Doctor Mike Refutes Plandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been like Christmas for conspiracy theorists and truthers who are chasing clicks and grifting off the crisis. As their record shows, the “truth” is the last thing that matters to these people. They are even worse than the mainstream media. Alex Jones can go from ranting about the Chinese virus one day to how the globalists are plotting an alien invasion the next day.

Greg Cochran is also tired of these people:

“Imagine that astronomers discovered a new comet, one that was an exact duplicate of the Chixculub object and was going hit the Earth in 30 years.  Which would, if  uninterrupted, exterminate the human race.

Let us also suppose that the numbers work out so that a hearty effort, something like the level of US war spending in WWII, but for decades, could stop it, by making and delivering enough hydrogen bombs to alter the orbit .   We would need to design and build Orion ships, be frantically mining uranium ( and thorium), breeding plutonium and U-233, using lithium for bombs rather than batteries, like God intended.  We’d be frantically building up heavy industry, making steel and building rockets, writing codes modeling hot dense matter rather than handling social media. …

We’d have guys writing long-winded articles pointing out that Ptolemy’s model of the solar system was wrong, so how can anyone believe those that JPL puts out today ?( hat tip to SJ Gould and  Cordelia Fine).

We’d have septuagenarians pointing out that by the time it hit, they’d probably be dead, so why should they care?  We’d have philosophy professors arguing that the future doesn’t really ‘exist’.

People would make and share these kinds of falsehoods, creating their own information ecology, one made up fresh out of  whole cloth – except for a few traditionalists, flat-Earthers and followers of Velikovsky.  One full of lies obvious to everybody that ever studied the Kepler problem..  everybody who is anybody !

We’d have demented billionaires subsidizing hacks  –  hacks that told us whatever their paymasters wanted us to hear, told us that 100 million megatons wasn’t really that bad, or that it was probably our time and that in the long run good things, like the rise of the mammals, could flow from such a cleansing.  We should ’embrace’ cosmic collisions, as a creative force. Some of the billionaires would end up believing the lies they paid for !

The Washington Post would warn us that fears of cosmic extermination might fuel racism and xenophobia.  The New York Times would worry about the world being saved by the wrong people – people of color would not be playing much of a role, of course.

Still, we might manage to get the job done.  There are ways.”

There is a vast market for hysterical nonsense out there.

In Plandemic, the most laughable claim is that wearing a mask “activates” your own coronavirus. If that were the case, miners and welders should have been among the first victims.

Note: BTW, it turns out that the John Ioannidis study that was trumpeted all over the internet was funded by JetBlue founder David Neeleman

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  1. “There is a vast market for hysterical nonsense out there.”

    In a nation of sub-prime minds.

  2. Apparently it has never occurred to the Justtheflubros that the doctors/scientists who are being bought are the ones telling them what they want to hear.

    They know corporations wield enormous influence and corporations like to make money which requires an open economy but they can’t seem to mentally connect that with their own astroturfed campaign to reopen the economy.

    It’s like a religion with these people.

  3. Turns out JetBlue’s founder, a critic of the economic shutdowns, helped fund it.

    This is a conspiracy theory in the exact same vein as the ones about Bill Gates funding vaccines.

    So, thousands of doctors, researchers, peer reviewers, journalists, data collectors, even printers are all in a giant conspiracy together to fake research?

    • Your saying Bill Gates funding vaccines is a conspiracy theory? Wow, were you dropped on the head?

      • There isn’t a vaccine.

        BTW, I didn’t have an opinion about vaccines before this happened. I don’t think I have ever written a single article about the subjective. It has been instructive though to watch anti-vaxxers freak out about a nonexistent vaccine while downplaying 90,000 deaths. It is absurd and makes no sense.

        • Brad, I think for anti-vaxxers it is about paranoia due to not trusting the system itself. I have no idea what the hell they’re trying to inject into me. Am I responsible for my body or do I give physicians/medical doctors carte blanche? Why? The Medical Industrial Complex is benevolent? It’s about money just like the Military Industrial Complex and its conflicts.

