George Floyd, Minneapolis and The Birth of Post-Karen America

I will start out by making a distinction.

At this point, George Floyd does not appear to be another Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. Trayvon was on top of George Zimmerman pummeling him into the sidewalk when he was shot and killed. Michael Brown was wrestling with Darren Wilson for his gun inside his police car.

George Floyd reminds me of Walter Scott who was shot in the back by police officer in North Charleston, SC. This incident also reminds me of Daniel Shaver who was shot and killed by a police officer who ordered him to crawl on the floor outside of his hotel room in Mesa, AZ.

These incidents do happen.

In Minneapolis, a Somali-American police officer literally shot and killed Karen a few years ago. She was reporting an assault on a woman in an alley behind her house.

As with Walter Scott, Daniel Shaver and Justine Damond, I don’t see many people rallying behind the cops in this case. Most people look at this and will conclude that what happened to George Floyd was unjust. In those cases though, no one rioted even though the cop who killed Daniel Shaver was found not guilty. While there were protests over the death of Justine Damond, they remained peaceful.

Both of these cases were tragic.

It seems highly unlikely that the cop who killed George Floyd is going to get away with this. The reaction to George Floyd’s death, however, went in another direction last night and became an excuse to riot.

I slept through most of it.

I’ve seen it all before in Ferguson, St. Louis, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Charlotte. The destruction of a Target, Walgreen’s or Autozone by a mob of angry blacks and Antifa bent on mayhem just isn’t as interesting as it used to be. In 2020, we are currently reliving the Spanish Flu and the Great Depression. Perhaps this is only the first riot though of many to come in this new era? Who knows?

George Floyd himself had the best take. The people who rioted in Minneapolis last night are a “lost generation.” They are the children of the Great Unraveling. They don’t really care about Floyd’s death. That’s not what this is about. It was only an excuse to riot. These people whether black or White are unattached to their communities and deeply alienated from the neoliberal commercial hellscape that surrounds them. They all got off on burning down Karen’s World last night.

I’m personally apathetic. Is this a society worth preserving? Is it even possible to preserve such a society? As COVID-19 takes us into uncharted historical waters and the sort of hardship unseen since our grandparent’s generation, will this fragile neoliberal society fall apart?

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  1. More fallout from an increasingly militarized police force. Cops who learned in Iraq and Afghanistan, suppressing hostile occupied populations, and after leaving the Army went straight into the police force.

  2. I agree with you on this, but I still need to point out something. It’s something that I struggle with myself. Consistency, or lack thereof.

    It is the libertarian in me who sees this as an injustice. The same guy (me) who 10 years ago was in the frame of mind that I should ask a cop “am I being detained?” If I’m subject to a DUI checkpoint. The “non-statist” who despises the abuse of power by our government.

    I’m not a libertarian anymore, but it is the instinct in me to be repulsed by asshole cops that makes me angry about this.

    But for 2 months straight this blog has been “statism central”, decrying libertarianism and resistance to authoritarianism because of COVID19. Of course in many ways you have been right. The state should have been more urgent and authoritarian, it shouldn’t have been hindered by libertarianism. Had the government acted swiftly and decisively, the virus and economic collapse might have been prevented. Yet, a state that is granted that much power would never even allow it’s citizenry the luxury of questioning police actions such that occurred in Minneapolis. We wouldn’t be allowed to protest an unjust murder. We probably wouldn’t be allowed to share video of the event.

    We want libertarianism when it is convenient and authoritarianism when it is convenient. And we don’t even have a benevolent dictator through which to decide which is which.

    I’m going to do my best to be consistent here. I personally don’t mind police using deadly force to subdue someone who resists arrest. We have to accept that there will be casualties sometimes, and sometimes this will be unjust, but it’s the price we have to pay BECAUSE of diversity and social rot/distrust. That cop is probably a dick, but he’s probably a dick to everyone, and he just didn’t have time to look up the perp’s Facebook video archive to make sure he wasn’t really a nice guy. He resisted arrest and that’s just never OK.

    I’m saying this with the caveat that I really don’t care for
    most cops. Especially in urban areas. I avoid confrontation and I certainly would never resist arrest. And chances are I’ll never be killed by one.

    But that makes me a docile citizen who submits to the authority of the state and not a true libertarian.

