The Jewish Healthcare-for-Profit System Provides Joggers Ample Opportunity to Physically Abuse our Grandparents

The healthcare system in the United States is as Jewish as can be. The main underlying incentive behind it is to do as little as possible for the patient’s actual health and keep them just well enough where they do not die yet continuously return for more ‘care.’ Most doctors and healthcare facilities are paid by the number of services they provide and quantity of patients seen rather than the actual quality of their work, necessity of medical care, or how healthy their patients are/have become. The health insurance companies, however, do everything in their power to pay as little as possible for the care provided and deny healthcare coverage whenever they are able. This of course is a recipe for disaster which leads to an incentive based system where healthcare providers and facilities are motivated to provide the type of care and services for which they can be compensated, and in turn, they ignore as many quality of care standards permitted by law as possible in order to maximize profits and stay in business.

The American nursing home is a perfect example of the failures of this for-profit system. Too often, the quality of care is abysmal, yet the cost of housing a patient at one of them rises astronomically with each passing year. The profit motive and corner cutting at these businesses also make them ripe for elder abuse since the staff caring for the patients is usually a skeleton crew at best.

From adopted Jew Luke Ford:

Why Are So Many Nursing Homes Run & Owned By Orthodox Jews?

Because running a nursing home pays well and requires minimal training (just a BA and then a one-year certificate). Orthodox Jews tend to go to the same schools for certification and that enables them to benefit from chevrusa style learning (what the goyim call cheating). After a one-year unpaid internship, your starting salary as a nursing home administrator will be at least $75,000, and if you are good at your job, you can soon earn north of $200,000 and be on your path to buying nursing homes. Also, with your yiddisha kup (smart Jewish mind), you can become a whiz with medical billing codes. Hey, those yeshivos won’t pay for themselves!

***Warning: the following is extremely graphic and disturbing to watch***

Meet Jaydon Hayden:

That dirty jogger actually filmed himself with the idea that he would rewatch it later with some sort of anti-White sociopathic revenge porn fantasy in mind.

This is a microcosm of Jewish capitalism at its finest. Affirmative Action nog-run nursing homes where they constantly abuse their White patients in a sick and twisted racial revenge porn fantasy with atrocious patient care as its standard operating procedure. Shockingly, Whites are berated if we ever dare question the racial nature of these horrific abuses while the Jews are laughing all the way to the bank and could not care less about our people suffering.

The current trajectory of the U.S.A. is one where Whites will continue to become a hated and hunted minority and examples like these will be more frequent. If you want your grandparents and parents to continue to be abused in the future, keep supporting this corrupt anti-White system. If you, like me, think that our people are worthy of being treated with dignity and respect, then it’s time to start considering a new direction.

My friend Matt Parrot used to say when he was still with TWP that White Americans are the largest ethnicity in the world without our own country.

It is time we start reconsidering our imminent separation from these evil animals who would harm our people for sport. We can no longer be expected to graciously accept this racial animus. The time has come to say goodbye permanently.


  1. This is why my parents will never step foot in a place like that. Feel bad for all of the boomercels who never had families that will be able to take care of them though.

    • You’re muddleheaded. You do not grasp that in this socialist system you’ll be paying for these Medicare dumps whether or not you want to avail yourself of their services, just as you’re paying for the so-called public schools and cosigning for college-level student loans whether or not you personally want to avail yourself of them. Even if you personally are so extraordinarily prosperous that you can take care of your elders and educate your children and put your offspring through college all on your own, without even having to have your wife work, too, and thus incur the cost of child-care, you’ll simply be avoiding the problem, which is the socialism that must be destroyed.

  2. I do not expect any comment on this from the Orange Jew. He’s probably watching it now, rocking back and forth and laughing, while shouting, die, dirty Goy.

    • I did send him the link to the video. Although I’m sure I’ll never hear anything about it, and will probably be banned from emailing him again.

    • Thim. How about any white politician with any power saying something? It won’t even be labeled a hate crime most likely. This is the one billionth example why hate crime statistics are a joke at best and have zero to do with reality.

      I agree regarding Trump. Probably will not say a thing. How about Mccarthy in Congress? How about Romney? Or Mitch McConnell? Or Steve Scalise? Or Pat Toomey? Or Rick Scott? Or Lindsey Graham? Or Marco Rubio? And on and on.

      Notice I don’t even mention Democrat names there because they want whites dead or slaves. Biden would rather eat dog turd than mention this case or the tons of other brutal black on white hate crimes not even called a hate crime. Wonder what ” Resting bitch face” Governor Whitmer will say? It is in her state after all. Remember how quick she was to denounce ” muh nazi and confederate flags” at the lockdown protests?