          Go ask your doctor that you want written confirmation of 100% of the contents in the vial/syringe. You won’t get it. My physician did try for me and called 2 days later apologizing that she could not get it but she thought she could. Never again did she ask me if I wanted one.

          What’s the first thing a physician does when you walk into his/her office with a concern? Does he/she pick your brain and try to find out if you can be healed naturally? No f*cking way. They write a prescription for meds (synthetic ones to boot) or radiation. First do no harm, eh?

          • Having dealt with a variety of Pysicians as clients I’ve always found them to be generally arrogant, self righteous and two faced.

            Very few were genuinely concerned about patients they didn’t have personal connection with. I knew one that was interested in going into pediatrics because of the money.

            Nice vacations and a top notch lifestyle was more of a concern. In bigger hospitals they sit on the boards and work the system. Mini politicians about money and power.

            Trust an MD at your own risk. Best bet is a small town doctor, religious.

          • @snowhitey

            do I give physicians/medical doctors carte blanche?

            If you don’t believe that physicians are 100% perfect and 100% objective you are a conspiracy theorist that doesn’t believe in science.

            Of course you shouldn’t make your own medical decisions unless you have a medical degree.

            Stop rejecting science.

          • @BannedHipster

            “If you don’t believe that physicians are 100% perfect and 100% objective you are a conspiracy theorist that doesn’t believe in science.

            Of course you shouldn’t make your own medical decisions unless you have a medical degree.

            Stop rejecting science.”

            Sarcasm or ignorance? I can’t tell. So, I respond:

            Based on your statement, you shouldn’t be giving medical advice if you don’t have a medical degree or a license to practice yourself. Ditto for your lack of a science degree. I suggest you read “Murder by Injection” while you’re pursuing both. It may provide some balance which you sorely need.

            When it comes to something that has the possibility of harming me, i check my experience file and go from there.

        • Gates, ( the front man for illuminati, ) has HAD a vaccine for a long time. It’s no good for many reasons but (((THEY))) don’t care. (((THEY))) have a plan. Unfortunately for those empty spiritually which leaves the opening for evil spirits … their lacking of WISDOM blinds them to soooo much. Hey ’empties’ … ( or should I say ‘dark spirit filled,’ ) … THIS is THEE get right with God decade. 3 EXPERTS at end times prophecy, ( and I’m not far from “expert” myself, ) put the rapture at 1. March 2021, 2. 2025, 3. 2028. The RETURN at 1. 2024, 2. 2028, 3. 2032. If you’re NOT saved you will be left behind to endure the worst most cruel 3 1/2 years in human history.

          Shut the F up .. get on your ignorant ass knees and do what you know you have to. And as an added little bonus you’ll suddenly have wisdom !!!! Then you’ll notice 99 % of the Covid deaths were total BS because all medical establishments coded everything Covid to get the big $$$. 1 % maybe a little more were legit. OF THOSE how many were old and in poor medical condition BEFORE hit with Covid ???

          Ya know … if not for the paid trolls here there might only be one or two comments under each post.

          Think about what one comes away with from here :

          1. Hate Trump
          2. Don’t vote or … vote left
          3. Hate Jews. ALL Jews not just the evil ones which includes Jesus !!!!!!!!
          4. Hate free market capitalism. Not de predatorize it. No. Replace with something that never worked anywhere it was tried.
          5. Believe controlled media.

          There’s hope here. Turn to God then delete the blog. Start all fresh and new with a mission to rebuild Confederacy 2 and watch your success skyrocket.

      • @Michael Leroy

        Cute – you have to throw in a little insult about being dropped on your head.

        The idea that the funding of a study influences its outcome is a conspiracy theory on the same level as the ones about Bill Gates influencing research outcomes on vaccines via his funding.

        According to Hunter Wallace, this cannot be true because it would involve a “conspiracy” of thousands if not millions of doctors, researchers, data collectors, even secretaries.

