What Happened To The Wall?

It is May 2020.

Donald Trump has 8 months left in his term.

We are less than six months out from the 2020 presidential election. What happened to the wall which was his central 2016 campaign promise?

+83,000 dead

14.7% unemployment

156 miles of new border wall. 140 miles of which are replacement fencing. 2 miles of new border wall. Tremendous results! You’re welcome, America!

Don’t forget the Groyper War made this possible!

Note: The coronavirus has ruined Jared Kushner’s plan to expand legal immigration and has shut down migration. Unfortunately, that could easily change as the pandemic explodes in Latin America.

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  1. Politicians understand that voters are basically childish.
    Promise them candy and they will follow. The wall was Trunp’s offer of candy.

    • I don’t like Mittens very much, but he did let his guard down after he lost in 2012 when he said he lost to Santa Claus.

      That summarizes the average voter in the US to a tee.

      • When the vote is extended to the illiterate, much of th nggr population, a republic becomes a sorry joke.

        • 15% of the population with a voter turnout of about 55%, only slightly better than Hispanics at under 50%, black people’s 8% of total voter turnout is not exactly the main factor in Elections, laying more in the laps of whites having zero solidarity with each other like every other group does. Why it is always shocking to see someone like Trump pander the way he does, showing alot more concern mentioning “the lowest black unemployment ever” while sacrificing large numbers of his base to push Candace Owens and Diamond and Silk. The first step act was for who Don? Even stranger is the effort they place on the LGBT vote and it’s leaders like Brandon Straka or Charlie Kirks bff.

          Sanders totally tossed out his campaign going from an economic focus in 2016 to having Rashida Talib and AOC and their politics of “black trans” priorities this year.

          Almost like they don’t want to win, or know it doesn’t make a diff

          • “15% of the population with a voter turnout of about 55%”

            But many of those blacks vote 3 to 7 times.
            Just like when David Duke narrowly lost in La.
            Some black precincts had a voter turnout of 110%.

            We might have had a president Duke , 30 years ago.

  2. Heh, shows how much you know.

    The Wall was just an excuse to bait out racist liberals who secretly hate America. AS YOU TYPE RIGHT NOW Trump is PERSONALLY rounding up all the Deep State Satanic Pedophiles, including Clinton, Obama and Biden. Why do you think no one has seen Biden for awhile?

    Occidental Dissent is part of the Liberal Deepstate conspiracy to destroy Trump, America’s greatest and most intelligent president ever. The Wall isn’t important.

    Something something trust the plan,

    – Qutlander

    • Have you been reading Isaac Kappy’s last Twitter post?

      “Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect.”

  3. Concertina wire is the answer, 20 feet tall, 15 yards deep with an access road behind it for border patrol agents to rapidly respond. Behind the access road another concertina fence, 10 feet high, 15 yards deep with another access road for the border patrol. Even tanks would have trouble getting through such an obstacle, never mind wheeled vehicles. The concertina wire gets tangled around axles and tracks causing the vehicle to stop or throw a track, I’ve seen it happen. The Army has miles of concertina in stock and lots of men available to deploy it, it’s not hard to figure out.

    Use eminent domain to seize private land where necessary for a border zone 500 yards deep and fenced off from general access and pay the landowners three times what their land is worth if it has to be seized by eminent domain. Jail employers of illegals, cancel green cards, tax remittances to pay for the mess and the problem is solved in a year or two.

    Cancel the U.S. citizenship of anyone who has used force or fraud to obtain citizenship. It’s a principle of English and U.S. law that one is not entitled to anything obtained illegally e.g. through force or fraud. This would also apply to the children of illegals, they are not entitled to U.S. citizenship either and their wonderful countries are fortunately usually close by.

    The only thing lacking is political will to do the right thing. If only there were a politician who would run for office, maybe even for president, I think he could win with this issue. It’s been compared to picking up a C-note off the ground that everyone else has assiduously avoided noticing and have carefully stepped over.

      • @SC Rebel….

        “Forget a wall, build a giant moat filled with gaters, piranha and electric eels.”

        Yes, it modern terms it’s called ‘E-Verify’ ….

