Ann Coulter Unloads On Donald Trump

While Ann Coulter is wrong about COVID-19, she is a true believer in restricting immigration and building a wall. It seems she has finally hit her limit on holding her tongue:


There is nothing to be gained by going down with this ship. Trump is almost certain to lose the 2020 election in an apocalyptic second wave of COVID-19 in the fall anyway.

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  1. Trump has got some kind of dirt on Roger Stone, too. He was on Shock jock Anthony Cumia’s podcast STILL defending Trump!

    I freaking love Ann, even in interviews I re-listened to from ’08, she was way ahead of the curve.

    • HW;

      Not so sure about Trump losing in November though. He has an ace up his sleeve, Joe Biden. That goes double if Slow Joe picks gap toothed, blackety, blackety, black, 400 Lb. Stacey Abrams for his VP. Never underestimate the stupidity and incompetence of these people.

      I enjoy the clown show anyway and Trump has performed well in that regard. The entertainment value of U.S. politics has been off the charts since Trump rode down the escalator in 2015 and told the truth about Mexicans. His destruction of all the other half witted candidates in 2016 (especially !Jeb!) was a thing of beauty and his tearing up of the press is great.

      No one observing U.S. politics should expect a Cardinal Richelieu, Metternich, Talleyrand or Bismark to magically appear center stage but Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp regularly put in an appearance.

      • @12…

        I agree. president Trump will win in November.

        The Democrats only had one candidate that had a good shot at unseating the president, and they torpedoed him, again.

        The Democrats, perhaps unbeknownst to them, are in no shape to wage a serious national campaign.

        If 2016 was not proof enough of that, 2020 will be.

        • Hello Ivan;

          Bernie the Bolshevik and Pocahontas committed the mortal sin of advocating a wealth tax on billionaires instantly making them personae non gratae as national candidates. That is a bright red line that is not to be crossed. Even if it were somehow possible for either those two clowns to win an election against DJT the Democrat establishment would rather have Trump reelected than the dangerous idea of a wealth tax get any mileage. Of course, the Republicans are on the same page as the Democrats on this one issue, there isn’t a millionth of an inch of daylight between the two parties here.

          Whether a wealth tax is a good idea or not I don’t know but all talk of a wealth tax ceased after a short time and the idea is not discussed anymore. That is the only point of agreement I can find amongst the Democrats, Republicans, the MSM, cuckservatives like Rush, Hannity, Charlie Kirk et al. and the rest of the scumbags involved in politics. Maybe a wealth tax is a good idea but there seems to be an agreement now to never let the issue arise again.

          • @12…


            I do not know enough to know if you are right about The Billionaire Tax, but, I deeply suspect that you are.

            In any case, Senator Sanders was the only candidate in the race, on either side, who was genuinely advocating for systemic change.

            Now that his candidacy is through, I will be executing my civic duty by voting 3rd Party.

            If people accuse me of ‘throwing me vote away’, I will say better that than making a vote between cyanide and arsenic – which is what the choice between Biden and Trump is.

            Have a great week!

      • Abrams almost won in Georgia, I fail to see how having her as VP would hurt Biden that much. These old boomers still don’t get that this is not 80’s America. Obama was elected twice. A mulatto with a Muslim name on the far left of the D party.

        • I believe Stacey is poison for the Democrats because of several irreducible factors.

          1.) Gap Toothed Stacey, all 400 Lbs. of her is physically repulsive and national elections are somewhat of a beauty contest, ain’t no beauty there.

          2.) Gap Toothed Stacey, all 400 Lbs. of her ferociously hates white people and she is not good at hiding it and probably doesn’t want to hide it anyway. Every campaign rally for her will be like Hillary’s deplorable moment and that will get through to even thick, numb skulls living in the white suburbs, favoring diversity somewhere else, miles away. Hatred is a very bad counselor and it is Stacey’s favorite.

          3.) Everyone who looks at Slow Joe knows (except Slow Joe) he is not long for the office, were he to get elected. That means a vote for Slow Joe is a vote for Gap Toothed Stacey, all 400 Lbs. of her. The thought of Gap Toothed Stacey, all 400 Lbs. of her as President is a far cry from BHO.

