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  1. Who said this—-

    “If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.

    That is right, Bill Gates.

    • So your argument is we need more Africans? Because they’re where all the population growth is. Maybe you think Africa and China and India aren’t overpopulated already? How about abortion and how it is very disproportionately used by blacks, do you think that’s terrible too?

      • What about you? Seriously Todd, what purpose do you serve? You are just taking up space, right or wrong Moshiach lover?

        • We’re working with the heebie-jeebies to control you all! BWAHAHAHA!! POTATOHEADS FOREVER!!!

        • I don’t know Todd and I’m not him. But you’re the one tearing your hair out over Bill Gates thinking the world could use fewer people. Why is he wrong? Or are all these simple questions to difficult for you to answer?

          • It is your nickname, retard. WTF are you doing here kyke? You think you can hide behind a screen name? You are not like us. You are not human and you stick out like a sore thumb. Gates is a Jew and what are you doing defending a Jew on a white nationalist site? Being a Jew?

            As for your questions, you answer mine first. I been asking your kind my whole life and still not one answer, why did you kill the innocent Christ? Are you human?

            You support Gates and you support the killing of the innocent and your want to tell me your are not a Jew? Why did you kill Christ, answer me you miserable dirty Jew fuck?

          • All the people who think a wealthy successful businessman man should be president sure seem to hate Bill Gates.

      • @rollory What are you talking about, its nonsense. When the Elite mean population control, they mean European and Coastal East Asian [Japan Korea]. That is why Africa is inflating to 5 billion and Europe is far far under replacement. These so called Eugenicists and Population Control scumbags have only created conditions to lower the white birth rate while encourage infinity Africans. That’s the scheme, don’t you ever dare say Gill Bates means 15% less Africans because judging by the last 150 years of Eugenics its only ever been applied to Whites.

  2. Confederacy 2.0 won’t allow any OTW’s, ( other than whites, ) to enter … even for vacation or business or visits. This alone will give us a buffer of a little time when “the next pandemic” is unleashed by design by the deep state. Also, all CSA citizens must undergo training for a few things one of which is how to self quarantine when the next unleashing of some bio weapon occurs. Citizens will be REQUIRED to store and rotate 1 + years worth of everything AND have at least 1 self sufficient sideline AND have a small organic garden AND every town / city / community will have small farms ranches and water sources to assist. These are just a few awesome things in CSA 2.

    A great blogger who really cares about white southern nationalists would HAVE BEEN presenting this and more and pushing a move towards it. Instead we get Spencer pseudo intellectualizing about … movies, and how bad Trump is and secession’s bad and …. and … 🙂


    Who do we have ? Very sad huh ?

    • Pandemics aren’t designed by the Deep State.

      There were pandemics and infectious diseases in the 19th century. Most of the soldiers who died in the War Between the States died of disease, not combat between the two sides. If we controlled this country, we would be dealing with the same problem.

      • @Hunter The Deep State is a system of various interconnected interests who pull the bureaucracy. It is not a cabal of individuals. What we should fear is the Technocratic Oligarchy who rule the governments, not some systems of beneficial arrangement among the bureaucracy. As for COVID the most likely source of this virus has not only been traced as man made, but the people and labs who created it through “gain of function” studies have been identified. COV is SARS2, in nature it would take centuries for such a mutation, especially when we are combing multiple animals and HIV strains. A Bat Pig HIV virus doesn’t get created in a bat soup stew. Every virologist knows that and will themselves state that, except the media only reports from Big Pharma linked virologists who themselves do “gain of function” studies and their income depends on it. If they admit it escaped from a lab the people will demand an end to gain of function studies and there goes their jobs. So in a way, its a little like the deep state, a scientific bureaucracy lying in order to benefit the system they operate within. Now if you do deep research on the “Spanish” Flu, you will see that it actually originated in Kansas, next to an army base doing research. Many people think it was released to aid the Zionist operation America was carrying out by going to war with the Central Powers, who were at the time pressing forward before the “Spanish” Flu changed their luck. In the end America and Britain won WW1, forever putting us on a path of hell. The Jewish Bolsheviks seized power in Russia massacring several tens of millions of Christians and thrusting communism into Europe, ZOG Britannia forwarded its Central Banking system ever forward to the benefit of the Rothschilds and their various allied Zionist banking families, the Ottoman empire was restructured so Britain could take Palestine and hand it to the Zionists, Zionists put the Young Turks in power over remnants of Ottoman and they proceeded to mass murder over 2 million Armenians and Greeks, Germany was turned into a heavily indebted Weimar which set the scene for WW2, where 55 million would die. All this was achieved by releasing a pandemic. I wonder what it is they are trying to achieve today, that is something you should be asking. Thanks for hearing me out.


      This is largely their own doing. Nearly every single time somebody with far-right/alt-right sympathies gets into a position of political responsibility and prominence, they crash and burn, often flamboyantly. The far right seems to think power should just be given to them as a heavenly mandate or something, without their having to demonstrate that they can actually use it effectively and responsibly and thereby earn the confidence of the citizens they claim to represent.

      A close relative of mine spent a term as a city councilman. I saw a lot of the nuts and bolts of government during that time. The plain fact is the far right does not take it seriously and does not have any institutional knowledge of how to actually do the things that need doing in that context – how to handle the everyday problems of city maintenance and zoning and schools and local corruption and legal tangles with the county and all the rest of it.

