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  1. Its a quality presentation.

    I like the part about god-kings. Had an argument with some libertarian types who said that the idea of God kings is semetic and foreign to us.

    I wish our peoples were more in touch with their history and identity, the false identities they’ve made for themselves as humanists, libertarians, and progrssives leave them susceptible to all kinds of nonsense.

  2. The Greek historian Diodorus Siculus quoting from the earlier historian Hecataeus of Abdera, who gave a strange account of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt from an Egyptian viewpoint, said that

    “the aliens were driven from the country, and the most outstanding and active among them banded together and, as some say, were cast ashore in Greece and certain other regions; their leaders were notable men, chief among them being Danaus and Cadmus.

    But the greater number were driven into what is now called Judaea … The colony was headed by a man called Moses, outstanding both for his wisdom and for his courage.”

    By all of their own accounts, the Romans were derived from the Trojans, and the Trojans can be connected to the ancient Israelites through Darda, the legendary founder of Troy, and Chalcol, a name very similar to that of the Greek legendary founder of Pamphylia, in 1 Kings chapter 4.

    Even better recorded among the Greeks is the fact that the Danaan Greeks had originally come into Argos from Egypt, at a time when the only people of such a name in Egypt were the Israelite tribe of Dan.

    Then it may be established through Homer and more explicitly through Flavius Josephus that the Dorians, who appeared in Greece in the 12th century BC, had come from the Israelites through Dor in Palestine.

    Shortly after that time, the Phoenicians began colonizing the western Mediterranean and the British isles. 


      • There are claims that the Vedas are at least three thousand, and perhaps as much as nearly four thousand years old. For that I say “Bullshit”.

        All of the supposed proof is only conjecture on the part of certain linguists with fanciful imaginations.

        The oldest written records of the Vedas are not even a thousand years old, and no one can confidently attest to the development of either the language or the literature up until that time.

        So we have little knowledge of the true origins of the Vedas, and even less knowledge about the circumstances or motivations behind their creation.

        Therefore, while they certainly may arouse our curiosity, we cannot accept them as any historical or religious authority whatsoever.

        • The earliest portions of Vedas, The Samhitas of Rig Veda, are certainly more than 3500 years old. The Principal Upanishads, which constitute the end chapters of Vedas were likely composed between 3000 and 2800 years ago.

          On the whole, the Vedas are considerably older than the time of Gautama (the Buddha) and Vardaman Mahavira, who both lived in the 6th century BCE.

    • What people fail to realize is that “Indo-European” and “Semitic” are merely language groups, not races. An Israelite has no more in common with an Arab than a Frenchmen does with a Peruvian. Languages spread easily, even across continents and borders.

      The original inhabitants of North Africa, the fertile crescent, North India and Persia were of the same white stock as Europeans, which can be proven historically and scientifically. The Phoenicians, as you mentioned, were heavily involved with the rise of Europe.

  3. Sorry, but this can’t be right. I just learned from a Frenchman that race does not exist and everyone is the same.

  4. Pretty well every major point here can be totally destroyed.

    Hunter Wallace on this site published some really good history
    of our peoples and this article above is a key one about our


    There is no invasion of Dorians about 12th Century BC,
    there is an exodus of major populations, out of Greece
    moving north and taking to the sea, this is archaeologically
    proven and there is major work in this area and related.

    HERODOTUS , is quoted, you are not supposed to take what he
    states at face value, he is right and wrong, on many issues.

    On these issues here Herodotus is right, the Dorian Exodus out of Greece and taking to the sea, they are of the trive of the Macedonians, says
    Herodotus, that whole area is Dorian, North West Doric Greek speakers,
    mountainous, and these people founded the Philistine Cities, attacked
    the Egyptians, the Egyptians stopped them and settled them. The Phillistine cities are strongly linked to the Greeks. One day they just
    left, and many came back to Greece. Thucydides writes about this Legend and Mythology, and their is archaeology to back this.

    What happens about 12th Century BC ?

    Studies here are very extensive.

    The Greeks write the Iliad, nobody else, it is not other peoples history.

    There is some incredible deceit on the part of some people online.

