Donald Trump Attacks Jeff Sessions

I have no idea how people still believe that voting for Donald Trump has anything to do with advancing a “National Populist” movement and policy agenda.

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  1. Say what you will about Sessions being a ‘Cuck’ or a bad Attorney-General, for me he has been the best senator since Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms disappeared from the scene.

    When other others would not stick out their neck\s for Candidate Trump, Sessions was front and centre.

    When others would dare not speak for closing borders and stopping illegal immigration, Jeff Sessions was front and center.

    When no one was speaking against the cancerous Alan Greenspan ‘Free Trade Economy’, Jeff Sessions did, and he did it over and over again.

    When few would stand up to the bulling LGBTQ lobby, Sessions was the man – unequivocatingly so.

    Sessions has stood against the murder of the innocents, time and time again.

    Sessions has voted for the right judicial nominees and against those wrong.

    People online will say Sessions is no good, because they will compare him to some mythic figure in their mind, but, I would say that, in a time when the political arena has gone off the deep end, Sessions has not, never did, and will not.

    Yes, newer senators, such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, John Kennedy, Tim Scott, definitely have some merit, but, time will tell whether they can embody something better than what has been in the last 20 years.

    To be clear, I, too am sorry that Senator Sessions is the Gold Standard for Senatorial service, at the national level, but, that is exactly what he has been.

    Will his being elected turn the nation around?


    But, he is the best man.

    I thank him for his service, and I thank Alabama for holding the line better than anyone else, this in part for having elected Jeff Sessions for so long.

    • @CD…

      President Trump is a marketing genius, a canny strategician, gifted analytically, possessed of unbelievable vigor and mental and stamina, and, as well, gutsy in the pursuit of his aims.

      That said, he is also a vituperative, churlish, and vindictive blowhard, not to mention a puerile opportunistic scapegrace who, utterly lacking in anything of chivalry and grace, seems nearly incapable of thinking beyond himself and his own immediate aims.

      All this means he will be reelected.

  2. Both Sessions and Tuberville look like twats fighting like children on twitter. What an embarrassment to Alabama!

  3. Tommy Tuberville wants to import millions of Mexicans to Alabama and the big corporate interests that support him desperately desire to transform the heart of Dixie into taco trucks and Spanish language radio.

    Its despicable. The South can survive alot, but replacement of her people with mestizos, it will not survive. Nothing survives.

    • @Gulf…

      Possessed of 8,000,000 + citizens, North Carolina already has 800,000+ Latins, not including those illegal here.

      We also have well over 2,000,000 other American citizens who were neither born nor raised in Dixie.

      Add to that our Native Negro population is 1,650,000 and a Native American Population over 100,000.

      This means that Native White Southerners, presently living in North Carolina, runs around 4,000,000 people.

      About 1,000,000 of these brethren of ours consider themselves ‘educated’ people who seem to despise everything to do with us and themselves.

      Call them scalawags or Yankee wannabees, it amounts to the same thing – these million Tarheels are against their own kind, and most everything that has ever come of it.

      At every opportunity they vote against our values, march to upend our society, and participate in taking down our monuments.

      This means that there are only about 3 million White Southerners in a state of 8 million, and many of those are not politically acute enough to be aware that the rifles behind the covered wagons are growing to thin to handle those circling around.

      The situation is entirely untenable, and to this downward trajectory there is no end in sight.

      Of course, the solution to this is Southern Nationalism, but, if there are another 50,000 of these, beyond me in our state, I would be surprised.

      To be blunt, I do not have high hopes for the Southern White Race or Southern Civilization, or, at least, not longterm in my state.

      White Southerners are no longer prepared to tend to the garden of survival, and, what with the world being so brutally competitive, I see only decline and ruin.

      On the other hand, if Alabamans, Arkansans, South Carolinians, Louisianans, Georgians, Tennesseans, and or Mississippians will take the lead out of this mess, my wife and I will be with them.

    • You are correct GCO, Mexicans will turn Dixie into Mexico el Norte just like they have already done with much of the U.S. Southwest. They destroy any culture they come into contact with through their violence, corruption, ignorance and numbers. In some ways they are worse than the nogs.

      All so some wealthy, greedy, scumbag businessmen can get greedier, scummier and wealthier. The politicians they carry around in their back pockets like little pieces of lint don’t care if the country is destroyed as long as they get their share of the loot as things burn to the ground. When the U.S. collapses, what civilization does exist in the Third World countries will also collapse.

