Liberalism and Denial

In the United States, the political mainstream is composedly solely of different species of liberals: conservative liberals, progressive liberals and libertarians.

The mainstream Right is composed of conservative liberals and libertarians. These liberals agree that individual freedom is the highest good. The mainstream Left is composed of progressive liberals. These liberals believe that equality is the highest good. Liberals believe in a social order based on individual rights. They only differ in the emphasis that is placed on freedom, equality and tolerance. Conservative liberals are more respectful of religion except for Islam. Progressive liberals are more respectful of science except when science cuts against the grain of their beliefs on inequality.

It occurs to me that what we are seeing with the coronavirus and the liberal Right is a lot like what we see with race realism and the liberal Left. In the case of race realism, the existence of racial inequality is an unacceptable answer because all men are created equal. As a result, the liberal Left denies the existence of race and any hereditary basis of racial differences. They do the same thing with differences in sex. The liberal Left explains the existence of these differences in terms of denial and conspiracies. The privileged White man is holding down non-Whites. The patriarchy is holding down women.

We’re seeing the same thing with the liberal Right and the coronavirus. The virus flourishes in the context of individual freedom and free enterprise. The only way to fight the virus without a vaccine or treatment is to limit individual freedom. Vaccinations are also a form of collectivism. We get vaccinated to build up our immunity to diseases and to protect others in our community. The liberal Right hates the coronavirus because it is limiting individual freedom, empowering government and elevating collective goods like public health. They also prefer to explain it in terms of denial and conspiracies.

Arguing with a conservative liberal or libertarian about the coronavirus is a lot like arguing with a progressive liberal about race realism. It is futile. The numbers don’t matter and will simply be denied and explained away by conspiracies. You can’t simply can’t be looking at the data and forming an opinion based on the evidence. You must be evil and part of the plot for not sharing their values. You’re a racist who hates black people for noticing that the black-white gap has been stable for a century.

Note: If you believe in natural inequality and limiting individual freedom to promote a different collective good, you are marginalized from both sides in a liberal order.

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  1. Marx said from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
    Liberals changed it to denying that we have different abilities.

    They’re not the same, but Marxists today are basically liberals in the United States. Go to Russia or China and it’s different.

  2. The entire American order is liberal, capitalist, open-borders, anti-racist, anti-fascist, interventionist. Left/right is a false dichotomy. The “right” are the most vocally anti-racist. These libertarian patriotards will fall over each other to call another White person a Nazi, or to have their picture taken with a based negro.

    The “right” are selfish individuals that don’t do any charity for Whites. Charity for them is a selfish virtue signal towards some African or Mexican.

    Fuck America.


    My wife curious about Judaism, many years ago, we decided to go to the Wednesday night bible class of a nearby synagogue.

    The rabbi there was a very very kind and deep man, and he made us feel very welcome, so much so that my wife and i studied several years there, on Wednesday nights, until he retired.

    One of the things the rabbi imparted to us, that stays with me, was his perspective on The Garden of Eden : ——— that God had created a beautiful world, but, it was a world that had a limited menu.

    Desiring a bigger menu, and, as well, desiring to have a bigger role in Creation as a partner of God’s in this realm, Eve told God, through her acts, that she wanted a different garden than what he had provided.

    On the other hand, this tale, from a Christian perspective, is about man losing his way, because, after having listened to Satan, man wished to eschew the nature that God had made and establish one of his own, even if, albeit, that had to be a perversion.

    In either case, we can say that Liberals are direct kin of The Spirit of Eve – restlessly unsatisfied with what is, and, seeking something different from the established norms, no matter what the cost.

    Of course, this goes far beyond faith and cuts into the root of human behavior here, in this realm – each of us, in his own way, yearning for something better, and trying to make his way towards that.

    To do that, each of us not only has to deny what others may accept of reality, but, even what we, ourselves, accept.

