La Kosher Nostra Runs Ukraine

The best way to categorize the ‘chosen people’ is as an international syndicate whose sole purpose is to extract as much wealth as they can for the Jewish people. How the Jews typically do this is through various white collar business endeavors, but they are certainly not ever above any form of criminality when it suits their needs.

From Ukraine:

Outrage is brewing in Ukraine after the leak of an inquiry letter in which the national police demanded the Jewish community in a small city disclose the names and addresses of its members, supposedly to fight organized crime.

The letter was apparently sent in mid-February by a senior police official to Yakov Zalishchiker, the Jewish leader in the city of Kolomyya in the western Ivano-Frankivsk region. The official said he needed to know the names, phone numbers, and addresses of Orthodox Jews and university students 
“of Jewish ethnicity” who belong to the community.

The data was said to be necessary to fight 
“transnational and ethnic criminal organizations,” which is the task of the department whose head sent the inquiry. Photo of the letter and Zalishchiker’s written refusal to comply were published on Sunday by Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee.

The Jewish mafia runs much of Ukraine now. The man behind nearly all of it is Semion Mogilevich, once labeled the ‘Brainy Don‘. He also controls several factions of the ‘Russian’ mafia, as well as the American version of the (((Russian))) mob, also known as the Odessa mafia (Malina), which operates out of Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, NY.

Who is Semion Mogilevich? He’s one of the most powerful men in the world, and you have probably never heard of him.

He was once on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list from 2009-2015 but was removed. The official statement by U.S. officials was that it does not currently have an extradition treaty with Russia, so it would be unable to ever arrest Mogilevich. I suspect it had much more to do with his kosher political connections to ZOG than anything else.

From the FBI archives:


As bad as that scam was, Mogilevich’s continuing international criminal enterprise is believed to be much worse:

“The FBI doesn’t have the jurisdiction to charge him with other crimes taking place solely in other countries,” said Special Agent Peter Kowenhoven, “but open-source reporting shows him to be involved in weapons trafficking, contract murders, extortion, drug trafficking, and prostitution on an international scale.”

Agent Kowenhoven, who has assisted agents working this case since coming to our Philadelphia office in 1997, describes Mogilevich as a ruthless criminal. “Victims don’t mean anything to him,” he said. “And what makes him so dangerous is that he operates without borders. Here’s a guy who managed to defraud investors out of $150 million without ever stepping foot in the Philadelphia area.”

Mogilevich, who is in his early 60s, is about 5-feet-6-inches tall and weighs nearly 300 pounds. He has pockmarks on his face, may have a moustache, and is a heavy smoker. He is living in Moscow, where Russian law prohibits his extradition to the U.S.

Through his extensive international criminal network, Mogilevich controls extensive natural gas pipelines in Eastern Europe, and he uses this wealth and power to not only further his criminal enterprises but to influence governments and their economies, Kowenhoven said.

“With him, it’s all about money—money and influence. And the really chilling thing is that he seems willing to work with any criminals, regardless of their ideology.”

Mogilevich’s money laundering network involved 27 nations around the world. At some point during our investigation, all those nations have assisted us, Kowenhoven said. “He moved money through so many countries, it made it very difficult to follow. But as a result of our investigation, we have forged great international partnerships.”

Mogilevich has an economics degree and is deviously clever about manipulating funds—and investors. YBM, a public company incorporated in Canada, saw its stock price rise some 2,000 percent due to bogus financial records Mogilevich created, bribes to accountants, and lies told to Securities and Exchange Commission officials.

Mogilevich has close ties to Putin, Biden, and Trump because if you want to do business in Ukraine and many parts of New York City and Russia, you must go through Mogilevich.

From a chat between Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash and Bill Taylor the ambassador to Kiev (Kyiv) which was obtained by Wikileaks:

Ties to Russian Organized Crime:

18. (S) The Ambassador asked Firtash to address his alleged ties to Russian organized crime bosses like Semyon Mogilievich. Firtash answered that many Westerners do not understand what Ukraine was like after the break up of the Soviet Union, adding that when a government cannot rule effectively, the country is ruled by “the laws of the streets.” He noted that it was impossible to approach a government official for any reason without also meeting with an organized crime member at the same time. Firtash acknowledged that he needed, and received, permission from Mogilievich when he established various businesses, but he denied any close relationship to him.