        • If the U.S. collapses, China and India are going down too. For better or worse the U.S. has been the country that has provided international order, especially financial order since 1945. Both are heavily dependent upon international markets, especially the U.S. for their economic success. If the U.S. fails, which seems likely, the result will be a much more anarchic world, a multi-polar world with regional powers asserting regional hegemony in conflict with other regional powers.

          Neither India nor China ever “lead the world”. Neither were the predominant power in world history. China retreated from its overseas expeditions shortly before Portugal then Spain began their history changing voyages of exploration culminating in European control of the entire world by the 19th century including European extraterritorial outposts in China. Neither China nor India, despite their leading role in goods production for centuries ever organized or controlled the world beyond their own territories.

          India was never a single, organized state like China but a group of principalities constantly fighting with each other. India was run by the British East India Company for more than a century before the British Government formally ended the East India Company and ran India as a Crown Colony in the 19th century. Churchill declared that India is no more a nation than is the equator and he was correct.

          China fought border wars with the USSR in 1969 and India in 1962. India also fought three times with its neighbor Pakistan; 1947 at partition, 1965 over Kashmir and 1971 over East Pakistan. A fourth war with Pakistan would probably go nuclear as would a serious war with China. The U.S. has intervened diplomatically to reduce tensions and prevent these conflicts from escalating. Without a U.S. presence for any reason look for these problems to spiral out of control.

          • They were the largest economies in the world until the late 19th century. They will once again become the largest economies by the next decade or so. They both have large populations, powerful militaries and nationalist, authoritarian governments. If the USA falls, they will naturally become the world leaders.

            Since India has successfully annexed Kashmir – the main point of contention between India and Pakistan – without any nuclear threat, it is highly unlikely there will be another serious war between them.

          • There are dissenting opinions on economic output being the largest in the world in India and China until the late 19th century. I cannot find the source now, unfortunately but like all complex things, measurement and definition are key. I have read that taking Europe as whole and the U.S. China’s production, both agricultural and industrial was exceeded by about 1800 at the latest, probably earlier. This seems likely.

            The Industrial Revolution was advancing rapidly at that time, first in Great Britain, then the continent and the U.S. It seems highly unlikely, with China suffering from political turmoil and not having its industrial revolution until much later that its production could have exceeded Europe and the U.S. China’s industrial production was mostly fine pottery/china and luxury textiles like silk while Europe and the U.S. were leading by a mile with advanced industrial goods the Chinese couldn’t produce.

            China suffered repeated military defeats in the 19th century by numerically inferior European forces because of European technological superiority. European powers, vastly outnumbered by China were able to repeatedly exert control over China even though Europe was thousands of miles away. There is no equivalent example of China or India extending its control so far afield.

            India was not a unitary state until 1947 and it was plagued by war and controlled by European powers until 1947. Their industrial and agricultural production lags the rest of the world today (except for pharmaceuticals) and it’s unlikely they would have outproduced anywhere else in the past. India is heavily oriented towards software and back office work for hard currency now, English being one of its national languages giving them an advantage there.

            I think the retreat of the American Empire is inevitable now, its seeds were planted decades ago are now bearing their rotten fruit. China now has the world’s largest economy because of its wise development of industry including investments in advanced technologies. The U.S. Government calculates GDP by adding in things like “financial services” as though financial and legal scumbaggery like “lobbying” i.e. bribery or real estate flipping added to the nation’s wealth so its numbers should be taken with a grain, no a pound of salt.

            I hope you are correct about India having settled unilaterally the Kashmir question but like the same issue with Israel, these territorial questions seem to go quiet for a time then explode like a volcano. Time will tell there. The border issues with China are similar and India lost a border war and ceded more than 100 square miles of territory in the remote Himalayas in 1962, something India has not forgotten. Clashes in the Himalayas have occurred recently again.

            With the inevitable occupation of Taiwan by the government in Peking the last battle of the Chinese civil war will be won decisively by the Chinese Communist party. This will lead to more Chinese adventurism especially regarding border disputes. This will more likely galvanize regional opposition to China than lead to China taking a leading world role. India also will be a regional power watching carefully next door Pakistan which is allied with China but they, like China will be confined to being a regional power also.

  4. Sessions is a worthless piece of garbage who was personally responsible for the heavy-handed persecution of White nationalists after Charlottesville. He pretends to be a stickler for the law when recusing himself from the obviously bogus Russia hoax but then will bend the law every which way to sic the FBI on us and throw fake hate crime BS at our guys. Don’t care about his token resistance to illegal inmigration (which meant nothing in effect).

