of mass terror is standard operating procedure for all police departments. Arbitrary arrests and indiscriminate violence are the tools used by police against the working class not just in times of social upheaval, but as an everyday policy to maintain control over the population and prevent opposition to capitalist exploitation from emerging on a large scale (…) The Democratic Party-controlled Austin city council has declared an emergency meeting for Friday to discuss the violence at last weekend’s protests, and to discuss ways to bring ‘accountability and transparency’ to policing. This will solve nothing. Like past efforts by city officials across Pindostan, including mandating body cameras, implementing joint police/citizen oversight boards and hiring more minority officers, whatever changes that may emerge from the city council’s discussions will only function as political cover for the police as they continue to brutalize the population.”

    Alt-righters and other right-wing controlled opposition groups serve to divert attention from police state brutality to the peril of Black people.

  13. We all make sure to have an arsenal for the Leftists at our throats but would a flamethrower be more applicable just for Antifa?

  14. @Ben and Jerry’s…

    I find it interesting that y’all are so interested to ‘dismantle White Supremacy’, when this Southerner has never been in such a Lily-White state as yours.

    Hell, I’ve driven and walked all over your lovely state with my wife and I never saw a Black, or a Mexican, or an Arab, for that matter – just a few Chinese Restaurant owners.

    So, what really is it that you would like to dismantle.

    • Ben and Jerry are Jews. When they say “dismantle White supremacy,” they mean disempower Whites so that Jews can have even more power.

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