    This tension between accepting what is and striving for something else is the very foundation of what it is to be an embodied soul in this realm, and that is something which will not be changing.

    We dream, and it often is that the dreams we have seem, and or turn out to be nightmares, both for ourselves and others; or, sometimes our dreams really turn out to be gilten.

    In any case, our dreaming is and will forever be, much to each other’s chagrin.

    One man’s dream is another man’s nightmare; one man’s reality another man’s prison.

  4. Corona is putting an end to the liberal lunacy by bankrupting the American Empire, a process long underway before corona came to town but accelerated by corona. All of liberalism is ultimately a claim against normal white people by our enemies, blaming us for their manifest failures, mostly genetic in origin and therefore, intractable. The colored people know separation is in our best interests (not theirs) and are petrified of being on their own.

    Because non-whites are dependent upon whites for progress and in many cases even for their daily bread they are naturally first resentful, then hateful, a process catalysed by “Our Greatest Ally” for their benefit through divide and conquer. They are unbalanced, paranoid, lunatics who see the ghosts of The Third Reich behind every tree and are trying to destroy the best ally they ever had, and succeeding.

    They will rue the day the American Empire goes bankrupt, the Empire they control for their own benefit but they cannot help themselves, apparently.

    • Ukraine is good example how genetic mad liberals change like chameleons When the Empire collapses, then happens the old good “circus burned down but clowns survived” effect. Liberals infiltrate and take over the next institutions you get and running them to the ground like previous ones.

      This is the reason why fighting with symptoms like pervert marriage or removal of statues or building a wall is useless. This is like tank battle. When you win a tank battle but the enemy survives then only thing you get are new and better enemy tanks.

      When we fight immigration or pervert marriage but leave the genetic mad liberals alone then maximum what we will get is that they abandon old bulling methods and invent new and better ways to bully society. Liberals may take down Nathaniel Bedford Forrest memorial. But liberals may also build million of Nathaniel memorials to properly honor war heroes, Building million memorials demands money of course and because of that, entire population must work in the slave camp entire life like Trotsky wished.

      Entire liberalism is only for madness bullying and slavery. They have no real values, so they can take our values , turn them into absurd and bully us with our own things more than before. Like in Ukraine. Ukrainians wanted independent ethno state. So liberals made them one and now ukros must suffer horrors because no sacrifice is too much for free white ethno state.

  5. You can deny reality, but you can’t deny the consequences of denying reality.

    Applicable to every aspect of life.

  6. Equality concept prevent us to understand that 2-4% of white people are genetic mad defects and this group brought us every last disaster in the white race history, witch hunt, kulak hunt, racist hunt and lot of less known diseases. Remove this group and most problems are gone. Eastern Europe is white not because Iron Curtain or other common explanation but because we had 2 revolutions and 3 major wars in the last 100 years, genetic defects got killed and their genes quit spreading.

    What we see now in the US is old good communism infighting between Stalinist and Trotsky fraction. This happened before. in the Soviet Union, when different kind of communists took over different institution, then the infighting broke loose and ended in 1937-1938 purges.

    Why communists see things differently is because we actually do not see. Electromagnetic radiation hits our eyes, gives signal to nerves, impulses moving into brain and brain processes those signals to pictures like secondary radar. Now when brain is defect, then the picture will be incorrect.

    Have anybody ever thought why we must be equal ? Actually this is lunatic defense mechanism. Without equality, we would easily to identify and remove this tiny 2-4 % group and without them all minorities would be powerless. Including Jews .

    But before removing, society must understand that those people are mad. Trump knows it and trolling them into TDS so people slowly waking up and removal of genetic defects will be not political repression anymore but normal society defense mechanism.

    • Only 2-4 percent? I think it is much higher than that. And modern warfare does not cull the weak and defective. It is almost completely random and indiscriminate. Many of the best men of our race were killed in the 20th century.