    He will lose and then he will die in disgrace and humiliation, as he deserves, with his half Asian grandchildren left to carry on his mongrelized bloodline.

  5. The only person Trump cares about is Trump and the brainwashed Republicans who worship him. He’s a joke. His leadership is a Zero….Covid-19 is a perfect example of that. All over some stupid trade war with China and the Military Industrial Complex being bored and wanting to spark World War III. Deo Vindice !

    • Every year that goes by Trump becomes more and more unlikeable. Early on into his presidency, he kept things professional, but as time as gone on and he has rightly received criticism, he begins lashing out and stabbing those who helped him become president in the back loudly and brazenly. I think Ann was his first victim, but Sessions may have been number 2.

      Treachery of this magnitude would warrant blacklisting on among any person’s social network. I wouldn’t hire Trump to clean my toilets let alone run the U.S.A. If he gets in again it will only be due to Democrat machine running the completely unqualified Joe Biden against him.

  6. Sessions is great. He has a track record of being on the side of right in nearly all things (nearly: as I recall he’s in favor of that thing police do where they arrest your cash and claim it’s drug money, then you have to prove them wrong to get it back, and good luck with that).

    Trump does not stand by his friends. See: every single person who’s taken a fall for him in the past 4 years of legal shenanigans. He has the power to pardon. Hasn’t been using it much.

    Nobody can be a leader of men if those men don’t think the leader will stand by each and every one of them when things get tough.

    • “He has the power to pardon. Hasn’t been using it much.”

      He did pardon Sholom Rubashkin, who employed hundreds of illegal aliens in his kosher plant and used underage Mexican females as sex slaves.

    • But, Sessions has demanded ‘Pearl Harbor-like investigation’ into China’s coronavirus
      cover-up. Don’t you think he is the right man for confronting those evil Communists?

  7. Sam Dickson was right about Trump from the beginning. Brad Griffin, while not an atheist towards the God Emperor in 2016, was agnostic, & never, ever, got on the Trump Train. It will be interesting to see how our friends at The Political Cesspool, James Edwards & Keith Alexander, come down on the election in November. I voted enthusiastically for Trump four years ago. I will go fishing this time. Trump deserves destruction at the polls, as do Republicans in general. If T ends in prison, I will be like the Good Ole Rebel, I will not care a damn.

    • @Wilburn…

      I am with you : ——— this Tarheel is not going to support President Trump again.

  8. I’m 50 and for my entire life I’ve seen the same routine played over and over. When the progressive left has power they use it to advance their agenda. Laws that stand in their way are ignored or changed. When the conservative liberals have power, they reach across the isle in an almost apologetic way, and swear to follow the laws laid down by the progressive liberals. Every. Single. Time.

    • @Pompey…

      Trump is not following the laws laid down by Liberals, Pompey – he’s following the lawlessness lain down by the corporatist-globalists who control the government, and who have long controlled it, and who use their alliance with the Liberals as a front on this issue.

      Yes, the Liberals are addled on their open borders’ position, but, they ain’t the ones who have kept open the borders all these years.

      It’s the entire political class – Republican and Democrat.

      Senator Sessions has been a rare exception to this.

  9. Every war the neocohens wanted Sessions supported. He always backed the empire. And if you back the empire you are backing the DOD doctrine of invade em invite em. He was never a friend of the South. He is deep state, and his actions as AG prove it.

    If he had endorsed Byrne then Byrne would have won. But Sessions cannot exist outside of D.C. it is all he has.

    • No one in DC since Pat Buchanan has been nationalist on both immigration and foreign policy. All of the ones who are tough on immigration are super neocons and all of the anti-imperialists are bad on immigration.

  10. lol @ Jeff Sessions explaining The Law to a gangster like Trump. The law means nothing to Trump and his partners in crime, so he can’t understand anyone who obeys it.

    And ain’t it funny how every person that ever helped Trump fell out with him, and Trump kicks them when they are down. Apparently this pattern goes back decades.

  11. Ivan, agree to disagree on the impact of white migration versus Hispanic migration.

    Ive seen both in my home state, and whites can become southern and whites can maintain a functional place where you may be able to live and propagate southern tradition and texture of life. I dont support mass migration of whites from different areas to the South either, due to issues we might agree on.

    But, there is simply no comparison between white migration and hispanic migration. None.