        So, therefore, the idea that the study cited was influenced by its funder, “the JetBlue founder” is a “conspiracy theory” on the level of “It’s just the flu, bro” and “space aliens secretly rule with the lizard people.”

        Sad to see Hunter Wallace peddling such crazy conspiracy theories.

        Next time I won’t overestimate your reading comprehension.

  4. Idiocracy is real. A consequence of the Third Worldizing (for lack of a better term) of the U.S. is the collapse of its popular mind into undisguised mysticism and tribalistic conspiracy theorizing. As I.Q. plummets, Alex Joneses proliferate.

    I would not be surprised to hear next that Bigfoot cooked up COVID -19 on a UFO with the help of Elvis and Princess Diana.

    • Can you prove that Bigfoot did not cook up COVID-19 on a UFO with the help of Elvis and princess Diana?

      How do you explain that fifty foot tall statue of Elvis on Mars the Weekly World News had on their front cover? Inquiring minds want to know.

      The Weekly World News was my favorite newspaper, it was more trustworthy than the NYT or the WSJ although that is setting the bar pretty low I admit.

  5. “We’d have demented billionaires subsidizing hacks – hacks that told us … that in the long run good things, like the end of consumerism, including Applebee’s, could flow from such a cleansing.”

    Oops–wrong hacks.

  6. I just love all those animal virus picked up in mouse and monkey tissue that the vaccines are produced in like SV-40 (simian immunodeficiency virus) 100 million People were inoculated with in the 60’s polio vac program as well as the neurologist-toxic mercury suspension (thimerosol) that the vaccine is carried in for injection…

    • As someone once said to me: “They simply do not want to believe that this type of evil exists.”

      Anyone with cancer or know someone with cancer:

      I know someone who has a co-worker whose father was diagnosed with terminal metastatic bladder cancer in October 2019. Followed Joe Tippens’ protocol and in January 2020 his PET scan was totally clear. The medical personnel were shocked. Should be getting another one this month.

      Can you imagine something so simple can prevent all that misery? The real question is how many will ignore it? Far more than those that won’t. And that is our sad reality.

      Share it with everyone. The allopathic system of medicine (cut, poison, burn (surgery, pharmaceuticals, radiation)), must be entirely destroyed. We live in a barbaric society.

      • Thanks for mentioning the Tippens protocol, Snowhitey. There are many natural or mainly natural cures one could use to get rid of cancer in the body. If I’m ever told I have some form of cancer, the first thing I’ll do is order my allopath to get me IV bags of 10,000 IU of Vit. C, and keep ’em coming. If the cancer has already spread to a Stage IV level, Burzynski’s antineoplastons could help.

        I won’t allow anyone to poison me with radiation, or kill my healthy cells through chemotherapy. People survive despite their deadly protocols, not because of them. After the healthy cells have been slaughtered along with the unhealthy ones, you could make it after the immune system has been brutally reset through being burned and tainted. It wouldn’t be easy, though.

        • Thanks for the response and glad we can agree on some things.

          With age comes wisdom… we learn from personal experience and through the experiences of others. I, too, would take a similar approach. The damage they do to us is widespread. As for nutrition, I know Vitamin D is another one that appears to help aid in the prevention of cancer. I forget his name but, in addition to Burzynski, there was a doctor out of NY that had a more naturopathic approach to, I believe, pancreatic cancer – which, from what I understand, involves one of the more horrendous chemotherapy treatments. Well they’re all horrendous…. He had pretty good results. He died unexpectedly a few years ago. He was in his 40’s or 50’s I think. Had a Spanish surname. Can’t find him now.

          I, too, avoid radiation. Most of it is unnecessary anyway.

          I’ve heard several times over the years that there may be a link with some cancers and internal funguses. I decided to buy some Panacur (a little stash in case this kind of thing becomes unavailable in the future). I found one of the comments quite interesting (James V., Fairfax, VA) which is the top one:

          By the way, I forgot to mention it and I should have, the man with the bladder cancer that I mentioned above refused the standard chemo/radiation treatment. So that clear PET is even more astonishing. Hopefully, he continues on this incredible path.