        • But you see, e-verify would be too “hard on business” as Trump put it. Walls are old news anyway. Today we’re bringing the cold war rhetoric out of storage to agitate against Red China. Gotta keep up with the times.

      • @SC Rebel

        “… build a giant moat filled with gaters, piranha and electric eels.”

        The place where you need this moat is not between Latin Americans and us – it’s between the corporate lobbyists and the politicians.

        Get that moat sorted out and many of the major problems this nation has will gradually subside.

    • There’s one problem though: once you pick up the C-note, what do you do with it?

      The office of US President is close to ceremonial. The President has little actual power to do anything.

      Sure someone could win easily on the issue. Then they’d find themselves sitting there unable to implement any of their program, just like Trump.

  4. Yet Trump campaign manager Parscale insists the Potatus has the immigration-issue voter on their side. As absolutely none of Blompf’s major campaign promises have been kept, that can only be true if those voters are gullible rubes satisfied with meaningless words instead of concrete deeds. Oh, wait….

    • Don’t underestimate how dumb these people are.

      Trump is like a classic African dictator with a personality cult. He has surrounded himself with cronies and hasn’t done shit in four years. And yet, he is worshiped as a divine figure.

        • Here is the argument the Q-Anon, “Trust the Plan” types will put forth: “Trump has done all he could in four years but don’t forget, he was stymied by the Deep State with its Russia hoax, disloyal Republicans and Democrats wrecking everything. Once Trump is reelected he will build the wall, do immigration reform, pull troops out of the Near East and Afghanistan and everything else he promised in 2016. He just needs a second term to do all he promised.”

          They will actually believe that bullshit too. Trump is much more likely to pass an amnesty bill in a second term and start a war with Iran. Why wouldn’t he?

      • “a classic African dictator”
        He who gives out the most campaign t-shirts wins.

        I didn’t even get a t-shirt.

      • hasn’t done shit in four years

        Ungrateful fool! Highest STOCK MARKET ever, lowest BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT in history, CRIMINAL JUSTICE reform, GLOBAL campaign to DECRIMINALISE HOMOSEXUALITY and many other TREMENDOUS achievements. All this before the Do Nothing Democrats and China sent this virus to DESTROY his PRESIDENCY. Don’t be fooled by the enemies of the USA, folks. Vote for the GREATEST PRESIDENT in history come November, and KEEP

        • You missed the most important of all: Moving the US EMBASSY to JERUSALEM, and recognizing GOLAN HEIGHTS as part of Israel, OUR GREATEST ALLY!

          • Yes, and stealing the West Bank (what’s left of it) for our ‘greatest ally’ under the guise of co-President Kushner’s so-called “peace” plan which the Palestinians have rightly boycotted. One minor problem with Donald and Jared’s “peace” plan, neither the West Bank nor the Golan Heights are theirs to give away, not one square inch of either territory. Not a peep out of human rights groups, the UN, religious organizations or any of the other moral hypocrites always looking for more money to do good deeds, either.

            BTW if Trump wants to see how easy it is to secure the borders of a country he should tour Israel’s walls in the north on the Lebanon border or across the Sinai or West Bank. They work perfectly, were built quickly and prove that walls work. Trump and his staff know this of course, they just don’t want to secure the U.S. border because it would upset their greedy businessmen friends who don’t give a damn about the country, only filling their pockets as quickly as possible.

        • Just promoting buttsex in Botswana, a country with a higher AIDS infection rate, is reason enough to vote for Blompf! He’s secretly encouraging more homosexuality and deadly disease amongst the nogs. Get with the plan, white people!

      • Come on Brad, he’s done lots of stuff. He put his name on the stimulus checks, what more do you want?

  5. “What Happened To The Wall?”

    The Restaurant Lobby, The Industrial Farm Lobby, The Construction Industry, The Meatpacking Industry and anyone else who has figured out a way to thrive by importing a mobile slave labour force to work in lieu of Americans.


    This is why when folks try to attack my Southern Nationalism with reproaches about the evils of ‘Southern Slavery’, I quickly shut them up by reminding them that there never has been a bigger slave racket than The Modern Jew England Yankee United States of America.