    I hope you never reach the percentage of Hispanic population that Texas has reached, I really do. But unfortunately I believe you’ll probably experience total cultural death in NC as well, and it will be hispanics and generalized diversity that will do it. Not whites, who are capable and occasionally willing and occasionally enthusiastic about being southernized. They can do it, mestizos cannot and will not in any numbers. They have no reason to, no connection to our culture and they have their own.

    Agree to disagree, friend.

    • @Gulf…

      Of course we can agree to disagree. No problem. Though, I am not sure if I successfully articulated my gist – my state, North Carolina, is drowning in non-North Carolinians, and the vast majority of the ones I see tearing down our monuments are Whites – NOT Hispanic.

      Case in point – I’ve yet to see an hispnaic member of The UNC System Adminstration. No, Sir – they’re all non-Southern Whites, and screaming their heads off about our culture!

      Does this mean I want to be turned into North Salvadorina?


      It means we have a serious problem, and it encompasses Whites – non-Southern Whites.

      In any case, thank you for your comment. it’s a bad situation and Southerners keep on sleeping – proudly so, sad to say.

      • I hear you. The whites are a small number of heavily influenced young people with the entire weight of academia, media, and pop culture prodding them on to destroy their own legacy. I see what perverse societal rewards promote this type of insanity.

        However, these same white people would be proudly defending these monuments as they have done in previous times if the prevailing sentiment from these same social institutions were favorable to them. I know this because it has been that way before, and could theoretically be that way again. With whites. Not with mestizos.

        However, the fact that there is still anything worth saving at all will evaporate once hispanic migration reaches a certain point. It goes from being frustrated with cucky whites failing to defend their heritage from a hostile system that rewards self hate, to a place that is no longer worth saving at all.

        Nothing will survive hispanic migration. Nothing does.

        • @Gulf…

          I really appreciate how you dialogue, and, in particular, disagree. It’s not the typical male online political bashing of : ——- ” you don’t see things like I do, so you must be a traitor, an idiot, or just ignorant’!’

          To be clear, if it were up to me, I would close Dixie’s borders until such time as native raised and born Southerners, including Black, were well above 90%.

          That said, I have to just say this. I do not know diddly squat about what has happened with the influx of Latins outside of North Carolina, all I can do is bear witness to what I’ve seen here.

          What have I see here?

          Latins, mostly Mexicans, are not like White Northeastern immigrants – they are almost always very polite, not cold, not impatient, and most love and worship Jesus Chryst, most are truly family-oriented, and many are more in favour of our flag, the battleflag, as opposed to that of the Stars & Stripes.

          Moreover, I’ve yet to meet a single Latin in my state in favour of gay marriage or lawlessness.

          Most want to work, will work, and will do it like many Whites and Blacks no longer will.

          They are, almost all, coming here because they hate the chaos and violence that has broken out in their lands, no thanks to D.C. and they do not fit the stereotype i see so often bandied about here.

          No Latin, and I speak their language – and have had many friends amongst them – has ever impugned me for my racist or political beliefs, nor have they ever spoken out against our Southern culture, even long after we were intimates and they knew they could be absolutely open to me.

          So, if North Carolina is to be subject to immigration, then for me, I will take either Latins or Eastern Europeans – the latter having come in considerable numbers here, too, in recent decades.

          I want to be completely clear – I am less interested in someone’s class, education, skin-tone, and language than I am in their ability to show respect to our culture, and, in that regard, I find Eastern European and Latins a thousand fold better choice than Northeasterners.

          Northeasterners cannot become Southerners in less than 3 generations, although Midwestern Yankees can, and, in consideration of how quickly our civilization is failing, I just do not feel we have the time to accomodate that kind of lag time.

          I suppose this is neither here nor there, but, my point to you is that I see a lot of inner Southern Confederate in the behavior of Mexicans here, and, so, again, if we must have immigrants, they are far better than those from The Northeast.

          Again, thank you for your dialogue. I wish the subject were moot, because we were sovereign, but, sadly, most Southerners would rather be dying dogs than fight to live and be free of alien tyranny.

          • Utter nonsense. You sound like Jeb Bush. Men like you are far more of a threat to the survival of the South than all the Yankees who ever lived. What kind of retard think that Mexicans have family values? A single hour on any job site with Mexicans and you hear them talking about what they want to do to ten year old girls and all the drugs they do and want to do. You will also learn about what street gangs they are in(Sur-13, MS-13,18st., Latin Kings etc.) and about their interest in witchcraft, both of which are mainstream parts of Mexican culture.