    Making a mockery of everyone, fellow readers, and the host here,
    some of the very good history that was put up on this site including
    this article above.

    As far as the Middle East, there are major Greek City States
    in this region, non of them exist today, GONE. Everywhere the
    Israeli State digs it is Greece and Rome.

    The Dorians are some of the earliest Greeks that lived in Greece.
    Mainlanders and Mountain Peoples. DODNA, there very early major
    city and home, that is Central Mountainous Greece. Their dialect
    is known, North West Doric. Look at a map, the entire mountain
    range. These are very hardy smart warrior like people literally living
    in very harsh mountain terrain. Desert people would die here.

    GO TO WIKIPEDIA, Look up any major term, DODONA, DORIANS,
    there is nothing wrong with wikipedia on this, lots of links, it doesn not
    stop. Look up works on ARCHEOLOGY OF THE ILIAD, many related
    works out there, this period. The Romans grew up on these stories and
    then the AENEID was written, you should read it and be a student.
    Lying about works like all the above is ANTI WHITE and ANTI European.

  5. ” Then it may be established through Homer and more explicitly through Flavius Josephus that the Dorians, who appeared in Greece in the 12th century BC, had come from the Israelites through Dor in Palestine. ”

    The most ridiculous statement ever.

    Heodotus says the Phillistines are Dorians from Mainland Greece,
    the NORTHERN Mountain Regions, specifically Macedonian Greeks.

    Read the Iliad people, ILIAD, ILIOS, SUN CITY. LITERALLY GREEK.

    The Greeks that attacked ILIOS, were totally destroyed. TOTALLY.

    Its a Greek Civil War. The entire area is Greek. Relatively a small area.
    Western coast of Turkey , ALL ISLANDS. Greeks were building city states anywhere they wanted, ? Where are the ” israelites ” .???

    Basically half the Greeks, Mainland Mountain Peoples are
    ” israelites ” speaking ” ancient hebrew ” which does not exist,
    nobody knows what it is, look it up.

    Our Latin alphabet from the Romans came from the Dorian Greek
    version of the Greek Alphabet. We know these are dialects among
    the Greeks and we know alot about them even in pre historic times.




    The ” dorian invasion ” which you see referenced from many
    older works has been totally disproven, exac opposite happens.

    What happened 1200 BC ? ROUGHLY ? Maybe going on for 200 years.

    There is major study on this. The Iliad is one aspect of this but it tells you
    of mass movements, revenge, mass destruction, piracy, etc, Egyptians
    record this, THERE ARE NOT ISRAELITES to record anything.

  6. The Greeks who inhabited all of the Peloponnese before the Dorian invasion, as well as areas of the mainland, were called everywhere “Danaans” (Danai) and “Achaians” by Homer.

    Modern historians assert that the Dorians came “from the north”, and point to the Dorian Tetrapolis, four cities (Erineus, Boeum, Pindus and Cytinium, for which see Strabo 9.4.10) which lie west of Phocis and north of Delphi on the Greek mainland, as evidence of this.

    These historians also claim that all Aryans came “from the north” into the ancient world at one time or another, yet they are consistently in error. Homer is given much credit by Strabo for his knowledge and accuracy in describing the peoples of the ????????? and the regions where they lived, and the poet is constantly cited by the geographer.

    Homer described all of the people of Greece, and the peoples and places known to the Greeks in the period which he wrote about. Yet Homer makes no mention of the cities of the Tetrapolis, of Dorians in Greece, or anywhere in the north.

    The Dorians, who invaded Greece by sea (hardly necessary if they came from the north) and pushed the Danaans out of the Peloponnese, and who also later founded their mainland cities, are only mentioned by Homer as being on Crete (in his Odyssey, Book 19).


  7. TITLE

    Authentic European Identities, DNA and Indo-Europeans

    Key History.

    Europeans, mass population waves, are from
    Central Asia, with massive herds, practicing Transhumance,
    Semi Nomadic, strong , warriorlike, easily moving through vast
    stretches of territory. This is where our Legends and Mythology
    comes from as wekk but it evolves, happens over thousands of years.