    When you stop and think about the tens of millions of workers, not just the illegals or those opportunists who are here on temporary visas, but, as well, those who slave in sweatshoppes around the world to provide us with cheap goods, so that Capital and Wall Street can skim off the top zillions, you get the full measure of the meaning of America.

    Hypocrisy & Exploitation Inc.

    • Modern Southern Nationalism has nothing to do with slavery, anyway, so that’s a ridiculous argument. The slavery issue ended in 1865. There is no Southern slavocracy threatening to take over the Union or expand into the Golden Circle anymore. Anyone throwing around the slavery issue in 2020 is being dishonest.

      • What about the much-touted “slavery-based culture” that is supposedly superior to the Northern “lack” of the slavery “experience”?

      • @Meh…

        “Modern Southern Nationalism has nothing to do with slavery, anyway, so that’s a ridiculous argument. ”

        I agree, but, apparently many think that slavery is the main objection to make against Southern Patriotism…

    • @Legion…

      How right you are. The problem lies that so many of Trump fans seem unable to fathom the difference.

      Some folks are tone deaf – other folks are deafened by tone and deaf to substance.

    • Candidate Trump was never candidate Trump. He is a BS artist, plain and simple.

      It goes to show how desperate we were for leadership that we backed this clown.

      • @SC Rebel…

        President Trump is the worst Madison Avenue sheister you could possibly find.

        And, yes, we were desperate for good leadership, and yes we still are.

        We need a Robert E. Lee type to take office, but, alas, there don’t seem to be any around…

    • “Candidate Trump is definitely not the president.”

      White voters thought they were voting for Trump; they didn’t realize they were voting for de facto president Kushner and his tribe.

      Trump was of course in on this scam from the beginning; Trump was calling Buchanan and Duke “nazis” back when he was trying to take over the Reform Party 15-20 years ago. Trump learned from his failure to take over the Reform Party that there was an important “white nationalist vote” which was out there for the taking.

      He took advantage of that unserved WN market, but he never planned to implement pro-white policies.

      Also “potato Trump” pic memes are the best black pill Trump memes.

  6. “The coronavirus has ruined Jared Kushner’s plan to expand legal immigration and has shut down migration”

    Pretty nice sentence summarizing why this virus is not a conspiracy.

    • This is the point that the groypers, amnats, trumptards, “just the flu, bro”, corona conspiracy types don’t get. This was not planned. The tribe can’t control anything; they have plans but they have to deal with unexpected turn of events, and they have backup plans to deal with those too (“never let a crisis go to waste”).

      Just because they are taking advantage of the situation (bailouts, etc.) does not mean that they wanted the covid pandemic to happen or that they caused it or that they are deliberately exaggerating it.

      They don’t want to rule via hard power; they don’t want lock downs, they don’t want businesses shut down, they don’t want to make mass arrests or to engage in raw exercise of political power that would wake people up.

      They want to rule with soft power: they want everyone working and consuming, with no time or opportunity to think about anything important.

      • I think the points you make about the normally stealth nature of power as exercised by our rulers is correct, in that they would prefer to operate by “consent” forged out of materialism rather then by coercion or death squads. However, I also believe they are learning from the normie reaction to the lockdowns ( that be you, HW) that they can indeed open the playbook going forward to include raw, naked totalitarianism, justified by the public health rationale. Dress up those wage slavery chains in the father figure protector symbolism and both security minded people and traditionalist types will fall in line (and will even support overt suppression of freedom of thought-can’t spread that Fake News against the regime). Never let a crisis go to waste is not a cute catchphrase: it is an evolutionary gambit that lets TPTB stay TPTB. Brad will find out the hard way if Biden does win that his revenge tour against Trump will end in bad things happening to this site and himself and his family. Dissent will not be allowed going forward, Occidental or any other kind.

  7. Trump is a fat, bloated, obese, showboating zoo yawk shitty narcissist that anyone with at least a college-level IQ should recognize.

    His constant consumption of junk food and diet sodas (which have aspertame and other nasty chemicals) certainly doesn’t help his apparent senility, and failing mental health.

    Hunter – we need some of your healthy, Southern-oriented recipies back, pronto! (so others will not become like loser Orangeman in their diets, and the mental states that surely follows!!)

