The Jewish Question and Coronavirus

The coronavirus sheds tremendous light on the Jewish Question.

A year ago, the virus did not exist in humans. It immigrated to the United States in January and by May has taken over the country. It also seems to be singling out other Western countries. Liberalism appears to be the ultimate comorbidity. The same is true of free-market capitalism. Clearly, the virus flourishes in the countries which have thrown up the fewest roadblocks in its path and provided it with the most opportunities to grow while it has failed where international travel has been regulated.

It occurs to me that this is a lot like the Jewish Question. I have never thought of it as being a conspiracy. Instead, I have always thought that Jews simply flourish under liberalism and free-market capitalism. There is nothing about those systems which would impede their ability to amass wealth, power and influence over society and as soon as they grew wealthy they became a domineering oligarchy. As American citizens, they have the right to buy up newspapers, control Hollywood, own the banks, bribe politicians, etc. What is it about our social order which is based on equal rights that would stop them from doing this?

There is no way to address the Jewish Question under a liberal order. The same is true of other minority populations. Why don’t they have a claim to equal rights like other citizens? American history is simply liberalism being taken to its logical conclusion and running its natural course.

Note: The HIV virus destroys the immune system. A culture doesn’t have an immune system under late stage liberalism though. Individualists are incapable of perceiving common goods and blind to collective threats. The virus gradually dissolves and unravels all common goods whether it is the nation or the family or a common religion, etc. All are reduced to market forces.

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  1. I would argue that free market-itis is Semitic, as popularized by Rand, Rothbard, Mises, and probably a hundred other Jews I can’t name. I never delved deep into lolbergtarianism, I just looked at my miniscule paycheck 20 years ago and saw parasites were taking too much out of it. This free market also inexplicably gives money to everyone except for ordinary white people, which is probably another strong proof that it’s Jewish.

    Since then I’ve come to believe that someday we could have a fascist system, one where people with honest ambition, work ethic, and innovation are rewarded for their ability, while at the same time we can have commons like roads, schools, and other good things that can only be paid for by taxes in a White country.

  2. The real truth is that the only two successful systems have been socialism and capitalism and people of Jewish ancestry, though different people, have succeeded in both systems. It’s not the same jews succeeding though. This is because basing an entire economic system around hating Jews isn’t something adults do. That’s why such “third way” systems have failed.

    • @Daryl…

      “The real truth is that the only two successful systems have been socialism and capitalism and people of Jewish ancestry, though different people, have succeeded in both systems. It’s not the same jews succeeding though. This is because basing an entire economic system around hating Jews isn’t something adults do. That’s why such “third way” systems have failed.”


      I am sorry, Daryl, but, you have asserted how Jews succeed in any system, and how the overwhelming majority of European Gentiles have absolutely no interest in constructing a system of commerce with the principal aim of ‘excluding’ others who are racially different than them.

      You do realize what stating the facts is going to do to people who live in mental worlds where facts are relegated to ghettoes, don’t you?

  3. Healthy-seeming, age in late 50s Chinese ambassador to Israel Du Wei, was found dead at his home in Herzliya near Tel Aviv on 17 May

    This was just 4 days after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo broke international quarantine to visit Israel on 13 May

    And shortly after Du Wei had publicly criticised Pompeo’s aggressive accusing China of guilt in causing the global covid-19 pandemic

    An Israeli poster on 4chan said Shin Bet, Israel’s ‘internal Mossad’, killed the Chinese Ambassador at China’s request, after Du Wei tried to defect and share info on China bio-warfare labs, and then was double-crossed

    Other Israeli posters quickly joined in Hebrew, saying to the first poster:
    >Delete it you fool
    >Say you lost all your sanity? Missing some screw or something?
    >Wipe it out fast, people entered the prison for life on less

    Other Israeli posters say the assassins could have come from the large Chinese worker community in Israel

    Did the now-dead Ambassador make the mistake of trusting the USA and Israel with his life?

    Murdered Chinese Ambassador Tried to Defect?

  4. Economist Werner Sombart wrote about this in “Jews and Modern Capitalism.” Jews are particularly suited to thriving within the conditions of modern capitalism, and modern capitalism itself is an expression of the Jewish spirit. That is why modern capitalism developed within Jewish hot spots of Amsterdam and London.

    Speaking of the Jewish Question, it looks like Andrew Anglin M.D. has officially announced that he will be abandoning racial advocacy and focus on Jewish power and returning to full time truther conspiracy writing. Corona seems to have a way of bringing everyone back to their roots. Republican party shills are all tripling down on flu trutherism as the death toll is approaching 100k and even Trump’s overly optimistic models are constantly being revised upwards.