      Politics is largely a matter of reconciling disagreements to achieve what can be achieved given the circumstances. Ideally it would be a matter of reconciling disagreements to achieve what NEEDS to be achieved, but that takes people skills that many people don’t have, and even then it’s a tossup as to whether what gets done is in fact what is needed. It’s a matter of networks, of “who you know”. None of this has been taken seriously by the far right for as long as I’ve been watching. They just sit in their corner and yell about how things are going the wrong way. Well, they are going the wrong way, but before you can define the top-level policies you have to be able to demonstrate you can implement the bottom level first. That’s not been done, or even really attempted.

      Yoda: “That is why you fail.”

      • “Well, they are going the wrong way, but before you can define the top-level policies you have to be able to demonstrate you can implement the bottom level first.”

        Spot-on, Rollory.

        Leadership is influence. A person with gravitas is someone with gravity, a person who attracts others seeking expertise, knowledge, morale, foresight, insight, direction; it isn’t merely having the spotlight while being in charge. John C. Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is a simple yet good book; while I’m not religious myself, I find that evangelical Christians often have strong insight into how to be “fishers of men.” What was once the alt-right squandered its influence during the last four years; as you suggested, influence comes from other people, not platforms, ideas, or money.

        The opposite kind of person is described in a book titled Dangerous Personalities, written by Joe Navarro, an FBI profiler, which describes different types that, rather than add and multiply, subtract and divide. All of this should be normie-tier, 100 IQ stuff, but it is surprisingly not. I now make it a point not to fight with others, not to be paranoid, etc. etc., especially in outside-the-box political conversations.

        Anyway, the good advice is appreciated!

    • @Grey Ghost — Spot on! THE ONLY WAY PANDEMIC2 IS RELEASED IS IF THEY RELEASE IT. This is the plan b in case the COV crisis fails to implement the world order they are seeking. Pandemic 2 should be completely discounted as 99.97% unfeasible to naturally occur in the very near future. This is the threat the Club of Rome types are holding over our heads, preconditioning us to it. Because if we ever do see it in the very near future it means two things 1. Their agenda has been stalled and is dead on arrival, life goes back to January. 2. That pandemic is man made by design to put us back into crisis for the purpose ushering in their New World. If you do see Pandemic 2, its important to know who your real enemy is, because they released it, the fight should be brought to them. Do you know who designed this lockdown? A 14 year old girl who’s father works for DARPA. They told us it was to “flatten the curve”, well Hospitals are empty, the Comfort and sister left port, and there is no bed shortage nationally. So why continue this lockdown [or variations]? None of it makes sense except in case of mass Pavlovian training, and crisis management positioning to get us to go along with them. Grey Ghost like many others is appalled this site, who we do love on Nationalism and Populism, but has missed the mark so badly.

        • Can viruses originate from nature? Yes. Is it possible for a once in a century and a half occurrence to strike twice within months of each other? Statistically, extremely improbable. So why is the media feeding us this BS? Because they are either trying to scare us into compliance, or they are crazy enough to let out another one if their chips are low. Talking about a second pandemic, a once in a 1 to 2 millennia event is so insane it baffles the mind. I am asking numerous question is my many posts, while I tank you for displaying them, I am frustrated none of my questions get answered. Instead I get an insulting question if I think the NWO is going to create all the hurricanes this year. My question today is, these lockdown type measures were meant to flatted the curve not mitigate spread, so hospitals would not be overwhelmed. Hospitals ended up being empty, the medical ships sent back, the temporary hospitals mostly unused. None of these measures make sense from an epidemiological stand point. People in line next to each other in line when they can just go inside and have less contact, if your forced to wait 15 minutes to get into Walmart with a carrier you could get it, far worse than walking by him in the aisle. Putting children into boxes at school, none of this mitigates spread, it does however reek of Pavlovian training and crisis agitation for forced solution. Many doctors and epidemiologists are speaking out saying none of this makes sense, they act by heavily censoring them and some lose their medical license. They are being told to follow WHO guidelines, who previously said 1. Keep borders open 2. Masks do nothing 3. Virus is incommunicable 4. Praised both China and Sweden who did polar opposite actions. Meaning, the WHO guidelines are all over the place and change, yet we are told if you deviate your a kook and need to be shut up. None of this is going well. If they had adults with a plan none of this would have gotten so bad, which speaks to the alternate plans they have. I don’t know exactly how our future but it won’t be good, and they will have used this pandemic to have pulled it off, exactly like when they used the Spanish Flu to change our timeline during WW1.

    • By visiting that site and reading the comments section I would surmise there will never be a confederacy 2.0 because of the frothing morons who are content to equate mask wearering with treason. In one breath it’s a bio weapon, and the next breath it’s completely fabricated, these types are mildly retarded from inhaling lead gasoline fumes as children, or some gestational malnutrition. I sure wouldn’t be sending traffic from here to there.

      • Fester, there are as many troublemaking Jewish subversives among our people as there are genuine morons. Some comment threads on other sites consist of little more than Jewish agents mock-arguing with each other. As the saying goes, “Believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.”

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