    • @Southron…

      “Trump is a fat, bloated, obese, showboating zoo yawk shitty narcissist that anyone with at least a college-level IQ should recognize.”

      Well now, Brother – just go ahead and tell us how ye feel, alright?

    • For 74 years old in June Trump is doing far better than most. He is still extremely sharp when discussing economics. He destroyed Hillary in debates regarding the economy and economics in general. He loves it. He gets bored with other things. Trump is also a huge self promoter. But at 74 next month, a beautiful wife 25 years younger and him being a multi billionaire and president? Not shabby at all. We all wish we could be this “dumb.”. Lol

      • @Jeff…

        Kind Sir, I wish president Trump and his family all the best, but none of the things you mention do diddy-squat for a ruined Southland.

        We need real leadership, and President Trump has made it abundantly clear that he does not wish to provide it, sad to say.

        I wish the man was serious, but, he ain’t – and no wishful thinking will change that.

        In any case, be well!

        • I understand the frustration, Ivan. But as I have said here many times” You think Biden or voting third party is better than Trump?” To me and obviously many others, Trump is light years better than any other person going for president. It’s not even close. I know all his faults but he is not anti white. Biden clearly is as is nearly every single Democrat. Why does the border patrol love Trump? Are they cucked, too?

          It’s obvious many thought Trump was going to be the knockout punch instead of the stiff jab. That is still a huge improvement over an Obama, Bush or Clinton. A wall is now part of most Republican dna thanks to Trump as well as supporting the border patrol. Mostly solid conservative judges Trump has put in and quite a few. Future conservative and right wing causes will be helped by that. Compare that to what Rinos would have done.

          Yes I am pissed at him for his nothingness on social media discrimination which I really do not understand. His study on South Africans should have opened the door to white South Africans. Unless some have quietly come here, he should have pushed for them.

          I do think in a final term Trump may surprise folks in a good way. That is one thousand percent something I can never say about Joe Biden and his flunky female vp list. I also think Trump got quite lucky having dementia Joe as the opponent. Biden is boring, slow and gaffe filled. Definitely not the same guy from eight years ago who crushed Paul Ryan in the vp debate. I do thank you for your honesty and courtesy, Ivan. Be well too!

  8. “We are less than six months out from the 2020 presidential election. What happened to the wall which was his central 2016 campaign promise?”

    I think Trump has done some good things, some of which are inadvertent.

    That said, his continuation of wars and foreign overthrows, his complete rejection of his own immigration policy, and his steadfast refusal to bring industry back to this country mean that I will not be voting for him.

    I voted for president Trump in good faith in 2016. All in all, he has not returned that good faith, so I’m going to vote 3rd Party, as I’ve done before.

    They can run Joe Biden 3 days dead against President Trump and I still will not be voting for him.

    Of course, President Trump still could change this, if he stops talking and actually does something.

    • All the election of Trump did was expose the sham of our anti-white political system; the GOPe could have been winning elections over the past 50 years by running on a Trump-2016-style campaign (the Steve Sailer strategy) but they preferred to lose elections rather than promise to do anything substantially pro-white.

      Now that this point has been established, Trump serves no purpose, and his continued presence in the White House is positively dangerous for us because it lulls whites to sleep thinking that Trump has their back, when he absolutely does not.

      • Meh…

        ‘Trump serves no purpose, and his continued presence in the White House is positively dangerous for us because it lulls whites to sleep thinking that Trump has their back, when he absolutely does not.”

        Yes, absolutely, but, that said, do you think Americans would experience a political awakening under another Obama Presidency, under a Hillary or Joe, for example?

  9. Gorbachev also could not fill any of his promises. But thanks to disruption, chaos and finally coup by mad liberals we got rid from liberal state and this is more important than living in the Soviet Union with some irrelevant feel good symbols.

  10. Some were saying Trump was to just give us 4 to 8 years before the Commies took over and ended this country. Prep, prep and prep with what’s left in our land of broken supply chains.

    And don’t forget guns and ammo. When people run out of food they are no longer humans but become animals.

  11. The truth is that replacement fencing should be considered new wall. The previous garbage was dilapidated, roughly 10 feet fencing. Now it’s 30 feet high made of much better quality. The border patrol people also say they are much happier being able to see through the wall construction to see what’s going on with the Mexican side.

