Trump Again Vows Bold Action On Social Media Censorship

I wish Twitter would suspend his account.

It would be fitting to see him lose all his followers. Then he would be forced to create a new account and play by the same one sided rules like everyone else has for years.

Oh … and he is also promising to end the war in Afghanistan.

Someone tell the president.

After he loses the election, I would be surprised to see Twitter finally pull the plug on him. Nothing would be lost either. It was nothing but hot air throughout his whole term as president.

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  1. The Monitor is PISSED!!! Better be careful, or he’ll watch you even HARDER!!!! He might even strain his eyes, so be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID!!!!!

    • Yes 100%. The Conservatives, Civic Nationalists, Republicans, and others look the other way when Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists get kicked off social media. Calling us the big ole Communist r word. All while those cowards remain on social media. Fact is if Conservatives really did create a new social media platform we’d all be kicked off the first day. I think the solution is Free Speech especially in political debate. Restore one of the good things about this country. Deo Vindice !

  2. Is this bold action something akin to his bold action on The Wall, and will Mexico pay for it?

  3. The best scenario for the real alt-right is for blump to lose and then the GOP to purge anyone nationalistic. That leaves a huge piece of political territory for us to build a new party on.

    • @ATBOTL…

      That makes a lot of sense, Young Man.

      Problem is, ‘The Grand Ole Party’ has no such intent of allowing a large constituency of theirs to slip away.

      No, they’ll keep mouthing American Nationalism, while doing the t-total reverse.

      Question is – will that work or not?

      Time will tell.

    • Blump..lmao..ohhh. That gave me a goodnight laugh..Atbotl..hahahahhaa. Still voting for him over fart man but that just cracked me up!!..Thanks!

  4. All we have to do is re-elect Trump and he will fix social media, after he builds the wall, and sends the illegals and anchor babies home. LMAO

  5. This creature in the White House exhibits all the classical characteristics of a Malignant Narcissist. People get banned from social media, he tells them they have to “Be good.” He gets called out for obvious bullshit, he wants to shut them down. He’s disgusting.

  6. As predicted Trump becomes more “based” in the lead up to the election. He is also preparing a convenient excuse for losing it.

    I agree, Twitter should just ban him. He has made threats of violence over it before which is a violation of their TOS so they have ever right to. If he wants to communicate over twitter he can use the official White House account.

    • On the contrary. We didn’t have a black riots, BLM, Antifa, fags,transsexuals, transgenders, feminists, police state, ext. Those freaks stayed in the closet because they knew better. Don’t deflect your weakness on us. That all happened under your watch. You own it. You are by the far the weakest generation.

      • Boomers were born between 1946-1964. I liked your description of your political journey, btw. Thanks for sharing that, Chad.

  7. With Brumpf freefalling in the polls, he’s going to be firing off some hot tweets this summer. Prepare for levels of BASED not seen on Trump’s twitter account since 2018 midterms. And the amnats will fall for it.

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