      This is why America can never be great again. We have a mostly kosher run media that simply covers this stuff up and hypes any white on black incident even when the damage done is extremely minimal. Then these savages crap out more kids who repeat the cycle paid for by whites. Whites should be paying for these savages’ sterilization. That would make America great again.

      I remember when I used to listen to the late radio host, Bob Grant. He would constantly call for the sterilization of criminals and welfare users. Used to call it the ” Bob Grant Mandatory Sterilization Act” lol. Yep. He was waaayyy ahead of his time.

      Nothing changes because real answers like that are never used and thus a demon who should have never been born gets to savagely and cowardly beat up old white people in hospital beds that he records using white man’s technology and shows the beatings to his useless ghetto demon friends who laugh it up while drinking malt liquor and smoking weed. Perhaps one got human feelings and did not like the video. Perhaps.

      Anerica is controlled by alien people hostile to the white majority. It then trickles down to useless ghetto animals who can’t even throw a barbecue party without problems. All they need to hear is the constant lies from that alien media. Toss in moronic white people who make black ballers like Lebron James obscenely wealthy while hating white people.

      It’s a nation on its last legs ready to collapse like a boxer tied up in the ropes exhausted waiting to be knocked out. Old white America from another century would pee on the bodies of many current whites of today in digust at their cowardice and treason if they could.

      • I hope others have cottoned on to what Jeff’s role is here in the comment section. He’s the resident trump shill trying to scare you into voting for zion don one more time.

        • Anonymous. I guess that makes you the resident, useless Biden Shill?? I am in reality. It’s either Trump or Biden. That’s it. One will be the next president. With that choice I happily and easily pick Trump as any sane person would. I don’t vote for anti white racists like Biden and any of his Democrat wahhhmmenn choices.

          Run for office yourselves if you are unhappy with your congressman, your senator or president. Ps. Thank you Mark.

          • Biden would be better for Whites than Trump. Having Trump in office fills Whites with false hope and diverts energy that could be used on our own projects into the Republican party.

        • What a profoundly ridiculous post in context with the spot on critique offered by Jeff above.
          Ignoring every single one of his insights and 100% off topic.
          Jewish? White pain completely irrelevant to you?

        • Another thing is if the nursing home patients are on Coumadin (or other blood thinners) or are weak/unsteady on their feet, the bruising and falls are always attributed to these issues as the culprit. You’d be shocked that white staff in these homes often turn a blind eye or dismiss injuries as not being negro terrorism despite all the evidence suggesting that it is a strong possibility. I think the abuse is off the charts and everyone from top to bottom knows it.

      • Thank you Karsten. I am pleasantly surprised he did. Not totally shocked but surprised. Biden or any Democrat speaking about it would shock me!!

        • Whoa! Trump “tweeted”. See Jeff? You’re wrong! As if this is some milestone for anyone to hang their hat on. The idiot buffoon tweeted! Shout it from the rooftops. Now, it’s all better now.

          • But him tweeting it does mean a whole lot of people will see it, at least. Perhaps a few will have their media-engineered views of blacks shaken up a bit.

      • Can you imagine if the old man in the nursing home had been Trump.. The MSM would have elevated this nurse to a higher level than MLK.

  3. Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. Only a goddamned animal.

  4. This is not a private system. It is socialism, in which the ostensibly-private parties—the hospitals, the nursing homes, the insurance companies—are proxies for the government.

  5. It won’t stop until whites start using fear and intimidation as a weapon like the nogs do. Why are nogs feared by the jew media and politicians? Why does the jew media and govt pander, coverup and make excuses for these animals? Because they fear them because of their unpredictability and tendency for violence. Starting to get the picture yet, white man? Brotherly love might work in a white homogeneous society, but we no longer live that society, do we? Passiveness has become our downfall.

    • I don’t think it would even stop then. Blacks who do things like this do not consider consequences of their actions. Successful intimidation depends on the target having some degree of foresight to be able to think to themselves “if I do this, the people intimidating me will hurt me” or whatever. They aren’t capable of that. They aren’t even capable of submitting to arrest when they have guns pointed at them. They try to fight the police and don’t even consider that it might lead to a bad outcome. Like the jogger recently, who charged an armed man and tried to take his gun, then predictably got shot. They can’t even understand simple direct cause and effect.

      The only way it will stop is separation.