    • That is basically what I have been saying about the covid-19 actions by governments around the world, and especially here in the good old USA:. You can no more unequivocally trust your betters to exercise power with humility and concern for its impact on other people than you can trust citizens to exercise freedom in a similar restrained fashion. There is no solution to the conundrum you raise between Liberty and Order unless there is Justice, that is, justification for how disputes are resolved that is acceptable to each philosophy. Americans are both too powerful individually to be restrained if they choose not to submit to coercive authority, yet are too powerful officially to act cooperatively when wielding power.
      Strangely enough, Marrianne Williamson had the right answer, as silly as it sounds:. loving fellow citizens, whatever their status. At this point it is time to decide. The final battle for control, or a final acceptance of both freedom and tradition, and a setting of rules for engagement between philosophies.

    • The binary of “statist” and “not statist” is for low IQ retards. We want the state to do good things and not to do bad things. We want the state to solve problems that individual choice cannot sufficiently solve, such as viral pandemics. We want the state to enforce borders. We want the state to regulate capital. We don’t want the state to brutally murder people for no reason. Only lolbertarians (generally unintelligent) have trouble understanding this nuance.

    • We want libertarianism when it is convenient and authoritarianism when it is convenient.


      This is the fundamental problem with the emotionally stunted, adolescent, narcissistic children that make up the so-called “leaders” of the so-called “alt-right” (lmfao)

      • Nobody wants lolbertarianism ever. Again, “statist” vs “non-statist” is a liberal delusion that only low IQ retards believe. Only statism exists in reality. You can either have statism that functions as anarcho-tyranny because it rests upon nonsensical liberal philosophical assumptions such as the kind that lolbertarians believe in, or you can have statism that offers and enforces a coherent worldview and political/social order.

  3. Cops murder thousands of White people every year, far more than any other race. You never hear about this from anyone, though. And the common factor in nearly all cases is that they are poor and working class.

    White Nationalists seem to care less than anyone. When the issue is discussed at all, they generally say that the Whites who are murdered “deserve it” because they are “White trash”. “White trash” are seen as vermin who need to be exterminated by most “pro-White” people. So if ZOG is the one doing that “job”, than “based ZOG!” Or else, “pro-White” people just don’t care.

    Impoverished Whites bear the brunt of oppression in the US today and there is nothing that shows that more clearly than the fact that nobody recognizes their struggles. To some, they have “white privilege”. To another, even more retarded bunch, America is run by “Communists” who favor the poor over the rich, and it’s really the rich who are being oppressed. Everyone seems to agree about how oppressed Jews supposedly are, which is the ultimate sign they are at the top of the real hierarchy in our society. Poor Whites are at the bottom.

    Anyways, good on the rioters. Smash those (((banks))) and other capitalist parasites. I wish low-income White communities banded together in the same way because our potential to terrify the bourgeois rulers would be incredible, especially since we would be better organized. Death to ZOG!

    • “Cops murder thousands of White people every year, far more than any other race…”

      Interesting you didn’t cite any source for your insane allegation. The truth is that cops don’t kill a thousand people TOTAL every year.

  4. Look at the smiling Whites in the still from WCCO’s video, smug in their virtuousness as they safely protest injustice. It’s cheap and easy to turn on others of your own kind for a perceived higher status, isn’t it? No matter how temporary or meaningless it actually is. Of course, da brothas and sistas had a slightly less chill reaction to the death by pig. As I commented on another post, there are only villains in this story.

    This is a further confirmation of the decline and fall of the multicultural society. It’s a failed forced experiment, one done to atomize and divide us so that the peasantry will never be able to rise up against the rulers and their vassals. The aftermath of this incident has brought home to me (for the umpteenth frickin’ time) the need to get the hell away from other tribes, and the traitors within my own. I’m getting awfully tired of seeing my world fall apart around me. It’s way past time to relocate to one of those islands of sanity in this ocean of lunacy.

  5. They don’t farm. They don’t hunt. They don’t fish. But their is one profession these worthless Irish scumbags do gravitate too, law enforcement. It is them who are at war with blacks and it is them who are at war with Muslims. And their crimes against blacks and Muslims get blamed on whites, how wrong is that? When are these filthy disgusting Irish going to stand up and take responsibility for the misconduct of their own kind? When? Or are they going to slink into a bottle of booze and play stupid and drunk as usual?

    • When did Irish people cease to be White, and when did confronting negro crime and Islamic terror make you an enemy of Whites?