    • @Arian…

      “Jews can infiltrate any system that doesn’t explicitly forbid them.”

      So can White Gentlies, a brilliant, resourceful, and inventive people who need to play with no handicap in a competition.

      • Brother Ivan,

        These days, White Gentiles think any competition in general is “unfair” … let alone attempting to “infiltrate” a system where they’re not wanted (…which contemporarily is anywhere & everywhere).

      • This is false. Whites cannot infiltrate institutions that are in the hands of Jews. The Jews were only able to take over that infrastructure because WASPs invited them to do so. Jews aren’t stupid enough to allow Whites to do the same.

  5. “basing an entire economic system around hating Jews isn’t something adults”

    It’s not a matter of hating, it’s an issue of excluding.

  6. It’s as much about the economic system as it is the level of prejudice. to really exclude Jews, the level anti-Jewish sentiment would have to be very high. The fact is that Jews aren’t among the most hated groups in America. i’d argue that millenialls and boomers hate each other more than jews and gentiles hate each other. and republicans and democrats hate each more than jews and gentiles hate each other. Muslims are more hated. Some hate catholics more.

    • It would just require laws. General sentiment of the populace is irrelevant. That said, gentiles do hate most Jews individually. They just don’t see them as a group, so they do not hate them *as* Jews.

      • At least 90% of the Jews in the US can trace their roots back to the Roman Catholic parts of Eastern Europe.

        The Roman Catholics came first, the Jews followed them.

        • That may be why the “alt right” could never get bigger. They’re playing to a fantasy land prejudice that few americans actually hold.

          It was said best that Nazis were racialists because they were anti-jewish, they weren’t anti-Jewish because they were reacialists. You can be a racialist and not hate Jews. French anthropologists before Hitler wrote about causaoids and put Jews near the top.

          Thus if the anti-jewish prejudice isn’t already there, you can’t really create by studying race. People will disagree with boas but they won’t suddenly hate every jew.

          • You can’t be pro-white and not view Jews as an enemy. They objectively are.

            And Jews are not genetically European. They are majority Levantine by autosomal DNA. What 19th century French physical anthropologists wrote is irrelevant.

          • I agree. Most white people don’t share the anti-semitism of the nazis and neo-nazis. It is an obstacle to success for any serious nationalist movement. In Europe, the real, successful nationalist governments are very pro-Jewish, like Orban’s Hungary for example.

          • With jews, Gentiles lose in political environments where the shackles to jewish undermining the host nations are removed. The best way to prevent inevitable jewish sabotage is to expell them.

            If Israel is the home for the jews, then they need to go home.

          • Daryl, Jewish issues are as old as old Rome, persistant through the middle ages and renaissance, and well known and talked about before Nazis were ever a thing.

            Chesterton said it best, prejudice is a very lucid word meaning judgment without experience. Whatever you think about major anti-jewish writers like Ford or Luther, you cant accuuse them of prejudice. The prejudice these men had was in favour of the Jewish people. The hatred came only with a great deal of experience.

          • @Ferrero

            Non-kosher nationalists are imprisoned in most of Europe, so it is not really indicative of the utility of their position, just indicative of the legal state of subjugated Europe that bending to Jewish power is required in order to even be allowed freedom.

            And it is questionable how nationalist guys like Orban are. Are nationalists typically loyal to supranational federalist proto-states like the EU? Orban is. Are nationalists typically loyal to imperial occupational military organizations, such as NATO? Orban is.

    • Most gentiles don’t hate jews, but jews certainly do hate gentiles. Maybe not so much hatred….more of a sense of superiority and separateness.

  7. Bribing politicians is illegal regardless of how widespread it is. Refer to it by it’s proper label please….. donations.

    “We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party … In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”
    — A Racial Programme for the Twentieth Century” ~ Israel Cohen

    I believe he was referring to (((communism))) as our party.