          BHO went out of his way to soothe the fears of white, suburban, liberal voters that he wasn’t one of those bad Negroes like the feral jogger,he was one of the “good ones” like Bill Cosby. BHO was actually very moderate in his style and always came across as a friendly, likable guy and apparently he was. BHO was lazy and became disinterested in the hard work of being President and dealing with the loathsome scumbags in Congress so not much got done. This put to bed many liberal, white, over educated, suburban, hypocrites’ fears that he would govern like one of the bruthas from da ‘hood.

          Gap Toothed Stacey, all 400 Lbs. of her will revive all of those fears with a vengeance making her a liability, not an asset.

        • @ATBOTL…

          Actually, it looks like Abrams won Georgia, but only cheating by Governor Kemp, then Georgia secretary-of-state, kept her out of office, so it’s a good point to make.

          If I read the drift of your comment right, I agree – Stacy Abrams will not hurt the Biden Candidacy, but, will help it.

          Biden is down with Latinos, Youngsters, and now Blacks.
          Abrams will help him out with that – whether we like her or not.

  2. Ann Coulter is right about Trump and she right about the CV hoax. I saw through Trump from day 1 when everyone was falling for his lies. Same as with the CV.

    • @Mike…

      I was for Cruz in 2016, though, when his candidacy failed, I joined my Southern Brethren on The Trump Train.

      I do not regret that, for no man is to be held responsible for another man’s treachery.

      You are correct, however, Miss Ann is right about our president.

  3. “The most disloyal actual retard that has ever set foot in the Oval Office….” Comedy gold!

    • @Aryan…

      Miss Ann took no black pill, because she is too aware to need that.

      She simply has held off on blowing up at Trump, this in hopes that he would think the better of his own skullduggery and do right.

      I suppose she figures 3 1/2 years is a clear sign that no turn-around is forthcoming, and she feels the country would better benefit from hearing the truth.

  4. This is a refreshing change of pace

    But the MAGA cult and its sycophants like the AmNat crowd will repudiate Coulter in the face of the facts.

    Fortunately, conservatives are burning down the house they built and Trump lit the flame…

    I mean, at the end of all this, I guess Trump is going to do what we wanted him to do: destroy Con Inc.

  5. She is a lezbo and she not a true believer on immigration.

    Her words—–“We’re assimilating you, you’re here and you’re going to be an American.”

    She has got Irish blood too.

    • @Robert…

      Oh, well – she’s Irish femme, so she could not possibly be right about anything. After all, those disingenuous Irish are practically leprechaun Jews, right?

      Apparently if the whole world only had precisely your blood profile, and perfectly proper sexual thinking, everything would be alright…

      • @Ivan

        Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. All the Irish, and I mean down to the very last Mick, hate Muslims and none can say why. Why do the Irish hate the Muslims? Is it because they have whored themselves out to the Jews? Is it because they have whored themselves out to the enemies of Christ? If you are human shouldn’t you be able to reason with other humans and explain why you hate and feel the way you do? Then why can’t the Irish? And if they can’t explain why they hate what they hate then they need to shutthefuckup. And Ivan, I am the guy to make them shutthefuckup.

        • Virtually everyone hates Muslims. Weak and innocent? Have you ever looked into what happened to Persia, Syria, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, Greece and the Balkans? Arabs are genocidal bastards.

          • I don’t hate Muslims and the only ones I see hating Muslims are the Irish. And I believe the Irish have whored themselves to the Jews and are serving the Jews by stirring up hatred for innocent Muslims. I asked a question that you did not answer, Why do the Irish hate Muslims? What have Muslims done to the Irish? Want to try again? I am talking about the Irish and how they are agents of the Jews not Muslims? Do you understand?

    • Lol Ivan. Your comment was gold responding to Mr. Browning and his odd obsession over Irish women. Hilarious. Hey, Browning, Oklahoma is the most Republican state in the country and it’s filled with tons of Irish people, thus Irish women who are not lesbian promoting, baby slaughtering, open borders shills that are voting Republican a lot.

