Donald Trump: Jeff Sessions Wasn’t “Mentally Qualified” To Be Attorney General

100,000 dead from COVID-19.

40 million people unemployed.

140 miles of George W. Bush era pedestrian fencing.

Donald Trump thinks Jeff Sessions was too retarded to be AG.

The Hill:

“The president told Sharyl Attkisson that Sessions “should have never” held the position.

“He’s not mentally qualified to be attorney general,” Trump said during the “Full Measure” interview, which aired on Sunday morning. “He was the biggest problem. I mean, look, Jeff Sessions put people in place that were a disaster. …”

This is a guy who went on national television in front of the world as president of the United States and floated the idea ingesting disinfectant to cure the coronavirus.

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  1. It’s all part of the bash whitey syndrome. As long as whites aren’t racially-conscious, Trump gets their vote. I swear I think his supporters love him because of his bravado and they couldn’t care less what his message actually signifies.

    Vote Sessions if you in Alabama!

    • No kidding, IKR, tell me about it, etc etc etc

      90% of Trump’s problems have been personnel problems, because he either picked badly or didn’t bother picking at all. There were all sorts of stories early on about how he just figured he’d breeze through it all and didn’t bother showing up for meetings and the Department of Energy among others had all these dossiers prepared so the incoming staff would be properly informed about what was going on and they were left sitting on their hands because NOBODY SHOWED UP.

      There’s only so far you can go in blaming media slant. Past a certain point, the media tells hostile stories because Trump is GIVING them material.

      If he had done the basic homework of actrually staffing up his administration properly, mostly with people who had worked on his campaign, he’d have had people who were at least somewhat committed to him and willing to put in effort to push his agenda. Instead he just figured government was like a big farm combine and he’d jump in the driver’s seat and point it where he wanted to go.

      It didn’t work that way.

      A leader should be able to pick good people. The one place Trump has been picking good people is in nominating judges, and that’s only because the Federalist Society keeps giving him pre-vetted lists of names to pick from, so he can’t possibly screw that up.

      • The Federalist Society insures that the Supreme Court picks will all be cucks or tokens or both. Note how Kavanaugh had the full support of the Bush family. Don’t expect anything from them. We have 30-40 years of Federalist Society picks and the court has moved steadily leftwards.

        It was all over when Trump picked his daughter and his son-in-law, plus a bunch of small hats from Golden Sachs, for his administration. At that point we should have known that the Trump campaign was a jignat gayop from the very beginning.

        If it wasn’t for Sessions we wouldn’t have had any anti-immigration measures at all; but you can’t expect just one man to turn around the entire federal bureaucracy. If Trump had been serious about pushing his policies, he needed hundreds of people in his administration who were committed to pushing his policies; if you count Miller and Bannon in addition to Sessions, Trump had at most three, and I’m not convinced about Miller and Bannon at all.

  2. Jeff Sessions put people in place (the U. S. government) that were a disaster? No, Donald Trump put (and keeps) people into his administration that are a disaster(i. e.. Rod Rosenstein, Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, etc. ad infinitum()psstt- they are called “Jews”) You can’t drain the swamp by replacing alligators with crocodiles. He is a perfect example of James k. Burnham’s famous theory of “The Managerial state” in action-He thinks , for example, that no one except a former member of the FBI or the CIA can run those agencies, so puts Insiders in charge, and wonders why,”the more things change, the more they stay the same’-what a dunce! The inmates have convinced him that only they are equipped to run the asylum, and he’s stupid enough to believe them!

  3. C D “Please rid us of the plague of Boomers? How about the plague of sanctimonious Yankee know-it alls like Trump? Sessions not ‘mentally qualified”?-It’s Trump who thinks the U. S. attorney general should be his personal “consigliare”-His perfect candidate in his mind would be Roy Cohn! Trump thinks it shouldn’t cost him a dime to be President-that’s why he sends me an average of 8 emails a day begging money-he’s no Michael Bloomberg-therefore big donors(Jews) have him by the balls-there’s what’s wrong with Trump in a nutshell.

    • “”””….It’s Trump who thinks the U. S. attorney general should be his personal “consigliare”…”””

      In the war you must have discipline, not “independent thinkers” or whatever traitors. Hitler lost a war because of this. Stalin had discipline and he won a war despite bunch of bad decisions,

      This problem is world wide. Left has united war machine, right have whiners and talkers and very few people with leadership skills or capability to do any real fighting .

  4. The South needs to look beyond Trump. New party, new people, new nation.

    I appreciate Jeff Session’s patience and restraint. He is a gem among cheap trinkets.

    • Sessions is a Southern gentleman through and through. Orangeman wouldn’t know anything about that

  5. Any chance the continuing Sessions bashing will backfire on Trump having the opposite effect that he wants?

  6. Juri,

    Stalin and the Soviet Union would have been soundly defeated by the heroic National Socialists had not the Americans provided military aid in equipment and materials.

    Stalin was a marxist retard and goon.

  7. Yuri-what was Sessions supposed to do as US attorney general? The job has it’s own job description-head law enforcement officer for the USA government-not the personal attorney and mafia mouthpiece for the Prez.As AG Sessions beefed up law enforcement on the border using statutes and legal authority already in place-Trump wasn’t doing anything on this key issue at that time except run his mouth. Sessions was also making overtures about lawyering up the AG’s office to assemble a staff of right-wing attorneys to launch a prosecutorial initiative to end Affirmative Action-aka racial discrimination against whites.Both of those goals are much more important to us than trying to get Trump out of the jams he ‘s always getting himself in to-even Barr, Sessions successor, has expressed his exasperation at having to deal with the fallout of Trumps gaffes on Twitter and other unforced, off-the-chain errors by Trump that distract him from doing his job as Attorney General. Trump runs his administration like a Mafia Don, except for the numerous Jews in it, who are given free rein and even veto power over Trump-how schizophrenic is that? Also, When Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, which was the proper thing to do since he was part of Trump’s presidential campaign and thereby had a conflict of interest, what did that do to Trump?-absolutely nothing.but Rosenstein did! Just as in Watergate, a special counsel was needed, and Trump lets Rod Rosenstein swoop in out of left field and appoint Mueller as special counsel without consulting him. He should have gone ballistic over Rosenstein’s choosing Mueller without consulting him but he didn’t because in Trump’s simple mind Jews can do no wrong! They’re like sacred cows in India-wandering around at will causing messes wherever they go.

  8. Yuri-by the way, Trump hired Jay Sekulow, another tribesman, to be his personal attorney, which is as it should be. Like I said before, Trump, unlike Michael Bloomberg, doesn’t think he should pay out of pocket for anything related to being President ,Maybe instead of grandiosely declining his salary , he should have kept it and used that money to pay Sekulow and his staff!, but as usual, Trump shoots first and asks questions(ie-thinks) later, Trump is a cheapskate .

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