    • Hopefully Whites will wake up and realize what the Jewish Leftist media has been bragging about to them of White Europeans becoming a minority in their own nation’s by 2042.

      Identity Politics should be embraced NOW by White Europeans worldwide in order to secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

  6. Home care allows the elderly to stay in their homes, and it’s a helluva lot cheaper than abandoning the elderly in cold institutional settings. Where abuse and thievery are rampant, btw. Having one worker at a time devoted to an individual elderly patient is better for the vulnerable. Family members need to not completely dump their responsibilities onto others for home care to work, though. They need to visit often, and make sure proper care is being provided. They must make sure their loved ones are being fed and toileted regularly (and properly), and so on. Stealing and elderly abuse can still occur, so make sure to have security cameras around the house.

    A friend of mine had to go through PCA/HHA training to care for her mother on a regular basis. At the end of it, she had to demonstrate her newly-learned skills at a nursing home. What she saw there horrified her. Residents were left in their waste for hours, not fed or given water, often had the marks of abuse, on and sickeningly on.

    My friend saw someone she knew living there. That lady’s gold fillings and teeth had been removed, leaving the gaping holes behind. The staff was almost entirely ragheads and niggas that openly showed disdain for the mainly white residents. The resident-to-staff ratio was 14-to-1, which didn’t help matters. It was hell on earth for those poor old folks. The relatives of those unfortunate elderly people should be publicly whipped and shamed for allowing that to happen. My parents were horrible people, but I wouldn’t have let something that awful happen to them. The administrators of that charnel house should be drawn and quartered. I’m not kidding.

    • To be honest we need legal and clean euthanasia as an option.
      My own parents, and myself when I grow old, would rather live only so long as we can live independently, then quietly say goodbye and “press the button”, better than hanging on requiring our asses to be wiped by strangers, or just as bad, our kids and loved ones.
      It should never be mandatory but I am more than satisfied to have 80 odd good years and sign off in relative health than hang on mostly watching tv until I am 95.
      I’d rather not have to awkwardly make it so when a “clean” option is available.
      Elderly Whites should not be left to dysfunctional Blacks for their care under any circumstances.


    Remember that! And remember that Russia and Iran are our REAL enemies!

      • We clearly were fighting on the wrong side in WWII.

        Nothing wrong with speaking German, after all, English is a Germanic language.

        Das ist gut.


      They indeed did

      And lost

      As did EVERY OTHER White nation in the two bruderkriegs (brothers’ wars)

  8. Well at least my grandparents dying young (late 50s early 60s) saved them from this abuse and humiliation. I miss them more than anything.

  9. This would be 24/7 news if a White person had done that to a nigger. America has become such a horrible horrible shithole.

    • Law enforcement and the jewdicial system are useless…all nogs understand with their overly testosterone riddled pea-sized chimp brain is the whip.
      But even that doesn’t work in our current clown world state where they are not even capable of understanding they will lose a physical confrontation where several cops have guns pointed on them.
      They still chimpout knowing that when a cop shoots them it will be their nigger fambly winning the ghetto lotto and the white cops being punished for doing their jobs.
      This country is a disgrace and it deserves to burn.
      I remember when my grandmother was in her 90s and she had a vitas working that came over every day at around 11….a nigger sow from Haiti.
      This creature was repulsive and stunk but we were forced at first to deal with it..
      So i used to pop in during my lunch break every day and check to make sure she was abusing my grandmother and mostly the nig was just lazy and stupid and would look for any reason to say her patients refused so she could get away with doing nothing and still being paid.
      So after our cameras caught her in a spot of the house she wasn’t really supposed to be in , we noticed jewelry missing.
      So we brought it up to the attention of the social workers at the vitas medical company and she was replaced (not fired) for likely stealing something.
      So her replacement was a nice Italian lady from Boston who would bake cookies and stay a little longer to watch tv with my grandmother and talk about whatever…she was very nice and made sure my grandmother showered and ate everyday in the a.m…
      So after my grandmother passed away , i called Nancy to thank her for being such a great caregiver and she told me she had been fired for saying something negative to one of her other patients about democrats.. this was in the 2017.
      So let me get this straight…a white person cannot have a political opinion or they are fired from a private nursing agency but a negro can steal and neglect the patients and nothing happens to them.
      This sick, racially cucked country cannot shrivel up and die fast enough.

  10. A post I just made to my Facebook page: (I would add to this post a reminder to you people who continue to remain anonymous at this late date that you are cowards. It’s really hard to take serious anyone who remains anonymous. From day one and that is quite a while ago, I’ve never been anonymous.)