    Like I said, they do it covertly through – God knows how many – organizations. A sampler:

    AMCHA Initiative
    American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
    American Jewish Archives
    American Jewish Committee (AJC)
    American Jewish Conference
    American Jewish Congress
    American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
    American Jewish World Service
    American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE)
    Americans for Peace Now
    Anti-Defamation League
    B’nai B’rith International
    Bend the Arc
    Birthright Israel (Taglit)
    BlueStar PR
    Brit Tzedek v’Shalom
    Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
    Coordinating Council of Jerusalem
    European Association For Jewish Studies (EAJS)
    European Council of Jewish Communities
    European Jewish Association (EJA)
    European Jewish Call For Reason (JCALL)
    European Jewish Congress (EJC)
    European Jewish Parliament (EJP.EU)
    European Jewish Press (EJP)
    European Parliament Working Group on Antisemitism (EPWG)
    European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS)
    Gateways Organization
    Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
    Hebrew Union College
    Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals
    Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism
    Israel Policy Forum
    Israeli American Council
    JCC Association
    Jewish Book Council
    Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA)
    Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
    Jewish Defense League (JDL)
    Jewish Defense League Chapters
    Jewish Defense Organization
    Jewish Farm Schools
    Jewish Federations of North America
    Jewish Funds for Justice
    Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
    Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF)
    Jewish Labor Committee
    Jewish National Fund (JNF)
    Jewish Policy Center
    Jewish Socialist Federation
    Jewish Socialist Verband
    Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)
    Jewish Voice for Peace
    Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America
    Jewish Women International (JWI)
    Jewish Women’s Archive
    Jewish World Watch (JWW)
    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
    JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa)
    Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs
    Long Island Board of Rabbis
    MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
    Moishe House
    National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry (NCSEJ)
    National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)
    National Jewish Democratic Council
    New Jewish Agenda (NJA)
    Orthodox Union
    Padeia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden
    Progressive Jewish Alliance
    Project Interchange
    Republican Jewish Coalition
    Simon Wiesenthal Center
    Stand With US
    The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation
    The European Jewish Fund
    The Jewish Board – Health and Human Services for All New Yorkers
    The Jewish Federation (JFED)
    The Jewish Federations of North America
    The Jewish Publication Society
    The Workmen’s Circle
    Union for Reform Judaism (URJ)
    United Hebrew Trades
    United Israel Appeal (UIA)
    United Jewish Appeal (UJA)
    United Jewish Appeal Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of NY, Inc.
    United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA)
    United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
    World Jewish Congress (WJC)
    Yad Vashem
    Young Judaea
    Zionist Organization of America

    *CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe (known funding sources: Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, Association Verbe et Lumière-Vigilance, King Baudouin Foundation, Bernheim Foundation, Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo, Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund, The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, European Cultural Foundation, European Youth Foundation, Evens Foundation, Fonds Maribel – Belgium, Baron Alain Philippson, Ford Foundation, Daniel Kropf, Levi Strauss Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Pears Foundation, The Rothschild Foundation Europe)

    If we had this many people working for us we’d be king of the hill, too!

    It’s so damn obvious how they do it. Oh, and the hocus pocus, too!

      • @Cristina…

        There are over 300 Jewish Lobbying Organizations, if memory serves.

        That said, it is not their number that succeeds, but the know-how at pulling both politicians, and the political debate towards them.

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          That is a lot of organizations. They definitely are well organized and seemingly consistent and relentless on their goals.

          They are always at war. We Catholics used to consider that we were always engaged in spiritual and temporal warfare as well. We used to get slapped when Confirmed. Now only a bland handshake.

          • @Cristina…

            Life truly is a neverending war, on all fronts – with siblings, parents, friends, lovers, sports teams, businesses, cultures, races, countries, religions, and, yes, with one’s self.

            When Jews were scattered a very long time ago, they became the permanent away-team, and, as a tiny minority amid large majorities, frequently suffered unbearable reverses and got the hell kicked out of them.

            Over time, Jews learned the following lessons…

            #1. Being a loser (at someone else’s mercy) is no fun.

            #2. Nobody gives a damn for a loser.

            #3. Being uninfluential means that one will be a loser.

            #4. Life is a constant combat.

            #5. A combined arms approach – organization, advocacy, funding, publicity, propaganda, outsourcing, intelligence, and infiltration is what it takes to prevent being powerless, and, thus, a loser.

            #6. Winning isn’t everything, but, it is the best thing.

            #7. The ends justify the means.

            #8. Pull no punches.

            #9. When your enemy is down on the ground, finish him before he gets back up.

            #10. If you can get others, particularly your competitors, and or enemies to do your work for you, then so much the better.

            CONCLUSION –

            One of Judaism’s greatest teachers, Rabbi Hillel – around the time of Chryst – said the following : ‘Each day you need to remember 3 things : —– #1. If I am not for myself, then who will be? #2. If I am only for myself, what sort of man am I? #3. If not now, when?