      I will take my chances easily with Irish women over Jewish, black, Latina and Asian females…and even over too many of those goofy liberal Norwegian ones in the upper Midwest who vote for an Omar type to look not raycisss.. But even that being said, though men are more conservative, there are many white females of all ethnic groups that are normal. I promise!

      • @Jeff
        Keep your disgusting dick talk to yourself. I am talking about right and wrong and it is wrong to hate the innocent do you understand you fuxcking Irish retard? Why do you hate the hate the innocent filthy disgusting Irish prick? Can you answer me retard?

        • Browning…Whhhaaattt? Stop talking such nonsense.. Everything you are saying is whacked about this.. You sound nuts. Be well. I won’t do the Merry go round with you. Very strange to be obsessed with the Irish regarding Muslims.. Every Irish hates Muslims. Every one, eh? Don’t worry. I am done on such silliness. Your pure blood amazes us all..

          • She is of Irish blood and she is in American media AND she fits the pattern of which I speak, an Irish right wing media personality serving the interests of Jews by promoting hatred of innocent Muslims. The Irish have whored themselves out to the Jews. The Irish believe it is okay to persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. The Irish are the enemies of Christ, God almighty and fair minded and decent people every where. The Irish promote hatred of the innocent. The Irish are diseased filthy disgusting whores and need to be cut down to size. Just open your eyes they are every where. I am not wrong and the more I look, the more I see.

      • Conservative Inc has done nothing but make me less safe. Covid, as an example. My son is still not as healthy as he was.

      • @Jeff…

        “Lol Ivan. Your comment was gold responding to Mr. Browning and his odd obsession over Irish women. Hilarious.”

        Thank you so much, Jeff!

        The comedic aspect was so well set up by the illustrious commenter that to not do that would be akin to picking a bunch of Blackberries, making the preserves, and then walking away from eating them…

  6. Three black pill predictions:

    1) Covid gets bad starting in July and keeps ramping up thru the autumn
    2) Biden gets elected
    3) Shortly into Biden’s term, China invades Taiwan and dares us to do anything about it

    Hope I’m wrong about all three.

  7. God Bless Ann Coulter(and Pat Buchanan) She’ll cal a spade a dirty shovel, as grandpa used to say!

    • Farmboy nitpick here:
      A shovel has a square straight edge. A spade has a curved or pointed edge – like the card suit. Shovels are for moving stuff, spades are for cutting stuff – sod or roots, for example.

      Dad tells me he’s heard that some people claim it’s the other way around; I’ve never heard that but one might run into it. In any case, I maintain that anybody who says a spade and a shovel are the same thing hasn’t used them enough.

    • @Anonymous…

      It’s is important that you dd this to make your remark accurate – “Ann Coulter is a real 18th century New England Yankee living out of place in a Modern Jew England Yankee World..”

  8. ^ Very true. They are different tools for different purposes. Using one in place of the other will make for a very long, tiresome day.

  9. I’ll jump fully on board with her if she ever calls for white separation. Whining about no more Republican Presidents or Senators is worthless. Republicans need to be swept into the dustbin of history where they belong.

    • Republicucks need to be inserted into Israel’s asshole where they belong! They would love it there too because they are such zog asskissers and subservient shabbos buttgoys with no ethics or morality

  10. Here we go again. I agree with her frustration. Sessions is a thousand times better than the football coach. Sessions’ biggest mistake was leaving an easy Senate seat he could hold on to till 90.

    Trump is an ego maniac and always has been. Coulter should not be shocked. Luckily for Trump he is running against a senile ego maniac in Biden. Biden is weak and bumbling which is why the Democrats keep him locked in the basement. Joe is scripted and comes across as sincere as a mobster.

    As I have said here a million times that it’s a very easy choice to vote for Trump over Biden any person with a ten and over Iq can see, Trump has extremely bizarre tendencies for a man his deep age. He will be 74 in a few weeks and really still acts like a wild teen or 20 something. In some ways it has kept him rather young with great and admirable energy. Having a stunning wife 25 years younger does not hurt either. In fact, I laugh when people make fun of his looks. Really? A nearly 74 year old dude with the energy of a 40 year old on zero medication or barely, who has hardly aged despite a tumultuous presidency? Obama is not even 60 and is hitting the wall. He will not look a quarter as good at Trump’s age now if he even gets there. I think because Trump acts so young people forget how old he is; just three and a half years younger than old looking, face surgery Joe Biden.