    We are not from Israel Dor according to some playing word


    Where is the ” israelite hebrew ” ? What a joke.

    Everything I posted above is 100% and at a moments notice
    with typo’s. Dealing with the CI people, they just make stuff up,
    like proving a negative, not possible, but I did a very good job
    above and encourage people to look at key topics, any one
    of which destroys their position. From Dor Danaans Israelites,
    some references, proving nothing, we go total expropriation
    of European history and making a mockery out of everyone.

    You can have some fun with this, the Spartans are Dorians,
    from Dor Israel and their and their Constitution must be written
    in ” hebrew ” , ROFL ! Germans must be speaking ” hebrew ”
    too. The Celts are ” hebrew ” according to the CI people, who
    knew ? The ” phoenicians ” are ” israelites ” too, they are not
    but close, they are not INDO EURPEAN that is for sure.


    You will learn who the Indo Eurpeans are.

    Nobody left the record the Greeks left, nobody,
    many of the same systems, beliefs, etc on and on …

  8. Several great personalities have believed that the Nordic, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon peoples are the descendants of the ‘Lost’ Tribes of Israel,

    including the British king
    during WWII, George VI (1895-1952),

    the founder of Pentecostalism, the American Charles Fox Parham (1873-1929),

    the founder of Danish Pentecostalism Anna Bjørner (1875-1955),

    and the car manufacturer, the American Henry Ford, Sr. (1863-1947).

    Roger Rusk (1906-1994), American and the brother of the United States Secretary of State Dean Rusk, who served under John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson until 1969.

    Roger Rusk was fluent in both Hebrew and Greek, professor in physics for 28
    years at University of Tennessee, and was a respected Bible scholar in wide circles, while he at the same time taught Anglo-Israelism.

    He appeared in a TV documentary as
    science consultant for a team in search of Noah’s ark, and wrote The Other End of the World (1988). (Balaicius, p. 136)

    Early witnesses

    Jacques Abbadie (1664-1727), French Huguenot priest from Killaloe, Ireland. Dr.
    Abbadie was seen as one of the most learned men of his time. In Le Triomphe de la Providence et de la Religion (Amsterdam, 1723) he wrote:

    “Unless the Ten Tribes of Israel are flown into the air or sunk into the earth, they must be those ten Gothic tribes that entered Europe in the fifth century, overthrew the Roman Empire, and founded the ten nations of modern Europe.”

    (Robert Alan Balaicius: Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, p. 108)

    LeLoyer, French Huguenot counselor and magistrate. He wrote in The Ten Lost Tribes Found (1590):

    “The Israelites came to and founded the English Isles.” The Petit Parisien
    on 24th June, 1913, published a review of his work where it was said: “He has found the Israelites, and that to-day they form the English People.” (Balaicius, p. 123)

    Henry Spelman (ca. 1564-1641), English antiquary noted for his detailed collection of medieval records, in particular of church councils.

    According to the illustrious Danish 18th
    century historian Peter Friderich Suhm, Henry Spelman believed that the Danes,
    Norwegians, and Goths were Hebrews, and that the Danes were the Israelite Tribe of

    Queen Victoria (1819-1901) of Great Britain and Ireland (ruler 1837-1901) and Empress of India (1876-1901).

    Queen Victoria traced her descent back to King David, which was shown on a table at the British Museum. The Table is still there. It is said that Queen Victoria was a British-Israelite.

    Biblical witnesses

    In Romans chapter 4, Paul discussed the certainty of the promise of the faith to the seed of Abraham, to those nations which indeed had sprung from the loins of Abraham.

    In 1 Corinthians chapter 10, Paul identified the nations round about the Corinthians, those nations which were all practicing pagan idolatry, as Israel according to the flesh.

    Paul had told the Romans in Romans chapter 4 that Abraham was their forefather. Paul had likewise told the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians chapter 10 that their own ancestors were with Moses in the Exodus, ascertaining that they were also Israelites.

    1 Maccabees 12:21 It has been discovered in a written record that the Spartans and the Judeans are relatives and are both of the family of Abraham.

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