    Because my presidential campaign is focusing on the State of Michigan, I bring to your attention an atrocity at a nursing home in Detroit.

    Trump’s comment is weak because he has zero feel or experience with nursing homes. I have considerable experience with nursing homes and caring for the elderly.

    Ignore the racial component of this account, the bigger story is the abuse all residents of nursing homes incur. Moreover, blacks are to be thanked far more than ridiculed when it comes to nursing home care, for they are the ones in large part, overwhelming, who care for nursing home patients. In large part, old folks are dumped into nursing homes today because of poverty.

    Nursing homes are one of those fundamental problems in our society that go unfixed because the focus is elsewhere, i.e., greed.

    Such crimes should result in the hanging of the criminal within sixty (60) days after a fair jury trial in a strictly legal manner after our government has been legally reconstituted to so authorize.

    Our system of justice needs fixing in America. We have too many corrupt judges, police, and prosecutors. Our prisons are run by gangs incarcerating individuals who do not belong behind bars, i.e., nonviolent criminals especially because of drugs. Nonviolent criminals do not belong behind bars.

    In short, we need a new government run by the state and not capital.

    This objective is totally achievable by destroying the Democratic and Republican parties and uniting the people under the Radical Worker Party which will put the state in control of capital.

    Jimmy Giles for President, Founder of the Radical Worker Party

    • “Ignore the racial component of this account, the bigger story is the abuse all residents of nursing homes incur. Moreover, blacks are to be thanked far more than ridiculed when it comes to nursing home care, for they are the ones in large part, overwhelming, who care for nursing home patients.”

      No, we won’t ignore it. Niggers are in these jobs because that is the way the neoliberal spoils system is structured. Manufacturing base exported and service industry, especially all levels of medical administration, largely monopolized by niggers and other assorted browns. They are an integral part of the system oppressing us. Anyone pushing otherwise can be safely ignored or, better yet, something more permanent. But Hunter wants to a run clean(er) ship here.

      • Blacks are in these jobs because whites are not willing to change other peoples’ diapers. You’ve got a big mouth and I have observed your ilk for over 2 decades. You are a keyboard warrior.

        Workers are like honey bees in that they are the key to prosperity for all. All of our jobs that have been exported will be brought back and they will be brought back by the Radical Worker Party.

        Something more permanent? My address is 173 Pear Lane, Pearl, Mississippi 39208.

        • Mr. Giles. I am not sure why you attack people who could support you. I read your platform and it’s quite impressive. Obviously you will not be the next president. But you could potentially be a city council member or a state rep and work your way up or stay there and have influence. I know you ran for the Us House of Reps. in 2016 and lost in the primary. I just don’t see how running for president helps you.

          I remember when David Duke was a state representative. He should not have left so fast for so called ” bigger and better” things that never materialized in terms of actually getting voted in to another office. He should have stayed as a state representative while running for other things. Yeah, he put out some good books and all but he was technically on the inside of things politically when he was a state rep. Why give the whole thing up? It’s not always easy to get back in.

          I understand your point about black nurses and aides. There are some very good ones. But there are some real horror stories too. People are frustrated this black demon will not get the media promotion or time in jail a white guy would get for doing far less brutal things. It’s obvious another black on white hate crime that will get blown off in due time. Most black on white hate crimes are not even labeled it or prosecuted as such.

          You have a good platform. I hope you get elected in some capacity. But not everyone is meant to be the lion or tiger. Sometimes the mountain lion is good too. In fact that is what most in elected politics become.

          I know Duke does a podcast type show and it’s good. But the way the system is set up a Rush Limbaugh type is as far as it gets in terms of what is allowed to prosper on the right in the mainstream world. Good luck in your endeavors.

  11. I play the flute at a nursing home twice a week. The majority of the elderly White residents literally never have a visitor. The majority of the workers are Blacks who earn minimum wage & are the only people these residents talk to. Some residents call the workers out of their names out of habit, but eagerly await their visits. I’ve seen workers bring outside food to residents and sit with them during holidays. Unless our seniors need 24/7 care or we are in literal poverty, they should live with us. That’s how it was done before this me, me, me society. I suppose the elderly should be “rugged individualists” too. This is a sad story for sure and I will not speak about what punishment I think he deserves, but the bigger story is tragic. Blaming everyone in the world does not absolve us of our responsibilities.

  12. @Jeff, I am sure drumpf will monitor elder abuse of Whites at the hands of obsolete southern farm equipment inside nursing homes with the same vigor he did with the murders OD White South Africans.

    Kushner-Netanyahu 2020


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