          • @Cristina…

            “We Catholics used to consider that we were always engaged in spiritual and temporal warfare as well. ”

            That was before y’all were taken over from the inside by a coalition of sexual degenerates, Marxists, and secular humanitarians.

            That said, there are still hundreds of millions of good Roman Catholics, and good churches.

            It is just that, like Mexico and The U.S. the upper echelon is very very corrupt, controlled, and conveniently absent-minded about who and what they represent.

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          Thank you for your detailed letters. I was given a copy of their Talmud to read which was bought at a Jewish book store. An uncensored copy. My family has it in our main home/library.

          The final solution for the Jews is for them to sincerely convert and be baptized.

          Until then societies can protect themselves from them. It is amazing how Jews can get non Jews to do their bidding. I suppose it is due to the usual bribes and the USA will bomb their enemies with millions of Americans cheering.

          Yes, the Catholic hierarchy was subverted from within. Our defined dogmas are still in effect however and a Catholic’s duty remains the same.

      • Cristina,

        A little sarcasm thrown in but it’s the ones I have accumulated so far. I thought about recording them a few years ago to prove a point. I don’t do research looking for them but if someone mentions one, I investigate further. I started this after Red Ice Radio had a video with a lot of them in it. I think it was after they recovered from the Charlottesville fiasco. I think it was after and not before but it could have been before. Others I already knew about.

        I’m sure there are many in South America, Asia, and even Africa that are out there. They have a lot of control in South Africa with the mines. Go look up Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina. Most of his videos are in Spanish but he does talk about the negative impact of Jews on Argentina and their typical subversion tactics. I don’t know if he still does because of pressure.

        • Snowhitey,

          Thank you for the information. I will look up Salbuchi. I looked up last year how many Jews in Mexico. If I remember correctly, there were only around 40,000. The economic power in Mexico is held by big business families, local powerful Families, and the Cartels.

          If Jews have more power in Mexico than I am aware of then it would be because they camoflauge it more. In the USA it is obvious and out in the open.

        • Snowhitey,

          The silver mines of Mexico are still rich giving 23% of the world’s silver according to one source. The controlling interest is Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez. I do not think he is Jewish but I could be wrong. I only did a quick search on him.

          • Joseph Safra’s tentacles are in South America but I don’t think in Mexico. As you know, they are notorious for using frontmen. Ross Perot got it wrong, That huge sucking sound is when they are feeding on their hosts.

        • On page 2 is the devil who had Eustace Mullins permanently banned from The Library of Congress. Those Jews do marvelous things for themselves. Often out in the open for all to see. It’s the secret things that are far, far worse.

          • “Canaanites disappeared in the 12th century BC became the Phoenicians and then the Venetians, the greatest tradesmen in the whole Mediterranean empire; Illuminati started with Nimrod (the world’s first dictator) in Babylon.”
            ~ Eustace Mullins discovered this narrative in the Chambers Encyclopedia

            Oh, what other juicy morsels has Lehman denied us?

            Maybe I should buy a Chambers from eBay. For my descendants.

    • The Israel Cohen quote is fake. Although, it does sound like something a communist Jew would say.

    • What about bribing the Irish Mick? Are the Irish politicians, Mick? Doesn’t it take two to make a bribe? You and your kind are not innocent Mick? When are you going to start up on the Chinese? Are you falling down on the job Mick? Whoring yourself to the Jews is too much work for you…….Mick?

  8. Free market capitalism if actually practiced as it is promoted is designed for the top 1 percent to succeed, as it allows people with the genetic will to win to compete without limitation. It would be the state of nature in the flesh, with those genetically endowed with the skills to provide desired products and services doing so, and competing using all their resources. As a consequence, America is the ultimate Land of Opportunity for the gifted.
    Into these realities, Jews have a competitive advantage because they are both the most tribal of discrete groups and the most gifted at generating symbols that move people, and are further the most culturally competitive, including the most dishonest with non-group individuals as a technique for competition. In other words, they have the will to win and the genetic and cultural capacity to do so in an unrestrained environment like America.
    Therefore, that Jews are at the forefront in both promoting freedom in all things and yet at the same time seeking to limit their gentile competitors by speech impediments set up in the society they occupy and control through the communications apparatus is no surprise. These observations are not anti-Semitism, they are reality. That is the Jewish Answer to the Jewish Question.
    To combat these realities, non-jews would have to act collectively. As Brad correctly notes, We is not promoted in 2020 America, Me is. To our determent against a common and motivated opponent.