    But Trump has always been wild and a blowhard calling into the Howard Stern show for years and years getting into on air brawls with Stern’s staff over women and calling guys losers and just always hyping himself up. At the same time he can be very funny.

    What bothers me about this Alabama race that has set Coulter off is the incredible amount of people who refuse to look at Sessions’ good record. It’s like a door has been shut and he keeps getting called a traitor by normies which is benefiting Tuberville who has zero record outside of telling guys to tackle each other. The semi cuck statements by Tuberville on immigration are bothersome, too. Huge mistake by Sessions giving up that seat to work for a guy who demands loyalty to the max no matter what.

    Trump is lucky it’s Biden he is up against. If Biden picks that mind numbing bore, Klobuchar, it will help Trump. She is homely, stiff and a fake. If Biden picks ” two tons of fun” Abrams, her zero experience and anti white comments will help Trump. Plus she is slovenly and gross to look at. Her and Biden can call themselves ” Team Ugly.”

    I am hoping Trump will be reelected and move the ball another ten yards or so to the end zone. Or maybe shock me and move it more. He has been good on all the judges and before the coronavirus madness hit, was good on making China play fair. The wall? Well he rebuilt all the areas that had garbage fencing and now has expanded into Texas. Late to the party? I think so as do many others. However, Biden would do zero and never forget it. He goes on shows with black hosts with names like Sharpton and Charlemagne tha god. A useless, traitorous, baby killing, fake cat lick, old man.

      • Yes Vickey. Staying home is just so above it all of you. Talk about wasting your non vote. I guess in 40 years you will truly get the candidate you want….in your dreams.

        But don’t worry, an America hater will fill the space for you and vote for Biden. You know, the guy you quietly want to win. I guess a President Rubio, President Graham or President McCarthy is what you are holding out for on the Republican side over

    • That is the choice the American voter will have. Do you vote for the childish moron, or the senile moron?

  11. The former Grand Old Party takes advantage of our votes in no less measure than Democrats assume the black vote. How are we better?

  12. So what happens if Biden picks Tulsi Gabbard? If he is smart he will because that will really shake things up.

  13. Ann Coulter is English, Irish, German, and distant Dutch. To me she’s as typical example of upper crust New England stereotype as Katherine Hepburn. Ann’s even a lame af Presbyterian ffs.

    While I agree with Ann on immigration and her evaluation of blompf in 2020, Ann isn’t “our girl.” Coulter has burned coal and never had White children. So she is all bark and no bite in my estimation.

    As for Browning’s ice cold takes on the Irish, I imagine lil’ Bobby being the kid at recess that had no friends and rocked back and forth talking to himself.

    • He’s a longtime troll that posts here under several names. All of the off topic, anti-Irish posts are from one person — Krafty Wurker, Tom Watson, Tom Browning etc. It’s used different names over the years. All the same deranged troll. Similar to Andrea, it just keeps coming back over and over for years with different names.

  14. “There is nothing to be gained by going down with this ship. Trump is almost certain to lose the 2020 election in an apocalyptic second wave of COVID-19 in the fall anyway.”

    I don’t see The Democrats winning on The Covid Issue. The polls I’ve seen show independent Swing-voters have a largely favourable impression (70%+) of how President Trump has handled the virus.

    Moreover, Democrat governors have overplayed their hands and pissed off a lot of people.

    I think the election is very fluid and unpredictable.

    Yet, I would give President Trump the advantage, if only because the overwhelming majority of Republicans are wildly enthusiastic about him and The Democrats are a very divided and weakened party that is not likely to unify their respective constituencies.

    The Progressives represent about 1/3 of their party, and they are extremely miffed about what has gone down.

    Latinos dislike Uncle Joe, and The Youth are totally blase about him.

    Blacks are increasingly restless as well, with what they regard as his paternalistic attitude towards them.

    You cannot beat an incumbent president this way, not even one that is relatively unpopular.

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