19. (S) Firtash’s bottom line was that he did not deny having links to those associated with organized crime. Instead, he argued that he was forced into dealing with organized crime members including Mogilevich or he would never have been able to build a business. If he needed a permit from the government, for example, he would invariably need permission from the appropriate “businessman” who worked with the government official who issued that particular permit. He also claimed that although he knows several businessmen who are linked to organized crime, including members of the Solntsevo Brotherhood, he was not implicated in their alleged illegal dealings. He maintained that the era of the “law of the street” had passed and businesses could now be run legitimately in Ukraine. He underscored the importance of unifying Ukraine politically in order to reduce the influence of Russian organized crime bosses on Ukrainian businesses.

A billionaire Ukrainian businessman, Dmitry Firtash, nominally owns nearly half the company. (The Russian state firm Gazprom owns the other half.) In a confidential meeting with the ambassador, Firtash admitted Mogilevich was the real power behind his own multibillion-dollar gas interests. He insisted it was impossible to do business in Ukraine in the 1990s without striking sleazy deals with organised criminals.

Mogilevich is so (((Russian))). He actually has four nationalities: Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, and Israeli. Which one do you think is most important to him? Mogilevich is the alleged money backer of Ukraine’s first Jewish president, Volodymyr Zelensky, so that basically tells you everything you need to know.

The Whites in Ukraine naturally hate being exploited by invasive parasitic vermin like Mogilevich. White Ukrainians are attempting to purge people like him from the seats of power in their homeland. The problem is when they try to stop the rampant Jewish corruption they run into a brick wall of Jewish international capitalist financial repercussions, the Holohoax narrative and lobby, and media accusations of committing a potential pogrom as was alluded to in the RT article above. The same old Jewish playbook is always used with tenacious perpetuity.

The reason this Ukraine story is important to all of us and why you should care is because this it what Jews do all over the world. We are all their victims. Places like Ukraine are a microcosm of what the Jews are doing on a global macro level. They are simply an ethnic cabal motivated by greed and will do anything possible to profit off of us goyim no matter how much misery and suffering they cause along the way.


  1. Like blacks, they defend their own regardless of the depravity and damage afflicted upon other peoples. They are viewed the way they are because of behavior…. past, present, and we know it will extended well into the future.

    • “Like blacks, they defend their own regardless of the depravity and damage”

      There is a basic parallel, but j are infinitely better organized and situated to support their own.

      The Texas Tribune
      “Texas Seven” member (((Randy Halprin))) wins stay of execution amid …

      Over 100 jwish layers came together to file motions to win ((halprin’s)) stay.

      • Look at how they swarmed to protect Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Leo Frank.

        They’re all innocent. Just ask them.

        Whites are inflicted with the do-gooder complex. In fact, for many they gloat that they have risen above racial solidarity. Sick f*ckers those white people are.

  2. The truth is that ‘La Cosa Nostra’ was in its origins, a political movement against communism imposed by moneychangers.
    LCN lost most of its real power when Las Vegas was built.
    Once the jews had that type of capital (along w the Fed. Res) , there was no stopping their ability to bribe, blackmail and completely control politicians.
    A lot of the laws of this organization are very talmudic in nature..
    Of course IF LCN was once an organization based in political dissidence , its safe to say that conquests three laws of power came into play.

    ‘Was there any form of filth or crime without at least one jew involved in it? If you cut into such a sore, you find, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light- a jew’

  3. According to my Slavic Gentile contacts, Russian and Ukrainian Jews run most Russian and Ukrainian cities.

    Some have even, after living in The States for a time, that this trend is far more prominent here than they ever imagined over there.

    This is not true, however, for those countries of The Visegrad alliance.

  4. Oy vey, I thought the EVIL GERMANS killed all the Jews in the Ukraine. Must have missed some. LOL.

  5. Syrian jews and their Syrian temples are heavily involved organized crime.
    See, FBI ‘operation bid rig’ ( it only scratched the surface, by accident.)

    ( incidently, Syrian jews are a sect of jud…ism that absolutely will not accept converts.)

  6. Reading NYT, you’ll often read of rabbis being caught wi an attache case full of cash. The rabbis often serve as couriers and money launders for organized jcriminals.

    Ivan boesky docked (donated) over 20 million to a yeshiva so that he could have a comfy life after prison and the gov couldn’t confiscate it.

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