            This guy is straight up lying to claim he knows Mexicans well. He probably made small talk with some Mexican lawn maintenance foreman for a few minutes while the workers put the tools away. Boomer white men will do that and then say “I have a deep understanding of the Mexican people and culture.” I saw it so many times when I worked as a gardener. That patronizing older white man customer trying to talk to some disinterested Hispanic immigrant who just wants the check. “Ok boss, sure I like tamales, is your wife done writing the check yet, I gotta go.”

      • Unfortunately, I dont believe there is a way to fully understand the complete cultural, dialectic, culinary, traditional, and total cultural replacement that hispanic migration carries with it – unless you see it happen yourself. The South can come back from basic shitlibbery, heavy black populations, or even a theoretical nuke, but it wont come back from browning.

        My state is culturally and demographically over. It is extremely painful to watch other Southern states ignore the brown demographic growth, e.g. knowing that Alabama will go from biscuits and bbq to street tacos and Mexican grocery stores in an incredibly short period of time. Its cultural genocide and it truly pains me. The destruction will be quick and it will be complete.

        But, such is life. Looking back on historical issues with blacks will be something akin to quaint.

        Then Mississippi, alabama, etc. will merely join the nondescript collection of diverse states with “great authentic street tacos” and a destroyed soul.

        Anyway, I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and future.

        Hunter, if you ever desire an article detailing the incredible changes that hispanic wreaks on a state and community, Id be happy to contribute. It has been an eye opening 39 year journey in Texas – a state I desperately want to leave for good. My home state.

        • Gulf Coast,

          I hope I am not making a mistake in replying but from the Anglo viewpoint you are correct. I appreciate Ivan’s comments of course.

          From what I have seen and heard South Texas is Mexico. Everywhere we go in large numbers we will make it a little Mexico. I am not gloating for I am against illegal immigration/unjust invasion of any country. I am merely stating a fact. I believe San Diego is now like that. I lived in California for a while before coming to Texas. North California however.

          While I have found Texans more relaxed and more my style than the few Northerners I have met there is no way I or most others wish to be like you. The way of thinking/acting is different. We are more collective/group oriented. There is also religion. Our religion is centralized and authoritative. Anglo Protestants seem to prefer individualism and limited government. I could go on of course.

          In one of our homes we had a boundary dispute with a neighbor. The zoning and city officials arriving to settle the dispute were all Latin-Americans. One Mexican and Two Central Americans. And this town is predominately listed as majority white. The dispute was settled in our favor.

          I write this with caution for I wish no disturbances but the subject is important. Once Texas become Latin then Republicans at the national level are done.

          • @Christina…

            “I write this with caution for I wish no disturbances but the subject is important. Once Texas become Latin then Republicans at the national level are done.”

            Then let them be done, Dear Cristina, because they, The Republicans, – they have done as much or more damage to Dixie as ever have The Modern Democrats.

            The Republican Party is a party of death for Southerners – they sing our song, but, singing is most all we get.

            The only reason why Southerners are in it is because The New York Jews and New England Yankees took over our party, The Democrats, so we gradually fled to The Republicans, which, at it’s core, still remains a New England Yankee Gentile Party.

        • @Gulf…

          I’m just curious – do you think that Mexican behavior in Texas and California is different than in other parts of The South because, subconsciously, they regard it as theirs, while up here, they feel truly on foreign land and understand they have no ancestral claim to it?

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            Do not worry. I will shed no tears for the Republicans if they collapse.

        • @Gulf…

          If y’all, my White Southern Brethren, hate life in Texas so, then make a mass migration to Miss’ssippi, alabma,a Georgia, Virginia, and The Carolinas.

          The concentration of our people, somewhere on Southern Land can only be a good thing.

          To be clear – there are more of us than there ever have been before, so, if we concentrate, either mentally, and or physically, good things can happen for us.’

          If you like Galveston like things, you will love our Outer and Inner Banks areas. Lots of beautiful wetlands, good weather, and many many areas with mostly Southerners and Southern ways.

          Judging from your writings and your behavior here, you would feel at home immediately and we would appreciate having you with us!

        • GCO, you are correct, unfortunately. Texas has a distinct culture, more valuable than its oil. There are still many true Texans around though the trend is bad because of open borders and immigration. Perhaps corona and the associated financial destruction will cause whites all across the U.S. to wake the fuck up, there is still time, not much though.