      • 2-4% is very big number. In Afghanistan, there are 30 million population and Taliban in its best days was only 20 000 strong. This is less than 0.1% and Afghanistan is not safe country.

        2-4% in the US is approx 4 to 8 million rabid white liberals and this is the force what can change scared disunited society.

        Those numbers are calculated by Jews for their color revolutions and their success is best proof that they are accurate. Jews even printed a book for beginner wannabe soroses.

        Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook Paperback – November 12, 1979

  7. @12…

    “Corona is putting an end to the liberal lunacy by bankrupting the American Empire, a process long underway before corona came to town but accelerated by corona. ”


    I’d like to believe this. Certainly none could dispute your premise that there have been processes of degradation long underway before Corona.

    BUT … what I am sceptical about, in your remark, is your positing that ‘Corona is bankrupting The American Empire’.

    The reason why I am sceptical is because they, ‘The American Empire’ print the money, just like Parker Brothers prints the currency of Monopoly.

    And if you can print money, until hell freezes over, and if you can doctor and cook the books, as they do in every respect, I see no imperical reason why Corona, or anything else, really, would ever bring that to a stop.

    Why, if other nations stop buying debt bonds, issued by The American Empire, you can be sure they will find another way, if for no other reason than Daddy Wahbucks Rothschild, in London, will NOT suffer his irreplaceable cash-cow go by the wayside.

    No, he won’t.

    On that you can rely.

    • Hello Ivan;

      You are correct, the U.S. Government can print as much money as it likes because it is “fiat” (Latin: Let it be done) money. Fiat money is a “creature of law” rather than so many grains of gold or silver. Since the money’s nominal value is established by the State the State cannot go bankrupt. The State can just print money or even better, legally declare the face or book value of its money is now, by fiat 10x, 100x, 1,000x its prior value thus paying off the debts in full and on time. This can only be done once however because this also destroys confidence in the fiat money when the Government behaves in such a reckless manner leaving it unable to borrow in the future.

      The State’s fiat money, backed by zero grains of gold is only backed by “confidence” in that fiat money. Confidence is elusive, ultimately resting on the hope that Government officials will not spend the country into oblivion or otherwise wreck the country. The U.S. being a democracy, i.e. ultimately based on bribery and extortion by various factions, that hope is misplaced.

      Ultimately the money, whether fiat or metals based is a claim against real goods and services now, in the future or to pay off a debt from prior goods/services. The amount of goods and services in the real economy is limited although the economy may increase or decrease goods/services over time. When the Government prints money faster than the real economy can produce more goods/services (or confidence evaporates for any reason) inflation follows.

      Right now disruptions in the economy are causing food inflation and fuel deflation. U.S. Government bonds have increased in value to the point where they yield close to zero per cent seemingly reflecting confidence in the U.S. The Federal Reserve, effectively another part of the U.S. Government is buying many of these bonds (with fiat money) however. Foreign ownership of Treasuries reflects a world wide fear of bankruptcy and leftover confidence in the U.S. as the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper, not some underlying strength and good prospects for the future of the U.S.

      No tree grows to the sky and if it were possible to purchase prosperity by printing money this trick would have been used centuries ago. Instead, the historical record shows governments trying to print their way out of debt repeatedly and making a bad situation worse but buying a little more time through printing, exactly what the U.S. Government is doing. Weimar Germany or Argentina are both examples of this.

      Either this time it’s different and printing money and the Fed buying debt (with its fiat money) is the key to prosperity or we get bad inflation, collapsing confidence in the USD and the end of the liberal state which is completely dependent upon fiat dollars for its existence. I’m betting it’s door number two in the long run and the long run isn’t far away, either. The U.S. Government is so far down the rabbit hole on spending/debt now it might just as well bust out the dollar, pay off the debt with worthless currency and start over. DJT did describe himself as the “king of debt”, now he can prove it.

      • @12…

        Thank you for your extremely well-articulated and thoughtful reply.

        Of course, it goes without saying that I agree with your synopsis!