      • I am a Christian, Mick and your kind are the modern day Christ killers. You serve the Jews and you kill the innocent. And Mick retard you are going to hell. Goddamned you.

        • Actually, I am proudly half Irish, and Catholic, too. And it’s not Catholics that have forever been lickspittles of the jews, it’s the prots. Who do you think got rid of Catholicism in England? It was cromwell with the backing of the jews. A Catholic monarch had kicked them out, and England was free from them for nearly 400 years, until the prot cromwell brought them back in to perform their usual monetary rapine on the English people.

  6. He’s in a better place. Didn’t seem like a bad guy. Also I feel very very sorry for the firemen. That’s a hellscape for the crew. A lot of them are going to be poisoned by the fumes.

  7. We have a serious problem with blacks/Africans in this country: we always have.

    So what to do?

    First, they and their white SJW enablers/apologists are not going anywhere. In fact, they and their power seem to be growing exponentially. Fantasies about detention camps, deportations, revolutions, etc. are just that: fantasies. We are NEVER going to “overthrow” the current order and get the America I knew in the 1950s/1960s back again. It is gone. And black crime and violence, really is the “new entitlement.”

    So what do we do? The only thing we can do is flee; escape and become “refugees” in our own nation.

    I happen to love all the amenities that a large urban area has to offer; theaters, opera, chamber music recitals, museums, etc. but large cities with their white European cultural amenities has become way too dangerous with African and Latin gang members being in close proximity to these cultural amenities.

    So I have chosen to flee the violence and live among the cornfields and cow pastures of rural Minnesota; a 2 hour drive outside of Minneapolis. It has many drawbacks, but it is safe, 100% white, and I never have to experience fear again or hear gunfire like I used to hear in Minneapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, and Phoenix. I am done with city life.

    The Negro is primitive and savage; and cannot be reformed or controlled.

    • @Geir…

      “I happen to love all the amenities that a large urban area has to offer; theaters, opera, chamber music recitals, museums, etc. but large cities with their white European cultural amenities has become way too dangerous with African and Latin gang members being in close proximity to these cultural amenities.

      So I have chosen to flee the violence and live among the cornfields and cow pastures of rural Minnesota; a 2 hour drive outside of Minneapolis. ”


      I’m glad you did this. I looked at the link you provided me to your racial beliefs, and, along with your other comments, I felt that you needed to be in an all-White area.

      Life is too short to be unhappy.

      On anciliary note, I have noticed about a third of every tribe in the world wants nothing to do with anyone from other tribes.

      I think people like you ought have areas where you can live and be happy, without being pressured or harassed for your deep-seated feelings and beliefs.

      When the reorganization time comes to this country, I hope some states, and or each Confederacy, provides area where people can be only amongst their own kind, if that is what they wish.

      I, myself, in part for tribal feelings, left my childhood city home of Raleigh in the mid 90s to move to Podunksville NC, exactly a two hour drive from all my family and friends.

      As a professional classical musician, you can be sure that, like you, I missed the cultural life, however, I soon found that the people, the intimacies of smalltown life, and the beauties of rural life were more than a fair compensation for what I had given up.

  8. Our rulers have been telling us for decades that this is not a nation, but an economy to be exploited. The rulers themselves are the biggest looters around, so I don’t begrudge the blacks taking a cut. The only people still pretending that the USA is a real country are middle class Whites who haven’t woken up from their liberal delusions yet. But they had better do so quickly.

  9. The majority of murders by police are of WHITE people, and overwhelmingly, POOR White people. See:

    British people were “up in arms” (so to speak) when the first police force was created in London in the early 19th century. For the first decade British police carried no guns and were not allowed to investigate crimes.

  10. It’s obvious many white people have become limp twisted sociopaths getting in bed with black people who can’t even keep up a school. “Diversity is a strength” should be the opening line at a comedy club. Who would actually want to be a police officer in a diverse place? A white parent should be locked up for encouraging such a thing to their kid.

    I read the officer was actually following protocol with the foot on the neck. Obviously not taking it off was deadly and that cop will be lucky to get 15 years. America has become all about appeasing black people all the time. It’s truly disgusting.

    Now with the media egging it on, whites will quietly be mugged, raped, assaulted and killed in Minneapolis and other places by blaxxx and virtually nothing will be said of it. You know “Just azzz for George” and all that lingo as more stores get looted and burned by these demons who should have never been born but liberal democracies encourage the dumb to have kids with no marriage. And blacks wonder why they only get chicken joints, liquor stores, fast food, laundromats and churches in their areas? Lol.