  9. Jewish banking power is definitely an age-old conspiracy. It was Jews who made sure that the disease would be allowed to spread. Liberalism really is a way of “playing dumb” about who is in power.

  10. The principles of biblical Law, justice and government were adopted by the White European peoples.

    Thus in White nations we find the individual rights of property, a system of free enterprise, local control of government, and biblical laws and judgment implemented.

    But Jewish law which is Talmudic law have historically promoted principles of democracy, socialism, marxism, capitalism, communism, bolshevism and zionism which is all contrary to sound biblical principles of self-government.

    It’s not good when Wolves and Sheep live in the same nation.

    • @Mark…

      I am absolutely fascinated to find out from you that The White European Peoples developed ‘Free Enterprise’ while The Jews developed something entirely different, otherwise known as ‘Capitalism’.

      Moreover, I am exceedingly grateful to find out that our Founding Fathers, men such as James Madison and James Monroe, Francis Marion, Thomas Payne, Nathan Hale, John Adams, John Hancock, George Washington, not mention those a little later, such as Andrew Jackson and John Tyler, were all Jews, because they promoted ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Democracy’!

      So, now I summarize what I have learned from your expoundings : ———

      The United States of America – a democratic and capitalist land that was discovered, built, organized, and developed entirely by Jews, for the sole pleasure and benefit of Jews alone.

      Why, after building up this great country, it’s a wonder Jews felt any need to reestablish Israel!

      • OK Smartass, put this in your pipe and smoke it.

        Europe and not England, is the parent country of America. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe. We claim
        brotherhood with every European Christian, and triumph in the
        generosity of the sentiment.

        Thomas Paine, Common Sense

        JAMES MADISON was our fourth president. He is called the architect
        of our federal Constitution. In 1788, he wrote in The Federalist Papers:

        “We have staked the whole future of the American Civilization, not upon the power of Government, far from it.

        We have staked the future upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves, according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

        JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, our sixth President said,

        “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity”.

        On July 4, 1821 President Adams also said, “From the day of the Declaration . . . They (the American people) were bound by the laws of God, which they all, and by the laws of the Gospel, which they nearly all, acknowledged as the rules of their conduct.”

        “The experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating and short-lived.”

        John Quincy Adams

        “Democracies have been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death.”

        James Madison

        “Jews are Asiatics, they are a menace to this country if permitted entrance and should be excluded by this Constitution.”

        Benjamin Franklin

        Judaism is a depraved religion.

        Thomas Jefferson

        “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

        Thomas Jefferson

  11. “There is no way to address the Jewish Question under a liberal order… American history is simply liberalism being taken to its logical conclusion and running its natural course … The HIV virus destroys the immune system. A culture doesn’t have an immune system under late stage liberalism though. Individualists are incapable of perceiving common goods and blind to collective threats. ”


    There is an awful lot of truth in this, with excellent analogies, issues that every American ought take time to reflect on.

    That said, every single drop of Jewish blood could disappear from the planet tomorrow, and with it every Jewish Advocacy Group, and voters could vote overwhelmingly in a new kind of anti-Liberal system, but the biggest problem would remain.

    And that problem?

    The top echelon of the United States Government is owned by Corporate-Globalist and Special Interests.

    Corruption, feeding on greed and subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, megalomaniacal sociopathy.

    The same problem afflicts Mexico, Mozambique, Moldavia, and most other countries in the world.

    Why is that?

    Because it is a human disorder, a negative condition of the spirit Chryst called out as sinful.

    Thus, because the problem is not a political one, but, rather, a spiritual one, a political solution cannot fix it.

    This country already has many great laws, too many, in fact. We do not need new ones – only for the old ones to be enforced – particularly at the top levels.

    Case in point?

    Today Attorney General Barr, who must be given some credit for selecting Special Investigator Jeff Durham to go after criminals of the previous administration, said that Biden and Obama would not be investigated.

    So, in other words, the top executives are above the law, even though they are tasked with enforcing the law.

    A country like that cannot long succeed, no matter which blood runs in the criminal’s veins.

    We have a serious political corruption problem, for which no one group, people, faction, or entity, is solely to blame.

  12. And then there is the other side of the coin which is communism. As most everyone here knows, the Bolsheviks were heavily Jewish and funded by Wallstreet Jews in America.