  7. To all “cov-idiots,” whose idiocy makes them more likely to be infected, and die, than the rational, this is so well said:

    “It is my sincere hope to help those whose affinity for conspiracy theories could put them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. Indeed, governments – national, state, city – are engaged in a power grab that might be irreversible. Of that there is no doubt. But from the fact that the State is engaged in this power grab – it doesn’t follow that COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, isn’t lethal. In other words, keep in mind that the two propositions are not mutually exclusive. To forget this is to abandon reason (…) Suppose you disagree. Say you think the gargantuan American State is smart enough to coordinate a power grab, rather than do so automatically and in response to a real threat. In this spirit, some honestly believe that the novel coronavirus is a harmless hoax invented in the belly of the beast to consolidate power. Suppose you act in accordance with these conspiracy convictions. You throw caution to the wind. And then you get infected. Who’s stupid now? In other words, the State’s agents and agencies do instinctively seize power – and coronavirus is real. Both propositions are true. And you are only as smart as your ability to integrate the two realities”:

  8. In Plandemic, the most laughable claim is that wearing a mask “activates” your own coronavirus. If that were the case, miners and welders should have been among the first victims.

    One of the things I love (not really) about these people is how smoothly and shamelessly they invent new bullshit to cover for the deficiencies of the old bullshit. They’re not about to admit they were wrong, of course. That would ruin the game, spoil the fun. So they cycle of bullshit continues unabated.

    All this feels more than just cultural division. It’s almost like we’re witnessing real-time speciation.

  9. As the chaos around Covid-19 continues to dominate lives, governments, and media around the globe, H.R. 6666 was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, aiming to use the diversion to implement strategies to legalize surveillance of all people in this country, in clear violation of Article I of the Constitution.
    H.R. 6666 is conspicuously vague. It allocates $100 billion in taxpayer funds to entities of the CDC’s choosing for contact tracing and for “other purposes.” This is especially ominous for children because if passed, it could lead to family separations—as promoted by the World Health Organization

  10. Yes, the main problem with hard “truth” is that too many don’t want to or just can’t bring themselves to believe it bc it’s like the old saying “the truth hurts”. It hurts emotionally, spiritually, mentally & attacks our “ego”, “comfort zones” of which we don’t want to let go of. Makes life even more crazy to live.
    Common sense that most of the “ethical” docs won’t/can’t bring themselves to quit or go through the miseries of getting the truth out. As one Dallas doc said, they’re afraid of losing their license bc they’re threatened by the Medical Boards. She also was unaware of the success of hydroxychloroquine until she heard Trump say it. Then she used it & all patients, even the severe cases, were cured! But the Med. establishment fought her & pharmacies were told not to fill prescriptions! She wasn’t taught these things in Med. school. Preventative nutrition isn’t taught either. Wonder why.
    The Globalist Cabal run/own the Medical community, just like everything else. They select what Professors teach students and it’s not for our well being. Just the opposite bc their goal is depopulation & what better way to do it? They’ve conditioned everyone to think doctors, scientists are like all knowing ‘gods” who only give truths. They also use the fear tactics like they did with Covid to get us to be fearful of every little thing and think we have to go to them. And guess what you get there from “their” controlled docs? The treatments they have been told to do – “their” drugs, surgeries, tests they’ve developed for more money for them and depopulate, weaken us, keep us sick. Vicious cycle..
    But those docs who know this aren’t about to quit or tell their patients these things bc they risk losing their license, etc. especially after they’ve invested thousands of dollars, time, effort, sacrifices, many years of college. And THAT was also a PLAN of the Globalists. They knew that. When you know who and what these Globalists are & agendas, it’s not hard to figure out what and why things have been what they are. But it’s a humongous red pill for most to swallow. Thanks to all the courageous whistleblowers out there though bc many are now listening and saving lives.

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