    I am frustrated with things that Trump did not do. Yet I cannot blow off the fact the border patrol constantly says Trump is by far the best friend for them. That means the previous Bush/Obama fencing must have been laughable and agents received little support. Trump is also getting key areas in Texas done.

    He waited too long when he first got in. It was obvious guys like Paul Ryan had no interest in a wall. I will never forget how the 2012 version of Joe Biden trounced the alleged “super smart” Ryan in the vp debate. Now Biden is mush mouth.

    The fact Trump is so hated by media, Obama appointees, Hollywood and most of the music industry and most black ball bouncers tells me it’s an easy vote for him over Biden. Yes, both are ego maniacs. Yes, Trump was too slow with Corona time in the beginning along with all Democrats too busy playing impeachment and ” you’re a raycisss” games. But every time I see Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris and think those witches could possibly be president by sneaking in as vp for anti white Biden, well, Trump is easily the choice over Dementia Joe.

  12. On the White House link… Am i missing something or is there a total contradiction.
    It criticizes under the “Modernize The Legal Immigration Process” section that 70% of immigrants are entered through family relations and instead Trump wants it based under merit.

    Then almost immediately it says “Prioritize The Families of US citizens”. It wants to place relatives of “U.S. citizens” at the front of the line. Isn’t that the same thing as the chain migration it was just criticizing. Am I wrong or misreading it?

    • You are not wrong, sir. A merit based immigration system would just flood the country with Indians (dot, not feather) and gooks, that is the purpose of such a plan. The need for uneducated, hard, menial labor such as agricultural labor is rapidly shrinking because of robots and other high tech changes. Companies want to drop programming and other tech wages to the lowest level possible and merit based immigration is the way to do it.

      Big business is the enemy of the white, middle class family, it always has been.

  13. Building a wall would have spooked the markets, just like shutting down travel from pandemic zones would spook the market. Chamber of Commerce and hedge fund managers say it’s a big no no.

  14. In a very real sense the border of real America has moved upward and inward. Let us embrace political reality as it is. Let us grant total independence to those areas of the Southwest that are majority Mexican. Let us also create a nation out of the remaining majority white and politically conservative red states of America. Let the areas of the South that are majority black, the historic Black Belt region, become self-autonomous. Let the remaining white portion of the South join the White Heartland Republic and let blue states fend for themselves. Perhaps they could demonstrate their true liberal compassion for the entire world to see by sending aid to the black belt region. They could even build it up into the Republic of New Africa.

    As regards Jared’s Mideast plan I never understood how you can have comprehensive peace in that region while ruling out any Palestinian input. That is not a treaty, that’s a dictat! What happened to Trump is exactly what Dr. Patrick Slattery claims….a Jew d’etat!

    • @Heartland…

      I totally agree with you about your respectful dissolution. That said, i draw your attention to the fact that you begin your phrases with the polite plea, ‘Let’.

      For whatever it is worth : ——– those in power, who have spent untold time and energy to turn this country into an exclusive racket for them, and their interests, are not going to ‘let’ anything occur that deviates from this.

      And their system is propped up by a level of indifference and fearfulness, on the part of the people, that makes this terrible status quo truly awesome to behold.

      Not a recipe for success – to say the least.

    • Why is it any business of the U.S. what happens in shithole countries like the Near East, Afghanistan or any of these other third world dumps thousands of miles away? I don’t care if China rules over Tibet or seizes 100 square miles of contentious border regions with India in the Himalayas. Iran is no threat to the U.S., the cold war is over and NATO should be dissolved and the U.S. military withdrawn. The foreign aid budget should be set to zero dollars per annum and a quota of zero set for future immigration starting June 1st, 2020.

      I guess that is too close to Trump’s 2016 campaign rhetoric to be implemented.

  15. I voted for a wall, not a fence.

    But what good is a wall when you’re handing out H1-B, H2-B, H2-A and EB-5 visas like they’re candy?!

    Whatta fat orange retard.

  16. lol he’s a mumble rapper. That’s how new rap sounds, they do this sing song stuff.

    I got the gutteral death growls and unhinged scerams.

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