    Minneapolis is like a walking meme. White cop killing black with criminal issue. Black useless demons burn and loot. Some goofy, self hating white communists join in. Jewish Democrat mayor denounces white cops while sucking on black tush. Too much butt kissing leads liberal mayor to beg for national guard to stop black savagery. Diversity fails again.

    Personally I think whitey surrendered when Christianity was tossed overboard for dung hole sex, letting in the third world, doing nothing about Jewish money and political grabs and the obvious- allowing hordes of blacks to have kids out of wedlock sucking up welfare.

    That is letting the devil in the door and now yet another former heavily white city now represented by a turban wearer in Congress, is on the way out thanks to die versity. What a great place Minneapolis must have been in say, 1970. But now burned to the ground by parasites who will never be American but will sure destroy it.

    But I thought we were blessed being Israel’s sidekick? Or is that only based on Israel not deviating from GOD?. Don’t forget now. ….Diversity is a strength!…

    • The pig was apparently married to a gook. The man he killed was going to marry a mudshark.

      This is what diversity looks like.

    • @Jeff…

      “Personally I think whitey surrendered when Christianity was tossed overboard for dung hole sex, letting in the third world, doing nothing about Jewish money and political grabs and the obvious- allowing hordes of blacks to have kids out of wedlock sucking up welfare. ”


      Yes, the alliance between New England & Jewry, and the submissiveness of non-scalawagged White Southerners, and this toxic mix has been going on approximately 70 years.

      For something better to happen, at least one of these 3 parties has to change it’s behavior.

      Until then – it will be business as per usual.

  11. Target Corp. is one the most relentless diversity promoting, multicultural pushing, perversion endorsing, fag friendly companies in the world. They just got a dose of diversity, good and hard, I hope they enjoyed it, they deserved it.

    • I stopped shopping at Target when they did the trannyperv bathroom thing. And stopped eating (albeit rarely) at Cracker Barrel when they threw Duck Dynasty under the bus. And I’ll drive miles out of my way to avoid Wuhan*Mart!

      • And I’ll drive miles out of my way to avoid Wuhan*Mart!

        Good for you!!

        “Wuhan*Mart” … LMAO

  12. I slept though it as well. I admit to enjoying the spectacle. Why should I care about these companies and corporations getting looted? Not my problem.

    As to the cops and the blacks? Different sides of the same coin. Both police good white people in different ways, neither positive. I hope the blacks don’t stop rioting, and I hope the police suffer accordingly.

    Again, not my country – not my problem. And as all this unfolds I hope that white people look at both sides and think “neither side represents me.”

  13. Like you I am numb and bored with the whole thing. The wisdom of TJ flows through my brain every time something like this happens whereby he said the two races cannot live under the same government. I think a lot of this is caused by high stress military like situations which in war cause people to snap and commit war crimes like My Lai. Most cops are decent but I think there is an a*shole, psychotic element that get in it for the trill roughing people up and escalating the situation.

    I was once stopped by a white cop for speeding and the cop went all Gunnery Sgt Hartman and got in my face screaming (I mean inches from my face). I knew he wanted me to go off so I could be roughed up and taken to the ground in a show of force.And this was a white on white situation.

  14. It really is stiflingly and oppressively depressing to witness as my internal love of my ancestors and all the effort they put forth in the past almost 200 years… 400 years or more in the case of my Iberian heritage… building this country. I remember how much my great grandparents and grandparents loved this country and the pride they showed through their service. Only to be recently filled with disgust and apathy as I look at the wars they fought in and begin to question was it even worth it. I still hold them and their heroism in the highest regard but I now look at the bigger picture and despite treating old glory with respect my heart just isn’t into it anymore.

    I had a blowout with my parents yesterday as I went out with them for some basic healthy bonding time and to get them a bit of time away from the house. As usual it turned into my commenting every few minutes that no matter what store or part of town we went to, I hardly see any white people. Mostly Indian, Hmong, Chinese, Pakistani, Arab… With a solitary wall of black and browns on the outskirts. For example the house my great great great grandfather built is now all black.