    “Himself a Jew, Marx has around him, in London and France, but especially in Germany, a multitude of more or less clever, intriguing, mobile, speculating Jews, such as Jews are every where: commercial or banking agents, writers, politicians, correspondents for newspapers of all shades, with one foot in the bank, the other in the socialist movement, and with their behinds sitting on the German daily press — they have taken possession of all the newspapers — and you can imagine what kind of sickening literature they produce. Now, this entire Jewish world, which forms a single profiteering sect, a people of blooksuckers, a single gluttonnous parasite, closely and intimately united not only across national borders but across all differences of political opinion — this Jewish world today stands for the most part at the disposal of Marx and at the same time at the disposal of Rothschild. I am certain that Rothschild for his part greatly values the merits of Marx, and that Marx for his part feels instinctive attraction and great respect for Rothschild. This may seem strange. What can there be in common between Communism and the large banks? Oh! The Communism of Marx seeks enormous centralization in the state, and where such exists, there must inevitably be a central state bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, which. speculates on the work of the people, will always find a way to prevail ….”
    – Michael Bakunin, 1871, Personliche Beziehungen zu Marx. In: Gesammelte Werke. Band 3. Berlin 1924. P. 204-216. [My translation – UD].

    “National and racial chauvinism is a vestige of the misanthropic customs characteristic of the period of cannibalism. Anti-semitism, as an extreme form of racial chauvinism, is the most dangerous vestige of cannibalism. Anti-semitism is of advantage to the exploiters as a lightning conductor that deflects the blows aimed by the working people at capitalism. Anti-semitism is dangerous for the working people as being a false path that leads them off the right road and lands them in the jungle. Hence Communists, as consistent internationalists, cannot but be irreconcilable, sworn enemies of anti-semitism. In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.”
    – J. Stalin
    January 12, 1931
    First published in the newspaper Pravda, No. 329, November 30, 1936

    • “. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.”
      – J. Stalin”

      The guy who floated the USSR on an ocean of innocent blood.

  13. I mostly agree about the Jews, but why not say what Hunter says about the flu? It’s not quite “just the flu, bro”. Corona was a bit more than that, but why didn’t Hunter post things, for the last five years, against the U.S. policy regarding all prior years, on how the government is totally mistaken in not doing anything about tens of thousands of people dying of the flu, colds, whatever? Maybe he did, and he’s far smarter than I am as a writer, but I don’t get it. I don’t get how guys like Greg Johnson and Hunter reacted.

    • Because they don’t.

      The CDC exaggerates flu deaths in order to encourage people to take flu shots. In the worst flu season in recent history, there were only 15,000 confirmed flu deaths. The ordinary flu and colds are not a cause for concern.

      • Furthermore there does exist flu vaccines for high risk groups and anyone else who wants it. Polio is just a virus bro.

  14. We killed off our Kings and Queens. The American Experiment long term turned out to be a failure, we thought we could live without an aristocracy, but the Jews just stepped into the vacuum and became the new one.

    • @Nightowl…

      “We killed off our Kings and Queens. The American Experiment long term turned out to be a failure, we thought we could live without an aristocracy, but the Jews just stepped into the vacuum and became the new one.”


      I like this, but, i think it incomplete. No, the first rulers of The United States were Virginians, after which came The New Englanders. Now it is The New York Jews.

      But, fear not – someone else is coming next, for no one ever stays at the top of any hill forever.

      The only questions remaining are who and when will be the next at the hilltop?

      As to living without an aristocracy, Southerners never thought that, for in each small town we have one, composed of 2 to 5 families, and a larger group of demi-royalty right below that.

      We only thought that we were creating a country where smalltown aristocracies would serve in lieu of a national one.

      No, the whole original idea of America was one that was Southern – local control for local White Property owning men of good moral standing of The Anglican Faith.

      They were the aristocracy in Dixie, and, to a certain extent, so they remain.

      Nonetheless, this idea of many local aristocracies did not appeal to Northeasterners, who, in love with the idea of centralization, worked to achieve that, after which they evolved the idea of aristocracy to be a White Gentile Country the purpose of which was to serve what was not.

      That pathological altruism of The New Englander Yankees was very appealing to The New York Jews, who spent the last century farming out the New England Yankee U.S. to The Middle East, and around the world, to tend to various-n-sundry their concerns.

      So, there was never a vacuum, Nightowl, but, just a purposeful vacuity created by the New Englanders as an unconscious device to elevate them to sainthood, or, at least, in their minds.

      The spirit of Cromwell and his Roundheads, Puritans, then Congregationalists, and now Corporate Globalists in charge of a society of witchfinders seeking to excoriate any who might dissent.

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