Twitter Responds To Donald Trump’s Hollow Threats

My sides.

This is the biggest flex yet.

The six stages of the Trump presidency:

1.) Denial – the staggering incompetence we are seeing is actually 4D Chess.

2.) Anger – the Deep State and RINOs are obstructing the Trump agenda.

3.) Bargaining – the second term won’t be so bad because we will have better personnel.

4.) Depression – the coronavirus was a gift to nationalists that Trump squandered by turning it into a culture war shitshow.

5.) Acceptance – Trump will lose the 2020 election.

6.) Laughter – we elected a reality television show host as president who never had any idea what he was doing and never had a serious political agenda.

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  1. Quick background check on Floyd. 5 stints in the prison system. Cocaine dealer and armed robbery among other things. If he was a drug user in his thirties and forties it’s not a surprise he had a cardiac arrest while being arrested. Cop out to have laid off earlier but Floyd was just about at the end of his life I suspect. 47 it’s a bad age for most men. INFARCTION very likely.

    • The truth doesn’t matter mate. Blacks murder, rape, rob and terrorize their own people (never mind what they do to us) all day long. The “Black community” does nothing. Then suddenly, when a White person is accused of taking a Black life they become sacrosanct .

    • Cocaine users frequently get heart attacks in middle age. The heart can’t take that kind of abuse when you are not young anymore.

    • Ppl are too quick to condemn the cop.
      We don’t know the details or the provocations that lead to this situation.

    • “Cocaine dealer and armed robbery ”

      An armed robber should not see the light of day, for 30 yrs.
      They are too dangerous.

    • Dear Captain John Charity Spring MA, with all due respect and honours,

      Muhfuggen hell you say, bitch! Niggas aint be hear none dat muhfuggen “infraction” sheeiiit all a real nigga need to know is sum racis bitchass pig cop horsewhipping massa muhfugga done put a brotha in de groun and now we gone go full crazyass gangsta on dey white asses. Ya heard, homes? We be rollin, nigga. My posse straight-up roll on dem bix nood muhfuggas. We burn dat shit down, we blow dat shit up, we steal ourselves some shit and we PARTAY ALL NIGHT LONG, nigga! Muh dik all up and down a hoes ass, muhfugga. Ima get my black ass some malt liquor and get sum new flatscreens fo muh muhfuggen babymamas, bitch. And if you ain’t down fo some CHUGGIN AN THUGGIN then you needs to get yo pussy ass on da road, homes!

      P.S. I and others of my ethnocultural classification were, at one point in the past, high-ranking leaders of monarchical governments.

      But seriously though. This may all be well and true, but it’s also immaterial. George Floyd didn’t die because of his criminal history, he died because a ruthless enforcer of the evil CorpGov Pig Empire decided that randomly killing a man was going to increase his personal feelings of dominance and maybe make his little piggy dick nice and hard for a few microseconds.

      Make no mistake, Chauvin Le Vache would have killed you or me every bit as eagerly as he killed George Floyd (probably quite a bit MORE eagerly if he knew we were “racists,” seeing as how he himself was a race-traitor who married an Asian). George Floyd deserves our solidarity and if the Great Satan can be burned to the ground as a side effect then this is as good an excuse for it as any.

  2. Only because Hillary was worse. I remember telling my boss I was voting Trump because he wasn’t a Republican and she looked comfused. He’s not a real DFL or GOP just a facade. We only picked him because hildabeast would be way worse. Now I’m looking to 2024 and maybe we may have something not so boomercentric.

    • Things to remember in the darkest of Trump’s dark night.

      1. He wasn’t Hillary.
      2. He wasn’t Bush
      3. The BEST thing that could happen to us at this point is for the entire rotten system to be driven into the ground by his unspeakable and unprecedented incompetence.
      4. Every American city that gets burned to the ground by its own ferals is one that won’t have to be nuked by China or Russia.

      • If there was an atomic flash over London or Minnesota or New York, I’d shrug. At this point? Fuck it.

  3. Watching cuckservatives on YT rave about Chump being a national savior, despite the best efforts of the loony left, make me feel like I’m watching video from a parallel universe. Has LSD been secretly dumped into their water supply?

    • Those are Q-tards, and they do live in a parallel universe. Like the bizarro world of Superman, in Q-ville everything is the opposite of the real world. Losing is winning, war is peace, fences are walls, immigrants are the real Americans, blacks and Jews are abandoning the Democrat party in mass numbers, etc.

  4. Tee Hee! What Twitter did was really funny, especially in the face of that toothless executive order. The tweet itself was nothing but red meat & we’ve cut all the way back since the Covid meat handling disaster. Ha ha!

  5. All true.

    Also true:
    My kids are 4 years older.
    My ammo/firearm stack has grown exponentially.
    My stored food supply has grown exponentially.
    My off-grid communication equipment is 5×5.

    Trump bought me 4 years. Thanks for the $4600 stimulus check too. Night vision optic works great.

    I’m better prepared today for what’s coming than I was in 2016 and I’ll be better prepared in 2021 than I am today.
    When the whole rotten system collapses, the prepared will not only survive, but thrive. Those that didn’t? Well, best of luck. You’ll need it.

    • How many of your white friends and family have killed themselves in the last four years?

      Quite a few of mine have.

      I came within a hair’s breath of eating a bullet in late April, 2018.

      No, the last four years have been no good and the quicker the System collapses, the better.

    • Oh shit, you mean I might have to go back to sketching pictures of trees in between my work breaks instead of shitpoasting on the Internet? Fuuuuuuu….

      Possibility the First: This site would have been shutdown if Clinton had won and will be if Trump loses this year.
      Possibility the Second: This site would be written in Russian if Clinton had won and will be if Trump loses this year.

    • Trump has done nothing to stop us being banned off social media, payment processors, and the internet itself. Who is actually sitting in the Oval Office no longer matters – real power is elsewhere.

  6. the biggest surprise of the Trump presidency is that he is a big pussy

    Incompetent? Sure.
    Disloyal? Okay.
    Bloviating? Absolutely.

    But a wimp?

    Trump isn’t just a fraud, he is a coward. Absolutely, 100% a yellow bellied pussy.

    To think he ever actually had any fight in him… what a joke!

    • I do wish he had picked a demographic to kick the shit out of that wasn’t white right leaning.

    • Eric Striker likes to point out that Trump is the kind of person you go out drinking with, who starts a fight in the bar which you and your friends are forced to fight, while Trump slips out the back door.

  7. LOL. Roman Catholic Governor Waltz of Minnesota sucking CNN’s Jew ass on national TV. What a pathetic creep.

    • I really shouldn’t be too hard on Asian girls, since the ones I’ve met have usually been wonderful, lovely, reasonably-intellectual women. They don’t belong in our country, but they would be a credit to the countries they do belong in.

      (Except the ones who let modernity eat their souls and get fully Ameriqwanized. Some of the trashiest skanks I’ve ever met have also been Asians.)

      Heck, I had strong feeling for a nice half-Filipina before I got my red-pilling. Even back then I understood that our cultural backgrounds were too different and I didn’t know if we would be a good pair to raise a family. Last I heard, she moved back to the Philippines and is a die-hard Duturte supporter. Did my nascent racial awareness prevent an Eliot Rodgers from being born? Maybe.

      But what I don’t get is… what do THEY see in the white LOSERS who get so damned thirsty for them? Even the ones born in America who come from good families often end up with complete mooks as husbands. Why would a former beauty pageant contestant end up married to a pig?

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