    I’m told I have personal issues no one else does by them. I’m a “hater”. A failure. Who thinks the way I do. This is just “how it is”. It all feels like spitting on my heritage when they berate me for noticing we live in a third world bazaar. The real kick to to the face is I am the one who genuinely likes most people I meet. “POCs” or not, if you’re decent your okay in my book. My parents on the other hand are openly uncomfortable. I just can’t shut my brain off to think big picture whereas they delude themselves by distraction. I’m the one who treats people fairly and with respect if they deserve it, they are the phonies. But me telling them that this is not how it’s supposed to be, my faint memories of my great grandpappy remind me that he would not approve of the “experiment” without kin and neighbors who are all close knit and loyal to each other. Not this strange anomaly where no one knows each other. Where people keep to themselves and just worry about buying a new car and tv.

    • You are right – the loudest “diversity advocates” are the ones most uncomfortable with POC.

    • Very good post.

      Deep down inside, your parents know you are right. They are scared to admit it though.

      Keep up the faith. You are right.

    • @Captain Schill…

      “I just can’t shut my brain off to think big picture whereas they delude themselves by distraction.”

      I have gone through this every day for years, though not with my folks, but with my fellow Southerners, who, unconsciously, will play any mental machination to avoid facing what the time in history is and how we got here.

      I pray you will be patient with your folks, as they, along with many others, are trying hard to deal with their own heartbreak.

      In the end, reality will make your case for you with them. You don’t need to.

  15. Oh good grief, George Floyd had a mudshark girlfriend. When will our people – especially our white women – learn that associating with Dindus is like playing with explosives!

    • You guys have helped me to see the light on this thing. Let the nogs burn that whole mofo down. Who cares anymore? George didn’t deserve to die like that and the cop is no doubt a bastard(and a stupid one at that), but this country cursed itself by bringing those creatures here. Oh, White Man…..your vision is so shortsighted!

    • No, it’s not rioting, it’s just a “midnight madness” sale with an African lay-away plan: Take da muddafugga now, I ain’t payin’ fo da bitch!

  16. Buy ammo?
    What have you been doing the last decade?

    I don’t have any more ROOM for ammo.

    I’m buying thermal imaging, suppression devices and other “goodies” now.

  17. More are unemployed by the riots destroying businesses in Minnesota/ that Catholic town across the RIVER than Covid 1999 Prince deaths no pun intended with the mix race former resident of the white Nordic cities!


    Focus on whites not Covid


  18. I am watching WCCO CBS local and Frank Vacilero said minorities are doing this he is now a racist and should be fired. I’ve been watching him for 20 years.

    In all seriousness CBS is fanning the flames. Election year. Piss off blacks and blame whitey. And they think Joe Biden can Fix this. Insert Yao Ming laugh meme.

  19. Minneapolis, the new Detroit.

    For years, I had to listen to Minn. Swedes tell me how evil Southerners were.
    Perhaps now, is the time to call out those evil Swedes for their virulent racism. They need diversity training.

    • My papa Ron only had one compliant against southron people. He said if y’all didn’t treat them so bad we’d all have a few.

  20. 30 cop cars protecting an empty Burlington store and none at the target being destroyed. Makes senses right. Trump being a dumbass blaming the lefty mayor. Looting starts the shooting starts..

    • All the conservatards are blaming the mayor. It’s always “Democrat” controlled areas that cause problems. “Republican” controlled areas are always nice. Rush is no doubt spewing the narrative right now. Such blind, shallow retards.

  21. How we all pay the price of diversity.

    No one with good sense wants to be a cop.
    Having to deal with orcs and minority privilege, while daily risking your life. As a result, police depts are having to accept submarginal applicants into police forces across the country.

    As a consequence, your life is at jeopardy when you encounter police of low intelligence.

  22. These riots will get a lot of white youth supporting antifa and BLM. There is no future in boomer patriotard cucked skull muh guns mask fake nationalism. Youth will follow the people doing it rather than talking about it. Right wing white men in America would be better off trading every single gun they have for the collective courage to give just one of them the balls to throw a rock at the police.

  23. These situations can be avoided by everyone taking a step backwards. I’m talking about the Police, Criminals, and everybody else. It seems the entire World is running toward a giant cliff and everybody’s gonna fall off with it. Deo Vindice !

  24. “taking a step backwards. I’m talking about the Police, Criminals, and everybody else”

    Blacks, taking a step back from violence ???

    Next time you visit Earth, I’d like to see your spaceship.

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