  12. Sessions was the first member of either house of Congress (Senate or House of Representatives) to publicly support Trump for President, and look at how shamefully Trump treats him now!. Rod Rosenstein, on the other hand, secretly taped Trump while trying to trick him into saying something that would get him impeached, and Trump has nothing negative to say about him-you ‘d think Trump was scared to death of Jews-and he is. It was Rosenstein, not Sessions,who preemptively appointed Mueller to head up the Russiagate investigation, but Trump is mysteriously silent about him but not Sessions – but of course, unlike Jews it’s always open season on southern white gentiles like Sessions by yankees like Trump. Sessions was rated by Numbers USA-the top anti-immigration conservative group in America,, as having the best record in Congress over the past 20 years on Immigration, while Trump, on the other hand, constantly caves in to kosher son-in-law Jared’s wishes, thereby betraying the base voter bloc(flyover country conservatives) that elected Trump president. Jared and Ivanka are typical Manhattan liberals-a group that voted against Trump 3-1!, yet Trump governs as if Manhattan liberals elected him! Hello, Donald-is anybody home?.Trump’s choice for the Republican nominee for Alabama senator, boneheaded former football coach Tommy Tuberville, was against all things confederate while coaching at Ole Miss-attacking the Rebel flag, the playing of “Dixie” at football games by the Ole Miss band, and replacing the mascot, “Colonel Rebel”, blaming the school’s confederate heritage and symbols for his failures as a coach. I wonder what he blamed his coaching failures on at Auburn and the U. of Cinncinatti, since he got booted from both of those jobs after leaving Ole Miss for a similar lack of a wiinning results.Tuberville is a typical Chamber of Commerce Republican, willing to get his big money donors all of the cheap foreign labor they want-American citizens be damned! i’d like to see Sessions elected, and then have him hold Trump’s feet to the fire on the all of the issues he promised to do but flaked out on. Sessions could use his profile as Trump critic to run as the ‘real’ Trump for president in 2024.!

  13. Rollary- “Trump turns on his friends’-only partly correct. He turns on his gentile friends-Paul Mammafort, Michael Flynn, Jeff Session, Corey Lewandowskis, etc.. On the other hand, his Jewish friends(and enemies!) are untouchable! Better to be his Jewish enemy thanTtrump’s gentile friend!

  14. Nimrod and Dart-You’re right-Sessions isn’t Stonewall Jackson -but Stonewall ain’t running-Tommy Tuberville and Doug jones(the Democrat) are! Sessions is much better than either of them. IIf elected to a 6 year Senatorial term of office, I imagine that Sessions, at an age where he can throw caution to the wind, and motivated by Trump’s churlish behavior towards him, can discover his true inner paleoconservative voice and become more like the Senator we both want him to be-a spitfire nipping at Trump’s heels, calling him out for the bogus conservative he is!

    • @Blowtorch…

      Yes, Sessions is way better than his competition, and, just because you do not like how he handled 1 or 2 issues, does not mean that his overall record is not something to respect.

      If Sessions was a failure at being Attorney-General, he was never that in being a senator, something which I have often said to my wife.


    Had a vision the other day – President Trump wins reelection. Then, like McKinley, he dies shortly into his second term – leaving Vice president Pence to run things.

    Don’t know how that would go, but, that is what I saw.

  16. Cristina,

    While I wish that it wasn’t Texas that needs to go “blue” for the republican party to collapse at the nationally, the GOP must curl up and die, so that White will no longer have that faux safety blanket to fall back on. With the republicans becoming national eunuchs, that will pave the way for a true nationalist White political party to emerge and act in Euro-Americans interests without apology or permission.

    • November,

      I of course was not defending the Republican Party. If I could vote I would not vote for either candidate/party. Seemingly, my Family will not suffer no matter which Party is in command.

      Yes, the collapse of the Republicans at the national level would wake whites up if anything can.

      Since the majority of my family/relatives are Mexican citizens we take no official public stance on the election.

    • November,

      May I dare write that white Americans seem content to keep happily rowing on a sinking ship while the other groups are bent on looting the cargo?

  17. Cristina,

    That observation is reinforced with both objective and subjective evidence. Because of their lack of self-awareness, I do hope that the jewish inspired and financed radicalized POC politicians come for normie White’s First and Second Amendments. Plus, if making Whites from both slave owning and not pay reparations to feral blacks doesn’t wake the slumbering patriotards can and indifferent Whites to their dispossession, then nothing will. At that point, as in the game of chess, the malevolent jews and POC would have American Whites in “check,” so they either fight back or capitulate.

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