        As I read through your reply, something came to me that had not before – a part of the dissolution, though not the sole cause, of this country will be when states begin to opt out of the dollar, as have the nations of BRICS, and begin to print their own currency – not necessarily as a gesture of rebellion, mind you, but, just as a way of not losing significant sums of money by using dollars.

        It also may be that, in view of your comment about no tree being able to grow to the sky, the country dissolves when Uncle Sam is forced to undertake austerity, by those who own him, at which point a mass riot ensues from reduced social welfare payments.

        Of course, there is the possibility that this latter scenario never happens, because, as I said, Daddy Wahbucks Rothschild, in London, will be loathe to do something that might lead to his cash cow going to the slaughterhouse.

        Thank you again, and be wel!

        • Ivan and X12AX7, perceptive comments on the source of Empire for the US. It all hinges on the willingness of people and organizations, government and NGOs, to let the US forever roll over the dollar debt by purchasing new debt. Once that process stops the Empire ends, because it cannot finance it’s entitlement or military commitments strictly with taxes, or even its yearly budget, much less systemic emergency spending like the CARES covid-19 bill. At that point, the Game ends, and the riots begin. Fun times.

  8. It’s always about the Benjamins. No other explanation is necessary. Different times and places generate different persons forming TPTB, who constantly seek to expand, then defend, the material wealth generated by the social system in which they operate. The 99% vs. the 1%.
    The USA has been traditionally different because the political and economic system allowed different groups of people to attain a place at the Oligarch’s table, depending on their capacity to supply products and services demanded by the masses of consumers. As a result, people supported the system, even though in reality their individual chance to reach the pinnacle was slim, as hope is a powerful elixer of life.
    The difference now is that some people are starting to reject the opportunity society as a sham in practice. Which is of course true. That is the source of instability. How it plays out in the shadow of covid-19 and its aftermath is at issue. You can only have equality of opportunity as the rationale for rule if it has some salience in citizen’s lives in a positive fashion, not as a charade. Better to acknowledge reality, then build a mechanism that makes the lives of the lesser better while maintaining the lives if the superior. Like a certain someone’s sovereign wealth funded-UBI, and/or a full debt jubilee.

  9. Unless you think hard about political questions in our culture, you are liberal by default. You have to think your way out of liberalism.

    Heather Mac Donald

    At the heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God and a belief that government should replace God.

    Todd Akin

    Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle.

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    In the druidical religion of liberalism, not separating your recyclables is a sin, but abortion is just a medical procedure.

    Ann Coulter

    Liberalism is really piecemeal socialism, and socialism always attacks three basic social institutions: religion, the family, and private property. Religion, because it offers a rival authority to the state; the family, because it means a rival loyalty to the state; and property, because it means material independence of the state.

    Joseph Sobran

    If Communism was liberalism in a hurry, liberalism is Communism in slow motion.

    Joseph Sobran

    My own party can succeed at the polls only so long as it continues to be the party of militant liberalism.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The fact that the Catholic Church has come to an agreement with Fascist Italy … proves beyond doubt that the Fascist world of ideas is closer to Christianity than those of Jewish liberalism or even atheistic Marxism.

    Adolf Hitler

    Europeans are dying out. Don’t you understand that? And same-sex marriages don’t produce children. Do you want to survive by drawing migrants? But society cannot adapt so many migrants.

    Vladimir Putin

    If you are a Christian, you are in danger. If you decided to abandon your faith and become an atheist, you also are to be liquidated according to their concept. You are in danger if you decide to become a Muslim. It is not going to save you anyway because they believe traditional Islam is hostile to their goals.

    Vladimir Putin

    Russia will not soon become, if it ever becomes, a second copy of the United States or England – where liberal value have deep historic roots.

    Vladimir Putin

    Our society, including the liberals, must understand that there must be order.

    Vladimir Putin

    Liberalism Is Obsolete.

    Vladimir Putin

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